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Housewarming gifts for newly divorced woman

Finding right gift for recently divorced woman is all about letting her know that she is still special and loved, regardless of what has happened in her life. Show your support of a friend or family member, who we know will miss her husband but can find peace knowing you are there in the future. A new beginning is just around the corner. A thoughtful gift can bring joy to a newly divorced woman, such as a foot massager, cookies gift basket or motivation cards.

Gifts for a recently divorced woman can help successful take control of their life again and put a bright spin on the situation. With these gift ideas, you can help a recently divorced woman regain her sense of self-control and feel stronger.

Best Gifts for Newly Divorced Woman

  1. Electric Foot Massager
    They say everything comes from the feet. If they're freezing, one gets cold. If they're uncomfortable, one gets pain and discomfort. This electric massager with vibrating acupressure and rotation system improves circulation and massages all-important pressure points of one's feet. It takes away the pain caused by standings or long walks. Consider it as a perfect gift for one of those days when one comes home, pours a glass of wine, and needs some good relaxation. The remote controller relieves you of the effort of getting down and programming the massage. Everything on a button sounds just about right!
  2. Face The Consequences: Party Gamea
    This present may be the perfect something to call up your friend's VIP people and waste away! It's four games in a single box. But what you are buying this for is a daring challenge that accompanies those who lose! It is lively and laughable. This game is a promise of hilarious fun! Looking into each other's eyes the next day will be a challenge too. It does say 'this is not safe for wimps' on the box. No worries there, right?
  3. Beanie Hat Headphones
    Sometimes one's thoughts make too much noise. At other times, one just wishes to cut off from the surroundings and be let alone. This cherry blossom pink hat has it all: warmth, aesthetic gorgeousness, music storage, headphones, and a possibility to take an incoming call. It also gives one the freedom to go for a long walk, listen to the favorite playlist, and give their own rhythm to a day no matter what.
  4. The Original Wine Condoms
    There are chances that your divorced friend will need a bit more support from her friends. After divorce, the stigma comes, and it will follow her just about anywhere. There are chances she will open a couple of wine bottles to accompany the conversation. Maybe she will not finish them. That's where this present comes in handy! It's an insanely useful gift to make your friend laugh every time she re-seals an unfinished bottle of wine. This might come as a bit of a shock: this ultimate wine protection is invented by a mother and son. Go figure!
  5. Six Divorce Wine Bottle Labels
    Gift your divorced friend with six of her favorite wines and decorate them with these funny and go-girl stickers. Messages are here to remind her of the support she's got and the choices she made. Don't you let her doubt that! One phase in her life is gone, and another one is yet to come. So hold your glasses high and make a toast to a new beginning and courageous decisions! Cheers!
  6. A Girl's Gift Set
    This gift is for one of those occasions when you don't know what to buy. When you think about it, a couple of small gifts joined together make it better than just one, right? Tumbler with a straw, bracelet, pair of socks, and a keychain each come in a company of true and humorous wisdom. What happens just before 'and she lived happily ever after'? Your newly divorced girlfriend is just about to find out. You wish her luck!
  7. Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager
    This gift comes with one message alone: indulge yourself. Take it easy, relax, and feel good about being you! After thanking your brain and your guts for a courageous decision, make all the rest of your body parts feel good too. You can't divorce headache or anxiety in your shoulders, but there are things you can do to bring relief. You may take it and use it just about anywhere. The bonus comes in the fact that you need no therapist to experience Shiatsu-based therapy. You can do it on your own. This and everything else, for that matter!
  8. Solar Hummingbird Wind Chimes
    Did you know that there is a place in Colombia at the elevation of 5,311m called Navado Del Ruiz? The city is picturesque! Wherever you go, you'll find thermal springs, waterfalls, and streams with hot water that just came from the heart of the volcano. One of the most amazing things you will see is - hummingbirds! They are beautiful and trustful creatures. Give these to your friend. She'll get to have her private little miracle and enjoy it for its beauty. We all need a little beauty now and then.
  9. I am Outta Here Mirror
    We all listened to the same old fairy tales about a princess that wasn't happy until a prince came to rescue her. These stories are embedded in our upbringing. No one ever said a girl could achieve something on her own. Getting a divorce is a turning point in one's life. It is hardly the end of the world. One should celebrate it. And celebrations go hand-in-hand with presents. This is a small mirror for your friend's purse. It's simple and classy with a touch of encouragement to move mountains. You're very welcome!
  10. Cookies Gift Basket
    There isn't a thing in this world that gives the energy back instantly as the sweets do. Here you have a tray with 18 delicatessens to make you go nuts! They come with all sorts of flavors, dressed in white and dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruits that make you mmm and think that this life is such a beautiful thing. Your friend would appreciate it. It's perfect for one of those nights when you light some candles, open a bottle of dessert wine, and humor yourself. All flavors come in pairs, so do evenings of indulgement.
