24 Catchy Gifts for Singing Teachers

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Gifts for Singing Teachers

Singing is a gift and having someone to help you hone that talent is so important. Your singing teacher will hear you at your best and your worst, but they are always there to support you. Singing teachers put a lot of time into teaching their students and they sure deserve to be spoiled once in awhile.

We have compiled some awesome gifts for singing teachers so they will know how useful and appreciated they are. Show your appreciation and give them a beautiful gift to remember you by when you become a pop star.

  1. Treble Clef Pewter Wine Bottle Stopper
    Every singing teacher needs to wind down at the end of the day with a glass of wine after listening to so many different voices all day. This cute little treble clef wine stopper is engraved with the words “Life is a song to sing” and comes pre-wrapped in a gift box. The perfect gift for your favorite teacher!
  2. Vinyl Record Coasters
    If you’re looking for something unique, these cute little coasters are inspired by famous singers of the 70s and 80s. They are made from recycled vinyl records and each design is hand-drawn. Every singing teacher will appreciate the spice these coasters add to their home.
  3. Vintage Guitar Shaped Decorative Hooks
    If your singing teacher doubles as a musician, then this is the perfect gift for them! These guitar shaped hooks can be used in any room in the house, whether it’s for coats and bags, or towels in the bathroom. Your teacher will love the vintage vibe of these hooks.
  4. Wireless Headphones Beanie
    Music rules a singing teacher’s life, so why not get them something that enables them to listen to music in any type of weather? This beanie has built-in headphones over the ears that connect via bluetooth and comes in a variety of colors. With a battery life that lasts up to 20 hours, this beanie is perfect for music on the go.
  5. 3D Music Note Desk Lamp
    This fun and unique lamp is a good choice for a singing teacher. Shaped like a music note, this lamp is smart touch enabled and changes into 7 different colors at the touch of a finger. Whether it sits on their bedside table or the top of their piano while they’re playing, this lamp is both useful and creative. One thing's for certain, a singing teacher would appreciate anything that has to do with music!
  6. Musician Coffee Mug
    Have you ever seen a singing teacher without a mug of tea? This cute music note mug comes with a lid and a fun eighth note as the handle. This is such a creative mug that will surely become your teacher’s new favorite.
  7. Music Paper Clips
    If you need something small to add to your singing teacher’s gift, these treble clef shaped paper clips are the perfect addition. Multi-colored and tons of fun, these clips serve a variety of purposes. Keeping sheet music organized, bookmarking a page in a sheet music book, or just adding a pop of colour to their music room, these paper clips are sure to be a hit!
  8. Musical Pendant Necklace
    Have you been with your singing teacher for a while and want to get them something special? Look no further than this treble clef pendant necklace. This necklace is made from sterling silver and comes partially plated in either gold or rose gold. Show your teacher how much they truly mean to you with this beautiful necklace.
  9. Grand Piano Music Box
    Singing teachers love gifts that help them share their passion for singing with their students. It will be a very special music box for your longtime singing teacher. A cute miniature replica complete with a stool, this little music box plays Fur Elise by Beethoven. Your singing teacher will be in awe by the thoughtfulness of this beautiful music box.
  10. Keynote Decorative Throw
    Does your singing teacher like to get cozy after a long day of teaching? Then this is the perfect gift for them! This lovely decorative throw is like a warm hug and will remind your teacher that there is always a song wrapped up inside of them.
  11. Musical Stationery Cards
    A cute little box set of vintage music note stationary for the singing teacher who likes to write. It comes with 50 note cards and matching envelopes for each and can be used for anything from thank you cards to personal invitations. And it features the musical score of Waltz by Johannes Brahms on the back, which your singing teacher is sure to love.
  12. Genius Music (Genius Playing Cards)
    Have a singing teacher that likes to play cards? These unique playing cards by Genius are inspired by the most famous singers and musicians to date. Each suit is based on artists from a different genre (pop, rock, folk/country, blues/R&B) and features two musical jokers. These cards are sure to be the talk of the night at every games night.
  13. Songwriter's Journal
    A lot of singing teachers like to write their own music and this journal is the perfect thing for budding artists. It features lined pages for writing lyrics, staffed pages for writing music, as well as fret diagrams for writing chords. It also features tips and tricks for songwriting throughout. This thoughtful gift will put a smile on your singing teacher’s face for a long time.
  14. Songwriter's Composing Stencil
    An easy addition to the Songwriter’s Journal is this composing stencil. It includes all of the necessary musical symbols to make your singing teacher’s new songs or song markings neat and professional looking. It comes with a 50 page staffed manuscript, as well, for when their journal is all filled up.
  15. Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen
    Every singing teacher needs to take notes while they’re teaching, and why not give them the perfect tool to do just that? This beautiful pen is engraved with a lovely quote about music by Beethoven, as well as his signature. A collectable item and refillable, this is sure to be a gift that lasts a lifetime.
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  17. Music Inspired Laundromat Prints
    Does your singing teacher have every musical themed stuff under the sun? Need something out of the box? These laundromat prints feature fun, song title inspired quotes and their minimalistic design will go with every laundry room. Your singing teacher will laugh out loud when they see these!
  18. Rest Throw Pillowcase
    This cute little pillowcase makes a pun on musical rests and is a great reminder that every singing teacher needs some downtime. This 12x18 inch pillowcase is made with durable material and quality embroidery, and comes in a variety of colors. Perfect for your teacher’s bedroom, living room, or music room.
  19. Microphone Kitchen Utensil
    A funny and unique microphone kitchen utensil for the singing teacher that has everything, this microphone shaped kitchen utensil is the awesome gift to give! It comes as either a spatula or a spoon, and is perfect for the singing teacher who loves to jam out while they’re cooking. This one is sure to become a staple in their kitchen.
  20. Music Infinity Scarf
    Perfect for the trendy singing teacher who wants to show off their passion, as well as their style. This lightweight scarf is a great accessory whatever the weather and comes in white, red, or blue. Very soft and comfy, you’re sure to see your teacher wearing it at your next lesson.
  21. Guitar Shaped Picture Frame
    A picture frame like you’ve never seen before! This beautifully hand-crafted picture frame is shaped like the head of a guitar and has room for 4 photos. It comes with hangers pre-mounted on the back with three ways to hang and comes in either black or natural wood. This frame is the beautiful decoration for your singing teacher’s music room.
  22. Sheet Music Themed Sticky Notes
    Every teacher needs sticky notes and a singing teacher needs music note shaped ones, of course! This booklet of sticky notes features hundreds of sticky notes and 4 different designs. Perfect for making notes on sheet music that can be removed easily. Your singing teacher is sure to get plenty of use out of these.
  23. Reusable Music Notes Face Mask
    We are still in a pandemic and in today’s day and age, there is no such thing as too many face masks. This washable and reusable cloth face mask has a cute music note pattern that your singing teacher is sure to love. Equipped with adjustable ear straps and three layers of material for extra protection, this is sure to be your teacher’s go to mask.
  24. Musical Note Neon Sign
    This musical note shaped neon sign is another fun piece of decor for your singing teacher’s music room. It comes in three bright colours of blue, pink, and warm white, and comes with four hooks to hang on your wall. It also comes with a battery pack as well as a USB cable, so your teacher will have the option of displaying it where they please. An excellent gift that will provide just the right vibes for all of your lessons.