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Apology gifts for girlfriend

Let’s be real – getting into random arguments with your beloved one is fairly common for all couples. However, apologizing afterwards is not always that easy. You’re lacking the right words and the ability to express yourself easily and articulately? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of 23 unique and creative gifts to accompany your sweet ‘I’m sorry’ and make the most out of your apology.

Best I’m Sorry Gifts for Your Girlfriend

    1. Morse Code ‘I’m Sorry’ Bracelet
      Sometimes it’s as simple as those three magical words - I am sorry. But… We all know women are more complicated than that. Adding a touch of mystery is often a way to a woman’s heart! A bracelet with a ‘secret’ language message that she can try to decode will surely get her focus and attention. When she finds out the secret words the bracelet carries, we guarantee that her heart will be at least 50% softer than before. She will admire both the message AND the fact that you took some time to get creative and pick a special gift not many others have!
    2. Love Lingual: Card Game - Better Language For Better Love
      The key to a good relationship is good communication. Good relationship means less situations that require apologies. It’s never too late to start truly talking and actually listening to each other. Love Lingual Card Game is a great start, as it’s designed to deepen your relationship, whether you two just started dating or have been married for 20 years. Pour some wine and start asking each other the right questions. You’ll show your girlfriend that you care and want to invest quality time in your relationship, and that’s a sure way of winning her heart back.
    3. Handmade Preserved Roses
      We all know that women love roses - you can never go wrong with them. But beautiful red roses that stay fresh for years?! Yes please! This romantic and luxurious black box of preserved red roses can last for 2 to 3 years, require no daily care and serve as a wonderful decoration that will always remind your girlfriend of how much you truly admire her! Sometimes the greatest apology is showing that you care.
    4. White Gold 'Golden Glimmer' Real Dancing Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace
      This apology gift will melt her heart and she will wear it always to remind her that you just want her to know how sorry you are whenever you fight or when you fall into any misunderstanding. Dear to her heart, this lovely 10K white gold diamond heart necklace will say all your special little things so you wont have to. She'll love that this necklace is meaningful and beautiful at the same time.
    5. The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie
      This adorable reversible mood plushie speaks for itself! One second it has a cute angry face (just like your girlfriend after you messed up!), next second you flip it and it’s a happy little smile! Seems like a perfect apology gift for your moody girlfriend, as it will for sure make her laugh and flip her mood just like you can flip this plushie! You can also ask her to show you her feelings just by using this plushie - without words. If you make her smile, you won!
    6. The Couple’s Bucket List (date night idea cards)
      Showing your girl that you want to spend time with her, and make the most out of it, will make her feel loved, special and cared for. If you’re fed up or bored with your daily routines, try to spice up your dates with these date night idea cards. There’s 100 of them, so you can be sure you won’t run out of ideas for a long time! They include activities that are neither too expensive nor difficult, but will keep you occupied and focused on each other. Quality time together means apology accepted!
    7. Mr Right / Mrs Always Right Coffee Mugs
      Whatever the apology is about - showing your girlfriend that she’s always right is a good way to get her to forgive you. Women are always right, right?! At least we should make them feel that way, especially after we’ve made some mistakes! This cute set of coffee mugs will send your girlfriend the right message. Wake up before her, make some morning coffee or tea in these mugs for you two and voilà! It will put a smile on her face, and it’s a sweet and original way of apologizing.
    8. Teddy Bear “Zamnnn Shawty You Hella Fine”
      Another way to add some laughter to your relationship is getting this cute and funny Teddy Bear for your girlfriend as an apology gift. The message on the bear is a great way to tell your girlfriend she looks amazing! Adding some compliments and humor into your serious apology won’t hurt, right? But it can for sure put her in a better mood! Show your girl that she looks spectacular.
    9. Funny Apology Scented Candle
      Let’s talk about some real humour! Candles are a great gift for all women in general, but this scented one has a special message on it that will for sure make her smile. If you want to be a comedian and make an apology at the same time, try this original and creative candle as a gift.
    10. Necklace I'd Be Lost Without You
      Show her how sorry you are and how much she means to you with this symbolic compass sterling silver necklace with a wonderful message - ‘I’d be lost without you’. This will win her heart back and show her that you don’t want to be without her. It’s elegant and she can wear it everyday!
    11. Secret Message Ball Locket Necklace
      Another mysterious and creative gift! Sometimes you’re so out of words that you can’t even manage to say those three magical words (I am sorry). If verbal expression isn’t your strongest superpower, this locket necklace has a place for a secret message inside of it. You can open it, find a little paper where you’ll be able to write an apology message and put it back inside. Your girlfriend will get both a lovely and meaningful piece of jewelry and a secret apology surprise inside.
    12. Hand Casting Kit Couples - Plaster Hand Mold Casting Kit
