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Peace Offering Gifts for a Friend

Often times we may make mistakes or misunderstand one another in our relationships to friends. Apology or piece offering gifts are a nice gesture that lets the recipient know you are sincerely sorry for your actions and thankful for their understanding. Repair friendship and make it right with one of these gifts to say sorry, without saying a word! We want you to bring back the good vibes, and what better way than with a unique, cheeky, funny or cute apology gift for a friend?

Repair Friendship: Perfect Peace Offering Gifts for a Friend

  1. Funny Guy Mugs 12-Pack Balloons
    There is no better way to say Sorry, I'm an idiot than to say 'Sorry, I'm an idiot.' Purchase Funny Guy Mugs 12-Pack Balloons, and make a bouquet out of them. Every elephant in the room will go about its way. Just play the honesty card. Amongst real friends, honesty indeed is the best policy. And the best present of all. Your friend will forgive you instantly.
  2. Cute Baby Elephant Kneels for Forgiveness
    This cutie kneels, folds hands, cries its eyes out, and its heart-shaped tongue is just about to say the kindest words of apologies, regrets, and prayers for the second chance. Follow the example. Whatever it was that disturbed your friendship, an honest plea for forgiveness with this soft, stuffed elephant would melt down the firmest heart, let alone the one of your friend's.
  3. Preserved Rose - Real Flowers
    There is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers, and these are handcrafted and placed in a luxurious package with a sole purpose: to astonish! And that's what your friend will feel like when presented with this royal gentleness. Full bloom roses are cut, require no sunlight or water. One doesn't have to invest much effort to preserve them for five years.
  4. Tower of Sweet Gift Set
    This incredibly sweet peace offering is both sweet at the taste and at first sight! Way to someone's heart indeed comes via his or her stomach. Five boxes of chocolates, cookies, popcorn, snack mix, pretzels, and more each wave the white flag. They come in exquisite packages with satin ribbons, each a bit smaller than the other, together making a pyramid of pure gourmet enjoyment. These are worth making peace not only between friends.
  5. Wine Cooler
    There is no better way to show up at your friend's doors and offer to reconcile than to do it in classy style. Add a nice bottle of wine to this wine chiller, and you'll wash down any dispute that stood in between you immediately. This chiller keeps wine and champagne cold for up to six hours. One can take it on a boat ride and it's great outdoors. It looks good, and it makes you look good.
  6. Smart Hoodie
    What is that smart about this hoodie? First, it is made from recycled materials. Second, their manufacturers are proud of its longevity. And third, it comes with a friendship metaphor. No matter what happens with your small and personal disputes, it always comes to what you are made from. Yesterday, you were just friends. Today, you are friends with experience that empowers your strings. Take two pieces, and make it your thing!
  7. Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle
    One glass bottle gathered 90 pieces of capsules. Ninety capsules are hiding the same number of empty pieces of paper. Here's your chance! You have an opportunity to reflect and write down all of the things worthwhile building peace with your friends. These are your friend's personal qualities and your shared values. It is a great way to show your friend your true feelings. There is no better peace offer than that!
  8. The Idiot, a Novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    Whatever might be the reason behind the violated relationship between you and your friend, it is always worthwhile to overcome it. Provided that your friend appreciates good literature, Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Idiot is an honest and sincere try for reuniting. The novel tells a story of mischief, betrayal, and murder. It portrays one of the kindest and beautiful characters in the history of literature. Add a dedication note to it. Start with 'Idiot wrote, and idiot bought.' It will add a little humor much needed for healing.
  9. Amazon Gift Card
    More than often, one runs out of ideas for a suitable gift. When a friendship needs healing, it is hard to think of any present as of propper one. Amazon.com gift card, which comes in a mini envelope, is maybe just the perfect peace offer to your friend. Although it might sound a bit impersonal, it demonstrates that you would do and give just about anything to make things work.
  10. Hugging Just Right Pillow
    This handmade pillowcase with the message Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me is an emotional outburst of affection. Do send it to your friend, and keep your phone close. Peace offering par excellence! Pillow with this message is practical and decorative. One can keep it in the bedroom, living room, and even in a car. Often, it is just needed when a hug of the right person is not around.
  11. 50 Can We Start Over Cards
