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We have to admit we have all imagined having a twin at some point in our childhood. The very thought of having a sibling who is the mirror of yourself is fascinating, although most of us who don’t have one may also find it a bit frightening. There is something very impressive about the fact that two different people can be as one – look identical, have extremely similar voices, similar behavioral patterns, share 50 to 100 percent of their genes, depending on whether they are identical or fraternal twins, and be together since the very first second of their existence. This is why it is not uncommon for twins to attract the attention and stares of other people, wherever they are.

Did you know that twins often invent their own language during childhood, a language that sounds like complete gibberish to everyone else, but makes perfect sense to the siblings? There is even a name for such a strange phenomenon, it’s called idioglossia. There are plenty of mind-blowing and interesting facts about twins, and idioglossia is just one of them.

If you happen to know twins, whether they are your own children, your siblings, grandchildren, cousins, friends or colleagues, and you would like to surprise them with a little birthday gift for their special day, but have no inspiration when it comes to what gift to choose, you’ve come to the right place! Check out our list of 22 perfect birthday gifts for twin adult’s bellow:

  1. Necklace Set
    Not all twins like wearing same clothes, hairstyles and accessories all day every day, but most of them will appreciate a subtle jewelry piece such as this necklace set specifically designed for twins. There is something lovely about having a two-piece set that will always keep you connected to your favorite person, even when you are not physically together, so it is a must-have for all twins. This necklace set is made of good quality stainless steel that is lead free and nickel free, it is hypo-allergenic, it doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish, so it will make a perfect piece of jewelry for the twins to wear all the time. The pendants are cute sunflowers engraved with ‘’Twin One’’ and ‘’Twin Two’’ on each.
  2. Two Twin Cosmetic Bags
    For twins it is all about those little details that will depict their special connection and celebrate it every single day, even if they are separated in their adulthood due to their own families and regular schedules. Everybody needs cosmetics bags, whether they are going to be used for makeup, cosmetics or other bits and pieces that everybody uses in their daily lives. However, these ones are specifically designed for twins, as they have a wonderful message printed on both of them which reads: ‘’Born together, friends forever’’ along with ‘’Twin One’’ and ‘’Twin Two’’ on each of them, which perfectly describes the beautiful twin relationship. They will wear those and show them off proudly wherever they go.
  3. Wine Glass Set
    As in other sibling relationships, one twin is usually more of a trouble maker while the other is a more peaceful person. The difference between regular sibling pairs and twins is the fact that twins rarely have disagreements about it, but are in perfect harmony with each other’s differences, act as ‘partners in crime’ and always defend each other. That is why this cute set of wine glasses with ‘’Partner In Crime’’ words printed on one and ‘’Trouble Maker’’ on the other will be the perfect gift idea for twins’ birthday party. For many shared celebrations and cheers moments with good wine!
  4. Twin Mug
    If the twins you know prefer drinking coffee or tea over wine or other stronger alcoholic drinks, then this mug will be a perfect gift choice for them. Everybody is crazy for coffee mugs with cute designs so stores are filled with those, as it is very trendy to have at least a couple of cool ones in your collection. After the twins receive this gift, it will undoubtably become their new favorite mug which they will choose over any other, as it carries a wonderful message with it. The print on this mug reads: ‘’Womb-mates 4 life’’, which perfectly describes how twins have been together since the very first moments of their existence in their mother’s womb, yet still remain inseparable.
  5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera
    Twins have been making memories since their womb days, and many studies show how they start interacting as early as 14 weeks old. From that moment on they just kept making all different kinds of memories that they will cherish, remember and recall many times throughout their life. Twins tend to stay close in their adulthood years as well, so even if they are separated, they try to visit each other often. For many more years full of interesting and heart-warming memories, this Fuji Instax Mini instant camera will be such a cool little gift. This polaroid camera is a huge trend right now, as it makes wonderful photos easily and quickly, while keeping nostalgic, old-school aesthetics. The twins will be able to capture all of their future memories with this camera and keep the photos.
  6. Funny Matching Shirts
    Some twins like the idea of dressing up the same way even when they are old enough to have their own families. Maybe not every bit of their outfits looking exactly the same, but certain pieces or accessories like bags, hats, t-shirts or even just matching colors. That’s why this set of two matching shirts is going to be such a lovely birthday gift for the twins. Not completely the same, but still visibly matching shirts with same style and the cutest message printed on them. One t-shirt reads ‘’I Get Us Into Trouble’’ and the other one ‘’I Get Us Out Of Trouble’’ which again perfectly describes the twin dynamics.
