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European gifts for Americans

Europe is a continent of so much diversity. It is hard even to start thinking about a finite list of gifts representing all faces of the Old Lady. So, if you are looking for a typical European gift for your fellow American, here are several pieces of advice. Whether you are looking for gift ideas for adults or children, the unknown someone or a true friend, a travel enthusiast or a house-worm, if you are a gourmet searching for local spices or a magnet collector – let us give it a go!

  1. Belgian Waffle Maker
    There is no sentence more truthful than the one saying that the path to a heart leads through the stomach! People from Belgium know this, and they made their waffles a worldwide treat! If you want to gift your American friends a European gift, look no more! With this waffle maker, they will taste the welcoming spirit, good cuisine, and more. Let your American friends find out!
  2. Specialty Teas Box
    Taylor family from Harrogate, Yorkshire, claim that you will not find more English, natural, and organic tea in other places. They offer 48 bags of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Breakfast, Lemon & Orange, Pure Assam, Green Tea with Jasmine, Organic Peppermint, and Organic Chamomile. It is a divine trademark of the UK and Europe! Gift this to your American friend, and you may rest assured knowing they have a piece of the Old Continent in their hands!
  3. Cheese Fondue Party Set
    One does not have to reach the highest peaks of the Alps to feel the European winter and have a taste of something that will make that winter go away. Now, you should know this about the fondue: do not order it in a restaurant. Safe keep it for a snowy winter, minus hell surrounding, somewhere in the mountains with your friends! All you need besides that is some cheese and bread. If your American friend is a gourmet, they will love this touch of European cuisine! Bravo!
  4. Swiss Army Pocket Knife
    Every boy dreamed of the genuine Swiss Army pocket knife! Well, no man would not sign up for one either. Here is an original sample with multitools! Let us not hope that someone will ask your American friend who he would bring to the deserted island because - let us face it - we already know the answer! From the European Swiss to America - the Swiss knife is every boy's dream!
  5. Guinness Pint Glasses
    Give us three pints each over here! How many beers is that? You know what? It does not matter! One should not think whether a pint is half a liter or three drinks. Pint is a pint, and having two glasses that measure just that means there is a perfect measure! The fact that behind these glasses stands a Guinness brand says it all. If your American friend is a beer connoisseur, they will appreciate this European gift dearly!
  6. Viking Drinking Horn
    When an American gifts a bullet rock glass to a European, the only way to return the gesture is to exceed it. A Viking drinking horn is the right gift for an American from a European if they both appreciate a sip in a good company. Gift this horn to your American friend, and they will own a truly unique home bar piece.
  7. Travel Journal
    A travel journal is always a good gifting idea if your friend is a traveling sort. People tend to take photos instead of notes, but memories come back to life best when we write them down. This travel journal offers space for writing, planning trips, making promises about what to do upon the return, and lists some interesting and motivating quotes about traveling the world. The travel journal is a fine gift from one European traveler to their American traveling friend.
  8. Italian Chocolate Biscotti
    Although pasta and pizza are the most famous specialties of Italian cuisine, dare to offer your American friend a box of Italian sweets, namely chocolate biscotti. There can be no mistakes with this dessert: chocolate biscotti is one of the best European sweets ambassadors. Your American friend will be anxious to bring them home and taste fine European sweets. In case they manage to reach the airport or harbor with them. It is hard to resist the invitation that comes in a beautiful gifting box. These biscotti are ready to cross great distances and amaze!
  9. The Little Book of Irishisms, by Aimee Alexander
    The best way to meet some people in a local community of your choice is to go to a bar and have a drink with some people, or visit their marketplace and see the variety of colors, food, and spices. It is always a good idea to find out if local people have a sense of humor and if they are offended by any other behavior. Irishisms are a great choice for a gift from a European to an American, especially when one of the countries of interest is Ireland. Reading this book before travel can be fun once a person lands in the actual country and starts noticing the things from the book. This book is a perfect gift for a fan or someone who likes to judge people by their sense of humor.
  10. Folktales from Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden, illustrated by Ulla Thynell
    European nations take great pride in their history, especially folktales. There are many festivals and events where they bring their (hi)stories to life. This book aims at teenagers and adults, but even children with an interest in fairytales and folktales can follow the storylines. These folktales are beautifully illustrated to make Nordic parts for what they are: magical spaces with wise, humorous, and adventurous people.
  11. The Lyrics, by Paul McCartney
    One day, if all internet and libraries disappear, there will be music. And only timeless music can survive even with all records deleted. It is music that inhabits hearts. If your friend is a music fan, this book can be their bible. Sir Paul McCartney writes more, but here is an edition that tried to gather all his verses from 1956 to the day. Great gift from a European to an American Beatles fan!
