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Gifts for lunch ladies

Hey, you! Yes, that’s right, I’m calling all of you looking to gift something to your lunch lady at school. They are the kindest people ever, and they believe that everything starts and ends with a fine meal! Lunch ladies do massive work in school kitchens; they make sure all students receive their meals and everything is healthy and of good quality according to specific standards. They spend all day on their feet and wear an apron like a medal. Here is the list of suggestions to end your search.

  1. Christmas T-shirt
    Your lunch lady will love this gift: she will wear the Christmas T-shirt throughout all seasons, not just over Christmas. After all, when someone is Santa’s favorite lunch lady - they are everyone’s favorite lunch lady! The world deserves to know, and the way your lunch lady will wear it, it will know all right!
  2. Cartoon Snowflake Ornament
    The cartoon snowflake ornament acknowledges all the hard work lunch ladies do in our school cafeterias. One can hang this piece of memory over a rearview mirror or a school Christmas tree. Lunch ladies maybe do the most of their work quietly in the school kitchens, but they will appreciate a small token of attention like this.
  3. Crocs
    Lunch ladies are always on their feet. They are cooking for hundreds and hundreds of students by manipulating extra-large, industrial cans with heavy ingredients. No job of theirs finishes while sitting. The crocs are simple but comfortable and breathing shoes, easy to maintain, and supportive to one’s feet. Just what your lunch lady needs!
  4. Lunch Lady Apron
    First, we drink coffee. Then we feed the kids. It is all the philosophy there is behind the lunch lady occupation. Or is it? The truth is that aside from giving food to children and drinking coffee, there is a great deal of hard work. And where there is hard work in the kitchen - there are stains of food-finding their way to clothes and shoes. One way to protect oneself is to have a durable apron to cover what is mostly the first line of staining. An apron with a supportive message is a kind gift for your lunch lady!
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  6. Bee Gift Set
    Lunch ladies need to take good care of their skin, especially in the areas of hands and feet. Since they spend enough time dealing with cleaning chemicals, we recommend Burt’s Bees gift set. The set is all about environmental-friendly products - creams, balms - which provide a repairing effect on the skin of hands, feet, and lips. All products come in a Burt’s Bees tin, known for its firmness and longevity. This set is a true gift of care and affection.
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  8. Thoughtful Cards
    The most underestimated words are: sorry, thank you, please, and forgive me. And we all like to hear them. As a matter a fact, we all love to receive sweet and motivating words. They make us feel better. They even give us wings and make us better people. Gift the box of inspirational and motivational message cards to your lunch lady will make them feel appreciated and valuable. And you wouldn’t want it any other way!
  9. Lunch Lady Keychain
    If you were looking to stay in the memory of your lunch lady at all times - you couldn’t find a better way. Our keys are the only thing we keep in our hands-on many daily occasions. This keychain gift is not an ordinary one. Your lunch lady will have it with her - and with the beautiful inscription - at all times!
  10. Lunch Lady Cup
    This cup is not an ordinary one. Your lunch lady is getting ready for retirement. Out of all things she will most definitely not want to have, this cup is not one of them. School is out forever sounded so definite and - promising! Beware, new adventures are about to happen! And guess what - there will be no need to cook so much food again! It is a gift that promises a better future, and your lunch lady will love it!
  11. Retro T-shirt
    Lunch ladies rock, and if you didn’t hear about this - it is not too late to learn it! Someone should get an idea to give all the power to women. One thing is for sure - they would feed the world first! Gift this T-shirt to your lunch lady, and she will wear it every day! As a matter a fact, it even might become a new trend in your school! Try it!
  12. Steel Whistle
    Even the queen of the lunch ladies loses her voice from time to time. Hundreds of children have hundreds of needs and meals that need to be ready at the school cafeteria - all at once! This whistle is the best gift a lunch lady can get to save her voice and lungs. It has an immediate effect! It is not for everyday use, but it comes in handy eventually. And you better believe it - a whistle is lunch lady's crown.
