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Gifts for International Relations Students

Do you know someone studying international relations? If so, this list of gifts for international relations students is a must-read! From the perfect gifts for international relations students to some unique gift ideas that show you’ve been paying attention and know what they like.

There’s a few things that your international relation student is certain to like, aside from political sciences. From books to supplies to the sweet, holy gift that coffee is to any student, we’ve collected just some good ideas here.


Audible Subscription

Your International Relation student in question is likely to have two dozen books on American politics before they’ve even begun attending their first classes on the topic. However, bad rep aside, they’re on the right track – it can’t hurt to have those and other books available to you in audible form, especially as students are known to be busy people; exams, social life, studying all of the time. That’s why we recommend an Audible subscription; audio books are super useful, allowing them to listen to books whilst doing dishes, eating, or in transport, on their way to their classes.

If you wish something not virtual here are more suggestions:

    1. Markings by Dag Hammarskjöld
      If you’d like your present to be a little bit more personal than some gift card or membership however, you can always pick out a book or two and gift those instead. We recommend this book by Swedish diplomat and, more importantly, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjöld et al. consists of a selection of his private journal entries, poems, and meditations on politics and life. Can be paired with Politics and Conscience: Dag Hammarskjold on the Art of Ethical Leadership.
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    3. The Force of Nonviolence
      In this book, Judith Butler discusses the philosophical and practical history of nonviolent protest and what, according to institutions and governments, constitutes a person worth mourning. While much of their own view is written in, it is a great resource for similar readings as well as for a basic understanding of nonviolence or what Einstein called “militant pacifism”.
    4. The Oxford Handbook of International Relations
      However, sometimes you do need to go back to the basics. This book by Oxford is the most comprehensive and well-packed source for anybody getting into the subject of International Relations. It’s a godsend for those who are struggling with remembering the dozens of philosophers, political scholars and figures, and political systems.
    5. Sticky Page Markers
      Whether marking your university books, your romance novel, or just the endless pages of notes, these small page labels help keep you super organised and always aware of where everything you need is. Customisable, too! Easily mark and quickly flip back to that one piece of information stuck and lost between thirty other highlighted sentences.
    6. Leather Portfolio
      As every student of International Relations, English Lit, or any other program knows, organisation is key to surviving college. With that in mind, we present this leather portfolio with individual spaces for a laptop, a tablet, notebooks, pens, and everything you could imagine. Durable, practical, secure, modern, and it keeps all of their materials in one place!
    7. Fancy Travel Backpack
      International relationship students are some of the most worldly people around -- they can’t help it, really, wanting to see the world, learning about different cultures and languages so much that they want to experience them in person, in real time. And for that, you need a good travel backpack. This inexpensive, big backpack, with far too many but also probably not enough pockets, is any traveller’s dream, whether it’s for a night over or a week away.
    8. French Grammar for Beginners Textbook + Workbook
      Speaking of travel, French is still (one of) the lingua franca in International Relations. If you’re studying IR, you’re probably studying French. That’s why this French grammar book is the creme de la creme of this list, really. How else are you meant to ask for la toilette or make sure you don’t start an international guerre (war) when in the middle of a political conference. Bonne chance is all we can say.
    9. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5
      A lot of people and a lot of universities as a whole have gone digital - not just online classes but also digital note-taking, online quizzes and events, and so much more. That’s why your student might need a good computer. There’s a thousand and ten of different laptops out there so if this one doesn’t fit your needs, feel free to go for another. However, the Ideapad Flex 5 has pretty decent hardware and, more importantly, is also able to be folded over and used as a tablet, which is great for those trying to transition from paper to computer.
    10. Portable Bluetooth Retro Typewriter Design Keyboard
      Or, instead, you could get them this keyboard. Popular, pretty, and easy to transport, this keyboard’s got it all. Works with tablets and phones, which means no more carrying around heavy laptops or a thousand chargers. Easy to just sit down somewhere, order a coffee, and write out an essay. It’s also customisable, with the keys coming right off!
    11. This Pretty Kettle
      Not only is it pretty and comes in three colors (we prefer the yellow) but it’s also super useful for students. Students, as we’ve said, are super busy people, all around. They’re also likely to forget to feed themselves until 2am by which point they’ve been studying for four hours straight after a day full of classes. They’re not going to cook. However, they can do noodles, some calming tea, and then hit the sack. According to most students, some sort of water heating device is essential.
    12. Digital Recorder
      We’ve all had at least one of those professors who drone on and on about a subject in an absolutely unchanging tone. Luckily, this digital recorder is known for its quality audio recording capabilities. It might seem a little like it came out of a movie about a 1980s journalist on the hunt for a wild story about a cheating politician or some government funds being embezzled, but at least its helpful, allowing the student to easily rewind and listen to their lecture all over again. Never miss an exam question again!
    13. A 4-in-1 Stylus Pen
      This Stylus could be paired with any tablet or any touchscreen laptop. It is a wonderful tool for taking notes, sketching down important graphs and statistics, and doing so much more. Aside from being a good tool for digital spaces, this stylus also has an actual pen in it!
    14. Wireless On-Ear Headphones
      Whether you’re listening to an hour-long lofi studying mix, a book, or some classical music, these Beats headset is awesome for any occasion. With a built-in microphone, a forty hour battery, and quality noise-cancelling padding, nothing can get in your way, leaving you to concentrate on your studies, work out at the gym, or letting you just have some relaxing selfcare time.
    15. Espresso Machine
      We’ve already said it but coffee is a gift that will make any student happy. This small and fairly inexpensive espresso machine is bound to cheer an International Relations major up. It’s probably going to be the first thing they will use in the morning, even before brushing their teeth or making their bed, but at least they’ll be awake and focused when lectures start. Or they’ll stay up doing their essays last minute as usual until 4 in the morning. It’s a throw of the dice.
    16. The Coffee Itself
      Starbucks sells all sorts of coffees, from spicy to sweet, from blonde roast to dark) but for those who are still figuring it out, this Medium Roast is the perfect starting point. This gift is well paired with the above espresso machine but should they already have one or a more simple french press, this gift will still mean the world to them. Any free coffee is good coffee. For those more experienced coffee users, maybe go with the dark roast instead.
    17. Controlled Self-Heating Mug
      Speaking of staying up for that last minute essay (no, seriously, it’s due in 2 hours), one thing worse than no coffee is cold coffee. It’s not going to wake you up so much as shock you into doubting your diploma and career goals. That’s why we’re recommending one more self-indulgent thing for IR students. This awesome mug that keeps your coffee warm for you according to the temperature that you set it to. The battery does last only 1.5 hours but that is actually really long for these babies. Plus, they go to sleep after a while, conserving battery.