22 Great Gifts for Pregnant Teacher From Students

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Gifts for Pregnant Teacher From Students

A pregnant teacher wants something more than just a gift voucher or a bunch of flowers. Thinking about her going-to-be motherhood, her students need to buy something that will celebrate her pregnancy, help her with pregnancy or bring a smile to her face. Every teacher love when her students show that they care, appreciate and have gratitude for everything that she did for them.

Are you a student who is struggling to find something for your pregnant teacher? Here are some unique and creative gift ideas for a student to give to a pregnant teacher. These gifts celebrate the journey to motherhood, and thank her for the immeasurable gift of teaching.

Best Gift Ideas For A Pregnant Teacher from Students

  1. Pregnancy Belly Stickers
    This gift is for a teacher who appreciates good humor and loves having fun. Some mothers (to be) are shy about uncovering their belly. It is not such an issue over the winter, but summers are so hot that one wears what's necessary. And there's an opportunity for your teacher to be creative about herself! These stickers are eco-friendly and completely safe to adhere to one's belly.
  2. Childhood History Journal
    The best time to start to safe-keep memories is today. Any today will do! This journal will help your teacher collect all memories of her offspring from the first heartbeat and ultrasound photo onward. Those nine months are usually emotional and reflective. It is great to have a safe place to talk with the one who is yet to come.
  3. Pregnancy Pillow
    What is the one thing all future moms miss the most when they're pregnant? A good night of sleep! When pregnancy takes off, it is more and more difficult to find a proper position for a night of sleep. Your teacher can use it after her baby is born - it is a valuable support for baby-feeding. This gift is a propper life-savior!
  4. Baby Sign Language Made Easy, by Lane Rebelo
    First-time parents are always worried about reading baby signs. How do I know it is not hungry/hot/cold/sick or - you name it. This book is a baby sign language guide. It is never too soon to learn all the body language that comes in handy with a baby. The book is also about teaching a baby to use signs when it needs something from its mother. First words are months away, but they need some gymnastics. You're very welcome!
  5. Teacher Socks
    The teacher socks are not here to be (only) comfortable, self-massaging, warm, cozy, or even catchy on an eye. No, they come with a clear message: if you can read this, the teacher is off duty, so do stay away (or be quiet, at least). The humorous note comes hidden. It may be visible only when a person wearing it lies with legs outstretched and a positive attitude in her little pocket.
  6. Wine Tumbler Set
    Such a wonderful appreciation gift for your teacher! Of course, until the time comes to give a toast with a glass of fine wine, she may use this set as a design set with motivational force. There are many occasions perfect for this sort of present. To make this set a pregnancy gift will start some gentle feelings. Well, that is the point, right?
  7. Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame for Expecting Parents
    It is an ideal piece of décor for a nursery, a bedroom nightstand, or a living room. Three photographs in three frames keep three memories: the first of the first sonogram, the ready-steady-go one, and the last one - a welcome look of a newborn. Your teacher will stumble upon this gift. Her kid will want to hear the story of its birth all over again! And again!
  8. Memoirs of a Goldfish, by Devin Scillian and Tim Bowers
    Memoirs of a Goldfish is an illustrated story and a teachers' pick at Amazon. And for a good reason. The book tells the story of the Goldfish, who lives one simple, solitary life in her bowl until some intruders come in and make a mess out of it. Now he is beside himself! See the link to your teacher's current situation? Devin Scillian is an Emmy award winner and knows how to tell a good story. This one is quirky, and your teacher will save it for the first bedtime story among many.
  9. Mummy and Daddy Decision Coin
    It sounds like a good idea, but only if your teacher has good humor (provided that she can imagine herself staying sane enough late at night to remember she has these). It is a fine gift for two parents about to enter a new phase in their life. Everyone else fights over their turn to go and check the baby. This gift is perfect for keeping the peace in the house! Until baby awakes again.
  10. Baby Handprint and Footprint
    Wall picture frame with your teacher's baby footprint and handprint will find its way to the nursery wall and will not come down ever again. These sorts of memories last forever, and one passes them on to a new generation. It is such a sweet memory of a beautiful beginning! Your teacher will LOVE this one!
