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You have nieces and nephews, and you love to spend time with them. Does it seem that – every time you meet – they expect a little treat from your pockets? It’s kids, and we understand, and we offer a list of 35 inexpensive gifts for your nieces and nephews for those days when you ran out of ideas about what to bring next time you visit them.

  1. Slinky Walking Spring Toy
    All kids love this toy! There are so many ways to play with it! Surely you can think of some ways they would never grasp. Playing with a walking spring toy will bring some ultimate wiggly-jiggly fun into the house! Gift it to your niece and nephew!
  2. Kidnoculars Binoculars
    It is an educational toy for your niece and nephew - and they can share it. It’s great for outdoor adventure when they can discover the world and play with their discoveries. There are several activities they can do with binoculars. Explore and share it with your niece and nephew!
  3. Jenga Classic Game
    Everyone LOVES Jenga! Kids enjoy playing this game (as soon as there is someone else volunteering to build everything up for a new start). Your niece and nephew will surely think of many more ways to use the wooden bricks and play with them. Great gift!
  4. Rock Painting Kit
    One never gets too old for Memory, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Matching, and Slap Jack! Not only that your niece and nephew will love this gift, but you will get to tag along and enjoy it with them! Card games are perfect for lazy afternoons!
  5. Kids Card Games
    One never gets too old for Memory, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Matching, and Slap Jack! Not only that your niece and nephew will love this gift, but you will get to tag along and enjoy it with them! Card games are perfect for lazy afternoons!
  6. Rocket Launcher
    Children LOVE to launch things. Period! They can use the rocket launcher both indoors and outdoors. Rockets are (thank heavens!) made of foam and built to last. Gift these to your nieces and nephews, show them how to use them, and you will be the best relative ever!
  7. Quick Game of Smart Questions
    Guess in Ten is an award-winning game for the whole family! Gather up the family and divide them into teams. Learn and show knowledge on worldwide animals, use clue cards and strategic thinking to win the game. Your niece and nephew will love it, and so will you!
  8. SKYJO Card Game
    SKYJO card game is for eight-year-old and older players. It is great to play it in a family surrounding with the participation of 2-8 players. It may last for hours, so be prepared to stretch out and have some high-energy games that are part of the game materials. Your niece and nephew will enjoy beating their older relatives in this game!
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  10. Gnome Decoration
    Now and then, one needs a gnome in their life! They bring a positive spirit, laughs, and colors into the room. These three gnomes are New Year decorations, but you may gift them to your nephew and niece on any occasion.
  11. Pumpkin Costume
    Is Halloween coming up? Are you calling your nephew and niece pumpkins? They will enjoy this gift either on Halloween or at a costume party, and yes - you should join them!
  12. Gremlins Plush Bag
    If your niece and nephew liked the Gremlins movie, they would love the idea of collecting accessory that has anything to do with the movie! You may as well start with these plush bags and make them a collection!
  13. Gremlins 1&2
    Have you ever watched Gremlins with your nephew or niece? It is a movie for a bit older children, but they like it so much! Try gifting it to your niece and nephew and make it a family movie night. Offer to sleepover in case of gremlins showing up in their dreams.
  14. Soap Making Kit for Kids
    Buy and gift this science kit to your niece and nephew. They will have the time of their life both learning and playing. They will also produce dinosaur-shaped soaps in many colors. There is no better activity than a creative one. Let them enjoy theirs!
  15. Dough Tool Set for Kids
    Here is the ultimate dough toolset for kids! If your niece and nephew love to play with dough, they can share this set and enjoy some time at peace and (almost) quiet. Beware, there are some tiny parts, and you should be careful if you are buying for the youngest ones.
  16. Jokes for Kids, by Rob Stevens
    Here is a hilarious book your niece and nephew will love, take to bad with them, and bring to school with them. It is a collection of knock-knock jokes, riddles, and tongue twisters. From the moment you gift it to your niece and nephew, it will be the most wanted book in the area!
  17. Engineering Activities for Kids, by Christina Schul
    Several activities from this book will offer the youngsters (and not only them) an opportunity to try their creativity and learn more about various sorts of engineers and what they do. It is a fine gift for a curious and adventurous niece and nephew.
  18. How to Draw All the Things, by Alli Koch
    Kids often come to adults with a white piece of paper and colored pens, asking for a drawing of this or that. Here is the book that explains step-by-step how to draw almost anything under the sun! Show it to your niece and nephew, and empower them to start to make drawings by themselves. This book will show them to draw almost everything and anything. Great gift for your niece and nephew for exercising their patience!
