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American gifts for European people

What comes to your mind when you think of a typical American souvenir? Everyone loves to have memorabilia either when traveling abroad or welcoming their guests from across the ocean. People always look for that special something to stand for as a reminder of a person or a country. Here we present a list of American gifts for Europeans. They go from tiny reminders of the country to extraordinary items with their somewhat unique place in the home of a European. The choice is always yours!

  1. Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses
    India may be the country with the most whiskey drinkers in the world, but the USA does remain one of the two home countries of the best whiskeys in the world. If you are positive that your European friend appreciates a fine whiskey or a whiskey and history, these whiskey glasses are the perfect gift ever! Custom-made whiskey glasses are unique because they have the text of the American Constitution all around them. We do not know what forefathers might say about this, but we can offer to hold these glasses high! Cheers!
  2. American Kitchen Apron
    Do you have a European friend who knows good food and is not afraid to make it? Then this all-American apron is just the right gift for them! Every time your European friend enters the kitchen, they will think of you and possibly invite you for a good meal. They say the road to one’s love, affection, and love leads through the stomach. Does this gift prove it or what?
  3. Patriotic Peanuts Snoopy Glasses
    There is no special day for these Peanuts glasses - you may gift them to your European friend on almost any occasion. The Peanut set will bring on some laughs. Who does not love Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the crew anyway? This set is durable and easy to transfer across the ocean. The Peanuts-themed coasters come included. It is one of those gifts one will use and keep around for quite some time.
  4. Fun Dress Socks
    When wearing American-branded products, wear them as Americans do. Europeans know that Americans put their flag in all possible and impossible places. It is an opportunity to follow the trend and give your European friend a chance to wear this fine pair of stockings proudly. There is no better way to keep a gift closer!
  5. Shot Glass with Real Bullet
    Some glasses match the specific drink, but some can steal the show of any drink in a way that makes a person forget about anything else. You should ask the customs about having this gift in the luggage, but is this gift worth the try! Let me tell you this much: it would be such a blast having it and drinking from it anywhere across the ocean. It comes in a nice box, wrapped as a present for any occasion. Great gift for true appreciators of fine drinking set! The best and most unique gift of all time!
  6. American T-Shirt
    Having any America-themed T-Shirt is a good choice. But having the Grunt style American T-shirt as a gift for your European friend means to take care of your friends and wish them only the most comfortable and best quality stuff. To add some more value: remember this brand! They do their business with American veterans and patriots doing the work. Everything is from America, in the name of America, and for those who cherish freedom and quality clothing.
  7. Personalized American Tumbler
    Your European friend will carry this gift with them literary whenever they wish to have a cup of coffee. It will remind them of their stay in the States or their friend from America who brought this little something for them. It certainly draws attention, but it also does the work. In no time: it will become your favorite coffee mug!
  8. American Gnome
    The Gnomes tend to become even more popular than the Santa itself! They seem to be everywhere, adding up that little something to every living and working space they decorate. Having an American gnome as a guest star to a European home or office will bring additional joy and festive colors. Is it Thanksgiving? Or the 4th of July? Maybe the Remembrance Day? It does not matter - they will liven up the atmosphere for any occasion. It is so great to have them on board!
  9. Coasters for Drinks
    Instead of overly priced magnets, here is the set of fourteen coasters for a memory of America. The Golden Gate Bridge, the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, and the Red Rocks are only a few of them. These coasters are easy to carry, pack, and the easiest to give your European friend as a reminder of what makes America great. Your friend will appreciate the gesture!
  10. Night Light illusion Lamp
    Maybe your European friend is a technology freak or appreciates a unique gift? This creative decoration is the perfect gift for them! The 3D night lamp works in 16 colors. It can stand still in the corner of the shelf without drawing any attention, and it can miraculously come to life and show a Native American figure at a specific moment. It will be a conversation point in the house! Great choice!
  11. Whiskey Decanter with Glasses
    We, the People, do come in mysterious shapes and colors. The preamble of the United States Constitution has never come in a more spectacular edition! A decanter in the company of two professional whiskey glasses will welcome any fine whiskey, preferably bourbon. It is the ideal American gift for a European who fancies the conversation about American history next to a glass of some liquid. Or either of the two. This gift will take a central place in any home or office bar. It comes wrapped up in a beautiful box, ready to be a gift.
  12. A Women of No Importance, by Sonia Purnell
    If your European friends are bookworms, they will love this read. It is a combination of a history read and a spy novel. A Women of No Importance tells the story of an American woman who was behind the enemy lines. She affected the outcome of World War II. Presumptuous? Gift this American story to your bookish friend - wait and see!