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  8. Twin Picture Frame
    This handmade picture frame is going to be such a beautiful and meaningful gift for all twins. It is not a regular frame everybody already has in their homes, but a special piece designed for people who have been together since their womb days with ‘’Born together… Friends Forever’’ message printed on it, along with the little heart design in the bottom, and a heart arrow pointing to the part where you can place a picture of the twins you are gifting. You can never go wrong with surprising twins with a framed memory as it is one of their favorite things that they gladly cherish and keep in their living rooms or bedrooms, for everyone to see such a wonderful and special relationship.
  9. Charrier 'Les Parfums de France' 10 Perfumes Gift Box
    Since twins always have that blessing of getting to celebrate their happy day together, and the curse of having to share all the gifts, the best way to surprise them for their birthday is to get them a gift they will both be able to use, without having to share one thing, although that is not a big of a deal for them either as they have spent their whole childhood sharing everything such as food and toys. This lovely set of little bottles of 10 French perfumes will be a nice choice for them to try out different scents before deciding which one they both like the most. The set contains Magie Rose, Reine de Mai, Ambre, Ponant, Croyance, Mademoiselle Charrier, Douce Faute, Versant, Lonia, Madame Charrier.
  10. Best Friends Tank Top Set
    What’s a better way to describe a twin relationship than such of best friends? Throughout their life, it is very unlikely that they will ever find a better friend than their sibling, especially if they are identical twins. The fact that they have been living together since the day one, while sharing most of their genes, explains why they are so close and compatible. That makes them best friends for life, with such a strong friendship which not many others who don’t have a twin can experience. Therefore, this tank top set is the perfect gift choice for them, while originally designed for BFFs. The message ‘’I'm Wild She’s Sweet’’ on one shirt and ‘’I’m Sweet She’s Wild’’ on another is a funny way to describe twins’ differences.
  11. Sun and Moon Necklace Set For Two
    Twins can never have enough of those cute matching necklaces or bracelets, so you can be sure you will never go wrong with a nice pair of those, as they are usually very meaningful and cute. In the eternal search of what soulmates truly are, maybe the closest we can get to a good explanation is… Twins. They are like two puzzles that are incomplete without each other, yet have their little differences that make them unique individuals while still always being compatible with one another. That is why this sun and moon necklace set for two will be a meaningful gift for them, with a gorgeous design and a wonderful message on the package: ‘’Like the Sun, you brighten my days and warm my life. Like the Moon, you light my path in the darkest hours. Thank you for always being by my side.’’.
  12. Set Of Hair Scrunchies
    Another one of those nice little gift sets that both twins will be able to use together is a set of cute hair scrunchies that everybody needs. It is almost a necessity nowadays to have a couple of those good quality scrunchies for everyone who has hair past their ears. They’ve become a trend while being the healthiest option when it comes to putting the hair up in a ponytail or messy bun. Being very soft and silky, they don’t pull the hair as hard as the regular hair ties. You can choose the perfect color of the set and be sure that the twins will make a good use of this gift and will definitely be pleasantly surprised by your choice.
  13. Premium Bamboo Cheese Board Set
    Best birthday gifts are the ones that call for many more happy occasions worth celebrating and enjoying good food, good drinks and great people. This premium board set is recommended for the presentation of different cheese, crackers, nuts or fruits and is made of 100% good quality bamboo that is very durable and expertly crafted. It will be a wonderful addition to every party they host together as twins and will make the quality moments spent together filled with yummy food, ideally paired with some red or white wine, to set a wonderful atmosphere and get many compliments from their family and guests. If those twins love hosting parties for their family and friends, this is a perfect gift for them!
  14. Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle
    If you really want to be original and creative with your gift, then those capsule letters in a bottle will be a great gift choice that will surely impress the twins. Twins are truly special and fascinating human beings who have been studied by many doctors and scientists, which led to many interesting facts about them being revealed to the world. Some of those facts are truly mind-blowing, and even though they are probably already aware of them, reading about them again will surely make the siblings feel very special. You can write an interesting fact about twins on each of those little message capsules and place them back inside this bottle. The twins can later read them and maybe even learn new things about themselves.
