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Gifts for poolowners

It may seem slightly difficult to figure out what to gift to a pool owner. One might say that people who own a pool most probably have everything that goes with it. But where there is a will – there is a way. So, look no further: here are some decorative, handy, entertaining, and utterly fancy ideas to gift to your newbie pool-owner friends!

  1. I Have A Pool Tee
    This gift is for first-time pool owners with a good sense of humor! They can wear the T-Shirt on and off the pool, when going for the great outdoors, receiving guests, and for almost any other occasion. With matching sunshades with a glass of “little something” on the rocks, this gift is not a piece of clothing. It builds up the character of its owner and good spirit by the pool!
  2. Ice Tray
    They need to have water in their pool chilly, but they need their drinks cooler! Fill this tray up with ice, and there is no need to get out of the pool for hours! It is lightweight, waterproof, portable, and reusable. It is thankful for all sorts of both outdoor and indoor events. Place it on someplace in reach for everyone and announce that drinks are on self-service for the day.
  3. BBQ Charcoal Grill
    Having a pool is great. It becomes the main gathering area - not only for the household but all family, friends, and neighbors. Having people over requires a bit more care. While everyone is chilling next to the pool, it sounds like a great idea to start the BBQ and have some food. One without the other is simply now working. This gift is the missing piece in your friend's backyard!
  4. Rechargeable Cooler LED Light
    Who says that party is out when the sun is down? A pool party most certainly is NOT. Rechargeable LED lights can be tossed in one's cooler and make it easier for you to grab just the right drink. Put it beneath, inside, and on top of the ice. It can also stand outside of your cooler, which is why this piece is one of a kind. It's got two-color light as an option. If one goes out fishing or mountaineering, the red light will keep his night vision. This light is rechargeable and is ready for long-term use. Let there be light!
  5. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
    Where there's a pool - there's a barbeque. Where there's a barbeque, one needs to have loads of good meat, bread, drinks, vegetables, and marshmallows! One can bring these marshmallow roasting sticks to a picnic, hiking, or scouting event. Having a small open fire in your friend’s backyard late in the evening is such an adventure for the youngsters. Having marshmallows is such a great bonus! Perfect housewarming gift for a family with kids. And pool.
  6. Inflatable Drink Holders
    Imagine a sunny afternoon. Your friend came home from work, had his late lunch, and all he needs is to park on a mate in a pool. He also needs to relax, maybe even take a nap. After all that, he needs his drink, and he needs it closer. These drink holders save him from going about the pool end to have a sip - his glass is floating along. When you think about it, sounds like a pool essential!
  7. Captain and First Mate Pack
    It is necessary to recognize pool owners at a pool party, and this housewarming gift set is just about the best choice to rise to the occasion. It includes two hats, can coolers, and bottle coolers. Remember, not everything is about boats and yachts - it is the sound of splashing water and attitude that counts!
  8. Aerated Battle Logs
    It is a perfect gift for pool owners' children. NOT! Everyone in the family will fight over this one! And ones who are usually fighting over anything and everything will have an excuse to do it without being shouted at. Family can divide into teams or pairs and kick some pretty serious buts without a real danger to be (or get someone) hurt. You never get tired of it!
  9. 6-pack Can Coolie
    Let's rephrase one of the messages from one of the coolies: everything that happens in the pool stays in the pool. These coolies will keep your friend’s drinks cold and him satisfied. Humorous messages are part of their irresistible charm. Every new pool owner will dress their drinks for special, housewarming occasions into these coolies.
  10. Play Balls Set
    Whenever anyone think of summer, pool and the seaside, they must also think of games with beach balls. These balls come with a colorful design! Entertaining with these is fun for the whole family - in the pool, next to the pool, in the yard, inside and outside. Taking them to a picnic, by the lake, in the park, or leaving them floating on the pool and advertising even more fun. Pool opening party without balls sounds like a less of the party. Best housewarming pool gift there is!