  13. American Figure Decoration
    It may be an expensive American gift, but if your European friend is a blues or jazz fan, if they went about the Chicago, St. Louis, or New Orleans and fell in love with the places, music, food, and people, this sculpture may be just the right thing to remind them of the times! It is a sculpture and a statement decoration piece, a future conversation point of home gatherings. Way to go!
  14. Wooden USA Puzzle Map for Kids
    The USA puzzle map for kids is one of the best ways to play and absorb learning facts altogether! If you have a little European friend who loves puzzles, this may be the perfect American gift for them! In almost no time, they will pick up some geography and learn at least one fact about every American state. And ask a thousand questions more along the way. Just wait and see!
  15. The Big Book of American Facts
    It is another gift for your European bookworm friend or any European keen to learn more about America. It is a perfect gift for someone who is about to visit the States to prepare and organize the visits. Or for someone who loves trivia information. It is a resourceful American gift for (not only) Europeans!
  16. Flag Ballcap
    When someone returns from the States back to Europe, one of the most commonly asked questions is - have you been to a ball game? This ballcap is a perfect gift from an American to a European friend, especially if it is a souvenir from a ballgame! It is not just an American flag ballcap. It is a piece of accessory that tells stories. A perfect gift for a sports fan and story maker!
  17. What Foreigners Need to Know about America from A to Z, by Lance Johnson
    There can never be too much information and too many books. Gift this trivia book on America to your European friend, and they will read it on a flight back home! Sure, it may give them an idea about the things they did not visit while they were in the States, but it will also provide an idea of what to see next once they return to the States to see and visit some more. Resourceful and useful!
  18. Ballpoint Pen
    If your friend came to the States at the expense of the company and you are the host, it is always a good idea to give them a gift that will somehow symbolize their visit. Ballpoint pens with an American flag are a token of business appreciation. Your European friend will have this set of pens at their work desk as a reminder of the time spent in the USA.
  19. Hendrix USA Flag T-shirt
    Maybe we live in an era that is not famous for the rock and roll superstars, but we did not forget about them, and a piece of good music from the past century is still alive. If your friend went to Seattle, the hometown of Jimi Hendrix, or they love good guitar music, having them visit good RNR clubs and hear some good old music may be an unforgettable experience. Furthermore, have this T-Shirt as memorabilia for your European friend - and they will wear it proudly!
  20. Football for Dummies, by Howie Long
    Now, if your European friend is a sports fan, or even better - an American football fan (wannabe), this is the Holy Bible of a gift! Football for Dummies, advanced edition, will tell your European everything there is to know about the game. There will be no more dilemmas or mistakes about football-is-a-soccer-discussions. With this book, your European friend will know all the rules, the records, the icons, and the GOAT. It is just the perfect American gift to (not only) Europeans.
  21. Coffee Mug
    Peace, truth, belief, and hope, are wrapped up within the American flag on your European friend’s favorite (to be) coffee mug. Lots of people even collect coffee mugs from different countries. If your friend is someone that fits the description - bear in mind that it comes wrapped nicely in a box, ready to become a fine American gift to your European friend!
  22. Bacon and Sauce Gift Basket
    There are souvenirs, and there are souvenirs. Some people from Europe will appreciate a magnet of the Statue of Liberty as a reminder of the USA. Some love to taste the real thing. Please welcome the best gift basket ever: it will give your European friend a unique experience of tasting the best of American cuisine! Have a friend who enjoys cooking (or at least loves to have a good trademark meal)? Look no further - you found it!
  23. Civil War-Themed Chess
    The best gift, wherever it comes from, is the gift that lasts and has a purpose. If you have a European friend who loves to play chess, they will be head over heels for happiness when they receive this gift! Here is a chess board with themed figures from the American Civil War. It is ultimately the best gift from the American to the European. It will take that special place in your friend’s library or Livingroom.
  24. Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker
    If your European friend is into the IT-tech stuff or simply the Star Wars freak, this gift will match both passions. Here is a Bluetooth speaker they will enjoy and brag about as the most modern American gift! What a great gift from an American to a European in love with American culture and IT products!
  25. New York Photo Magnets
    You can always gift your European friend magnets, but if you decide to do this, make sure they are one of a kind. It means that they speak untold stories about the unseen places. It is the set of New York photo magnets. The plural. There is not one magnet that can tell the story of the NY. This set involves five wide panoramic pieces. You may choose a couple of them for your European friend. There is not such a thing as too much of New York, right?
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