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There is nothing like the sun on your face and the crashing waves instead of a goodnight lullaby! Moving to Florida sounds like a great idea, whatever your age! Most often, people retire and move to Florida or experience some major life event to decide on the move. When they do, they need all sorts of things to build a new home. There are so many things you can gift to someone moving to Florida. Some come in handier than others. One needs to remember that living in Florida is a somewhat different experience than living anywhere else. What does stay the same as anywhere else is the readiness to build a home wherever a person goes.

  1. Beach is My Happy Place Plaque
    First days in Florida feel like one doesn't need a home, let alone things that come in handy! As if everything one needs is a lounge chair, a glass of rum runner, and a beach. Who needs a guest room or porch swing anyway? Moving is about change, and Florida is all about sun and sand. Gift your friend this road sign (with just about perfect colors) to hang on the nearest palm tree or next to their front door. There is no need for anyone to knock or ring the bell. In those first days, you will find your friend at the beach, because the beach is their happy place. Great gift!
  2. Funny Goodbye Card
    When things are new and yet to be discovered, what keeps one's strength is the thought that one comes from a supportive background. Sometimes everything that a person moving to Florida needs is memories and words of good wishes. And when they mix with bits of humor - it is a perfect match! Gift your friend this funny goodbye card, fill it with the kindest words of the friends and family you share and send them off to a new beginning. The collected words will be there at all times. You are all only a telephone call away anyway.
  3. Florida Adventure Guide and Journal
    After one inhales enough of sun, sea, and sand, they might want to explore more of Florida! Here is a Florida bucket list that will help your friend to explore the country. It offers - and explores in detail - 50 natural wonders of Florida that you simply have to see! So, if your friend is one of those free spirits who love the wind in their hair and a unique road experience, gift them this guidebook and suggest that they keep a journal of the travel. They will go places, learn things, and have an adventure of a lifetime!
  4. Someone from Florida Loves Me Scent Candle
    There are scent candles, there are personalized scent candles, and there are Florida scented personalized candles! It is such a nice gift for someone moving to Florida since it brings that feeling of palm trees, long white beaches a fresh orange juice taste in the house with one's eyes firmly closed. Have your or your friend's name on the cap of the candle and have it come in gift wrapping. It sure smells like a good choice!
  5. Truffles Chocolatier
    Chocolates are always an appropriate gift, and Godiva Truffles go far and beyond comparing any other chocolate dessert! Twenty-four balls come in twelve pairs of fillings and decorations. The finest Belgium dessert comes in a classy black box with a golden ribbon. We all know that chocolate brings more joy when it is shared. Gift it to your friend moving to Florida, and they will enjoy it with some new people in their life. Chocolate does connect people!
  6. Fireproof Box
    There is no need to jump to conclusions with this one. But a gift like this is something any household should have: a safe for safekeeping valuables. If you want to be practical, gift your friend this fireproof box. They can keep documents, personal files, or money in this safe for about thirty minutes while on fire. Finger crossed that it never has to prove its longevity! Talking about handy gifts for someone moving to Florida.
  7. Living Together After Retirement Cartoons, by Graham Harrop
    People often move to Florida when they retire. It is a sunshine state for the pensioners! Whether your friend is retiring or not, seniors or seniors' fans, they will enjoy Graham Harrop's cartoons! He is looking behind the scenes of a retired couple who suddenly has loads of extra time on their hands and - for the first time in their adult lives - need to deal with a whole day of each other's presence! This gift is perfect for people who need little laughs and gags here and there. Don't we all?
  8. The Little Book of Hygge, by Meik Wiking
    The Little Book of Hygge is all about the simplicity of life! What does it take to have happiness and satisfaction with one's life? The Danish nation claims to know the answers to these questions, and Meik Wiking wrote the global bestseller to prove it! Moving elsewhere is always a new beginning: living in a new place surrounded by new people is an opportunity to start fresh with no strings attached! Your friend will enjoy this read! A perfect read for the one moving to Florida!
  9. Turtle Tumbler
    Every day is a new beginning; take a deep breath, smile, and start again! This motivating message is in perfect harmony with the colors of the turtle tumbler that someone moving to Florida will adore! On the other hand, gifting something you know they will use and think of you while using it is priceless! Any occasion is good enough to choose this tumbler, and every event is important enough to have it onboard. Great choice!
  10. The Crazy History of Florida, by Bill O'Neill
    Everyone loves learning something new, but only a few people love history reads. But when you mix crazy, fun, and Florida with history, random facts, and trivia, you will get an extraordinary read for someone moving to Florida! There is a strong reason behind the fact that this book is amongst the most popular ones of its kind. At the same time, it is a perfect guide for a newcomer to get to know the country better and discover fascinating bits and pieces of history. The Crazy History of Florida is all about reading and discovering new places!