      It doesn’t get much more creative than this! Surprise your girl with this hand casting kit for couples and suggest making a masterpiece sculpture of you holding her hand. It’s safe and non-toxic for the skin, and it will definitely melt her heart and show her that your love for her is deep. It’s a piece she’ll be able to keep as a meaningful decoration forever!
    13. Better Together Neon Sign for Wall Decor
      Girls like their rooms to be picture perfect. This ‘Better Together’ wall neon sign is a great way to spice up the decor while sending your girlfriend the right apology message - ‘We’re better together, I don’t want to lose you.’ Every time she turns this light on, she will be reminded of how much you care about her.
    14. I Love You More Lavander Handmade Candle
      Another cute and funny candle to melt your girlfriend's heavy heart. Have you ever gotten into that cute little fight about who loves the other one more? It seems like a never ending fight, and probably the sweetest ‘fight’ a couple can get into. Well with this candle the message is clear and there is no room for another answer - ‘I love You more. The end. I win.’ It makes for another great apology gift that will hopefully put a smile on your girl’s face!
    15. Royal Gift Basket
      You know girls love their girly things… And what’s a better apology gift than the one that’s showing your girl that she’s your Queen?! This wonderful British inspired set will make her feel like royalty! Treat her with this gorgeous gift set and earn some major points in her heart. As we already mentioned, compliments go a long way in every situation - if they are honest and meaningful. A real King knows how to apologize correctly. Long live his Queen!
    16. I Love You Yellow Gold Necklace Inscribed with the Romantic Words in 120 Different Languages
      Say I love you in 120 languages with this beautiful gold necklace. Purchasing the right i am sorry gift for your girlfriend is something most of boyfriends find a little daunting, especially when they feel that need to buy something to show girlfriends that they care. Should it be jewelry or something else? Yellow gold jewelry has long been a symbol of love and affection and its association makes it an ideal way of saying i am sorry.
    17. I Wrote A Book About Us - A Fun - Fill In The Blank Book
      One of our favorite picks has to be this creative little fill in the blank book. It will be your own little love story filled with heart-warming moments, laughter and best of memories between you two. With this gift, your girlfriend will realize how much you value your relationship and how your apology is sincere. The fact that it’s creative and unique to your relationship always adds bonus points!
    18. I Wrote A Book About You - Fill In The Blank Book
      If you want all the focus to be on her, you can choose this “I Wrote A Book About You” fill in the blank book. Write down all the beautiful things about her and show her why you love her and why you want her to forgive you. This book offers a wonderful personal touch to any gift occasion, but serves best as an apology gift. Making mistakes in relationships is easy, but thinking about why you love your person should be much easier.
    19. Merci Finest Assortment of European Milk Chocolates
      Hardly anyone can say no to some good quality chocolate. Add some French magic to your apology with these finest assortment premium European milk chocolates. Their name sends a wonderful message to your girlfriend - “Merci” (meaning ‘thank you’ in French), which can be a wonderful replacement for the typical “I’m sorry”. Adding a handwritten apology or “thank you for…” message with it would be a good bonus gift, but even without it, the chocolate speaks for itself.
    20. BOND TOUCH Pair Of Bracelets
      This unique gift will keep you two connected and always in touch even when you’re apart. They are designed to mimic the natural vibration of your partner’s touch. You can add meaning to every touch you send and create your own secret language, in which you can express how sorry you are even if you’re not right next to her. Your girlfriend will appreciate how emotional and meaningful this gift is.
    21. Giant Teddy Bear
      When it comes to Teddy Bear gifts, the one that will surprise her the most is definitely this giant one! This Yesbears Giant Teddy Bear is 5 feet big and even comes with a little pillow that says “I Love You”, which makes this teddy a great apology gift for your girlfriend. It will make her heart as soft as this teddy is.
    22. Self-Care Truth or Dare
      While expressing your genuine apology for the things you messed up, surprising your girlfriend with a gift that will actually be useful in her daily life is never a bad idea. This self care truth or dare game is going to be fun for her, it will enhance her self care practice and help build healthy habits. What’s a better gift than the one that encourages the ones you love to nurture themselves? This way you will show her that you care about her and want her to be happy and healthy!
    23. Estée Lauder Fragrance Treasures Gift Set
      As much as women like meaningful gifts and apologies, every woman will appreciate a luxurious gift as well, especially when it comes to perfumes. This Estée Lauder Fragrance Treasures Gift Set is a perfect gift to accompany your sweet “I’m sorry”, and show your girlfriend that she’s a very special person in your life. It won’t fix the mistakes you’ve made the way a sincere apology can, but it will make her feel loved and pampered, and that always adds some points. There’s nothing wrong with spoiling your girlfriend!
    24. OUAI Chill Pills - Relaxing Spa Bath Bombs
      Instead of continuing being a bad guy and saying “chill” when your girlfriend is mad, be witty and original and get her these Chill Pills relaxing spa bath bombs along with your honest apology. It can make her mood brighter and put a smile on her face, while at the same time sending her the right message - she should relax and not worry about anything, just take a ‘chill pill’ and enjoy an hour or two by herself, in the sweet escape to serenity filled with rose and jasmine scents. She will feel refreshed and delighted, which means she’ll be way more likely to accept your apology!