25 Must Have Gifts to Send Your Friend Off to College

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Gifts for Friends Going to College

Oh no. Your friend is going to college. While it’s exciting to see him or her set out on this new path in life, you will probably be feeling sad and missing them terribly. Don’t let distance put an end to your friendship. It’s difficult to be away from a friend in college, but there are several ways that you can stay connected to your friend, no matter how far away they are. Friends are forever, no matter the distance. Going off to college doesn’t mean you can’t still spend time together. Give them a gift that will last throughout the years, no matter how far away you are.

Leaving for college is a huge milestone, and it can be both, difficult and exciting. Sometimes when friends go off to college it can be a huge change from being so close for so long. The gifts on this list can make that distance seem smaller and help the new college student settle in. Send your (best) friend off with a gift that’ll keep friend’s feeling close to home (and you) even when a friend is a thousand miles away.

Gifts for Friends Going to College

  1. Study LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port
    Style, storage, and utility. This desk lamp does it all. With this gift your friend can head off to college ready to tackle all of their new challenges without having to worry about what time it is, where they left their charger, or where they left their pens. This nifty find combines lamp, clock, pen holder, and phone charger for the ultimate desktop convenience gift.
  2. Bedside Caddy
    Storage in a dorm room can be a challenge for your friend as they begin their first year of college. Too much stuff, too little space. This bedside caddy can make that challenge much less frustrating, especially if they have bunked or loft beds. This caddy sits snug under the mattress and keeps everything your friend could need within arms reach.
  3. Bond Touch Bracelets
    When your friend goes off to college it can be hard, being so far away. This gift can help nurture your friendship despite the distance. With these bracelets you can always feel when your friend is thinking of you and vice versa. Simply tap the touchpad whenever you want your friend to feel that you’re missing them and they’ll feel it on their bracelet.
  4. FaceBook Portal Mini
    Your friend most likely already has a smartphone for video calling but what happens when your friend needs to use their phone for something else while talking to you? The FaceBook Portal Mini is another great desk gift so that your friend can stay connected even while working on their English 101 homework.
  5. Snack Box Variety Pack
    Let’s face it. College students need a lot of snacks to get them through the school year. Send your friend off to college the right way by stocking them up with this crazy big variety pack of all the best snacks out there. You’ll be providing them with some of their favorites and helping their wallet as well.
  6. Pepper Spray Keychain
    Safety is a big concern when first starting college, especially these days. If you’re worried about your friend’s safety then you can give them this practical gift. The pepper spray keychain is safe enough that it won’t go off in your pocket but usable enough that it can be quickly deployed whenever needed.
  7. Rapid Ramen Cooker
    Picture this. It’s midnight. Your friend is gearing up for their first all night study session. Suddenly! Hunger. But the dining halls are closed! Enter this gift, the rapid ramen cooker. Simply pop in your ramen and water, put it into the microwave, and boom. Perfect, quick ramen. No trip to the 24 hour fast food joint needed.
  8. Backpack Laundry Bag
    Dorm room laundry trips can be a hassle. Help your friend tackle that hassle more easily with this creative gift. Once full this laundry bag can be worn as a backpack, making it way easier to haul a load of laundry all the way from the top floor of a dorm to the basement laundry room.
  9. Photo Clip Fairy Lights
    Help your friend hold on to precious memories while decorating their new dorm room in style with this gift. These fairy lights can brighten up any space with a soft warm light while the clips can safely hold any photographed memory that your friend wants to display in their space. Make your friendships last as long as possible by giving this gift to your best friend going away to college, or any friend for that matter.
  10. I Miss You Succulent Gift Box
    Are you wanting to let your friend know how much you will miss them when they head off to college? This gift box features a live succulent for your friend to care for and a candle (that your friend definitely won’t light in their dorm room) that tells them just how much you miss them.
  11. Sticky Note Set
    Responsibility and organization. These two concepts can be some of the most difficult for new college students to master. Help your friend out by choosing this practical gift. This colorful sticky note set features sticky notes for any occasion. Lists, note taking, reminders to stick on the mirror, and more!
  12. Color Changing LED Strip Lights
    Bring a bright splash of color to any dorm room with this fun gift. Your friend can use these color changing strip lights to safely and creatively illuminate their brand new space however they want. These lights come in a variety of lengths and cycle between red, green, and blue.
  13. College Student First Aid Kit