  19. Paper Airplane Kit
    Did you know that this book is safekeeping 100 ways to fold a piece of paper? Here is the set that offers sheets of paper and manuals on the basics of aerodynamics and aircraft. Your niece and nephew will go on and on with taking off and landing their paper planes! The perfect gift!
  20. Paw Patrol Kids Watch
    All the kids love the Paw Patrol cartoon and characters. There is a reason more to love this gift. It is a digital watch, and kids love learning about time. Gift this to your nephew and niece, and they will learn through the play with their favorite cartoon characters.
  21. Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer, by Megan McDonald and Peter Reynolds
    Sometimes adults worry about children is the one about what are the things they might do if they are bored. They do not know that boredom is a kingdom for raising creativity! Have your niece and nephew read adventures of Judy Moody. Everything she does comes from the worry of boredom. Your youngsters will love Judy and follow her ideas to make their days challenging and adventurous!
  22. Five Thousand Awesome Facts About Everything
    National geography made sure to keep young minds busy and enchanted with this beautifully illustrated edition of 5,000 facts about everything and anything! There are so many topics that your niece and nephew will enjoy on rainy or lazy afternoons. Or at all times, as for that matter! A great gift to boost their curiosity!
  23. Origami Kit
    Not only that kids love to do things with their own two hands, but they also need to do it to improve their fine motor skills. Once your niece and nephew fall in love with origami, they will want more and more! Gift them this kit, and they will have twenty projects to complete! It is a creative and engaging gift to give!
  24. Difficult Riddles for Smart Kids, by M. Prefontaine
    If your niece and nephew enjoy mental challenges, this gift is just the right for them. Three hundred brain teasers and puzzles are just waiting for them. These riddles can be fun for the whole family, but they are the best for ones who are over ten years old! The gift which is here to last!
  25. Aquatic Sensory Toy
    Some toys tend to go out of fashion but find their way into it again. Aqua Sensory Toy is one of them. It stimulates fine sensors of the fingers, develops eye-hand coordination, and practices attention and patience. Gift this to your niece and nephew. It is contagious! They will surely propose various questions on the sea world, so be prepared to offer answers.
  26. Life Skills for Teens, by Karen Harris
    If your niece and nephew are teenagers, it sounds like a good idea to support them to be part of the household duties and responsibilities. Life Skills for Teens offer some know-how on cooking, cleaning, managing personal and family finances, fixing a car, and performing first aid. There are more skills that this book addresses, and it will make a perfect gift to teenagers looking to stand firmly on their feet.
  27. Bug Catcher Kit for Kids
    Here is another inexpensive gift for your niece and nephew. There are so many items in this kit that they can share and have some more waiting for them to use. They can build a collection of bugs and butterflies, learn how to orientate by a compass, and explore the surrounding with their binoculars. There are 27 pieces of toys in this kit, and they will love the adventure that comes with it.
  28. Bubble Blower Making Machine
    There is nothing a toddler will love more than bubble making! If your niece and nephew are toddlers, gift them this lawnmower. It will make tons of bubbles in a second, and all the kids present will be overwhelmed with joy and happiness. You will be their favorite person ever for bringing this gift along!
  29. Jazzminton Beach for Family and Friends
    If your nephew and niece are of a competitive kind, Jazzminton may be just the thing for them. It is a game that one may play with three various balls, both indoor and outdoor. It is a high-energy game that brings out the competitive nature of its players. Jazzminton is a game for a whole family, and everyone will enjoy playing it!
  30. Anna Banana: 101 Jump Rope Rhymes, by Joanna Cole
    Do you have a niece who is crazy about rope-jumping? Everyone remembers only one or two rhymes that go along with jumping over the rope. Here is a chance to learn one hundred songs that follow the game (the number of songs listed in this book). Your niece will be so happy to have a gift like this!
  31. Suncatcher Kits for Kids
    If your niece or nephew is of a creative sort, gift them this kit and watch them design sun and rainbow mosaics. This set includes colors, gemstones, and pre-printed design paper. It is fun and easy to make, and they will enjoy doing that in a company. When the work on the mosaic is over, you may stick it to the window glass.
  32. Cheesy Joke Cards
    Most people remember their childhood by laughs and bright colors. This set of one hundred jokes will help in creating future memories. Jokes are cheesy, and they are usually even more fun when kids are the ones telling them. Gift it to your niece or nephew and enjoy them telling jokes with the help of these cards. Hilarious, for sure!
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  34. Twister
    One never gets too old or young for a twister! It is fun for the whole family, especially when various generations gather around it. When one places it in the backyard over the summer and throws some water while playing - they make a Splashing Twister! Your nephew and niece will enjoy this gift dearly!
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