22 Special Gifts for Your Daughter’s 35th Birthday

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Special Gifts For Your Daughter’s 35th Birthday

Your special daughter turns 35. Wowzers! That’s a milestone birthday! What are you going to give her this year? You could just buy her flowers and candy, but that’s so predictable. We have 22 creative gift ideas that she will appreciate at this age. Look through our list of gifts for your daughter’s 35th birthday and then choose the one you like best for her.

  1. Bracelet with Motivational Message
    Your daughter is an all-grown woman, but she is and always will be your little girl. Remember the times when she used to wear her mother’s jewelry all at once? She still loves to wear fine pieces of jewelry. This one will go to her favorites instantly! Be your kind of beautiful, says the message engraved within the bracelet. We love you, you say on the sweetest wish card attached to it. The gift and best wishes come in a beautiful velvet bag.
  2. Outdoors Hammock
    If your daughter is an outdoor person, she will LOVE this beauty! She will love this gift even if she is not an outdoor person. All that one needs are two trees or poles. If she has a backyard to show off with it, that is perfect! It is light, and it’s adjustable. It seems like it is inviting a person to lay down and grab a book and a cup of coffee. And enjoy some peace and tranquility. It also says that it is suitable for two adults or 3-4 children. But it is a present for your daughter, and she does deserve a little calm and comfort.
  3. Leather Writing Journal
    Now and then, things get hectic. It feels like it is difficult to hear your own thoughts. Maybe even it is. Keeping a journal always helps in clearing one’s thoughts. Making plans, sticking to them, and creating order in life, both on paper and in reality, always sounds like a good idea. Writing seems to be a long-lost habit. Especially journal and letter-writing. It is a gentle reminder that one needs to keep the memories alive. And what is a better way than do it by writing about them?
  4. Scratch Off Map Of The World
    You want nothing less than a world for your daughter, and there is no better way to show it than giving her - the world! Map of the world with stickers and scratch tools is a beautiful present for a wanderer at heart. She can start by scratching the countries she has already visited. Then she can start making plans for future endeavors.
  5. Jewelry Tray Organizer
    Your daughter always complains that she loses her earrings or displaces her rings when doing the dishes. This tray is that one spot where she comes to when she needs to find her jewelry. You can bet on your everything that she will find them. Whenever she glances at this tray, she might think of her two favorite people. Blessed that you’re my daughter can come only from you.
  6. 10 Piece Golf Set
    If your daughter is a sports spirit, she will adore this gift! This golf has only the best reviews from both amateurs and professionals. Giving it to your daughter brings along only the best wishes: to search for a passion, to go outdoors, to play, and have fun. Beware, Tiger Woods, a little lady is in the town!
  7. Fitness and Wellness Tracker
    It may be a fine piece of jewelry, but it is a very useful one too. Your daughter will enjoy her workouts and be careful about what her heart says along the way. It will take care of her sleep time. Orchid/platinum color makes it pleasant to look at and wear. Paying attention to the rhythm of your body will reduce everyday stress and bring her some peace and comfort.
  8. Bath Bombs
    At the end of a long day, all one needs is a relaxing bath followed by a glass of something strong. These bath bombs are both a combination of extraordinary scents and therapeutic effects. One may choose from the scents of lavender, mango, rose, vanilla, melon, strawberry, and coconut. It will moisturize dry skin and assist in the relaxation of all types of skin. Bath bombs make bathing a whole new experience.
  9. Adidas Running Shoes
    If your daughter is an active sportswoman, do think about a good pair of running shoes for a present. Adidas does stand for a company of your trust. It makes one feel a part of a VIP club. One can call it a family. Or call it for what it is: a pure emotion. Your daughter will get the message: live your life to its fullest capacity, always go forward, no turning back.
  10. Casual V-Neck Soft Blouse
    It is a casual, V-neck, long-sleeved sweatshirt with a side zipper. The thing is that it looks comfortable and classy at the same time. It is comfortable. It is stylish. Its top is superb. Your daughter may wear it on almost any occasion. It stands fantastic with a pair of jeans and high heels. And a girl can always use a piece of clothing that can match any occasion or outfit combination.
  11. Whiskey Glass
    There are only two people to thank for this superb limited edition product. Those two people are your daughter’s parents! She will be so proud of this present! It is printed in stylish letters. Who says that one needs to drink only whiskey from it? Let her choose a drink of her choice. Cheers!
