19 Apology Gifts for Clients to Truly Say You’re Sorry

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Apology Gifts For Clients

As much as we are dedicated to our jobs and pay attention to details, mistakes happen to all of us. As long as they’re not frequent and too serious, they should be considered an expected part of everybody’s work-life. What’s truly important is the acknowledgment of our faults, as well as the ability to make a constructive and genuine apology.

Have a client you need to apologize to? Are you worried about how they will react? If so, take a deep breath. Accidents happen and no one is perfect. The best way to win back a client after a failure is with an apology gift. You’ll feel better, and so will your client. Here’s our list of 19 gift ideas that will help you make a more effective apology to your client.

Best I’m Sorry Gifts for Clients

  1. Blank Gift Certificates
    Whatever your business is about, providing your client with a gift certificate, in the form of a free product or service, is a safe and effective way of apologizing for your mistakes. These blank cards are elegantly designed, look professional and have enough space for you to write a personalized and custom gift certificate. Because your clients have already expressed interest in your business / service / product, providing them with your free work is a sure way of keeping them loyal, even after the mistakes you’ve made.
  2. Gourmet French Gift Basket
    Clients can be fickle and difficult to please, but you need them to keep the business going. What do you do when you have a dissatisfied client, and have made mistakes with them? Giving gifts and apologizing, when needed, is an excellent way to start fresh with your clients. When gifting your clients, it is important to pick out gifts that a majority of people would like, a neutral and pleasant I'm sorry gift that shows your appreciation for them using your services. This gourmet French gift basket includes finest French foods like cheese, biscuits, meat delicacies, finest olives and sweets - a luxurious and appetizing collection to suit everybody’s tastes. Bon Appétit!
  3. Essential Truffle Collection - Gift Set
    Going a little luxurious can’t be a bad idea when apologizing to your clients. A deluxe gift set of essential truffle collection that contains four deluxe truffle products - two bottles of black and white truffle oil, a jar of flaked black truffle sea salt and a jar of white truffle honey will make your client’s taste buds happy. These highest quality rich flavours will definitely be an unexpected gift for your client and will bring the wow factor that always works magic.
  4. Wine Lover Set
    Instead of going for the old school traditional way of gifting your client with a bottle of wine, try getting creative and going for this wine accessories gift set. This is a unique assortment of wine accessories and useful tools for wine lovers. You can add a bottle of wine of your choice and you will have a great apology gift for your client.
  5. I'm Sorry Succulent - Apology Gift Box
    Sometimes, as a business owner, that apology needs to come in the form of an apology gift for a client. Even an apology to a client can be in a witty way. Apologies are a hard thing to give, but an important one. Doing so shows that you care, and that you need to be forgiven. To make sure your apology is noticed, there are gifts for clients that can help. It can be especially positive if you bring a smile to the client's face with your gift.
  6. Luxurious Weekly & Monthly Planner
    Another functional and useful gift that anybody can benefit from! This undated, luxurious and elegant looking weekly and monthly premium edition planner is a great gift choice that will suit everybody’s needs. It will still make you look professional and neutral, but caring enough to your clients to add a gift to your apology and acknowledge your mistakes in a formal way.
  7. Tea Chests with 40 Handcrafted Pyramid Tea Infusers
    Everyone can make mistakes and I believe it’s up to us as business owners and sales reps to understand the importance of apologizing for those mistakes in order to learn from them and make our clients happy again. This wonderful tea collection box with 40 handcrafted herbal tea infusers makes for a healthy and relaxing treat for your clients. The box contains a variety of teas that are likely to suit everyone’s taste. Who doesn’t like a hot cup of high quality tea after a busy work day?
  8. Whiskey Decanter Set With Glasses And Bar Accessories
    When gifting your clients with an apology gift it is important to know at least some of their preferences and interests, although that’s not always possible. For all whiskey lovers out there (there’s plenty of them, so less chance of going wrong!), this whiskey decanter set makes for such a luxurious looking gift. The premium set works for both men and women and even makes for a nice bookcase decoration. Cheers to keeping our clients happy!
  9. Gourmet World Coffee Bean Box
    For all working people, coffee is usually an indispensable part of everyday life. It keeps our energy and focus on point and makes those working hours much easier. Though not as healthy as the tea collection we’ve mentioned before, this premium coffee gift basket will not only make your client’s everyday life more pleasant, but will take them on a world coffee tour with its flavorsome, freshly-roasted whole bean coffee set. Chocolatey Latin American taste, fruity African roasts, earthy Sumatran blends and everything in between to keep your client happy and loyal to your business!
  10. Motivational Business Penlight with Lighted Writing Tip
