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Those couple of years spent in college are a very important phase for young individuals who are still discovering how adult life really works while working hard to become experts in their fields of study. It is a 4+ years period of great self-discovery as well, as they step into adulthood and face all the responsibilities that come with it. The mere fact of being exposed to so many new people who will soon become colleagues and friends has a big impact on broadening the students’ horizons, as well as all the knowledge they are receiving on a daily basis.

However, certain young individuals bravely decide to take a slightly harder route, but the one that will broaden their horizons even further and quickly but surely help them grow as totally independent and capable young people who are on a safe path to becoming successful in whatever it is that makes their heart happy. They choose to become exchange students, travel to another part of the world, and continue their daily life in what is often a totally unfamiliar place for them. It takes a lot of courage and determination to do such a thing as they will be surrounded by foreign people, foreign language and foreign culture which can undoubtedly cause certain amounts of stress or fear.

If you happen to know such a brave young individual who happens to come from faraway Japan and you will be the one to welcome them to your country, we’ve created a list of the best possible gift options for you to easily choose from and make them feel more at home once they arrive. Don’t stress about it, there are plenty of interesting options that will make them feel really welcomed, appreciated, and ready to take over the world on their quest to become successful young adults.

  1. Room Comforter Set
    If you’re the one welcoming an exchange student to your house to live for a while, you’ve probably already prepared everything and have the necessary stuff such as clean bed sheets but getting them their own set of bedroom necessities that they can later take with them will make them feel even cozier and more at home. The first days of sleeping in a foreign country in an unfamiliar house surrounded by unfamiliar people can be quite uncomfortable, and this room comforter set is an amazing welcome gift for an exchange student to make their days cozy from the very beginning.
  2. Cherry Blossom Luxury Bath and Body Gift Basket For Women and Men
    A student who’s recently arrived at their new temporary home had to take plenty of stuff with them, but they also had to be careful not to carry too many things as in all likelihood it was a long trip and carrying a lot of luggage isn’t an easy task. They’ve probably prepared some cosmetic necessities, but a luxury spa gift basket full of cosmetic products inspired by the beautiful Japanese cherry blossom is going to be a wonderful and welcoming gift for their arrival. It will remind them of their home and also be very useful for a relaxing self-care day.
  3. Dictionary of English
    No matter how much you dedicate yourself to learning a language you’re not considered to be a native of, even when you feel like you’ve completely mastered it and are able to communicate fluently, there’s still room for improvement and additional knowledge. That especially applies to young people who are still in their studies, specifically the exchange students who decide to travel to another country to continue their education. No matter where they chose to go, they will most likely need good English skills. That’s why an Dictionary of English is going to be a very useful gift for them.
  4. Funny Ankle Socks For Students
    When students arrive, they will probably feel a little bit shy and nervous in their new surroundings, so a nice little gift is always a great conversation starter that will make them feel more welcomed and make the whole situation less rigid. That’s why it is always a good idea to bring some humor together with your gift and even make the gift itself humorous. These funny ankle socks are a perfect gift for exchange students with the message ‘Do Not Disturb, I'm Studying’ written on their soles so that when they are studying everybody knows not to disturb them.
  5. Mini Japanese Zen Garden Kit for Desk
    The purpose of those welcome gifts for exchange students is mainly to make them feel more comfortable and at peace in their new surroundings, as they might feel nervous for the first couple of weeks or months. That’s why surprising them with a gift that will remind them of their home and bring a piece of their culture to their new living space is the best possible idea. This mini Japanese Zen garden kit will be an amazing gift for their desk to bring peace and relaxation while studying and make their new room cozier and homier.
  6. Traveler Bracelet
    A nice piece of jewelry can never be a wrong gift choice as it’s something people cherish and keep for many years to come and it always reminds them of the person who got it for them. That’s why this gorgeous and delicate bracelet with a travel-themed design will be a wonderful gift option for your exchange student who is obviously not afraid of experiencing different cultures and places. This one has beautiful pendants of an airplane, a compass, a globe, and a round pendant with a lovely ‘’life is short, the world is wide’’. Perfect for this young traveler.