  12. Rose Gold Tumbler
    She is 35, and she is fabulous. And don’t she knows it! This tumbler is not simply a mug. It is a statement, and one can carry it around the house, at work, outdoors, and in a car. It will bring a big, wide smile to the faces of ones looking at your daughter carrying it. She will laugh with all of her body!
  13. Creative Guest Book
    Cheers for 35 years is many presents in one wrapping. It is a piece of home décor, and it is a central piece of your daughter’s birthday party. It is touchy memorabilia on your daughter’s birthday guests and a memory. She will remember this birthday because everyone signed the present and wrote a few kind words. One can never get enough of best wishes and kind words. Neither should your daughter. She will keep them somewhere close for sure.
  14. Birthday Tiara
    Growing up is all about reaching certain phases in a lifetime and saying farewell to others. You’ve witnessed your daughter letting go of her dolls and teddy bears. But she never stopped being your princess, did she? Watching her grow up brings on a certain feeling of discomfort. One often wishes to stop it, or at least slow it down. When your daughter unwraps your gift and sees your tiara, that little girl will shine in her eyes once again. Don’t miss looking at her!
  15. Moon Lamp
    The moon lamp is for quiet evenings when your daughter needs just enough light to rest her eyes and be aware of things in her surrounding. Or when she is taking a moment in her living room with a book of poetry. Or when she holds her feet up because they are just killing her after a long day at work. It is not just a designer’s piece of home décor. Your daughter will love the light and shades it brings to her evenings!
  16. Four Surprise Gifts For Her
    When you can’t decide on one special gift for your daughter, it sounds like a good idea to sum up several solutions into one extraordinary present. This gift basket has it all: a coffee mug set, scented candle, room spray, and eye mask. If anything sends out a message, this present is: be good to yourself! The basket comes in a classy gift box, all ready to be delivered along with your best wishes.
  17. Sterling Silver Necklace
    Some say like a mother like a son, and it may be true. But there is a rather special bond between every mother and daughter. After years of a youth spent with a complete lack of understanding come years of wisdom and acceptance of assigned roles. This gift aims at keeping this special bond unforgettable.
  18. Cheese Board and Knife Set
    Congratulations! Your daughter’s 35th birthday is an occasion for celebration. This is the special gift that is perfect for her big day. This little thing will be a star at every home party your daughter will have from her 35th birthday onward! She will decorate it divinely, and it will be the center of all conversation. Its hidden compartments are your element of surprise for any game. Your daughter's parties and family gatherings will be season events. You will enjoy taking some credit for it!
  19. Home Body, by Rupi Kaur
    If your daughter is fond of literature, in particular good poetry, she will love the pearls of Rupi Kaur. If she doesn’t, she will be fond of them dearly anyway. Very few contemporary writers write from the most distant parts of their souls but remain close to the hearts of many and manage to become literary stars. Home Body is all about honesty, a journey to one’s past, present, and future. What a great gift to your dearest one!
  20. Bed Sheet Set
    Is there anything that feels more luxurious than throwing yourself at the hotel bed arranged especially for you? Now, how would you recon about bringing that feeling to your daughter’s home every night? Like Monica Geller from the “Friends” sitcom would say: I KNOW! These bedding sheets and pillowcases are made for loving. Your daughter will thank you forever!
  21. Indoor Garden
    There is nothing like having your patio, backyard, and garden. But people settle for less and get used to it. Living in an apartment does come with its share of challenges. There are some bright and creative solutions. An indoor garden grown with LED light with little help of WiFi is something everyone should have. It is a modern garden that displays all characteristics of the plants in a moment and reminds you of the time for water and plant food. People love to see children and their plants grow. You are not giving your daughter just an indoor garden. You are giving her a miracle of modern life.
  22. Smartwatch
    Instead of a piece of jewelry, give your daughter a watch. But this is not just any watch - it is a smartwatch. It has several features. You buy it and get music, a monitor for your energy, workouts, and pulse sensors. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Who needs a doctor with this one, right? Besides being so extraordinary, it is so light on one’s wrist and looks like it’s calling your daughter’s name! Do you hear that too?