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Apology gifts for sister

If you have hurt your sister, say beautiful words for her that will clearly tell her how sorry you are for hurting her and how much it would mean to you that she forgives you. Also send your sister something to show her that you’re sorry. We have find assortment of cute gifts like plush animals, home goods, and jewelry for the sister that means the world to you. Surprise your sister with a thoughtful gift that will make the apology more significant. We have all the best apology gift ideas for your sister.

20 Peace Offering Gifts for Your Sister

  1. A Book About Your Sister
    I Wrote a Book About You. (No, really. I did. You're holding it). Now, this is a fun, fill-in-the-blank book that has your sister's name and personal qualities written all over it. There isn't a glue in this world that patches things better than a slight diversion of attention from your mischief to your sister's character. Bring all of your attention to your sister, and maybe you'll be lucky enough she forgets why she receives the gift in the first place. Hardcover, 64 beautiful-to-be pages. The best apology ever!
  2. Aromaflare Scented Candle With A Funny Message
    You're so lucky! This 100% soy wax, long burning, and eco-friendly candle in a brown jar will bring your relationship back to basics! And it certainly scents better than the message written all over it. With lavender and eucalyptus fragrant, it relaxes and brings feelings of comfort and peace to the room. The manufacturer says that it purifies the air in your house for about 50 hours. Let's hope your sister will forgive and forget instantly.
  3. Personalized Sister Flannel Blanket
    There must be very few things that feel more cozy, warm, and comfortable than this soft and lightweight personalized sister blanket. Maybe only a sister's hug? To have someone feel warmth and relaxation is to make them feel safe. Share this blanket with your sister, and move from a heartwarming imprinted text on just how wonderful sisterhood is to shared thoughts and beliefs. Apologies included. It's thick and fluffy, but acceptable for all seasons. And remember: if there is one thing that brings back memories of your childhood, vivid and alive, that's your sister's memory.
  4. Stainless Steel Mint Tumbler With Straw
    It doesn't matter whether it's coffee, tea, or another passion. This fine 20oz stainless steel tumbler is here to send an invitation for another mutual experience. And a humorous saying all over it says it right to the point: I am sorry, I was an idiot, please don't be angry with me. Enjoy your passion drink wherever you want: indoors, outdoors, on the road. It keeps the temperature of your favorite drink as you want it for quite a long time. It is easy to maintain (yes, it even comes with a cleaning brush for a straw). It is built to last. Just like your relationship with your sister. No matter what.
  5. The Missing Sister, a novel by Lucinda Riley
    Lucinda Riley's The Seven Sisters is a worldwide known series of novels. You can hardly be wrong when picking either one. And The Missing Sister is the final one - when the sixth sister is found. It is a 798-page story of love, sacrifice, and the family search. It is a hundred years old story about women changing the world. You don't give up on your family. If you are searching for something to ease harsh words you might have said, stop. You are at the right place!
  6. I Got Your Back T Shirt
    If your sin towards your sister is not that deep, allow yourself a bit of joke's-on-me sarcasm instead of heartwarming words of apology. It is a cool, black, T-shirt. It's a simple illustration with a humorous effect. It is so easy to maintain and comfortable to wear. For more effects, buy one for your sister and yourself each. The best clothing items shared among sisters are those clothing items you don't really need to share. A piece of advice: do get your sister's back.
  7. Sorry - Classic Hasbro Board Game
    Let's be honest: we are all someone's children. And when a board game says for ages 6, and up then - all hands up! It is a classic board game for the whole family. Multicolored plastic figures have a good endurance no matter how much you chase, race, bump, and slide. Try your skills in the field of strategy. Pray for all forces of the universe to be with you. If this game doesn't say I am sorry loudly enough, bring some personal stocks of Iamsorrys. And run to your home base! Don't forget to ask for your sister's forgiveness before you beat her.
  8. Badass Pillow Case Covers Decorative
    This pillowcase cover is designed for true partners in crime! It requires gift-givers and gift-takers of a forceful and badass personality with a good sense of humor. You can place it on multiple spots in your home, but wherever you put it - the message will be clear. Behind every badass pillowcase, there is a badass sister. Sometimes even two. This unique pattern is what captivates your attention once you enter the room. Although stated that it is a decoration item, one may use it functionally. You may even throw some pillow insert in and throw it at your sister. After you make peace.
  9. Forgive Me Elephant Plush
