16 of the Best Gifts for Your Long Distance Cousin

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Gifts for Your Long Distance Cousin

Is your cousin your sister from another mister? Your brother from another mother? Family can be more than just family, they can be some of your best friends in life. What can be hard though is if they live far away from you. These gifts are perfect reminders that friendship and family can all be mixed into one, and let your cousin know that they are loved no matter where they are. Browse through these cool gift ideas until you land on something that’s just as incredible as your long distance cousin.

Best Gifts for Your Cousin Who Lives Miles Away

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    2. Connected States Coffee Mug
      Do you and your cousin have FaceTime coffee dates on weekend mornings? Then you’re going to want to get your cousin this customizable state to state mug. Pick the states, names, and a quote you would like to put on the mug to make this gift extra personal. You can even customize the mug with different countries through special request! Your cousin won’t be able to have their morning coffee without thinking of you, and the mug will always be reminder of how the distance between you won’t affect your friendship..
    3. Best Cousin Ever Succulent Pots
      Who doesn’t love getting told that they’re the best cousin ever? And what better way to deliver that message than three cute little succulent pots? Each of these ceramic pots include a drainage hole to provide air circulation and keep their plants fully moisturized. They also each include a removable bamboo saucer to catch any water drips. Your far-away cousin can pick their three favorite plants to put in these quality made pots. If your cousin is a plant lover, they’re sure to love this gift!
    4. Cousins by Chance Best Friends by Choice Sign
      Looking for a sweet and simple gift to show how much you love your favorite cousin? This cute “cousins by chance, best friends by choice” sign is made of real wood and goes perfect with farmhouse decor. It can stand freely or hang on it’s own and stands at a size of 6x8 inches. This sign is the perfect gift for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or just to show your love to your cousin, no matter how many miles separate you.
    5. Long Distance Best Friend Clothespin Picture Frame
      I bet you and your bestie cousin take about a million pictures when you two are together. Gotta make those memories last, right? Get your cousin this beautiful, wooden hanging picture frame to display all your cute pictures together. Adorned with a sweet quote about friendship and a handmade string heart, this frame comes with 8 clothespins to hang your pics. Pictures size 4x6 or smaller will fit on the frame, and the frame itself can be hung two different ways. Your cousin won’t be able to hang this on their wall without a big smile.
    6. To My Cousin Necklace
      This gorgeous necklace is sure to make your cousin feel like the most beautiful person on the planet. With a dainty, but strong chain this necklace features a white gold plated oval and a small pearl resting inside. It comes with a gorgeous message about the importance of the great bond between cousins. This necklace is sure to become a staple in your cousin’s wardrobe.
    7. Funny Long Distance Candle
      There’s no getting around it, you fucking miss your cousin. And why not tell them with this hilarious candle? This 10oz candle is made with 100% soy and comes in the sweet scent of “lemon, peach, and orange”. There are no harmful chemicals or additives and the cotton wick allows a slow burn time of 50-60 hours. Your cousin will be able to come home after work, light this candle, and kick back and relax all while thinking of how much they miss you.
    8. Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Pillow Case
      Sometimes all you need is a big hug from from someone you care about. But, if they’re halfway across the world, that can be a difficult task. This pillow case is here to save the day! A perfect and simple decoration to add to cousin's bedroom or living room. You can bet your cousin will be hugging this pillow every day until they finally get to hug you again.
    9. Pocket Hug Token
      Ever heard of a pocket hug? It’s a sweet little token that your fave long distance cousin can keep in their pocket, purse, or wallet as a little reminder that you’re always with them. This pocket hug comes tucked away in a little leather keychain and comes in seven different designs. It is made with stainless steel so as not to fade, tarnish, or rust. Every time your cousin comes across this keychain, they will want to book the next flight home to see you.
    10. Long Distance Personalized Map
      If you like the idea of the personalized connected states mug, but your cousin doesn’t drink coffee, this personalized map is the perfect gift for your cousin who lives miles away in different state. This print can be customized to any location, color, date, and name you would like. It has the option to come in a black or white shadowbox frame. This beautiful map will look good in any room in your cousin’s house and show them just how much you love and care for them. Your cousin will appreciate this gift for years to come.
    11. Cousins Make The Best Friend T-Shirt
      Do you have a little cousin that is your best little buddy? One who looks up to you and follows you around at every family event? Then, they are sure to love this super cute t-shirt that says “cousins make the best friends.” This shirt comes in sizes 12 months to 5-6, so you can get one for each of your fave little cuties. It comes in a variety of different colors for everyone’s taste and it will become your little cousin’s new favorite shirt.
    12. Blessed to Have a Cousin Like You Trinket Dish
      If your cousin likes to wear a lot of jewelry, but has trouble organizing it all, then this trinket tray is a good choice for her. This 4x4 inch ceramic tray is covered in a quality glaze and is the perfect size for anywhere in the house, whether it be the bedroom, living room, or even the kitchen. A thoughtful keepsake, it even comes pre-wrapped in a gift box. This is a unique gift that will show your cousin just how truly blessed you feel to have them in your life.
    13. Cousin of All Things Cosmetic Case
      Instead of jewelry, does your cousin have a lot of makeup that they have trouble organizing? Or are they just a fan of Dr. Seuss? Either way, this cosmetic case is the perfect gift for them! Inspired by Things 1 and 2, this cosmetic case is made of quality canvas material and is wear resistant. And if your cousin isn’t big into makeup, the case is awesome for carrying art or office supplies, as well. There is no other cosmetic case like this one, and your cousin is sure to get plenty of use out of it.
    14. Cousins I'll Be There for You Tee
      Everyone is a fan of Friends, right? And even if you’re not, everyone has seen at least one episode and knows the iconic theme song and font. This cute Friends inspired t-shirt is a fun gift to give to your favorite cousin and let them know you’ll always be there for them. The shirt comes in three different styles (round neck, V neck, and racer tank) and a variety of colours and sizes. It is made with quality, soft materials. This shirt will become a staple in your cousin’s closet and will be their go to piece no matter the occasion.
    15. Miss You Figurine
      If your cousin is a sentimental person, then they are sure to love this beautiful figurine of a little person holding a balloon with the words “miss you” written in them. The figurine stands 5 inches tall and is hand carved by artist Susan Lordi. The finishing touches are all hand painted and it is made to last. Your cousin will absolutely love the simplicity of this little figure and the love it shows you have for them.