21 Goodbye Gifts for Your Favorite Daycare Teacher

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Goodbye Gifts for Daycare Teachers

Teachers have a huge impact on the lives of our kids. They help them explore the world through learning while forming strong bonds with them. Goodbye gifts for daycare teachers makes a great ending to the school year. The kids and parents will love to give those fun little gifts which will help the daycare teachers remember all the fun they had at that particular daycare center.

We have an amazing selection of unique gifts that any daycare teacher would love to receive. Use this list to help you choose the perfect goodbye gift for your child’s daycare teacher.

Best Goodbye Gifts for Daycare Teachers

  1. Teacher Appreciation Tumbler Mug
    What do daycare teachers live off of? Coffee. Whether the teacher is leaving or you are moving on to your next school, your child’s daycare teacher will appreciate this gift as well as get tons of use out of it. The design is sweet, the lid makes travel easy, and the material will keep the coffee hot (or cool) long past the time the drink would have become undrinkable.
  2. Teacher Off Duty Socks
    With this socks you can thank your child’s daycare teacher for all of their support over the years with comfort and humor. The teacher will certainly get use out of these comfortable socks when they finally get a chance to kick up their feet at the end of the day, and the humorous phrase on the soles will remind their family that they are without a doubt, “off duty”.
  3. Thank You for Helping Me Grow Plant Pot Set
    This gift is a sweet way to say goodbye when it’s time to your children move on from the daycare. The live basil plant comes in a box with a sweet thank you message designed on the side. The daycare teacher can use it at home in their kitchen or as a nice aromatic desk decoration. Either way, this gift is sure to be appreciated.
  4. Dry Erase Markers in Bulk
    Daycare teachers are always running out of dry erase markers. They’re running out of ink or running away in the pockets of small children. Show your appreciation as you say goodbye to your daycare teacher by gifting them the most practical gift that they’ve been wishing for.
  5. Kids Craft Supply Kit
    As a parent, planning for your child's daycare teacher can be hard work; however, there are things that can help them with their job. Teachers of all ages are constantly spending their own money on classroom supplies. The craft supply kit is a great way to take some of that burden off of your child’s daycare teacher as a goodbye gift. This set comes with tons of craft supplies that the teacher can use to stock their classroom without spending any of their own money.
  6. Teacher Appreciation Canvas Totes
    Daycare teachers are always having to haul loads of materials all over the place. This is a great gift when you’re saying goodbye to your child’s teacher because it provides them with not one, but two quality canvas tote bags that feature a stylish rainbow design and a few inspirational words about teaching. These canvas totes are a great way to say 'Thank you' to the teachers who care for your kids while you're at work.
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  8. Best Teacher Ever Tumbler
    As you prepare to say goodbye to your child’s daycare teacher, let them know just how much your kiddo loved them with this gift. Useful and sentimental, this gift will deliver the perfect message while also giving the teacher a great tool to travel with their favorite beverage and keep it warm (or cold) all day.
  9. Teacher Appreciation Bundle Includes Pink Marble Mug , Scarf, Scented Candle and Flower
    This bundle has a ton of goodies to show your child’s daycare teacher just how much you (and your child) have appreciated them over the years. Featuring a candle, some self care goodies, and a super soft scarf this is a great cover-all gift that is sure to be appreciated.
  10. Flair Felt Tip Pens
    Ask any teacher what their favorite pen is and 9 times out of 10 these pens will be the answer. Great for grading, they feel great in the hand, and their writing is so smooth. These pens are the BEST. If you really want to say thank you to your child’s daycare teacher for all they’ve done for you and your child, give them the gift they really want; a set of these pens.
  11. Classroom Supply Set
    Similar to the kids craft supply kit, this set is a great utility gift that your child’s daycare teacher will love. The set features all of the markers, crayons, and colored pencils that your kiddo used up during their time with their teacher. Thank the teacher for their service and save their wallet with this great and practical gift.
  12. Thank You Bookmark
    If you know that your child’s daycare teacher loves to read, this is a great gift to express your gratitude for all of their help and support over the years. Each time the teacher opens their favorite book they’ll be reminded how much you and your child will miss them and how much you appreciate them and all they do.
  13. Sticky Note Variety Set
    Did you know that daycare teachers make thousands of decisions every single day? This gift is a great tool to help them take some of that decision making strain off of their brain. By gifting them this sticky note set you are giving them the tools to leave reminders and notes wherever they need to help with that decision making process.
  14. Acrylic Mason Jar Water Bottle
    Hydration is so important, especially for a daycare teacher who can’t always just sit down and drink water whenever they are thirsty. This large mason jar water bottle has a sweet message to express your gratitude but is also large enough and handy enough to help the teacher stay hydrated throughout their work day.
  15. Thanks from The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    The next few gifts on this list are great for helping your child’s daycare teacher build their classroom library while also saying goodbye and expressing how much you’ll miss them. This book takes the Very Hungry Caterpillar and uses the familiar story to help say thank you to your child’s daycare teacher.
  16. Saying Goodbye
    Saying Goodbye is an adorable picture book about saying goodbye to someone that you care about. This book is a great way to express to your child’s daycare teacher the sentiments that you want as you move on while giving them a tool to use in their classroom as a read aloud to help their students work through how to say goodbye as well.
  17. Goodbye Brings Hello
    This final picture book is all about the new opportunities that moving on can bring. This thoughtful gift is a great way to keep building up the daycare teacher’s library while telling them that you’ll miss them but also how appreciative you are for all of the time they spent with your child.
  18. Teacher Appreciation Stemless Wine Glass
    This is a more grown up gift that you will probably want to deliver personally to your child’s daycare teacher as you prepare to say goodbye. The stemless wine glass is great for any beverages the teacher might wish to enjoy after work with a sweet inspirational message that can be enjoyed.
  19. Teacher Desk Sign
    Every teacher needs a cute wooden desk sign to spruce up their area. Before you say goodbye, give your child’s daycare teacher this sign to liven up their space and show just how great of a teacher they are. The best part is that this decoration can go propped up on a desk or hang up safely on a wall, so even if the teacher is lacking space they can still display this adorable decoration.
  20. Teacher Nutritional Facts Mug
    The best part of this fun mug is that it can be used for really any purpose. Coffee? Check. Water? Check. Pen and pencil holder on the desk? Check. Whether your child’s daycare teacher wants to use it for coffee or as a pencil holder desk decoration, the funny label listing the teacher's nutritional facts will make it a hit all around.
  21. Desk Plant Decoration
    This adorable decoration is actually a plant growing kit that will be the favorite decoration of any teacher’s desk! As you prepare to say goodbye to your child’s daycare teacher, leave them with a memory that will bloom. This kit features a stylish box with a sweet phrase and all the tools needed to grow a beautiful flower to accentuate any teaching space.