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Apology gifts for husband

Sometimes we hurt people we love unintentionally. Reasons for hurting someone can vary in their seriousness, but one thing is certain, we all need to find a way to say we are sorry. If you want to say sorry and show your love for your husband, choose from our selection of apology gifts for husband. From cookies to jewelry, we have something that will work for every budget.

  1. I'm Sorry Candle
    This relaxing lavender scented candle should help you say you are sorry. Funny quote written on it is sure going to make him laugh and will put a smile on his face. And every other time he lights it, he will be reminded of you and the clever way you’ve apologized. Maybe soon, you two will be sitting together in each other’s arms, enjoying the scent.
  2. Metal Wallet Insert
    Beautiful words on a metal plate that he can carry around with him everywhere are a perfect way to show your appreciation for him. With many different quotes that can be chosen, you are sure to find the one that best describes what you two have between you.
  3. Sorry I'm Such A Idiot, Please Forgive Me? Teddy Bear
    Fluffy and adorable way to say you are sorry is this brown bear that has a great message written on his belly. This way he can put it on his bed or his couch and think of you even when you are not there. Not to mention that it will be a great funny memory once you both are ready to laugh about it.
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  5. Black Diamonds Cufflinks
    Here is something on the luxurious side. In case that your significant other is someone who is more into the glamorous side of life, this opulent pair of cufflinks can show him not only that you are sorry but that you have a great style. 14K White gold with 6 black diamonds says just that.
  6. Analog Minimalistic Watch
    Classic yet modern. Sophisticated analog watch that will blend in with every outfit, yet it will leave everyone breathless. The pop of red stands out against the matt black background. If you are not sure, what would be the perfect watch to get him, this is a magnificent gift to give to any man. Add the “I’m sorry” card and you will surely be forgiven.
  7. Sorry Chocolate Gift Set
    Bring this sweet taste into his mouth after the sour words you’ve exchanged. This premium chocolate box is a perfect way to show him that the situation that happened is not the way you wanted it to be. These 12 pieces of chocolate will tell him you are sorry in 12 different languages.
  8. Leather Journal
    Start with writing a heartwarming letter on the first few pages, spritz your signature perfume on them, and leave it on his bedside table. In the morning, when the dust has settled, he will be able to understand the situation and begin the forgiveness process. This leather journal will also be very useful in his everyday life, and certainly he will always think of you while using it.
  9. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme Perfume
    No, this is not a dull perfume, and your apology won’t be as well. La Nuit De L’Homme is designed for those special nights and days when he wants to feel like the only man in the world. With its spicy and rich notes, it will make anyone who wears it feel like an emperor. A spritz of this and his confidence will be tripled. Everyone deserves one perfume that makes them feel special. This YSL one can do just that.
  10. Letter in a bottle
    If you have a talent with words, here is a perfect way to explain your feelings. The bottle is engraved with sweet words of love. You can customize it and fill it with confetti or rose petals. The bottle also comes in a polished gift box and a piece of old-school parchment and a ribbon. When this storm passes, it will be a great memorabilia to show the path of your growth.
  11. I’m Sorry Gourmet Cookie Gift Get
    If your man is not a fan of chocolate, then he must like cookies. These freshly made cookies are wrapped in various wrappers that express how sorry you are. They are made with the best possible ingredients and have many unique flavors.
  12. Personalized Leather Bracelet
    Simple and powerful piece of jewelry that he can wear and have with him at any time. This bracelet can be personalized, so the possibilities are limitless. Engrave the date you met, or maybe the geographical coordinates for the place where you found each other. Real black leather will look good with every outfit he chooses. And every time someone asks him about it, he will think of you and how much your relationship has matured.
  13. Personalized Beer Glass
    Is he a fan of beer? Then this is an amazing way to surprise him and give your apologize as well. This large glass can fit up to 15 ounces of beer. The glass is monogrammed with the letter you want. Something that is unique about this glass is that it has a lifetime warranty, so if he is not happy with it, there is a way to resolve that.
  14. Custom Blanket with Photos Text
    Super soft blanket that can be customized is a thoughtful gift. You can choose the size and the design of the blanket. You can choose to write something on it or just to print out your favorite picture with him. That way, he can spend the nights when he is alone thinking of you.
  15. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board
    Here is an idea. Why don’t you write out the recipe of your amazing relationship? How many cups of patience? How many slices of hope? How many ounces of love? Engrave all of that on this pristine piece of cutting board and give it as a gift. It will be an amazing way to show what are the most important ingredients in your recipe for your marriage.
  16. Master Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set
    This 30 Pack of miniature hot sauces is a splendid gift for someone who likes spicy food and unique flavors. They are positioned all over the Scoville scale so that everyone can enjoy them (from 493 to 11.300). This mix includes flavors like mango, whiskey, garlic, lime, various herbs, etc. All included hot sauces are vegan as well.
  17. Men's Soft Fleece Plush Robe
    Perfect for chilly days when no amount of heating can make us feel cozy. This luxurious bathrobe is an excellent way to give him something he will love for many years. It is a special way to apologize while gifting this intimate piece of loungewear. Soft like a blanket and long so that the feeling of comfort is greater.
  18. Why I Love You book
    A wonderful gift for you and him. You can reflect and think of all the things that make him special. Write down your favorite memories, times when your relationship withstood everything. Tell him what he means to you and why he should forgive you. This beautiful book will be a stepping stone for your future together.
  19. 18 Note Musical Box
    Put your song right on his desk or personal space. This miniature music box is perfect for capturing memories that are connected to a specific song. With over 450 songs you will for sure find the right one that will remind him of you. Musical mechanism is made of gold material and it’s beautiful to look at.
  20. Lacoste Men's Thick Buckle Belt
    No man will ever be disappointed by a great belt. Black, sleek, made with real leather. This gift is going to last a long time. This style belt never goes out of fashion and will melt in seamlessly with any style of wardrobe. If the best way for a man to apologize is by buying shoes. This is a way to do that for your man-buy a great belt.