  11. Complete Golf Club Set
    It is never too early or too late to learn to play golf! Golf is not just a sport. It is a sport, a walk in the park, exercise and so much more! The benefits of this sports are many, and someone moving to Florida should have no excuses to start practicing. Golf Club Set comes as a complete package. It is an outstanding gift for any occasion, and the one receiving will bear in mind your good wishes for their overall health. Beware, Tiger Woods, there is some serious competition on the way!
  12. Grill Set
    Someone moving to Florida should learn one thing first, and the thing is: go Gators! Gators are a college football club, and one will meet their mascot and logo on a variety of products and souvenirs. The second thing is: with so much sun and good weather, your friend will go to barbeques all over the place! This BBQ set is something they will need for sure. Good thinking!
  13. Florida Gators Apron and Chef Hat
    Hosting barbeques can become a sort of hobby. One receives guests from their Florida friends and then returns the visits. When in Rome... After the BBQ set, the Gators apron and chef hat are what one needs to leave the impression of a perfect host. Your friend was never much of the kitchen manipulator? No worries, there can be very few mistakes when throwing a barbeque. Someone is always available for assistance!
  14. Love Box Sign
    I love you to the beach and back love sign is a gift that will show all of your emotions toward your friend moving to Florida. A sign like this will make it to that special place on the veranda where they love to spend their time. They will swing on their hammock, look at the bright blue sky, and know that there is someone who loves them very much. Pay attention! This sign is a gift only for closest and dearest friends!
  15. Flamingo Coffee Cup
    Flamingos used to be natives of Florida, and now are its emblems and specie in recovery. Wherever one may go, they will learn that flamingos are almost everywhere: on T-shirts, coffee mugs, magnets, playing cards, everywhere! Their color is both charming and positive, and your friend will have a smile on their face every time they take a cup of coffee in their hands. A wonderful gift!
  16. Picnic Full Equipment
    Living in Florida is rather difficult: one needs to decide whether to go for a picnic on the beach, into the woods, or near waterfalls! Be a sport and ease your friend with this one-of-the-kind gift: a backpack and a picnic blanket. Of course, the backpack is not an ordinary one. This one is navy blue and has full picnic equipment accompanied by a wine cooler. It takes time to get used to this sort of luxury, but the things that we do to accommodate ourselves are endless. And we wouldn't want it any other way!
  17. Caping Hammock for Two
    His Majesty - the hammock! With so many hours of sunny days, one can practically live in this hammock! It is made of parachute nylon, takes very little space to pack and backpack, and provides unearthly comfort! Your friend will make a living room out of it, for sure! When someone is moving to Florida, they don't need a house, an apartment, or a tent. The hammock is all that and so much more. The gift of the year!
  18. Digital Picture frame
    When your friend is moving away, even as far as Florida, the best gift you can give them is - memories. Picture frame evolved from 2D captured moments to HD full life experiences! Digital picture frames are connected to Wi-Fi, your applications, shared files and folders, and display photographs from any special or completely random occasions of one's life. And they are always there, available, and easy to glance at any time. Did your friend get mail with pictures of their family? Pictures are immediately uploaded! Does someone share a VIP vacation photos folder? Here is a 10.1-inch experience! What a blast of a gift!
  19. Mickey Mouse Backpack Cooler
    It goes without saying that moving to Florida means that your friend will visit Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida! It doesn't matter how old someone is - Disney World means the world to many generations! Your friend will go for a visit for sure, have the most extraordinary experiences, and buy everyone souvenirs. That means that someone (read: YOU) needs to take care of their favorite person! With Mickey Mouse backpack cooler they will rise to the occasion! Everything they might need to have a blasting adventure can fit into this backpack. Fruits, drinks, and more staff will remain fresh and cold for the time of the visit. Who could ask for more?
  20. Ottolenghi Flavor: A Cookbook, by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage
    A person is not completely emerged in the community unless they go to the marketplace, buy some local products, and prepare a local dish! There are so many cookbooks out there, but Ottolenghi Flavor is all about innovative, tasty, and plant-based recipes! Ottolenghi and Belfrage are experimenting with flavors, cooking techniques, and pairing various otherwise incompatible tastes! Authors and chefs introduce main courses, side dishes, salads, desserts - you name it. And they do it step by step, in an easygoing and understandable manner. Your friend will enjoy this cooking journey through Florida!