  7. Ramen Bowl 8 Piece Set
    Nothing makes a person feel as homey and as cozy as the food, especially the one they’re used to eating since their childhood. If you know about the Japanese culture, you know that one of their signature meals is ramen, a noodle dish in a meat-based broth. It’s a big part of Japanese culture cuisine and most Japanese people love it. As your exchange student is probably coming to a totally different part of the world, they are going to miss some of their home meals, so surprising them with their own 8-piece ramen bowl set will make them feel very welcomed.
  8. Authentic Japanese Green Tea
    Another signature part of Japanese culture is their authentic green tea. Even though the whole world is aware of its healthy properties, nobody knows about them as well as Japanese people since the tea’s region of origin is East Asia. They consume it a lot, even on a daily basis because they know it’s a very good natural antioxidant and a much healthier way of getting caffeine in your system than drinking regular coffee. Surprise them with this set of authentic Japanese green tea that will remind them of their home and positively affect their health after traveling.
  9. Travel Planner Checklist Journal
    Even though exchange students come to a different country to study and not for leisure, they will still have their free time to explore around, experience, and learn about this new place and its culture, which is also one of the main ideas behind being an exchange student instead of staying in your homeplace during education. They always use their free time to walk around and discover new places, so this travel planner checklist journal is going to be a wonderful little gift for them as they will still be considered a tourist in the new country.
  10. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera
    Another amazing gift option for an exchange student who will be experiencing the country they are arriving in is this Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 instant camera, to capture all the new memories they will make during their stay there. This instant camera is really trendy at the moment and young people love it, not only for the fact that it creates gorgeous photos easily and instantly so they can see them and keep them right away, but also because the photos end up looking vintage and their aesthetics are beautiful. They will cherish photos made with this camera for many years to come.
  11. Ceramic Nonstick 4-Cup Rice Oats and Grains Cooker
    You know how all Asian people LOVE their rice and like to have it with almost every meal they have each day. Japanese people are no exception. Most European countries as well as the USA where exchange students usually go to for their studies love rice but not as much as Asians. That means Japanese exchange students probably won’t find a good quality rice cooker in their new place, so getting them one as a gift will definitely make them very happy as it is almost like a necessity to them, but they probably won’t carry one all the way from Japan.
  12. Smart Watch
    We’re all living in a time of digitalization and unlike a couple of decades ago, it’s almost not possible to live without digital devices and smart gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, etc. One of the newest gadgets people are obsessing over is a smartwatch, a little device in the form of a bracelet that is like a mix of a laptop, a smartphone, a GPS, and a fitness assistant. That’s why young people, especially students love it and it makes their daily life easier and more productive. It will be especially useful for an exchange student who will need some time to get used to their new environment.
  13. LED Desk Lamp
    Another exceptionally useful gadget for all students is this smart LED desk lamp. While everyone needs a good lamp for when they study at their desk, especially at night, this one is so much more than a regular desk lamp. It is adjustable and foldable, has a wireless charger in it, a USB charging port, 5-level dimmable LED lighting, and a digital screen showing the time, date, and temperature while having an alarm function as well. It will be an amazing addition to this exchange student’s new studying space and a very useful gift that will make their studying time more productive.
  14. Smart Travel Laptop Backpack
    When you think of a student you think of a backpack. It’s just that one thing that every student needs in their life to carry all their stuff needed for their lectures and keep it all organized. If you really want to surprise an exchange student, get them this smart travel laptop backpack. It is so much more than a regular backpack; it has an external USB charging port & set-in charging cable which will allow the student to charge their phone even while walking or sightseeing outside. Students often get empty phone batteries quickly so this will be a very appropriate gift.
  15. Hanging Storage Organizer
    Exchange students are moving to a new place and bringing most of their important stuff with them. That requires a lot of storage space but a big room for all their stuff is not always guaranteed. That’s why they need to organize themselves in a smart way and this hanging storage organizer will help a lot. Japanese people love to stay tidy and well organized so they will be happy to receive such a gift. This organizer is easy to hang wherever and has 7 open cube shelves and 3 removable drawers to easily store all their stuff without taking up a lot of space.
