29 Thoughtful Gifts For Your Neighbor’s New Baby

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Gifts for Neighbor's New Baby

The arrival of a baby is an especially exciting time for a mom and dad. When your neighbors have a baby you get a front row seat to that exciting experience. As your neighbors prepare to welcome their little one, use this gift list to help you give them the perfect thoughtful gift that says “I’m thinking of you, but don’t worry! I won’t try to come over to hug your baby all the time”. Since you can’t buy your neighbors a full night of sleep, these gifts are the next best thing!

Best Gifts for Neighbor’s New Baby

  1. Newborn Gift Set
    This is a great gift to cover all the bases of your neighbors as they welcome their new baby. The set comes with onesies, sleepers, pants, socks, gloves, hats, swaddles, and more. Score additional gift points by getting this gift in a size past 3 months so that your neighbors can use it once the baby grows out of their newborn clothes.
  2. Baby Rattle Socks
    What is adorable and useful? These rattle socks! This gift is great for your neighbor’s new baby. The high contrast colors and fun noises make this a great sensory toy. The baby will absolutely love to play with them during play time, earning your neighbors a small break and an adorable photo op.
  3. Baby Socks Gift Set
    Now that the neighbors have a new baby, you want to bring something by to welcome him or her to the neighborhood. But what is the appropriate gift for such a baby shower gift? Baby socks are an adorable must-have gift that your neighbors will be very, very grateful for. Once the baby is more mobile they’ll be ripping their socks off at every opportunity so help out your neighbors by making sure they never run out of (insanely adorable) socks for little one.
  4. Swaddle Blankets Set
    There are so many swaddles out there that parents are dying to try. The benefit of a traditional swaddle set though is that it has multiple uses. Many parents prefer to use traditional swaddles as their burp rags. Either way, you’ll be helping your neighbors out by making sure that they are stocked up on swaddles with this gift.
  5. Ice Gel Teether Keys
    Teething is a very difficult time in a baby’s development for any parent. This thoughtful idea is perfect for your next visit to the newest member of the neighborhood. The teethers in this set can be cooled down for a soothing effect whenever the baby chews on them. With this gift your neighbors will definitely be thanking you.
  6. Baby Mitten Set
    They’re like tiny baby socks but for tiny baby hands. How cute! This gift won’t just make your neighbors squeal with excitement about how adorable they are. They’ll also be appreciative! Baby nails are sharp so this is a great gift to help keep your neighbor’s new baby safe and healthy in those first few weeks.
  7. Indulgent Coffee Selection Gift Box
    Most new parents list sleep as being what they miss most from their pre-baby days. You can’t give your neighbors a nap or a night of sleep but you can at least give them this awesome gift box that contains enough caffeine to get them through their next diaper filled all nighter.
  8. New Parent Favor Cards
    This fun gift can give your neighbors something to look forward to when they bring their baby home. The favor cards feature various favors that your neighbors can cash in. The favors include things like a night of babysitting or a meal that they don’t have to cook. Thoughtful and fun!
  9. Baby Wipes in Bulk
    Your neighbors will be going through baby wipes more than they could have ever imagined when they bring their new baby home. Help save their wallets with this practical gift. Sold in packs of 3, 4, 9, or 12 this baby wipes is a great choice andsure thing that your neighbors will appreciate. New parents will love these practical gifts!
  10. Waterproof Baby Bath Books
    You want give them something special. Something that lets you offer congratulations and a little something more to celebrate the joy of a new baby. Bath time is an important part of a baby’s routine. It’s good for their health and a great time for learning and bonding. Help your neighbors make the most out of this part of their day by giving them this set of waterproof baby bath books. Bring some fun literacy to the typical bath time routine.
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  13. Montessori Baby Toy Set
    Babies are born to learn and they do that learning by playing. Even in the newborn stage babies gain benefits from sensory activities. This play set is designed for babies past six months old and features a great selection of toys to help your neighbor’s baby learn and develop motor skills.
  14. Aquaphor Baby Skin Care Essentials
    Send your neighbors a thoughtful gift of welcome when they add a new baby to their family. Babies have sensitive skin so it is important that the products used for skin care are of high quality and suited to their needs. This is a useful set for your neighbors as they welcome their new baby because the aquaphor brand is sensitive enough to not irritate the baby’s skin while also being a great option for good hygiene.
  15. Burrito Swaddle
    If you know that your neighbors have a great sense of humor, give them a laugh with this swaddle that looks like a tortilla. Soft enough for nap time and with enough stretch to result in a good, tight swaddle that the baby will love. Give this fun swaddle and enjoy all of the baby burrito pictures that you get in return.
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  17. Baby Owner’s Manual
    If your neighbors are first time parents they might be a little overwhelmed as they prepare for this new adventure. Help them out by giving them gift for a new dad and mom! Not only will this book guide them through the essentials that they’ll need to know during the baby’s first year but it’s also bound to give them a good laugh or two.
  18. Deluxe Healthcare and Grooming Kit
    Grooming tools are an often overlooked portion of the diaper bag. Your neighbors will be thanking you for this gift when they find themselves traveling to visit family and realize they forgot to pack nail trimmers. This kit comes with a brush, combs, a toothbrush, nail clippers, a thermometer, and more.
  19. Postpartum Recovery Kit
    No one ever said making a baby was easy. Bringing the baby into the world is even more difficult. If you’re not afraid to get a little personal with your neighbors, this gift is one that will help mom out in particular. This recovery kit comes with all the essentials that moms need in that recovery period right after the baby is born.
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  21. Stuffed Animals Playset
    Have you ever met a baby that doesn’t like soft stuffed animals? This set of soft toys are awesome for the neighbors and their new baby. Your neighbors will feel special! The adorable set of animals in the set are cute enough to match any nursery theme and the toys themselves are totally baby safe. This gift is a total win.
  22. Portable Noise Machine
    This gift is one that your neighbors are sure to appreciate as they settle into life with a new baby. This portable noise machine can go anywhere to produce calming sounds that will soothe the baby and help them to sleep peacefully. This gift can help make travel more smooth or be used for a good night’s sleep.
  23. Universal Baby Stroller Organizer
    Help your neighbors keep at least one thing organized once their lives are turned upside down with the arrival of their little one. This stroller organizer hangs on the bar of any stroller and keeps all of the essentials right where they need to be and within easy reach of mom and dad.
  24. Mama and Papa Bear Glass Set
    Looking for a fun gift geared more towards the parents than the baby? Your neighbors will love this glass set, especially now that mom can enjoy it to its fullest potential. The matching wine and whiskey glass sport adorable branding, showing the world that they are now a proud mama and papa bear.
  25. Letters To My Baby
    Your neighbors will love this sentimental gift. This booklet is full of letters to the baby that can be filled out and delivered later. Your neighbors will never miss the chance to share a fun memory or story with this tool, simply write down what they want to remember and set it aside to be delivered once the baby is old enough to read and enjoy the stories.
  26. New Baby Congratulatory Candle
    Honestly, there’s no better gift than a good candle. This candle features a sweet message congratulating your neighbors on the arrival of their precious bundle of joy and has a calming lavender scent that’s not too strong but not too weak. The new parents can enjoy the message and use the calming scent to unwind.
  27. Baby University Board Book Set
    Everyone wants their baby to reach their fullest potential in life. With this baby university board book set, help your neighbors set up their little one for success through literature! These fun books are the perfect texture for babies and introduce some more advanced concepts in simple, toddler-friendly terms for an early start to a great education.