  12. Funny T-Shirt - Beergetarian
    Someone might think that all European nations endorse a specific beer culture. The truth is not far from that. Germany has Octoberfest, Ireland is a beer homeland, people in Czech and Balkans hardly drink anything else, and the list could go on and on. This funny T-Shirt can be an official gift from a European to an American beer fan. Your American friend will wear it with pride!
  13. Swiss Wallet
    Swiss is a country of cheese, watches, and mountains, but it is most certainly the country of money safekeeping. If you want to gift your American friend something of quality, this wallet is just the right choice. Any wallet is a good choice, but the Swiss wallet has karma that makes you feel that your money is safe (even from yourself). It is a gift from a European to an American friend that shows care for financial wellbeing.
  14. Crystal Whiskey Glass Set
    Glasses are glasses, but crystal glasses have always been something else. This set of glasses is searching for tenants in the shape of bourbon or cognac! This crystal is made to serve many senses: visual, tactile, and taste. The crystal glass set is a perfect gift for any occasion. You may rest assured that your friend will appreciate it greatly and have you in his thoughts whenever they say cheers. A gift to remember from a European friend to an American one!
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  16. Bluetooth Music Tesla
    If your friend is more into a combination of technical, durable, and handy memorabilia, gift them the Tesla Bluetooth. It is not large, but it will make a great conversation point. It is a good reminder of the actual Tesla discovery and its links to the wonders of technology of our times. Your American friend will enjoy bringing true European and Tesla souvenirs to the country where Tesla made all of his discoveries.
  17. Calligraphy Pen Set
    Calligraphy is so old and almost forgotten skill. Yes, there were times when people wrote with feathers and ink, and these times are not so far away. If you have a friend who still fancies writing letters, calligraphy, or writing as such, this gift will make you one of their favorite people ever. It is a beautiful and meaningful gift to make your friendship even stronger than before.
  18. Balkan 2000, by Sanja Ilic & Balkanika
    If your friend loves learning about places before visiting, this gift can be one of the best tools. Learning about the Balkans from historical writings sometimes feels like a mission impossible. If your American friend is reaching Europe to visit these areas, it sounds like a good thing to introduce some food, movies, and music instead of the history of the Balkans. Sanja Ilic & Balkanika music speaks more than the language of lyrics and music. It manages to transfer the sensations, spirit, and character of the Balkan region. If you have a music-loving American friend, they will be thrilled with this CD with Balkan music.
  19. Castanets
    Castanets are small concave pieces of wood joined in pairs. When you think of the Spanish women dancing to the sounds of traditional music, you should know that they have castanets in their hands, dictating the rhythm of their moves. Castanets are colored in folk motives and shades, and they come in two pairs, in nice boxes and ready to become part of memories. Castanets are a beautiful reminder of Spain and a journey throughout Europe. Your American friend will love them!
  20. Roman Lady Justice Bookends
    The passionate reader will be head over heels for joy when gifted these bookends! Bookworms love bookmarkers, signed books, and book-related figurines. But the enthusiasts are always looking for new ways to refresh their bookshelves and rearrange their books in specific orders. Bookends with Roman Lady Justice will be an ideal addition to their bookshelves, especially shelves with classic works. If you recognize some characteristics or habits of your American friend, do not hesitate. A perfect gift from a European bookworm to an American one!
  21. French Gourmet Gift Basket
    The best way to learn about some cultures is to know their cuisine: what they cook, why, when, and how. This French gourmet basket has it all: various sorts of cheese, biscuits, meat delicacies, pates, spices, and many more. After your American friend visits all the right places in Europe, this gift set of various tastes is a perfect thing to take to home America. A simple way to bring a little bit of foreign country tastes back home. It is the right gift for true connoisseurs.
  22. Greek Monastiri Honey
    Greece is a cradle of the civilized world, and souvenirs are related to history, cuisine, sports, and literature. But if you want to gift your American friend a taste of Greek nature and wildflowers, make sure they pack this beautiful honey! It is made in traditional ways - from collecting honey to making labels for the jars. It originates from the island of Crete. Your American friend will be thrilled to take the sweetest taste of Greece home!
  23. Olive Oil
    One may find olive oil throughout South Europe: Spain, Greece, Italy, Croatia, and Montenegro. In all of these countries, there are places where people grow and pick olives and make olive oil in old ways. And it is then that the olive oil can be virgin olive oil. The extra-virgin olive oil has a sophisticated smell and aroma and should stay in dark places. It comes packed in these cans for transportation and protection. If your American friend is a cuisine connoisseur, bringing this olive oil home will feel like taking whole Mediterranean Europe with them and tasting it one bite and sip at a time. Maybe it is not popular as the Genco Pura Olive Oil Company products (from The Godfather), but it will find its way to the heart of true gourmets.