  16. Sushi Socks Box
    If you’re going to welcome the Japanese exchange student to your country, a great way to put a smile on their face instantly is to surprise them with this box of adorable sushi-themed socks. You know the Japanese love their sushi, so anything sushi-themed is going to be a cute gift that will make them feel connected to their hometown even now that they are far away. This box contains 3 pairs of socks that are packed like real sushi so that the box resembles the Japanese delicacy. This will spark a lot of laughter and create lighthearted energy.
  17. Large Capacity Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag
    Think about all the stuff you’d pack to take with you before traveling to a different country to live and study there for several months or even years. You probably already thought of a long list. Even just going for a short trip somewhere requires a lot of luggage, imagine going there to stay. That’s why a great and useful gift for your Japanese exchange student friend would be this large capacity hanging travel toiletry bag that they can use for traveling but also for storage in their new living space. This bag will help them sort out and organize all their stuff and keep them tidy.
  18. Lap Desk
    Studying is hard. It requires complete focus which isn’t always easy, especially when you move to a different country and make such a big life change. Even though various studies show that working or preparing the exams from the desk is much better for the focus and the overall productivity, many young people love studying from their beds or sofas, especially if they are studying during the night because it’s so much comfier. To make these moments more productive and organized for an exchange student, you can surprise them with this lap desk that is ideal for holding a laptop or books.
  19. Leather Luggage Tags
    Exchange students are no strangers to travel. Not only did they travel all the way to a different country from Japan but they will probably keep traveling and exploring around while they are there. Since they chose this path, they must love diversity, traveling, and meeting new people and their cultures, so any little travel accessory is going to be a nice gift choice. These gorgeous leather luggage tags with a full back privacy cover, stainless steel loop, a name ID, and address card have a beautiful design with a ‘’And so the adventure begins’’ message printed on them.
  20. Undated Hourly Daily Planner
    There are many items that we could consider to be must-haves for all students, but a daily planner is a classic that every student should own without exception. It’s a great way to keep their busy days organized, especially those upcoming exams. A daily planner that’s designed as an hourly task list really helps keep the productivity on high levels and takes away the stress of having to keep the whole schedule in their minds. An exchange student could really benefit from this gift because in all likelihood their first months will be busy and their schedules full.
  21. Selfie Stick Tripod
    Yes, they are starting a whole new phase in their life, but not everything needs to be so rigid and serious. Getting some studying gadgets as gifts for Japanese exchange students is useful and cool, but let’s not forget that they’ll also be having a lot of fun and exploring around with their new friends and colleagues. They can still act like a tourist in their spare time. So, getting a new selfie stick that can also act as a tripod is going to be a good idea because they will use it to capture those new memories easily.
  22. Sunrise Alarm Clock
    After some fun with their friends, there’s a reality check when they remember they have to wake up early tomorrow to go to an important lecture or exam. That’s just a regular student life. You can make those mornings a bit more bearable by getting them this beautiful Sunrise alarm clock as a welcome gift that will make them wake up easily even if it is still dark outside, so they can actually start their day off right. A nice gadget for all students, especially Japanese as they’re known for their great organizational skills and they’ll undoubtedly appreciate this gift.
  23. B0863TXGM3
    AirPods are a big thing now and it’s very trendy to own them. However, that does not change the fact that owning good-quality overhead headphones is much more practical. They can’t be easily lost like those small AirPods and they provide exceptional sound, especially if they are considered to be noise-canceling like this Sony model. No cables, just wireless headphones that students can wear wherever - while walking on the street, studying at home, or listening to motivating podcasts or lectures. You can be sure that an exchange student will adore you for this gift.
  24. Japanese Sake Set for 4
    Students are undoubtedly hard-working young individuals who dedicate their every day to studying hard for becoming what they aspire to be in the future, but that doesn’t change the fact that they also love to have some fun in their free time and even celebrate some of their achievements with a couple of drinks with their friends. Totally deserved. That’s why you can get this beautifully designed sake set for 4 for a Japanese exchange student, for many exciting celebrations with a drink that’s most popular in Japan. This set has a wonderful design inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms and it consists of 1 sake bottle, 1 sake tank, and 4 sake cups.