    Let’s face it. When we go off to college we’re not always the most adept at taking care of ourselves. With this practical gift your friend won’t need to call their mom every time they get a bump or scrape. Featuring pain killers, ointments, gloves, and any type of band-aid someone could need, this kit has everything your friend needs to survive their first year of college with all (or most) of their limbs intact.
  14. Adulting To-Do List
    Living on your own for the first time comes with a lot of new tasks and responsibilities. This funny yet practical gift helps your friend to outline everything that they need to accomplish so that they can stay on top of their ever growing list of adult responsibilities. This list even features a section for recognizing all the accomplishments from the day, like wearing pants!
  15. The One-Pan College Cookbook
    Mom’s cooking is something that we all have to give up when we head off to college for the first time. Dining hall food can be good, but it doesn’t beat a home cooked meal. With this cookbook your friend can try their hand at making their own homemade meals in one pan. It’s not mom’s cooking, but still a great gift to help your friend get the most out of their college experience.
  16. Portable Ping Pong Set
    College is a lot of hard work. By giving your friend this fun gift you are giving them the portable tool that they need in order to give themselves a game break any time, any place. All they need is to find a table. This set comes with a portable net, ping pong balls, and paddles. Simply set up and enjoy!
  17. Hug in a Jar Candle
    Most dorms don’t allow lit candles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your friend a long distance hug with this sweet gift. Just tell them not to light it until they move into their own place! This candle features the calming scent of lavender and a fun label. Give your friend a “hug in a jar” as they go off to college and the distance won’t feel that far.
  18. Bounce Battle Game
    This is a great gift for your friend to bring with them as they head off to college. Not just a fun game to keep on their desk, this game is a great crowd pleaser that can help any college freshman make new friends wherever they go. With so many ways to play (tic-tac-toe, level out, H-O-R-S-E, and more) this gift is a great choice for someone going off on their own for the very first time.
  19. Tortilla Blanket
    In college comfort is the name of the game. If you add humor to comfort it’s a total game changer. This blanket is a great gift for someone going off to college because not only is it very soft and comfortable, but the pattern is also hilarious. Once wrapped up in this cozy blanket your friend will look (and feel) like a warm human burrito. Going off to college will have their own struggles and anxieties, but you can help things go more relaxed and leave your friend with smile with a funny blnket.
  20. Memory Foam Lap Desk
    What are some things that you think of when you think of college? If homework was not on that list, you need to tell us where you went so that we can apply. This is a great practical gift for your friend as they go off to college. This comfortable and organized lap desk lets your friend do homework wherever they want! Homework in bed? No problem. Homework on the couch? Easy. Homework in the bath? Not recommended but probably possible with this gift. Just don’t plug anything in.
  21. Wireless Charger Lamp
    Convenience and style are great words to describe this product. This gift is great for someone going off to college for the first time because they will never have to worry about losing their phone charger. Just by placing your smartphone on the bottom section of this stylish lamp it will begin to charge wirelessly!
  22. Motivational Water Bottle
    Treat your bestie to a gift she'll actually use! Hydration is important. When you first go off to college all the new freedom can make it so that all you want to drink is soda and coffee. Encourage your friend to add water to that lineup of beverages with this useful gift. The water bottles come in many fun colors and feature encouraging motivational phrases.
  23. Anxiety Relief Coping Skills Booklet
    Let’s be honest. While mental health hasn’t always been widely talked about, it’s such an important topic to be aware of. It’s always okay to ask for help! This booklet is an excellent mindful gift for your friend as they go to college because it gives them all the tools that they need to take care of their mental health as they shift from one environment to another.
  24. Mini Desktop Cooker
    Help your friend upgrade their dorm room cooking game with this awesomely practical gift. No longer will every meal be made in the microwave. This desktop cooker is great for ramen, eggs, soup, oatmeal, and more. Small enough for safe dorm room use and large enough for sharing, this is the perfect gift for anyone headed off to college.
  25. First Year Student to First Year Success: 21 Things You NEED to Know When Starting College
    The transition to college from living at home can be stressful. New responsibilities, no supervision, what do you even do?! With no guidance the freshman year can be a “make it” or “break it” year. Help your friend going off to college “make it” with this book. It’s a guide to success in your first year of college. Help ensure that your friend has all the tools they need to not only succeed but thrive their first year of college.

Your friendship will last even when you’re apart and these gifts will help your best pal get through those days that make you really miss each other and count down the days until the next time you see each other.