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I Miss You Gifts For Her

Do you miss your girlfriend? If so, convey your love and devotion with a thoughtful selection of I Miss You gifts for her. Express your feelings with those gifts and bring the two of you closer together again.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are far away from your girlfriend and words are just not enough to express how much you miss her? They say money can’t buy us love and happiness, but thoughtful gifts can be such a nice way to express admiration and warm feelings for someone, especially when they are well-thought-out and carefully considered in relation to the situation and feelings we are trying to express.

Sometimes surprising your girlfriend with an unexpected gift is one of the greatest ways to show that you are thinking about her, so here is our list of 17 interesting gift recommendations for when you want to express how much you miss her.

I Miss You Gifts for Her

  1. Couple Smart Flashing Bracelets
    Imagine being able to send a touch to your significant other whenever you miss them, just by touching a bracelet on your hand? Imagine your girlfriend’s bracelet blinking whenever you think of her, no matter how far away you two are? These gorgeous looking couple bracelets are not just another regular set of couple jewelry. They are these smart technology, elegantly designed bracelets, meant for couples to feel connected even when they are miles apart, providing you with a piece of each other at all times. Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or just separated by a long busy day, they are a constant reminder of how much you love and miss each other.
  2. Letters to My Love
    These modern, fast and busy times we are living in took away some of the most beautiful and meaningful practices of the past, one of which are love letters. Before all this instant digital messaging existed, couples would write each other a love letter whenever they were separated and missed each other, the old way - with pen and paper. Finding piled up love letters from your grandparents would probably make you or your girlfriend feel very nostalgic and proud, so why not express how much you miss her in the most romantic way ever - by providing her with her own love letters from you, that she’ll dearly treasure her whole life?
  3. Romantic “I Miss You” Lavender Scented Candle
    We all know that the majority of girls love lighting those scented candles! They always make the atmosphere special, cozy and comfortable. This one will be a perfect gift for when you want to show your girlfriend how much you miss her, as it has a heart-warming message written on it which makes it ten times more special and cozy - “Light whenever you miss me. Remember, distance can’t distinguish our flame”. Nothing says I Miss You like a gift from the heart, whether you are half an hour away from each other or halfway across the world, this aromatherapy natural candle will make your girlfriend feel loved.
  4. Hug Pillow
    What seems to be a very basic and small gift, hides a special meaning and message to it. When a couple misses each other, the first thing they would do is probably hug each other tightly. This carefully and softly designed pillow is filled up with beads that actually provide it with a natural and pleasing weight, so when your girlfriend misses you and hugs it, it offers a comforting feeling of a real hug. It is adorned with a beautiful bow and includes a bookmark with a heart-warming message that will make sure your girlfriend knows you’re always with her, near or far.
  5. Love Note Messenger
    If you are not really the type of a person for vintage ways of expressing love, like writing love letters, good news is that even these less romantic times have their heart-warming inventions that you can choose from. One example is this Lovebox, an interesting object for connecting to your loved ones even if you are physically not near them, as it allows you to go beyond traditional communication. Send a message, a drawing or an animation whenever you miss your girl, and when a message arrives on her Lovebox, the heart on it will start to turn, after which she can open the box and check your sweet message, and she can even send you a virtual rain of hearts back by turning the heart on the box herself!
  6. Me Without You Book
    Missing someone is never a pleasant feeling, but bringing some light, humour and smiles into it can definitely make things better for both sides! Me Without You book is a sweet collection of colour illustrations filled with adorable scenarios that are simply incomplete without each other: “Me without You is like… Foot without shoe!” It will definitely brighten your girlfriend’s day and put a smile on her face, while being a great way to show her how much you miss her and that no matter the time or distance, it is always “me” and “you”.
  7. I Love You Necklace Inscribed in 120 Different Languages
    When you miss your girlfriend, one “I love you” is simply not enough to express how much you want to be with her at that moment. How about 120 I Love You in 120 different languages?! She will feel like the most loved person on planet Earth! Inscribed in 24k gold onto a black onyx stone, this sterling silver necklace is probably going to be the most meaningful necklace your girlfriend will ever own. Not even 120 I Love You in different languages will describe how much you truly miss her, but at least it will make her feel special and realize that love conquers all distance and separation.
  8. Why I Miss You - Fill In The Love Book Journal
