13 Gifts to Cheer Up a Divorced Mom

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Divorce is hard, there’s no getting around that. But, what can make it even harder is when there are little ones involved. Moms always need a break, but a single, divorced mom needs one even more.

The gifts on this list are the perfect way to put a smile on your divorced mom friend’s face, even if it is only for the two seconds she has to sip her coffee between changing the baby and getting the kids on the bus for school. 

  1. Freshly Signed Divorce Papers Scented Candle
    What could there possibly be a better smell of than the scent of freshly signed divorce papers? This candle is a hilarious way to make the divorced mama in your life smile, and let her know that she deserves to take some time to relax. It is made with 100% natural soy, organic essential oils, and a 100% cotton wick. Absolutely perfect for at home spa nights, it also comes pre-wrapped in a beautiful gift box. Lasting 45-50 hours, this candle will be burning 24/7 in that divorced mom’s home.
  2. “Fuck This Shit” Wine Tumbler
    Every divorced mom knows after putting the kids to bed, a tall glass of wine is in order. And the best way to do that is with a funny wine tumbler! Whether it’s red or white, this food-grade stainless steel wine tumbler will keep that mom’s wine tasting fresh. It comes in a gorgeous rose gold or a bright mint green, and pre-gift wrapped, as well. This tumbler has an insulated double wall and can be used for hot drinks, as well as that ever delicious wine. The divorced gal in your life will be screaming “fuck this shit!” and getting tons of use out of her new tumbler.
  3. New Beginnings Necklace
    A divorce is a fresh start and a new beginning, and having a personal reminder of that growth is always great. This gorgeous necklace will do just that. It features a lotus flower, which is a symbol of rebirth, purity, and enlightenment. Coming in 14K gold or sterling silver, this necklace will become a staple in the divorced mama’s closet that goes with every outfit. If the divorced mom that you know is sentimental, then this is the perfect gift for her.
  4. Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice
    A divorce is never easy and sometimes it can cause you to lose yourself a bit. Michelle Obama’s national best selling guided journal can help a divorced mama get back to who she really is. It is based on the former First Lady’s best selling memoir, and features more than 150 questions and quotes that will help that mama reflect on her journey and personal goals. It is printed on beautiful cream writing paper and comes with a grosgrain ribbon and an elegant foil-stamped cover. This is a gift that will create some alone time for a divorced mom, and she will cherish it forever.
  5. “I Love My Asshole Kids” Socks
    Kids, am I right? Always, always a handful, especially once you become a single, divorced mom. It’s frustrating, but sometimes the best way to get your anger out is wearing socks that call them assholes. These cute, but hilarious socks are made with soft cotton, strong nylon, and long-lasting spandex. A fun design and charitable too - a portion of the sale from these socks goes to Doctors Without Borders. These socks are sure to become a favourite, because as a mom, you’re always going to love them, even if they are assholes sometimes.
  6. Luxury Spa Gift Set
    Finally! This divorced mom has a night to herself! And what better way to spend it than pampering herself with a luxury spa set? This fifteen piece set comes with essential oils, bubble bath, shower gel, hand cream, body lotion, body butter, bath bombs, bath salt, a shampoo bar, pouf sponge, shower cap, bath brush and handmade tote bag. The products are made with sunflower seed oil and vitamin E to encourage long-lasting moisture in her skin. With a gorgeous scent of a Tahitian island breeze, this set is sure to become a divorced mom’s go to for spa night.
  7. Just Between Us: Mother & Daughter: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal
    Is your mom the one who got divorced? Have you been feeling disconnected from her through this whole process? Then this journal is the perfect way to get the two of you on the same path again. It features various writing prompts and fun little quizzes to help you and your mom strengthen your bond and discover who each of you really is. It also features free pages for drawing, writing, or making lists to keep things fresh and open. And this journal isn’t just for daughters, there is a version for mothers and sons, as well.
  8. The Poetry of Samantha King Holmes & rh Sin 2022 Deluxe Day-to-Day Calendar
    Feelings after a divorce can be very complicated and a great way to work through those feelings can be through poetry. This day to day calendar featuring the works of poetic couple Samantha King Holmes and r.h. Sin is all about falling in love, heartbreak, vulnerability, and lifting up womankind. It is packaged in durable and long-lasting materials, and the hardcover wraps around to create an easel stand. This is the perfect gift for the divorced mom you know to place on their desk, bedside table, or kitchen counter. She will start each day with a beautiful poem that will remind her of the strength and resilience that she knows she has inside.
  9. CraveBox Healthy Care Package
    Who doesn’t want to pig out on snack foods when they’re stressed? Divorced moms are going through a lot and deserve a treat every now and then! This healthy snack box is a great way to bring on the treats without bringing on the pounds. And if healthy snacks aren’t her jam, CraveBox has plenty of snack box options ranging from themed boxes to general boxes full of candy and chocolate. This box features 15 different types of snacks and 40 treats in total, so this mama will have plenty of savory and sweet snacks to last her a long time. That is until the kids find the stash, of course 😉
  10. Fleece Hooded Bathrobe
    Picture it: the kids are asleep, the house is clean, and you’re a divorced mom sitting down with a glass of wine in your super cozy fleece bathrobe. Sounds perfect, right? Well, if you want this to be the divorced mom in your life, you need to get her this plush, hooded bathrobe. It comes in seven different colors and is made from 100% polyester. It comes with an adjustable tie belt and huge front pockets for all her frequently used items. This robe is the perfect gift for throwing on to take the kids to school or late at night when changing into pajamas is just too much work.
  11. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager
    All a divorced, single mom wants is a good massage after a long day at work and with the kids. You will be the light of her life if you give her one of these shiatsu neck and back massagers. It has eight deep kneading nodes made with an ergonomic design to help alleviate muscle soreness, neck stiffness, and cervical fatigue. It also features an advanced heating function to help with relaxation and adjustable intensity for those who like their massage extra deep. It’s breathable, noiseless, and comes in three different colors to compliment any style. Your mom friend won’t be able to thank you enough for this gift.
  12. How Mom Tells Time Mug and Wine Rack
    Coffee and wine: it’s all moms run on. And because of this, they’re going to need somewhere to keep all of their mugs and glasses. This funny wall mounted mug and wine rack is the perfect place to keep all her favorites. The rustic design will go with any décor and is the perfect addition to her kitchen. It comes with all supplies needed to securely install it on the wall, and comes beautifully gift wrapped in a cute, pink box. The divorced mama that you know will surely appreciate this lovely gift.
  13. Bronze Family Tree Hanging Picture Frame
    After a divorce, your family may look different, but it’s still a family. And what better way to display all of your favourite family memories than a gorgeous family tree picture frame? This lovely frame stands 12 inches tall and displays six different pictures. Made out of quality metal, this tree is durable and will stay beautiful for a long time. Each picture frame fits a 2x3 inch photo and is adjustable, so the mom can display her family tree however she pleases. It also comes in her choice of white or black, so as to go with any decor. This beautiful family tree is sure to put a smile on that divorced mama’s face for years to come.