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New York Illustration

Moving to New York is like moving to a whole new planet! It is a city with its unique dynamics, rules of behavior, culture, and a variety of living spaces. It is practically an independent state, and state of many diversities.

Someone moving to New York will need to start their life from scratch, and they will need just about anything! But certain things come handier and more practical in New York than in any other city.

Here is a list of gifts for someone moving to New York that will be appreciated for their unique and handy features.

  1. Art Hiding in New York: An Illustrated Guide to the City's Secret Masterpieces by Lori Zimmer and Maria Krasinski
    New York is a city of many, many diversities! There is so much art and culture outside galleries and museums to discover: small coffee places, little loft ateliers, art centers, abandoned buildings, or simply - the streets. It is not easy to find places like these unless you have a friend to take you for a walk. But here is the best thing to unveil the pulse of New York: an illustrated guide. Browse this illustrated publication and select a new place to discover daily. Someone who just moved into New York will be grateful for this gift. It will help them unveil the very soul of this city. What a perfect gift to give!
  2. Sarabeth's Legendary Peach-Apricot Spreadable Fruit
    If you think tastes are not among the first senses you engage when in New York, think again. Sarabeth's is a small yet award-winning shop. The combinations of fruit they use to produce their jams are almost endless! If your friend is a classic strawberry, Sarabeth's is the place! If they're more of a peach, apricot, or mango - one is at the right place again! But it is not only about the taste. It is about feeling cozy when trying something new, just like at home. Not many products nowadays can make one feel like that. If you want your friend to relate the tastes and aromas to the city - gift them some of Sarabeth's jams. A perfect gift for someone moving to New York to fall in love with the city!
  3. Vintage Laptop Backpack
    Living in New York mostly means diving into the city's vibrant life. It means one may spend days out of their home in numerous activities. Even if they have a break, they'll have to make it somewhere away from their apartment. Therefore, a perfect gift for a new New Yorker is a backpack that will fit everything one might need: laptop, battery charger, water, snacks, extra T-Shirt, well - you name it! There are separate pockets for everything one might need, and it is an anatomic fit for your back. A good bike and a backpack will make one's outdoor NY life much easier. What a gift!
  4. Skechers Women Sneaker
    The best footwear for someone moving to New York is - a pair of sneakers! There is no way to go for a short walk simply since there is so much to discover. And the best way to feel comfortable while discovering New York is to have a good pair of sneakers. New Yorkers are far from one-sort-of-fashion people, and white sneakers will match many outfits. Your friend who just moved to New York will love this sign of attention. Their feet will feel your care too. This gift shows care for one's wellbeing. Priceless!
  5. Friends Jigsaw Puzzle
    Let's face it: some people come to New York just because they fell in love with the city because of friends. Widely speaking, there probably is no one who didn't hear about the sitcom. They are practically a synonym for New York! Although there are many things to do in the city, one will find those lazy and rainy afternoons cozy. What to do on that sort of day? Why not piece Friends' jigsaw puzzle? To do it in the company of friends sounds even better! What a fine gift to someone moving to New York!
  6. Bicycle Lock
    The traffic in New York is crazy! Having a bicycle sounds both environmentally friendly and practical at the same time! When someone moves to New York, they probably know that time will be on their side if they have a bicycle to move around the city. They also need to have an unbeatable lock to leave their bike wherever they need to and do what they need to do with no worries about what might happen to it. This kryptonite lock will make that their favorite vehicle is safe and sound wherever they leave it. This gift shows that you care!
  7. Waterproof Rain Boot
    It Can't Rain All the Time sings Jane Siberry and repeats Eric Draven in the Crow movie. But some falls and winters seem like that line does not have sense! Living in New York also means that one needs to accept that the rainy days are simply there and life will not wait for them to go away. So, when life gives you rain, you buy waterproof rain boots and go about your way! The sooner your New Yorker friend figures this out - the better they will organize their whereabouts. Add a raincoat to the equation and send your friend to explore exciting New York streets in the fall.
  8. SmartSleep Wake-up Light
    When someone moves to New York, they never know where they will find their apartment: on a sunny side, in the basement, in someone's garage, or with a view of Central Park. However, the feeling of awakening with sun rays on one's face is not always easy to find. This gift is a sort of continuation of the dream in the morning. An alarm clock with the effect of the sunrise and sunset with gradual sunrise sound and color! This beauty has many sound-light combinations. It is a simulation of what an ideal going to bed and waking up should look like - with ceasing or awakening sun lighting in one's face. It is an astonishing effect one can only wish to experience. But one can get it all in a simple alarm clock. Great gift for someone moving to New York!