  25. Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle
    Japanese people are known for their graceful and slim figures. They practice healthy nutrition and workout regularly whether it’s those fast-paced cardio workouts or just a faster walk. Young people especially like keeping themselves healthy and busy, so they will probably continue living that way even in another country. That’s why you could get this insulated stainless steel water bottle for them as it will be a helpful little thing for their everyday routine. It will keep the temperature of their drink on their preferred level and prevent the drink from spilling if they’re running or walking with it.
  26. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
    Moving to a different country that is completely contrasting your own culture and the environment you grew up in has to be a stressful process, so no matter how happy an exchange student is acting once they arrive, deep inside they’re probably experiencing some fear and insecurity about how everything is going to work out. That’s why you can surprise them with this set of aromatherapy shower streamers as a welcome gift. This variety pack of 6 shower bombs with essential oils will provide plenty of relaxing spa moments during those first couple of weeks which can be pretty stressful and hectic.
  27. Chocolate Covered Cookie Gift Basket
    Even though the Japanese are thought to have less of a sweet tooth than other nationalities, who can say no to this chocolate-covered cookie gift basket?! After all, they are moving to a different country and are probably open-minded and excited to try out stuff that this culture offers too. If you’re not sure what to get for a Japanese exchange student and everything seems like a wrong choice for them, you can be sure you won’t make a mistake with a good snack. They will enjoy a couple of delicious bites right upon their arrival.
  28. Trivia Game ‘’I should have known that!’’
    How about bringing some fun along with your gift? Not being too serious with your first welcome gift for them is good because it will make the whole situation more comfortable and instantly bring some laughter and a fun topic to talk about. Let them know that there’s nothing to worry about and that a lot of fun awaits them by surprising them with this trivia game called ‘’I should have known that!’’ that you can all play together and check your knowledge levels about some trivial things while having a lot of fun. This will make their first moments there nice and pleasant.
  29. Cherry Blossom Tree Lamp
    If you’ve ever talked to a Japanese person you probably know that one of the first topics they usually choose is cherry blossoms. Japanese people adore their cherry blossom trees and have a whole life philosophy about them. Those cherry blossoms appear at the beginning of spring and stay only for a short period of time, but while they are there all Japanese people make sure to fully enjoy their incredible beauty. A Japanese exchange student will probably miss those cherry blossoms so getting this cherry blossom tree lamp to put in their new living space will be a very thoughtful and beautiful gift.
  30. Japanese Wall Art
    Traveling, exploring new places, and learning about different cultures is beautiful, but there’s always that pull that brings you back to your own traditions and heritage. We are all always going to feel some sort of nostalgia for the customs we grew up with and we will always feel most connected to them no matter how many years we spend in another country. That’s why this Japanese wall art set of 3 canvas hanging rolls is going to be a heart-warming gift for any Japanese exchange student to put in their new room and instantly make it homier.
  31. 5 Pairs Reusable Metal Chopsticks
    You might have a drawer full of knives, forks, and spoons and think that is perfectly enough, but if you’re going to welcome a Japanese exchange student to live in your place, you might want to consider adding some chopsticks to that drawer. Or even better, getting this set of 5 pairs of reusable metal chopsticks as a gift for them, which will make them feel more at home and more comfortable eating in their new living space.
  32. Welcome Sign for Front Porch
    Imagine you’re the one arriving in a different country you’re unfamiliar with and going to stay in a home that’s not yours but you’re going to share it with some strangers, and imagine being welcomed with this gorgeous welcome sign hung on the front door. You’d probably feel very welcomed and very nice, so you can consider surprising an exchange student with such a warm feeling as well if they happen to be coming to your house to stay for a couple of months or years. It’s a detail but the one that will change the whole energy and make them feel less nervous.
  33. 3-Tier Indoor Relaxation Tabletop Fountain
    Exchange students are going to study a lot and that solely can make them feel under a lot of pressure all the time, especially in the first few weeks upon their arrival. If you add the fact that they are going to be in a totally new environment they’re not familiar with, that makes it an even more stressful situation. You can surprise them with this beautiful Japanese-style 3-tier indoor tabletop fountain that’s made as a decor piece for relaxation and every Japanese person will appreciate such a thoughtful gift that will continually make them feel homey and relaxed in their new place while studying for exams.