  15. Birthday Gift Box
    Due to the percentage of genes twins share, it is very likely that they share many of their goals and dreams as well, so one of the best ways to spend their time together is to sit down with a cup of tea or coffee and write them all down in a cute notebook or planner. That is why this cute gift box might be an ideal birthday gift for all female twins. The set contains a gorgeous notebook that has ‘’Notes, Ideas, Goals’’ words written on its cover, cozy socks that look like cupcakes, a cosmetic bag for all their essentials and a beautiful coffee mug with a message ‘’You are nothing short of amazing’’ printed on it.
  16. Throw Blanket
    Because of the fact that twins are like best friends but siblings at the same time, you cannot go wrong with any ‘’best friend’’ related gift. There are plenty of things best friends like doing together, like partying, hanging out with their friends or travelling, but a night in with plenty of popcorn, snacks and a movie marathon is something everybody loves, especially when it’s cold outside. This high-quality blanket will be the perfect birthday gift for twins and their moments together, made with super soft fleece that feels like a warm hug, with a heart-warming design, vibrant colors that never fade away and touching BFF text printed on the front side such as ‘’Through thick or thin’’, ‘’Best friends’’, ‘’My missing piece’’, and other cute messages.
  17. Funny Socks Set
    Who doesn’t get excited about a gift full of cool and funny socks?! It is something everyone undoubtedly needs - such a simple thing that we all use in our everyday lives yet it’s often not a priority on our shopping list. That’s why everyone is so happy to get them as a gift, especially when they are not the regular and boring one-colored ones, but have a rather unique and interesting design twist. That’s why this set of funny socks with a variety of cool patterns will be a great gift for the twins as they will both be able to find and choose the pairs they like the most.
  18. Relative Insanity - Hilarious Party Game
    One of the best ways to spend quality time together as adult twins is to throw as many house parties as possible, with a house full of dearest family members and friends. But to make a party or a regular Sunday family gathering cool and actually fun, a party game is a must and will make the time spent together unforgettable, with lots and lots of laughter and joy. To make such moments even better for the twins, you can get them this hilarious party game called Relative Insanity, designed for 4 to 12 players, ages 14 to adult. The setup is simple, you read a setup card aloud, then everyone else chooses one of their punchline cards to finish the phrase and the reader picks the one they think is the funniest, and that player gets a point!
  19. A Motivational Book - ‘’The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams’’
    You can never go wrong with a good book as a gift, no matter what the occasion is. Since different people can have very different preferences when it comes to reading, our advice would be to choose such a topic that everyone could benefit from, like a motivational book that they can learn something from and improve their everyday life. This book called ‘’The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams’’ has a symbolic name that makes it a special gift for any twins, but it also provides much insight and inspiration when it comes to motivating people for maximizing their own potential and improving life, therefore being ideal for anybody in business, sports, education, or just individuals who want to learn how to lead themselves into good life decisions.
  20. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit
    Another great twin activity would be anything related to the house or garden, and the combination of these two results in a little indoor herb garden starter kit that will be a perfect gift choice for their birthday to motivate them to maybe even start a new healthy hobby in their spare time. This set is a perfect fun activity as well as a beautiful and useful kitchen counter and windowsill decoration when planted. Healthy and fresh home-grown herbs will not only look lovely, but also be a great addition to their healthy diets, and provide many relaxing and fun moments spent together. If they are foodies, you will impress them with this gift.
  21. Acrylic Paint Set
    Painting is known to be one of the most relaxing and healthy hobbies that quiet the rush of everyday life. No digital screens and social media, just a canvas, a paint brush and the artist doing something creative and living in the moment. Twins usually share same talents, and if painting happens to be one of those talents your twin friends have, then you will pleasantly surprise them with this acrylic paint set. Not only will it be another great and fun shared activity for them to spend quality time together, but also a great motivating gift to start a new hobby if they have never tried painting. To enjoy a nice painting session one doesn’t have to be a talented artist.
  22. Dumbbell Weight Set
    If the twins are more into some sporty activities such as fitness and healthy lifestyle, then a big set of dumbbell weights might be a perfect gift choice for them. With 5 different weight pairs in this set, they will both be able to choose the ones that suit their needs the most and workout together, which makes for another healthy and fun activity that all twins should include in their lifestyle. This will be a health-promoting gift that will not only be motivating but also useful in their everyday life for many great full body workouts together.