    Let's be honest: do you know of a gift that awakes softer emotions than a stuffed animal? I know you don't know. Everyone loves stuffed animals. Everyone sleeps with stuffed animals. This gray baby elephant looks like it is sorry, but it also carries a sign that says sorry in a few more words. It is the cutest present that will inevitably put a smile on the face of your sister whenever she looks at it (elephant or inscription on a card attached).
    Although elephants remember things for a long, long time, beware - they are of forgiving nature too.
  10. You are My Sunshine Music Box for Sister
    This wooden music box with a floral ornament all over the box has an inscription that leaves crumbs back to home. Whatever happens - I am here. It is such a lovely and emotional present. It requires no batteries. It's simple: you rotate the handle on the side at a steady speed. And beautiful music will follow. It is small in size, but with a heartful effect!
  11. Drinking Stand for Mugs and Glasses
    Now, this is a present that comes with so many reasons for a smile! Every time is drinking time; the question is only what and where. What we do know is that sisters are doing it for themselves. It is a 16.5 x 12.6 x 3.9 inches wooden stand with a message that comes in a fancy pink box you will LOVE! Throw a pair of mugs, wine glasses, and a bottle of something, and you're on for some good time! No one will even remember that this is an apology gift.
  12. Hooded Sweatshirt
    You can call a purple hooded sweatshirt from cotton and polyester an everyday classic, but there is something just right about it. It sends out a magic graphic message! It is warm and cozy, comfortable and roomy. Nice feel, and a must-have for all four seasons! With an apology gift like this, you are just a step away from sharing it with your sister. And isn't that just the best?
  13. The Ring Pendant Necklace
    If you don't throw it into Mordor, then you will find no better gift to show your sister just how precious she is to you! And If she is a fan of LOTR, you'll be granted all apologies of all worlds. Middle Earth included. Your sister can wear it on all occasions (whether it's a Halloween or a wedding).
  14. White Heart Pillow
    The White Heart-Shaped Throw Pillow will certainly help your sister to forgive you no matter what you have done to her.. It is amazingly soft on touch. As such, it does need special care when washing and drying. But that's worth all the effort. Your sister can sleep with it, decorate her living room with it, put it on rocking chair, or simply hug it.
  15. Pearl Earrings
    America's finest! Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Plated, AAA+ Quality Handpicked Freshwater Cultured Stud pair of earrings are women's best friends. They're made of hypoallergenic sterling silver and come in a beautiful package, completely ready to be presented to your sister with wow effect! Not only will you be granted all quarrel or mischief, but you will become a concierge on jewelry issues. Do explore PAVOI products for even more excitement. One may wear them on all occasions, daily, nightly, just to feel good about yourself, or to present yourself somewhere exclusively.
  16. Sorry Heartfelt Apology Greeting Card
    Maybe it wasn't such a big fight. A dispute, or even a tiny quarrel? A card like this is here to go with one of the presents from the list above. It can also make the recipient - your favorite sister - smile. This heartfelt apology will help to heal the heart of your sister.
  17. I'm Sorry Miniature Poop in a Bottle
    It's not a genie in the bottle, but it does show remorse and regret. Sometimes being reflective and showing it is everything. Sorry without a proper backup simply doesn't sound convincing. To equalize with a poopsays just how long is the distance you are willing to take. It's a unique handcrafted present: a tiny glass bottle with a sorry poop inside and a reflective card. Smile guaranteed. Soft spot for gift presenter saved.
  18. Lavender Scented Candles
    It is a lavender-scented candle with a sweet and funny saying. It is eco-friendly and made of non-toxic materials. Jars can be recycled and reused. It is highly recommended for every single room in your house, at work, on your training. It will make you so relaxed and calm. And relax and calm is right what you are aiming for!
  19. Rose Bear
    It's simple. It is either roses or a stuffed toy. With a rose teddy bear, you have it all. Wonderful red roses and a bear come to you in a luxurious crystal clear box. A satin ribbon says just for you. It's the top of iamsorrys one can get in one package. The bear's size is 10 inches. It is handcrafted. Roses are amazing, yet artificial. This present is designed to last and live.
  20. Gold Necklace with Diamond
    Tell your sister you're sorry with this rose gold apology necklace with bezel solitaire diamond pendant. You want to ask your sister for forgiveness but you're really not sure how to go about it. It's time to show her how much you care with this beautiful gold necklace, adorned with a diamond pendant that can be engraved with the word sorry. It's the perfect way to apologize for whatever you did wrong in the past year.