    Sometimes words just don't come out. But every mending requires at least some amount of oxygen. This pack consists of 50 can we start over + “Crtl + Alt + Delete” illustration. That's on the front side. On the backside, there is space for the message for your friend and an illustration of the button “Enter”. Write a note. Offer to mend things. And for the love of God, work on your friendship, and avoid using them all.
  12. Bracelets for Girl Friends
    The best peace offering gift for girlfriends is, without a doubt, a fine piece of jewelry packed in a gift box and with a message card. It is a handmade friendship bracelet made of stainless steel, lightweight, and adjustable to any wrist. It contains a hidden message: Friends are the Family we choose. Handmade with love and gifted with love. And where's love, there is peace.
  13. Chocolate Gift Basket
    Here is a chance to make peace and make it a genuine celebration! No person can stay indifferent at this sort of peace offering. Indulging one's life passion for sweets and elegance is the best way to their heart. And it comes in the most exquisite tastes. This festive gift comes packed in an arrangement platter within a luxurious tin. It will remain as memorabilia for a new shared memory of friendship.
  14. Chocolate Gift Set
    Twenty-five branded chocolate packs come in a flower-themed gift box. Refined in taste and dressed to say sorry in many words of apology: “I am very, very sorry about it!”, “Please, forgive me! I was such a fool!”, “It’s my fault.”, “Don’t be angry.”, “My apologies”, “SRY”, “I'm very sorry”, “I am awfully sorry”, “My Mistake”. There is an option to personalize the wrapping. Your friend can receive chocolates with your photo or personal note written all over them.
  15. Wine Aerator
    Now, this is a fine piece of accessories for a true wine devotee. It aerates a bottle of wine with a simple touch. Electric wine decanter with an opener makes pouring wine stressless even when more than a few glasses are over and out. It is easy to use, clean and is adjustable to any bottle. Wine is always a great peacemaker. Sharing a glass of wine is always a bit more than that. It is sharing time, conversation, and confidence.
  16. Puzzle Keychain Set
    Although it takes only two people to make war, sometimes it takes more than two to make peace. If Santa gets to have his little helpers, why friends wouldn't? This keychain set of three parts is a perfect gift for friends when one of them is a mediator. Some characters need a little push on their back to give up or give in. And some people can be reasoned just by a loud shout And Now Peace! Everyone loves those friends. They are the most valuable assets in our life.
  17. Funny Teddy Bear
    When your misconduct been just too much, but you don't give up on your friend because one doesn't give up on one's friends, it is best to find a proper messenger to carry a white flag. Stuffed, fluffy bear with a white shirt that says: 'Sorry, I am a dumb ass. Please forgive me!' is the best choice. It will instantly bring a smile to your friend's face! From that point onward, everything is up to you!
  18. Sorry, I'm Such an Idiot Mug
    • This mug comes with a unique design of SORRY I'M SUCH AN IDIOT. These high quality mugs provide the perfect gift. Each ceramic mug is extremely durable, plus being both scratch and chip resistant. Features: Dishwasher and microwave safe High quality ceramic mug 10oz/284ml capacity Shipped in a crash proof box Design Printed on both sides Dimensions: 80mm x 95mm Smash proof box
  19. I'm Surrounded By Idiots Mug
    This double gift has to be here. Maybe your friend will remember that you deserve a little something too, but it just may be that you think of that too and treat yourself with this one-of-a-kind apology gift. They indeed should come together. They must be drunk from together. And they must be a constant reminder of second chances. Surely, your friend will offer to switch mugs sometimes. Be a character and stick to yours. A little bit of sarcasm killed no one.
  20. Heated Blanket
    There are times when one needs solitude. But being without a friend means the world to you feels cold. Even amid summer. Although you are the party that needs to straighten things up, remember that your friend is hurting. And probably feels cold too. This heated blanket is here to say: I am sorry, I understand, I feel the same without you, I miss the comfort of having you in my life. And that's that. Heated blanket some in many colors in queen and king sizes.
  21. GPS Tracker
    Make your peace offer an adventure! Send your friend a GPS tracker with a route to a secret location and time of travel. It is a risky business, but it pays off! If the friend is an adventurous type, you can expect company. Just choose the right time. And think a bit more about what to say. After you see that your friend is on board, you may even send some text or email to confirm the status of the adventure. Start from there.
  22. Photo Album Scrapbook
    It is a perfect peace offering gift to your friend that you can share too! It can be an adventure book for the two of you from the moment you make up onward. Whatever happened, good or bad, is in the past. With this present, you say that there is still so much ahead of you. So, from now on, collect real photos, concert tickets, travel memorabilia, and make your friendship the gift of life.