  11. Pool Floats
    There are so many pool accessories that one can be without, but this one is a must-have for any water surface. It may be used as a chair, drifter, and hammock. Everything about it is easy and calls for an easygoing time. All one needs besides it is a sun high in the sky. If there is a housewarming gift that brings relaxation and ease to a person - this is!
  12. Lotus Floating Lanterns
    When a person is planning a pool party in an intimate atmosphere, at night, this is such a nice way to decorate a pool and arrange lighting in the yard. Lotus floating lanterns make an atmosphere surreal. Remember, these are lanterns with candles. Your friend may turn all the other lights out and enjoy the setting just as it is - peaceful, romantic, and utterly beautiful! Having this as housewarming pool gift for a friend brings some magic as a bonus.
  13. Waterproof Clear Playing Cards
    Who says that playing cards is a game for a table and four chairs? Waterproof playing cards are the right choice of gift for true card fans. They can get wet or displaced, but they will be found floating somewhere in the pool and returned to their owner. There is no need to stop chilling in the pool to have a card game. With this gift, it is possible to mix the two. Bring it as a gift to a housewarming party next to the pool as a secret sign that you wish to be invited to use it as often as possible.
  14. Solar Hanging Lights
    These wind chimes are wonderful decorating pieces for your friend’s pool area! They spread the light in many colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple. They charge over sunny days, and some compare it with the light of stars in the sky. Absolutely amazing design piece is easy to move about the yard. Maybe first pool party will go without these, but every other will not. Your friends will L.O.V.E. it!
  15. Robotic Pool Cleaner
    Let's face it: we all want and love to enjoy a good time at a pool, but not everyone (if anyone) is so eager to keep it clean. It's the easiest thing to collect leaves, but after every use (or a strong wind) pool simply needs to be cleaned properly. With its brushing and filtering superpowers, this robot needs just two hours to have your pool sparkling clean. Your friends will thank you forever! This is housewarming essential!
  16. Swimming Pool Rules for Drinkers Sign
    Let your friend place this metal sign somewhere near their pool and have everyone glance at it before getting completely wasted! Rules for drinkers and dummies is a great conversation spot, but also a warning. Everyone wants to have fun. No one wants to go lifesaving and cleaning after someone. It is a humorous sign but also to the point. Memorize it before gifting it to your friend.
  17. Flashlight Blacklight Detector
    One doesn't have to be a CSI employee to have one of these. And if your friends have pool AND pets in the house who are free to wander about their yard area (pool included) - it's a 'must'. This flashlight with an ultraviolet blacklight detector finds traces of dog urine and pet stains wherever your friend’s pets have access. I know there are better and cooler housewarming things to gift your friends. But with this one - you show them that you care for them even more.
  18. Diving Pool Toys
    When there are kids in the house, there is always a fuss about animating or entertaining them - and enjoy some time in peace. Well, peace and quiet are not so 'in' for the pool season anyway, but some time alone will do. Tell your friend to scatter these toys all over the pool and have the kids dive them out. It will take some time. (If you keep returning them in the water - even longer!)
  19. Pool Basketball
    Your friend’s pool is a waste of investment if it's there only for show-off, part of overall property design, or a place to have only for a one-person show. If there is a family in the house, it will enjoy this housewarming gift! A person doesn't know that they have a pool if there is no splashing, yelling sounds, and intense physical activities. No worries - the ball is included in the set and price.
  20. The Navy Knot - Double-Insulated Tumbler
    Let's assume that every property owner should have this tumbler for a pool show-off. To save time, let's say that his wife needs to have it too. It will keep their coffee hot and their drinks cold. A humorous message that comes with it will make anyone holding it in their hand feel good about themselves. What more should anyone else expect from a housewarming gift?
  21. Portable Waterproof Party Speaker
    This portable Bluetooth speaker is meant to decor every pool yard. Not only that it's a fine designer's piece, but it is handy too. Lighting effects are perfect for a cozy evening by the pool. Instead of going for a YT playlist and being nervous about commercial interruptions, your friend can have some music of their choice and mood. They can bring it along just about anywhere, but it will stand out perfectly at every pool party you organize. This housewarming gift does set the standards for pool owners!