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Gifts for future aunts

When pregnancy in the family reveals, it is about the mother and father. And immediately jumping on the wave of attention are grandparents. Justice for aunties, we say! And here it is: if you have a sister who is about to become an aunt if your daughter/wife/friend is about to become auntie – and you know they will be hilarious about it – here is a list of gifts to break the news! Now, calm down and buy the gift right by your special someone who is an aunt-to-be!

  1. Sonogram Picture Frame
    Nothing says it better! A first-sight sonogram is a parents' icon, the first sign of a new life, and a token of joy for the whole family! When you don't want to say the words, a sonogram speaks all the languages for you. This ultrasound picture frame comes with the message Love at First Sight. It is a perfect gift to tell your sister she will be an aunt!
  2. Baby Crochet Bootie
    There can be no mistake about these booties: gift the beauties to your sister, and there will be no doubt about what you want to say! Maximize the effect with minimum words. The booties are cotton-soft with satin ribbon and come in a beautiful gift box. A sort of gift that you want to place next to your skin and feel its gentleness. Also, it is a handmade product, and buying it supports a small family business. Your sister will receive a gift that will bring good news and tears of happiness to her smile!
  3. Pregnancy Reveal Card
    While grabbing a coffee with your sister, it may be a blast of a surprise to hand in a card instead of the bill. And it can be this wonderful floral pregnancy reveal card that says that the best sisters get promoted to auntie. Now there is another topic for conversation between the two! This card will call for a drink stronger than coffee. Select this gift to tell your sister she will be an aunt, and you will support a small business too. It is a win-win gift!
  4. Baby Handprint and Footprint Keepsake
    This gift is of the sort that stays with you forever as a valuable keepsake. Tell your sister she will be an aunt gifting her this empty handprint and footprint (feat. picture frames) set. The conversation to continue will be about the smallest piece of joy and the ultimate happiness that awaits you both. Even glancing at it someday may bring back memories in a heartbeat. A wonderful gift!
  5. Personalized Candle
    If you want to tell your sister that she will be an aunt with a small, practical, and emotional gift, this may be the one! This personalized soy wax candle has a decent scent, but that is beside the point. What is the best about it is a sign all over the label that says the best aunt ever. Your sister will be confused in a split second, but things will soon become much sound when you follow it up with the words! And the words are much easier to select than gifts.
  6. Auntie Wine Glass
    Call your sister for a party/drink/cozy evening at home and serve her a drink in a classy wine glass. (Talking about surprises!) Promoted to Auntie says the inscription on it. Wait for your sister to notice it, and then enjoy the outburst of happiness and pure joy! If your sister will be an aunt, the best way to find out about it is to have you both sitting and sharing the momentum.
  7. Funny Auntiesaurus Mug
    There can be only one auntiesaurus! Gift this floral dinosaur mug to your sister, and believe she will carry it everywhere: to work, on a business trip, on vacation, and others. It is true what they say: the greatest aunties are extinct. But there is one left, and she takes this mug along on any occasion. And the one is your sister. Make sure she will love it!
  8. Auntie Silver Charm
    An occasion could occur that you share some time with your sister. Exchanging words could lead you to play with the things on the table. And accidentally - you could get a nice, new keychain to her keys and leave it as a message for her to discover. When she does, everything else is in her hands! Your sister-to-be-an-aunt will carry this heart-shaped keychain proudly!
  9. Auntie to Be Keepsake Gift
    The most beautiful and gentle way to give something valuable is to wrap it with lace. This keepsake gift is an ivory lace flower with a golden butterfly and a piece of happy news. This time, it says that someone is an aunt-to-be. Without a doubt, your sister will brag about it indefinitely! Well, maybe not indefinitely, but until a newborn arrives to take its place.
  10. Promoted to Auntie Mug
    The best way to reveal the news of your pregnancy to your sister is to drop an auntie's gift and see how fast she will get it! Sure, the most straightforward way is to say the words, but these announcements do not come every day, so why not have some fun? This mug with the wording Promoted to Auntie will do the work! If your sister is anything of a coffee or tea lover, she will carry it everywhere!
  11. Fauntie T-Shirt
    Now, what is Fauntie? It is auntie, but promoted to a new level: one that is so much fun to be around! The inscription on this T-Shirt says that the meaning behind the word is closest to beautiful and fabulous. It sounds like a gift you want to give to your sister about to become an aunt! She will wear it as proudly as she would wear a ceremonial uniform!