  11. Scented Soy Candle
    A hug in a jar is a scented candle that shows just how much you care for your teacher. She will certainly think of you every time she lights it and feels relaxing aromatherapy. We all like memorabilia that keep our thoughts positive. The candle comes in beautiful wrapping and is ready to fall in the hands of the one you appreciate so much!
  12. Dr. Scholl's Shoes
    One thing pregnant women say every single day is: my feet are killing me! And it is a truth. Women sometimes carry double of their weight in their pregnancy. Ones that are lucky to spend the time on their feet need shoes that are not just catchy on an eye. Pregnant women need good shoes with no ties (ties are another big thing when pregnant). Dr. Scholl's Shoes are the best there is.
  13. Sterling Silver Tiny Baby Feet Necklace for Mom to Be
    There are so many meanings that one may attach to this gift. It tells the story behind the bond between mother and child. This gift also says a word or two about the relationship between you and your teacher. We don't trouble ourselves over someone we don't like. With small but firm footsteps, your teacher came into your life and made a difference. Not many people can do that. It's her superpower. And this neckless is a small token of gratitude.
  14. I've Waited 9 Months for This Glass
    When you spend time searching for a perfect gift for your pregnant teacher, you know that she is worth it. The best thing you can do to someone is to make her laugh. I've waited nine months for this printed over a wine glass will make your teacher laugh every time she looks at it. And drinks from it. (And pours another one!)
  15. Women's Maternity T-shirt
    There is nothing like being helpless over the size of your favorite T-shirts. They won't grow with you while you are pregnant! When this happens (and it happens all the time), one needs a good backup. Now, this is something that any pregnant woman will say to themselves. But you are here, and you know better. Buy this T-shirt for your teacher and look for that shiny tear in her eye.
  16. Novelty Socks
    There are certain days in one's pregnancy when all that one wants is to be left alone. And then there are those other days when all that one wants is to be left alone with (loads of) chocolate. It is the way it is. Give these socks to your teacher and save her the embarrassment of asking for more and more chocolate. The message is clear. All she needs to do is to send it appropriately.
  17. Warm Hoodie Blanket
    If your teacher's pregnancy is happening in winter, your teacher will need to feel warm and comfortable. This gift is beautifully wrapped and ready to fall into her arms. After that, the hoodie blanket becomes history. Something along the lines: firstly, mommy wore it and kept everyone away from it. Then she shared it with a baby. Then the baby didn't want to share it anymore.
  18. Teacher Appreciation Pink Marble Ceramic Coffee Mugs
    Sometimes all that one needs is to make a good cup of coffee and find a cozy place in the house. Your teacher will follow you for a coffee and raise you for five minutes of peace to finish the coffee. Everything else comes as a bonus: emotional outbursts over the coffee mug of fine pink color, and a one-of-a-kind (almost antique) spoon. All of these come in a beautiful wrapping. You should know that these are handmade, and your one is one of a kind!
  19. Letters to My Baby
    If writing a journal sounded like a good idea, wait to hear for even a better one! We all watched the P.S. I Love You movie. It is a sad love story, but with a great concept. You are writing letters for someone very special to you. You are placing all of your hopes and dreams for that person on paper. One day, that special one will be all grown up and those reading words. Now leave everything and write those letters!
  20. Feather Bookmark
    A vintage metal feather bookmark with a 3D butterfly pendant is just about the perfect gift for every bookworm that ever walked the Earth, your teacher included! Throw in a book, and you will get yourself a happy teacher. It comes in a beautiful wrapping, ready to cheer up any mood, no matter how tiresome or sleepless your teacher might be.
  21. Best Teacher Ever Pots
    Teacher pots are so sweet home for plants and a designer piece all in one. They belong to your teacher's study or a living room. They will make her think of you every time she glances at these pots. For The Best Teacher - says it all! She will have something to remember you by, and she will love it dearly!
  22. Rocking Chair
    Everything about this item says: I am so worth the trouble! This rocking chair is a queen of furniture. It is perfect for nursery, library, living room - you name it. It will be the first station for your teacher after a rocking day at work and the last station before sleep. A little pocket at the side is for a book, cell phone, or magazine. She will love this one forever!