  13. Rocking Chair
    Everything anyone needs after a hard day at work is a nice cup of something and some peace. If you add a rocking chair to the equation, we are talking about the best gift anyone could ask for, ever! Whether your lunch lady is going to retirement or not, having a rocking chair on their porch or next to a fireplace is a picture you want to safe keep for yourself.
  14. Tower of Gift Sweet Set
    Life is not a box of chocolates, and if anyone knows it - hard-working people are the ones! But life is not a movie, and this tower of sweets does make everything easier to endure. Therefore, gift it to your lunch lady, and she will feel overwhelmed with feelings and deeply appreciated. And she is!
  15. Lunch Lady Cosmetic Bag
    Every lady’s bag has so many items scattered around. A cosmetic bag is an appropriate gift for your lunch lady since she needs to keep all the cosmetics together and on hand for every occasion. After all, she deserves to have a queen-of-the-day look. Not only for special events. And why would a day in a school be any different? The message on the bag is personalized and intended for lunch ladies only - because lunch ladies are something else!
  16. Portable Radio
    Working in the school kitchen all day long and listening to the noise of pots and lids does not sound so rewarding for the ears. Small, portable radio and music will liven up your lunch lady's working environment! Music motivates us and makes almost every job easier to do. A cheerful kitchen atmosphere will bring a livelier atmosphere to the cafeteria!
  17. A Box of Blessings
    To start your day with motivating thoughts is so wonderful! Here is a box of 50 cards containing 101 kind, blissful and bright thoughts that will make anyone’s days better and positive! Your lunch lady will appreciate this act of kindness. So many gifts last only for a short while. Blessings stay with you forever!
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  19. Hand Warmer Gloves
    This gift is appropriate for people whose hands are dealing with hard work and are exposed to multiple temperatures. Your lunch lady’s hands can benefit from these gloves greatly: they will keep their circulation right, relieve her pains, and relax muscles. She will feel thrilled that you are thinking of her well-being this way!
  20. Shiatsu Massager
    When someone is on their feet the whole day long, they need rest to recover, but rest alone is not enough. Amazon recommends the shiatsu massager for a good reason, and it is a part of these recommendations for the same reason. It is pain-relieving and muscle relaxing. It is a valuable aid to hard-working people who have tension and stress to follow them daily. This gift shows that you are thinking of someone's well-being. Your lunch lady will thank you long-term!
  21. Laughter Is the Best Medicine
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  22. Cheese Board
    There’s nothing better than reaching home at the end of the working day, grabbing a glass of fine wine, cutting several pieces of cheese, lying back, and relaxing! The cheese board is a great serving piece! There is no need to serve and gather stuff around the table. Just put it on a tray and enjoy small bites. It is just the right thing your lunch lady needs after a day of cooking and cleaning. And you’re welcome!
  23. You Are One Amazing Lady
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  24. Digital Timer
    When working in a school kitchen, one prepares hundreds and hundreds of meals, and it is not easy to follow up on all cooking times. Luckily, there are a couple of technical aids to assist with keeping times. This digital timer will help your lunch lady with their work a great deal.
  25. Warm Blanket
    A warm blanket is not only a synonym for winter, snow, and holidays. To get under the warm blanket means that you’ve managed to find that little time of the day you can spare for yourself. With a blanket, a cup of some hot beverage, and a favorite TV show, begin the day or rest. If this sounds like something you might wish for a gift for your lunch lady - go for it!
  26. Personalized Bracelet
    “You Make the World a Better Place” is something everyone wants to hear at some point in their life. This personalized and inspirational bracelet will be a reminder. A reminder of how much your lunch lady has done to touch so many lives and stomachs. It comes in a beautiful package box, and your lunch lady will wear it proudly.
  27. Scented Candles
    Scented candles are not only aesthetic or decoration pieces (although that is the truth). Spring, lavender, fig, and lemon are scents that purify the air and make the atmosphere relaxed and still. Four scents come as four candles, and all of them come in a beautifully designed box, a perfect present altogether! Your lunch lady will appreciate the gift that brings some more beauty to her life! When working in an environment that naturally has strong food preparation scents, scented candles are a great choice!