    There is no sweeter gift than the one that is personalized, especially when it comes to romantic relationships and missing your favorite person. This simple but adorable fill in the blanks book lets you express your feelings anyway you like - make it as funny or as emotional as you like. It’s a cute, creative and personalized gift for your girlfriend and you’ll actually be able to be witty and tell her - “Hey, I miss you so much, I even wrote a book about it!”.
  9. Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me
    Your girlfriend will simply adore this sweet pillowcase that has the sweetest message for couples missing each other written on it: “Hug this pillow until you can hug me.” As we mentioned before, the best gift you could receive when missing someone is to get the chance to hug them in real life, but until that becomes possible, a soft pillow with this heart-warming pillowcase will be a good enough replacement and will make her feel close to you whenever she lays her head on it. There’s even a free “I miss you every single day!” greeting card included, which makes the whole gift great for this occasion.
  10. Vilight I Love You I Like You Picture Frame
    Let’s not make framing pictures outdated! A photograph speaks a thousand words and can capture the most wonderful moments between you two. Print out the photo of you two that you think speaks the most about your love and frame it in this romantic frame with a sweet message for your girlfriend on it: “I Love You and I Like You”. We guarantee it will be enough to melt your girlfriend's heart and let her know how much you love and miss her, as she’ll most probably place it as a centerpiece decoration of her room, which will always remind her of you while you are apart.
  11. Long Distance Relationships Love Messages in a Bottle
    If you are in that famous, not so easy situation called a long distance relationship, this creative and uplifting gift will not only make one day brighter for your girlfriend, but the next 50 days after receiving it as well! That feeling when you miss your partner is very unpleasant, but these magical pills (only for reading, not for drinking!) will definitely make it better! This gift is ideal for when you’re away from your girlfriend and miss her, but want her to feel less lonely - daily dose of little pre-written love letters that come in cute capsules. Remind your girlfriend every day that your love is indestructible.
  12. Lover Statues
    If you want to bring an elegant charm to your girlfriend’s home decor, while at the same time doing it in a meaningful and romantic way - this contemporary, minimalism inspired art ceramic statue of a hugging couple can indicate how much you love and miss your girlfriend in a very elegant and luxurious way. It will represent you two and remind her of your hug every time she passes by it.
  13. Funny I Miss You Teddy Bear
    The perfect funny gift for a sweetheart who's far away, soft I Miss You Teddy Bear. In the blink of an eye, she will start to feel better knowing that you are thinking of her even when miles apart and hard times have passed. A smile that will bring her the message that Teddy bear has will surely make her know how much you miss her and how much your girlfriend means to you. Because surely you are not someone who would just scatter big words on someone he honestly doesn't love.
  14. Say I Love You Too Couple Pillowcases
    Another adorable way of sending your girlfriend the emotional “I miss you” message is with these sweet couple pillowcases for whenever you two are separated. Put a smile on your girlfriend’s face every morning when she wakes up, and every night when she goes to sleep, even if you’re far away from her. The sweet illustration on these couple pillowcases will also remind you two to tell each other those magical three words every day, while at the same time being a very cozy and romantic gift.
  15. Personalized Custom His and Hers Matching Couple Bracelets
    Whenever you are missing your partner, one of the best ways to make the time pass by more quickly is to have some couple jewelry pieces that will always remind you of your person and make you feel like you’re close to them even when you are not. It is always a bonus if they are personalized and custom made for your own relationship! These personalized custom His and Hers handmade rope braided matching couple bracelets with a nameplate ID and a possibility to request your own message to be written on the nameplate make an awesome gift for when you’re missing your partner a little too much.
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  17. I Miss You A Waffle Lot Kitchen Towel
    If your girlfriend loves spending time in the kitchen, this can be a sweet and funny “I miss you” gift. Whether you miss your girlfriend because you are busy at work the whole day, or because you are in a long distance relationship, surprising her with such an adorable little gift will for sure make her feel special. This absorbent kitchen towel with a cute message on it: “I Miss You A Waffle Lot” will remind your girlfriend of how much you miss her anytime she uses it, plus it is very likely to inspire her to make you some yummy waffles next time you see each other! Win-win situation!
  18. I Miss Your Face Coffee Mug
    Make sure your girlfriend remembers how much you miss her anytime she drinks her daily coffee or tea! Girls love having a collection of cute and aesthetically pleasing mugs, so this one with a touching “I Miss Your Face” message on it will make her feel happy and loved anytime she uses it!