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Gifts for dissertation committee

Academic years can be challenging. Sleepless nights mixed up with amazing discoveries, led up to the grand final. Of course, you wouldn’t be here without your mentor and the people who were involved in helping you achieve your goal. To show your gratitude and appreciation, present them with a beautiful and effective gift that this list certainly has!

  1. Calligraphy Pen
    An elegant black and gold calligraphy set is a classic! Wrapped in a gorgeous gift package, it comes with a calligraphy pen, ink bottle, and two different color cartridges. Made for a smooth writing experience and is suitable for left and right-handed writers. Complete with instructions and booklet practice sheets, so even first-timers can enjoy this gift set. Ideal for hand-written letters, note-taking, or journal writing. It will give a sophisticated feel to a daily routine!
  2. Hardcover Journal
    If you love journaling and you carry your journal all the time with you, inevitably it will get scratches and paper folds. This wonderful notebook comes with a hardcover and is carefully arranged in an elegant gift set. Lined with 265 pages, with improved paper quality, it can suit any type of pen. The creamy color of the paper is very pleasant for the eyes and enables you to write with ease. Comes with a pen and a small pocket for business cards, etc. You will have all you need in one place, with extra protection and durability.
  3. Signature Truffles
    Belgian chocolate has always been praised for it’s delicious taste and incredible texture. This gift box contains 12 gourmet signature truffles, but you can always choose a bigger box for a true chocolate lover. Natural high-quality ingredients are a priority and a part of a long Belgian tradition. Delicate design combined with tree types of rich chocolate will leave anyone speechless and craving for more! Fruity, caramel or spicy filling, these truffles continue to surprise with each and every bite.
  4. Wine Opener Set
    Giving liquor as a gift is quite a common custom, but in some cultures it may be considered inappropriate. Bottle of wine like this is much more than meets the eye! Hidden inside is an organized wine opener set that is easily stored and ready for use. With a wine corkscrew opener, wine pourer, and a few other accessories, this set will help you enjoy a glass of wine on any occasion. Fancy bottle case fits perfectly into your home bar or kitchen, serving as a decorative piece as well.
  5. Gourmet Coffee
    Coffee has become such a huge part of our morning routine and an unavoidable start to a busy day. This assorted coffee set will take you on a trip around the world! With 8 different coffee blends, it puts together some of the best coffee grounds right in your cup. Colorful packaging adds fun and each country is represented with a unique postcard that gives you a glimpse of the coffee’s origin. For a complete experience, this gourmet coffee set also includes flavor profile cards, explaining the explosion of taste that you will be looking forward to every morning!
  6. Book Sleeve
    Books come with such a beautiful variety of covers and it’s a shame to see the design deteriorate with time. Book sleeves give protection and also come in modern patterns and colors, so you can choose a really special gift. This floral book protector is so cute and is an ideal accessory for a book enthusiast. It is made from cotton and can be washed whenever it gets dirty. An extra sleeve pocket makes space for notes, pens, or a phone, making it easy to organize your bag or desk space.
  7. Laptop Bag
    The technology era has made it possible to carry your work with you and complete all kinds of tasks on the go. Simple, useful, and fashionable. This laptop messenger bag comes with a front pocket, a hidden back pocket with a zipper, and a lot of room inside. The Velcro strap will secure your laptop and keep it in place for easy access. Made from a waterproof durable material, it comes in different colors that can match your style and wardrobe.
  8. Deluxe Planner
    Planning has just become more fun with this bright amusing planner. Achieve goals and coordinate your days, weeks, months in a more enjoyable way. A wide selection of colors makes it a superb gift for all genders. Vibrant bookmarks help you flip through pages fast and there are even 3 sheets of stickers included for a more personalized touch. The hardcover exterior with gorgeous art will safeguard your plans and as it comes completely undated, you can start your journey whenever you like.
  9. Page Glow Light
    When you are fully immersed in a story and you can’t separate yourself from a good book, this modernized book light will give you more time to finish your reading. A transparent light panel illuminates your pages and protects your eyesight. It is incredibly lightweight, so you can carry it on business trips, vacations, or even camping. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, so there is no need to make extra space for chargers or any other equipment. Whether you choose a black or a white one, this page glow light will become your book's new best friend!
  10. Ceramic Travel Mug
    Busy days need some adapting and this ceramic travel mug will help you enjoy your coffee on the go. The ceramic glaze is lead-free for safe consumption and the silicon lid has a firm grip, so you can avoid accidental spills. With its double-walled design, it is perfectly safe for handling and won’t burn your hands. It’s oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe. The contemporary look comes in 6 different colors, fits in all regular size cup holders, and under single-sized coffee makers. A sustainable and eco-friendly choice for an active day!
  11. Crystal Flash Drive
    Store all of your files and documents in this modern wood crystal memory stick. It’s a compact and attractive gift that lights up when plugged in. Compatible with Desktop, Laptop, Macintosh, Tablet, TV, and speakers, it can be used in different ways and conform to your needs. With 32 GB large capacity and low energy consumption, you can store all of your important work in one place. It is also available in a crystal rose gold design, for a more elegant feel, and it will last for more than 10 years, even with frequent use.
  12. Monitor Memo Board
    If your desk space can get kinda messy and you always end up flipping papers in search of lost notes, this multifunctional memo board will help you organize. Transparent monitor side panels are a creative way to display your notes or keep track of your working schedule. It is easy to use and has extra space with bottom brackets included, so you can rest your phone, but still, be aware of any important messages that come through. A clean working area will increase your productivity and relieve you from all the stress and clutter!
  13. Canvas Lunch Box
    Searching for a reusable lunch box that is both appealing and has enough room for your fresh and tasty meals? This waxed canvas lunch bag has a unique retro style and is completely waterproof. It can fit 6 beer cans, 2-3 food boxes, and always has a bit more space for a fresh snack! You can use a handle or a shoulder strap for more comfortable wear, and even carry your phone in the exterior pocket. It is double-layered, so it will keep your food fresh throughout the day.
  14. Bamboo Book Stand
    A smooth, sustainable desk accessory that helps in everyday tasks. This bamboo book stand will look amazing however you use it. Whether you are studying, cooking, or just reading an interesting novel, it can all be done hands-free! When not in use, it can be folded and stored without taking up too much space. With five different angles, it can adapt to any position and keep your books stable and secure!
  15. Calendar Paperweight
    There are many paperweight options on the market, but this calendar paperweight is much more than that! Find any date up to 30 years from now and keep it on your desk as a reminder. It is made with stainless steel and has a non-skid bottom. Line up month and year at the top of the dial to reveal your monthly calendar. Perfect for important dates or work deadlines. It measures 3 inches in diameter, so it will fit excellently on your office or home desk.
  16. Mail Holder
    Even though letters are slowly becoming a thing of the past, it’s always nice to have a special place to sort your mail, bills, or documents. This minimalistic all-white metal letter sorter comes with a letter opener, so you can easily look through your mail and declutter your space. It has a lot of storage space and an everlasting design. Made from a durable material that ensures stability. You can choose different types of fonts and make this piece a beautiful desktop or counter decoration!