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Six Month Dating Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriends

Six months, the first big anniversary in a new relationship! But what do you get your boyfriend without being too over the top? Whether your relationship still feels in the early stages or it’s getting pretty serious already, we have the perfect gift for your boyfriend. These eighteen gifts are sure to put a smile on his face and keep your relationship strong and healthy for many months (and years!) to come.

  1. The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition
    Looking for ways to spruce up your date nights? The Adventure Challenge is the perfect way to do just that! Featuring 50 scratch off dates, each categorized into type of date, budget, and how long they take, it also comes with a spot to write about your date and place a polaroid sized photo. The only rule? Once you scratch off the date, you MUST complete it. From personal experience, this book is the best way to add some spontaneity into your relationship.
  2. Our Adventure Book Photo Album Scrapbook
    Is your boyfriend a Dis-nerd? Does he love the movie Up? Or did you guys just watch it together on a date night? Whatever the case, get ready to be as cute as Ellie and Carl and create your own adventure book photo album! Styled after the book in the movie, this durable scrapbook comes with 80 pages and room for 160 photos. As a bonus, it also comes with five postcards and five self-adhesive photo corners.
  3. Couples Magnetic Bracelets
    Let’s be real, who doesn’t love holding hands? These sweet matching bracelets make holding hands just that much cuter because each bracelet comes with a magnetic charm that attracts the other when close. These bracelets come in a variety of colors and have optional charms, such as crowns, hearts, or a rainbow bead for LGBTQ+ couples. Meant to symbolize eternal love and friendship, these bracelets are sure to keep you two connected.
  4. Our Bucket List: A Journal for Couples
    Similar to the Adventure Challenge, however, you and your boo get to create the list of adventures yourselves! This book features 101 ideas to start off your bucket list, but has plenty of room for you to brainstorm and add your own. It even has questions to start your journey together and inspire your own date ideas. Complete with reflection questions to answer once you have crossed an item off your list, this book will build the perfect foundation for many anniversaries to come.
  5. His and Hers Engraved Ice Cream Spoon
    Are you and your boyfriend the type of couple to have lots of nights in with a movie and some snacks? Then these cute little engraved spoons are a must have for the next time you break out the ice cream bucket. Stainless steel and laser engraved, these durable spoons come with an extra long handle for ease and style. Sundae nights just got a whole lot sweeter!
  6. Capsule Letters - Message in a Bottle
    The 6 Month Anniversary is a great time to be out surprising your boyfriend with a special gift. Everyone needs a reminder of how much they are loved and cared for from time to time, and these cute little pills are the perfect way to tell your beau just that, even if you’re not around. This bottle contains 90 pills with a blank piece of paper inside of them, so you can write whatever it is you’d like to your man. This pack is multi-colored, so you can color code each message for different occasions. This message in a bottle is a sure fire way to make your boyfriend smile on a daily basis.
  7. Long Distance Couples Pillowcases
    Long distance relationships can suck. Trust me, I’ve been there. And missing your favorite person sleeping next to you can be the worst part. These matching long distance pillows come in four different designs, and might just help to ease that pain a bit. Spray them with each other’s favorite perfume or cologne and they become the perfect reminder of each other when you’re all snuggled up in bed.
  8. Light When… Candle
    For the couples who like to get a little bit naughty 😉 While you might want to hide this one away when the parents are over, this hilarious candle is sure to make your boyfriend laugh, and he will definitely be using this one a lot, as well. It is made of 100% natural soy wax, cotton wick, and lavender essential oils. You might just want to buy two of this sucker right away, as he might melt it down quite quickly!
  9. Personalized Dog Tag Pendant Necklace
    A uniquely personalized dog tag necklace for the man who doesn’t mind wearing a little bit of jewelry. One side of the dog tag is personalized with your anniversary date and the other is engraved with a photo of your choosing. This necklace is laser engraved so as not to fade or wear down over time. The perfect masculine style necklace that still is pretty sweet!
  10. You Are Irresistible Couple Coffee Mugs
    Do you and your boyfriend like waking up early in the morning with some coffee and breakfast? Make those breakfast dates even cuter with matching mugs! These mugs feature adorable graphics and offer 8 different minimalistic designs to choose from. This is such a sweet gift for both of you (especially once you move in together!) Your boyfriend will think of you every time he uses his half of the set.
  11. Puzzle Piece “His One, His Only” Necklace
    An option strictly for LGBTQ+ couples, these sweet puzzle piece necklaces are a throwback to friendship bracelets we wore in our preteen days. They are made from stainless steel and are made to last a lifetime, just like you and your boo. Engraved with “his one” and “his only”, these two necklaces fit perfectly together and will remind you of each other no matter how far apart you are.
  12. Player 1 & 2 Keychains
    Do you have a gamer boyfriend? Are you the gamer in the relationship? Or is playing video games together one of your favorite date nights? In any case, these Player 1 and Player 2 keychains are a small, but sweet present perfect to celebrate a 6 month anniversary. With the option of black or white stainless steel, this keychain is a great reminder that you will always be there to help your boyfriend fight his biggest battles.
  13. Rustic Heart Shaped Photo Frame
    A classic six month anniversary gift, a photo of the two of you in a super sweet frame. This rustic, farmhouse style frame fits in with any decor type and displays a 5x5 photo. It can be hung up on the wall or would be perfectly placed on your beau’s desk at work, home, or on his bedside table. A sweet reminder of you when you’re away!
  14. 6 Month Anniversary “Cact-us” Mug
    This silly and sweet mug is specifically for a six month anniversary, and will make the perfect start (or addition) to your boyfriend’s mug collection. It comes in either black or white and is made from high quality products that are sure to last a lifetime. Now your boyfriend will have to choose between this mug and your matching ones in the morning!
  15. Love Lingual: Card Game
    Is your relationship already quite serious even though it’s only six months in? Were you looking to make an even deeper connection with your boo? This card game was inspired by couples psychologists and features 5 categories of 30 questions to ask your partner. Each category focuses on deepening a certain aspect of your relationship. Asking these questions early on in a relationship can save a lot of heartache later on, and builds an amazing foundation for the future.
  16. “Yay We Still Like Each Other” Card
    Are you looking for something small that will still put a smile on your boyfriend’s face? This cute and funny card will do just that! It is printed on quality cardstock and blank on the inside, so you can write just how much your boyfriend means to you. A sweet keepsake to look back on when you have been together for years and years.
  17. Burrito Blanket
    Movie nights in, the perfect date night, right? But what about the perfect movie night blanket? This burrito blanket is sure to make your boyfriend laugh when he opens up his gift. Funny and soft, this blanket comes in three sizes, and is breathable and lightweight so as to be the perfect cuddling temperature. You two will be as cozy as two bugs in a rug! (Or should I say, some taco meat in a burrito?)
  18. Love Coupons
    Everyone loves to be doted on, but sometimes you just don’t know how to ask for it. Well, this pack of 15 unique love coupons will make that question a little easier for your boyfriend. Each coupon is different and features titles such as, breakfast in bed, chore pass, and lovers’ quarrel victory. Hand-crafted and made with quality products by a family-owned business, these love coupons are sure to be a hit six month dating anniversary gift for your boyfriend!