  12. Promoted to Auntie Ornament
    When it is the time of the year to ask for a festive mood, it sounds like a good idea to drop the pregnancy news while preparing decorations! And if you want to drop the pregnancy news to your sister, you may as well drop the decoration ornament announcing it among all the others and leave it to your sister to pick it up and decorate the tree! It is a ceramic ornament with a colorful pregnancy announcement illustration. It comes with a golden ribbon and is a gentle gift for all sorts of occasions, as long as it is part of your pregnancy announcement! It is a simple and effective choice!
  13. Personalized Gold Bracelet
    You can buy your sister this golden bracelet for almost any occasion: birthday, graduation, or New Year's. But it can also be a perfect gift to break the news that your sister is about to become an aunt! You can personalize the bracelet to The Best Auntie, but you can leave it as it is, engrave your sister's name and tell her in your words the news. She is the best sister, but she will be an extraordinary aunt!
  14. Amazing Aunt T-Shirt
    All sisters enjoy spending a day shopping. Invite your sister to shop and drop the T-Shirt with the message in her cart. Then leave it to her to discover it! Girls like statement T-Shirts of this sort, and your sister will love them dearly, especially when it says: This is How an Amazing Aunt Looks. The best way to wrap up a surprise is to have a gift that will tell the story. And you have come up with a perfect theme for yours!
  15. Aunt Tumbler
    They say that only the best sisters get promoted to aunts! If your sister happens to be an outgoing person who spends loads of her time on various activities, gifting her this tumbler with the above statement sounds like a perfect idea! It is good when a gift has a practical side, and if your sister feels like someone who values this feature with things, she will love it!
  16. Wire Bangle Bracelet for Auntie
    The wire bangle bracelet comes with several suggestions for two-sided personalized charms. They are a classy way to tell your sister how much you care about her, but also a way to drop some more good news. It is a nice piece of jewelry, fine memorabilia, and the right gift to tell your sister she will be an aunt!
  17. Best Auntie Ever Photo Frame
    Photo frames are long-lasting memories' keepsakes. This one is here to keep memories that are yet to come. On the bottom is a wording: Best Aunt Ever, and it says - without a doubt - what the news is. Your sister will keep it in a visible place until the first sonogram or photo of the auntie precious is available.
  18. Tote Bag for Aunt
    Is your sister a bag-collecting sort of person? Then look no further: this gift is a perfect announcement gift for an auntie-to-be! You can use an opportunity to return some borrowed things in this beautiful tote bag and leave it with your sister to tell the story. Items with written statements are popular, and your sister will carry this tote bag around proudly as if it is a medal!
  19. An Amazing Aunt T-Shirt
    She is an amazing person and beautiful sister, and there is no reason to think she will be nothing less than an upgraded version of herself after she becomes an aunt! And yes, no person deserves to wear this pink T-Shirt featuring This Is How an Amazing Aunt Looks Like statement than her! Let me tell you something: she will wear this one until it is all worn out!
  20. Auntie Slippers
    All new aunties need to have a good pair of slippers. These are soft, have memory foam, and are incredibly cozy! Lots of walking awaits your sister. And you know what they say: every big journey starts with one step. Step one: gift these slippers to your sister to tell her she will be an aunt. The rest is history, wait and see!
  21. Nephew Auntie Necklace
    Not all gifts are about new roles and responsibilities and happiness that goes over and beyond. Telling your sister that she will be an aunt can be a private and intimate moment between two sisters who share all their lives. There is a small miracle of life about to come to life, and there are months of support awaiting their arrival, and what a mother needs is someone to rely on. Gift your sister this Swarovski pearl necklace. She will wonder why, since it is not her birthday or any special occasion, but she will figure out the news.
  22. Keep Calm - You Are Going to Be an Auntie, Mug
    It is a queen of all mugs and cups out there and says it all: Keep Calm, You Are Going to Be an Aunt! We promise this mug will be an extension of your sister's arm! No coffee will ever be the same after you break it down to her! And when we say that - we mean it! She will start to drink it early in the morning and - after a series of sweet auntie duties - will forget all about it. Gift it to your sister and tell her she will become an aunt, and you got yourself a family and your best friend all over again.