  9. Audible Membership Gift
    When someone moves to New York City, they know they will spend a significant amount of time on foot or in traffic to reach a specific location. This gift for someone moving to New York aims at fulfilling their time on the road in a meaningful way. Your New York newbie can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or original content. And they will love it!
  10. Water Filter Pitcher
    Someone who just moved into New York City will notice that the water in the city is something else. And they're right: all New York citizens use filtered water for drinking. A water filter pitcher is the first good thing for a new NY citizen, especially one who is used to drinking tap water, and someone can use it daily. It is a fine welcome gift to every newcomer to the city.
  11. Mug Boho Fish
    When someone moves to New York, they will throw a welcome party for their new friends. They will invite friends over, so this is an opportunity to contribute to their household with a handy gift. This Boho Fish mug will tell your friend what they already know: New York City has beauty in all things - even simple coffee mugs! This black and white mug is a piece of art with a simple message within the inner part of the mug: everything has beauty. When a person's eyes meet this wording, their days will begin with a smile. What could one ask for more? A great gift!
  12. Broadway Musical Trivia Book
    If your friend is a theatre fan, their move to New York City will be like coming to a candy store for a toddler! They probably missed the experience of seeing the Cats on Broadway, but there are so many opportunities to explore. But true theatre fans (and trivia lovers) will love this trivia book about Broadway! First trivia information, and then fun facts, anecdotes, and records. There is so much information on the theatre history both globally and Broadway-wise. Someone moving to New York will enjoy discovering a significant part of the city's history! Superb gift!
  13. New York Yankees MLB Brank Cap
    You know that you are a past New Yorker newbie if you managed to choose your MLB team. This cap tells that one is a Yankee fan and a proper New Yorker! It is a unisex model for all sizes and practical to wear on a sunny day out. The ones just moving to New York will love it dearly and gift it forward to their friends and family too!
  14. 111 Places in New York That You Must Not Miss, by Jo Anne Elikann
    This little thing is considered a unique New York guide! There is not a place with the least significance for this city that managed to skip the eye of the editor. Call it a New York City A-Z! It is a perfect gift for someone moving to New York with a desire not to miss out on anything worth visiting! Valuable information is followed by 111 full-page color photographs. There is not a street, park, alley, or corner worth visiting missed! Your friend will enjoy this discovery!
  15. New York Cookbook, by Molly O'Neill
    Having a meal out in the city is an amazing experience! There is so much diversity of cultures and cuisines to explore and taste and one can hardly resist them! What may come as an obstacle is one tiny fact: eating out in New York is so much expensive! Your friend who is just moving to New York will surely treat themselves on a specific occasion, but there is a gift that will show them the diversity of New York cuisines and build up their cooking skills. This cookbook will lead the way from the most unusual to the most commonly known food prepared in New York homes and restaurants. A true gourmet will appreciate this gift dearly and enjoy experimenting with tastes. This cookbook received several awards in its niche so beware of some seriously good recipes here!
  16. Walking New York: Reflections of American Writers from Walt Whitman to Teju Cole, by Stephen Miller
    New York has many faces and may be seen through so many different glasses. People sometimes come to New York just to experience walking in someone else's shoes! If your friend moving to New York is a literature fan, they will adore this collection of reflections about the streets of the city. American, British and more writers walked the walk around the New York streets and wrote down their impressions as fiction, non-fiction prose, and poetry. Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, William Dean Howells, Jacob Riis, Henry James, Stephen Crane, Theodore Dreiser, James Weldon Johnson, Alfred Kazin, Elizabeth Hardwick, Colson Whitehead, and Teju Cole walked the Manhattan and Brooklyn and wrote pieces that are sometimes rewarding and sometimes disturbing. Great gift for someone moving to New York and discovering the city far from pink glasses!
  17. A Humidifier
    Often people come to New York City to pursue their singing, acting, or other career related to the entertainment industry. Keeping and staying hydrated is very important for vocal artists because they spend their days exercising and rehearsing indoors. If your friend moving to New York fits the description, they will appreciate this gift as a token of true care! This humidifier is operating with almost no back sounds that would disturb them while being engaged in their rehearsal.
  18. New York Journey City Notebook
    People tend to keep their memories on their smartphones and external discs. Hardly anyone keeps journals or diaries. Who knows how long will your friend stay in New York City? Gift them this notebook to keep records of their adventures in the Big Apple. It is a pocket-size edition, always there to keepsake thoughts and feelings about the places. A perfect gift for true romantics! Your friend will love it!