  11. Spa Bath Gift Basket
    How often did it cross your mind that everything seems to be easier when you are at the seaside? There's sun, chilly breeze right when you need it, light clothes, and a flow of words that comes easier on any occasion? This spa bath basket maybe can't take you there. If you arrange its content and close your eyes, you might feel the smells and mistake water in your bathtub for a splash of waves. Did I say you? What I meant is - your friend. But you should take one for you too. It is so worthwhile!
  12. Conscious Uncoupling, 5 Steps To Living Happily Even After, by Katherine Woodward Thomas
    How do we start our relationships? What are the challenges of happily ever after? What happens when it doesn't work out? Is divorce failure or an opportunity? It sounds like been there, done that. But divorced ones often continue their life with bitterness, anger, and weak self-esteem, prone to self-destruction. It helps to reach out and understand questions and answers (or lack of them). When talking to a friend doesn't lead to peace, it is ok to search for other places. Conscious Uncoupling will help a divorced person place emotions in a set of personal folders and heal. Give it a shot!
  13. Kindle Paperwhite
    Now, when your friend is back at being single, it may sound like a good idea to buy her a library. Well, not the traditional library with all the woodcraft work. Kindle is a perfect choice for a friend who wants to read about the places where the story leads. It doesn't fold on its corners, and big books are light as a whole library. It can store 32GB of books, and one can take them just about anywhere. It is also waterproof (no worries if you spill your coffee over it). Now there is time. Use it for new stories!
  14. Cocktail Machine
    Some items need no description. It will take a few words to describe how amazing this drink mixer machine is. It does all the work. No shaking, no mixing, and no stirring needed. Insert the capsule, press the button, lay back, and enjoy. It is a kind of gift that is a class above anything else. One should make sure to have enough preferred drinks in the house. Do make every evening count as a special occasion.
  15. Motivation Cards
    Now and then, everyone needs a little lift of energy or simply a kind word to help you go through the day. Here is a pack of 60 inspirational cards. Each has a unique quote, a positive message that can lift you and put a smile on your face. Sometimes, all that you need are encouragement and a kind word. Here, there are 60 thoughts to color your day. And all of them are shiny and bright!
  16. Engraved Keepsake and Paperweight
    Always remember you are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, SMARTER than you think & LOVED more than you know. These words deserve to meet your eye every single day. The present itself comes in an astonishing package: all gentle, white, and ready to present itself. Sure, it's also there to keep your papers safe, but it will boost the confidence in your choices and make it safer.
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  18. Full Body Pillow for Adults
    After years of sharing the bed with someone, one gets used to sleeping with a partner, leaning one's back against the other. To stop yourself from expecting the other in everyday situations is sometimes the most difficult part of the divorce. This present makes it easier and more comfortable to sleep in a bed alone. Memory foam remembers your favorite positions and makes every position you make the most comfortable one. It doesn't snore; it doesn't try to get away in the middle of the night; it doesn't watch TV until late at night. It is a perfect pillow for a night of steady and peaceful sleep. You deserve it!
  19. Love Friendship Bracelet
    If you wish for something that will bring style and class at the same time, you're at the right place. Some pieces of jewelry are statements per se. This bracelet is a suitable addition to any outfit. Cubic zirconia stones give it a rich and shiny effect. The overall feel is that there is something quite gentle about this piece of jewelry. It's a perfect gift for a gentle soul. It also comes with a gorgeous gift box, all ready to land in your friend's hands.
  20. Little Black Dress
    Coco Chanel coined that famous saying that all a girl needs is a little black dress. She also said that 'fashion should express the place, the moment.' It was the truth almost 100 years ago, and it is the truth today. Those were times of the great depression, and the consequences of WWI were still rooted in society. Today is a time of a new beginning. And all a girl needs today is to take that moment and feel good about herself. A little black dress will empower this feeling for sure!
  21. Massage Gun
    Maybe it's called a gun, but don't mistake it for something hurtful and penetrating. This massage gun is one of the best things you can buy for your friend, yourself, and everyone you know who might be in pain, distress, and tension. Even professional athletes use it for relief, relaxation, and deep massage. It can be used at home, gym, work, and outdoors. Your friend will thank you forever for this one!
  22. Personal Massager
    Last but not least: His Majesty. I know what you might think: she doesn't miss it that much, or she can manage quite all right without it. But you want to buy a present that might come in handy and bring on some hilarious laughs. It's a silent, waterproof, smooth, and rechargeable 'he'. It has eight speeds to choose from. It brings tension relief to all of one's body. Who could ever ask for more? Go for it!