    You can’t go wrong with a business pen that is both practical and inspirational. It features an engraved motivational quote: “Focus: Realise Your Potential”, which also speaks about how you look at your own business, therefore makes for a professional and formal apology gift. Its elegant design makes it a great gift for both him and her, and it’s ideal for all working people or students. What makes it special is the writing tip flashlight for easier writing in dark rooms as well as a stylus tip for operating touch screen devices.
  11. Lindt Connaisseurs Assorted Chocolate Gift Box
    Everybody falls for some Lindt chocolates! A high quality edible gift is always a good choice, especially for clients expecting an apology from you! We all know that chocolate triggers those hormones related to happiness, so it’s definitely a good tactic for when you have to bring those clients back or keep them loyal to you even after those mistakes! A yummy Lindt Connaisseurs assorted chocolate gift box is one of the best chocolate gifts out there! They are sure to forgive you if you get them one of these delicious treats.
  12. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit for Beginners
    A plant is an interesting gift to give to your client, as it’s a living and growing thing that will, in a positive way, remind them of your sincere apology and work for many days to come, which definitely sets those chances of them coming back to you higher. This Bonsai tree starter kit is ideal even for beginners, works as a wonderful and creative gift even for those who have never planted a single flower seed, and will look great on their work desk.
  13. Set of Decorative Mini Desktop Artificial Succulent Plants
    If you want to play it safe and provide your clients with a gift that doesn’t require any skill or effort, this set of decorative mini artificial succulent plants will make for a great apology gift and will wonderfully decorate your client’s work desk and remind them of your business. They require no maintenance, no watering and are perfect for any workspace as they’re using minimal space while at the same time making the whole ambience more calming. The design is clean and minimalistic, perfect for a contemporary home or office. This gift maybe won’t win back the client, but it will show that you are really sorry.
  14. Coffee Mug Warmer
    Are you thinking about apologizing to a client? If so, then you might just want to consider using one of our apology gifts for clients. Another useful thing for your clients would be this coffee or tea mug warmer, an ideal addition to your client’s home or office desk. This mug warmer slows down the cooling process of any beverage and keeps those working days more pleasant by always providing a warm drink on the side. It is definitely one of our top favorites and one of the most functional gifts on the list. We guarantee your client will like it and find it useful for everyday life!
  15. Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Variety Pack
    If you want to add that creative twist to those regular gourmet gift boxes for clients, try this Movie Night variety pack of popcorn kernels and popcorn seasoning. It’s one of those bursting with flavor gifts that suits everybody and will make your company or business seem unique and creative in the eyes of your client. It’s a perfect gift for all foodies out there and works for almost any occasion!
  16. Soap Sampler 16 pack
    When apologizing for missing a deadline or disappointing clients in some other way – sending the right apology gift in their office might be just what they need. This bundle of 16 high quality, French milled, luxurious scented soaps enriched with shea butter, essential oils and natural extracts in captivating botanical scents, works as a wonderful thing to get for your clients. It contains scented soaps for both men and women and makes for the best smelling aromatic gift on our list. If you want to surprise your clients with something unexpected yet luxurious, this is a great choice for you.
  17. Gourmet Nut Gift Tray
    Another delicious gourmet gift full of nice flavors is this gourmet nuts gift tray. Its stylish packaging is filled with freshly assorted roasted nuts. It contains honey roasted peanuts, roasted salted almonds, roasted salted cashews, roasted salted pistachios, roasted pecans and walnuts, and will be an amazingly delicious yet healthy desk snack for your clients while they are working, or after work as a relaxing movie snack. When things go wrong, though and someone is unhappy with your services or products – you know it’s time for this perfect apology gift for a grumpy client.
  18. Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds
    I’m sorry. That’s the first thing you think when you realize you messed up on a client project. I know, because I’ve been there too. Then it’s panic time which is the worst part of this scenario, but never fear: get apology gift for the client! Seriously, have you ever sent an apology gift to a client? If not, it’s time to give awesome apology gift like this one. These are elegant, noise cancelling, bluetooth earbuds that can be a great I'm sorry gift for your client. Whether they like listening to music while working in an office, or while travelling to work in the morning, earbuds are that one gift that everybody would be excited to get. Going for a “everyone needs this” type of gift is the key when gifting clients.
  19. Iron Flask Sports Water Bottle
    Another “everybody needs this” type of gift your clients will appreciate is this straw lid, leak proof, vacuum insulated stainless steel thermo mug. Whether your client is a busy at work type who loves having their hot coffee with them at all times or is a sporty type who loves going for these daily morning runs while having their water with them, this elegant looking water bottle is functional and useful for everyone as it keeps their drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours!