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Got a friend or a family member who’s making that big change and moving to Texas? You’re an amazing pal for wanting to surprise them with a gift! Moving to a different place can be very stressful and complicated, resulting in numerous sleepless nights. Some are happy about it while others find it to be a very sad situation. Leaving the living space, you have previously gotten used to, can be a life-changing venture and should be carefully planned down to the last detail to prevent any unwanted scenarios from happening.

Don’t have an idea what to get for someone moving to Texas? We’ve researched it so that you don’t have to. Here’s a list of 28 best gift options for someone moving to Texas – grab a cup of coffee and easily choose the perfect one for your buddy.

Regardless of which one you choose from the list below; it will surely put a big smile on their face. Howdy!

  1. Texas State Shaped Serving and Cutting Board
    Regardless of where they’re coming from and where they’ve previously lived, they chose Texas for a reason. A large percentage of people who live in Texas are absolutely in love with this state and wouldn’t move out of it, therefore there is a strong possibility that your friend will also fall in love with their new place of residence as soon as they adapt to it and make themselves at home. That’s why anything Texas-related will be a great gift to prepare them for what’s coming. This Texas state-shaped serving and cutting board will be an amazing addition to their new kitchen in Texas!
  2. Texas Flag Throw Blanket
    There’s this trend on social media - many people put flags of where they’re from in their Instagram bios. In all likelihood, a Texas flag will be found all over your friend’s social media accounts once they move and settle down in their new place. You see something with a Texas flag printed on it? Chances are high it’ll be a great gift for them. A throw blanket is something everybody needs, and this one with a Texas flag design will be a perfect choice for someone moving to the Lone Star State, to make themselves cozy and at home straight away.
  3. Homesick Texas Premium Scented Candle
    Scented candles are always a good idea when it comes to gifts, regardless of the occasion or who’s the gift receiver. For someone moving to Texas, a better candle than this one is nowhere to be found. It is made by a brand named Homesick which perfectly describes the situation your friend will be in for the next couple of weeks; it is beautifully scented which will make them feel cozy and comfortable in the challenging first few days after moving, and it’s called Texas! The absolute perfect first candle for their new home! It’s also hand-poured and made of natural soy wax blend - instant purchase!
  4. Texas Keychain
    Moving isn’t easy. Not only does it mean leaving the previous living space behind but also dearest people - family and friends, which might just be the toughest part of it. If you’re not the one who will be welcoming your friend or a family member to Texas, but saying goodbye instead, this keychain will be the loveliest and most meaningful little gift. The most important thing is to show them that you’re with them no matter how far apart you are, and the message engraved on this keychain expresses exactly that. This gift will be very dear to them and make them feel better about the whole moving process.
  5. Texas Cowboy 15-Pack Keychain Bundle
    If you are the one welcoming them to Texas, no need to be all that emotional! Make it light and fun with this 15-pack bundle of Texas cowboy-themed keychains that will instantly make him or her feel like a real Texan! Moving means getting a new set of keys, and attaching them to one of those fun keychains will look amazing and make them feel at home right after they settle down. One of those even serves as a bottle opener apart from being a keychain, so it will serve well for opening up the first bottle of beer in their new home.
  6. Texas Bucket List Adventure Guide
    No matter how well they’ve researched the place they’re moving to, the first few weeks or even months will still have them feeling like tourists. Planning out some fun activities in advance will not only make that period of adapting more joyful and pleasant but will also help them quickly get used to their new place of residence by exploring and learning about it. This Texas Bucket List Adventure Guide containing 100 must-visit destinations will be a great little tool for them to plan out interesting activities even before setting their foot in the Lone Star State.
  7. Home Sweet Texas Dishtowel Bundle
    Moving means getting used to a new house or flat which is a hard process for many. It also means transferring stuff from the old place to the new one, and even though equipping the new place with stuff from the previous one might make the whole adapting process easier, one can only carry as much. The last thing they want is the stress of carrying a bunch of baggage. This bundle of two “Home Sweet Texas” dishtowels will be a perfect little gift for anyone moving to Texas to instantly make their new kitchen homier and more pleasant to the eye.
  8. Texas-themed Socks
    We all need to own multiple pairs of socks, don’t we? Socks need to be changed and thrown in the washing machine after each day of wearing them and they also easily get lost or torn, so a fresh new pair of socks is always a good idea when choosing the right gift, regardless of the occasion. And who doesn’t like a pair of socks with a cute or funny design?! It’s a trend to wear them these days, even letting them show above the sneakers or other shoes. For your moving-to-Texas friend, these Texas-themed ones will be a perfect choice!
  9. The Texas Waffle Maker
    Making the new living space cozy and homey is half the job of making a person who moved feel more comfortable in their new home. A good way to do so is to add a lot of homey details that make the house a home. And what’s a homier room then kitchen? The pleasant smell of a delicious meal coming from the kitchen is what makes one feel at home, and this waffle maker will be sharing a yummy aroma that will instantly create a loving and cozy atmosphere. It is in the shape of the Texas flag, making it a perfect gift for this occasion!
  10. Texas State Flag Bottle Opener
    Owning Texas flag-themed stuff is just so Texan! Your friend might be sad about moving now but will soon become a real Texan, a cowboy proud of his or her state, ready to show their love for it wherever they go. What’s a better occasion to celebrate with some drinks than moving to a different state or country? This Texas state flag bottle opener will be a perfect little gift for them to easily open their drinks on the first day of being in their new crib, to celebrate such a big and important life change. Cheers to adding “Howdy!” to their everyday vocabulary!
  11. Texas Fund Jar
    Let’s be real - moving can be a costly process. Depends on how far the place someone is moving to is compared to their previous country or state, but transferring all furniture and bits and pieces from the previous living space is complicated and usually not even possible. Having everything furnished and prepared even before actually moving in is also not a necessity. Buying and adding things along the way is perfectly normal, but that’s why starting a fund is a smart decision in these times and that’s why this Texas-themed fund jar will be a cute and symbolic gift for someone who’s in the process of moving there.
  12. Texas-opoly Game
    It’s all fun and games until you lose your money in Monopoly! Out of all existing board games, Monopoly is probably one of the most loved ones. If you haven’t played it yet this is a perfect opportunity to do so with your friend before or after they move. This is a perfect version of the popular game for anyone who is moving to Texas - it’s not Monopoly, it’s Texas-opoly! A Texas-themed Monopoly-style game that will definitely be a wonderful gift for this occasion! It will provide them with many joyful hours of fun with friends in their new place of residence.
  13. Dallas City Map Whiskey Glasses Set
    Texas is a big state and if your friend happens to be moving to Dallas, this might just be the perfect moving gift for them. Due to the fact that moving can be such a stressful, for some even traumatic process, relaxing and celebrating such a big life change with some good whiskey will be a wonderful reward and a great start to life in Texas. This set includes two whiskey glasses with a unique design of the Dallas city map - perfect for anyone who’s going to continue their life in Dallas! They look very classy and will be a lovely gift.
  14. Texas State Flag Apron
    Only after cooking a meal in their new kitchen can one make themselves feel at home in their new living space. First days in a new crib usually come with lots of takeout and fast-food orders as the new kitchen might not even have all the necessary appliances yet. To make your friend more inspired to quickly start cooking their own healthy meals at home, get them this Texas flag-themed apron. It will be a funny yet useful gift that will definitely lighten up their mood before or after moving. Not to mention they will look very cool and stylish while cooking in their new Texan kitchen!
  15. Texas Flag Cozy Travel Blanket
    Moving often comes with traveling. But there’s a big difference between this type of traveling and other types of traveling. This one comes with a lot of worrying and stress about how everything is going to end up and if they’ll be able to adapt easily and quickly. All these worrisome thoughts can fill up a moving person’s mind even though they’re usually going after a better life. This cozy and soft travel blanket with a Texas flag design will make your friend’s trip to Texas cozy and comfortable while being compact and easy to carry on any trip.
  16. Speak Texan in 30 Minutes or Less
    • Book - Speak Texan
    • Lou Hudson (Author)
    • English (Publication Language)
    • 80 Pages - 06/20/2009 (Publication Date) - Great Texas Line Press (Publisher)
  17. Rustic Texas Map Ornament
    It’s always all about the details. Details can make a big difference and create a home out of a house. It’s not possible to decorate the new place immediately after moving in, but adding little things along the way results in a lovely home with a cozy atmosphere. The interior design of someone’s living space is of great importance for the overall quality of their life. It can affect not only their mood but also productivity and overall satisfaction with life. That’s why you don’t need to go over the top with your gift - this small yet meaningful rustic Texas-themed ornament will be a lovely choice.
  18. Texas Oven Mitt
    You might be having a hard time picking a perfect gift for this occasion because the person who’s moving is picky or already has everything. In this case, you can’t go wrong with a Texas-themed kitchen accessory that everybody needs in their house. If they like to cook at least sometimes, they will need an oven mitt in order to not get burnt while taking something out of their new oven. Having all these Texas-themed accessories that will be useful in their everyday life will make those first few months in their new place more pleasant and delightful. They will be happy to use this oven mitt in their new kitchen.
  19. The Great Book of Texas
    Big life changes such as moving to a different country or state require a lot of preparation in advance. Learning more about your future place of residence is of great importance for easily fitting in and feeling good about the change. Even if your friend is a nerd who has already researched everything about Texas, you still can’t go wrong with this book as a gift. There’s still so much to learn about it. This book describes the crazy history of Texas with interesting facts and trivia that they probably couldn’t find on the first page of Google. With this gift, they’ll be prepared for life in Texas in no time!
  20. Lone Star State Camping Mug
    If there’s one thing, we all have in common then it’s our love for coffee. Even those individuals who avoid drinking coffee due to health reasons probably had a period of time in life when they excessively consumed it. Drinking coffee has become a ritual for most people from all around the globe, that’s why we all love having a collection of cool mugs in our kitchen cabinets to choose from every morning. It’s just a detail that makes the whole day better. This Texas-themed camping-style mug will be the perfect choice for anyone moving to Texas. It will 100% be their new favorite mug.
  21. Texas Pillow Covers
    Bringing throw pillows or pillowcases to a new place when moving is definitely not a top priority on most people’s packing list. They’re just not all that meaningful and can be bought anywhere at an affordable price. That’s why it is a great idea to surprise your friend with these Texas-themed pillow covers in a retro style - perfect for someone moving to Texas! If they love where they’re going, they will gladly decorate their new home with Texas-themed stuff, and what a better way to start doing so than by adding some throw pillows to the living room couch.
  22. Texas State Cookie Cutters
    An amazing way to start off your new life chapter is by baking some delicious cookies in your new kitchen. In fact, that’s one of the best things one can do during their first few days in a new home. Something cooking or baking in the kitchen, filling out the whole place with a wonderful aroma is going to create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere. This 4-piece set includes cookie cutters in the shapes of a star, a state, a cowboy boot, and a Longhorn which makes it a perfect gift for anybody moving to Texas. They can make a variety of doughs or even sandwiches with them.
  23. Cowboy Boot Bottle Stopper
    A gift for someone who is moving doesn’t have to be all that serious at all! It doesn’t have to be pricey either. In fact, even a symbolic and affordable little thing can be a good choice if it’s somehow related to the occasion. When it comes to something related to Texas, anything with a cowboy motive will be a great pick! This cowboy boot bottle stopper is that one little thing your friend doesn’t even know they need in their life. When they don’t finish a bottle of wine or another drink, they can just close it with this and save it for another day. A fun little gift!
  24. Lone Star State Flask Gift Set
    This one is a classic when it comes to gifting people who enjoy having a drink every now and then. A flask gift set with a twist - a design perfect for a Texan! Your friend or a family member who is moving to Texas might not be a Texan yet, but they will become one soon! Then they can enjoy a nice drink from this Lone Star State flask set in their new place in Texas. It is definitely a great choice if you want a classy gift, it comes in a nice black box and will be a perfect gift choice for this particular occasion.
  25. Howdy Doormat
    This is probably that one funny thing every house in Texas should have. It’s just a Texan thing to have a Howdy mat on the front porch and a great way for a new Texas resident to greet their Texan neighbors and friends. If a front door doesn’t have a mat, the place might look undone and not too homey. That’s why this Howdy doormat will be a fun and interesting gift for anybody who is entering their new life chapter and continuing their life in the state of cowboys. A doormat is definitely an appropriate gift for moving in.
  26. Texas Star Longhorn Coaster Set
    If they plan on adding some new furniture to their new home, they definitely don’t want to damage the tables when placing mugs with hot drinks on them. That’s why every house needs a set of coasters and there is no better coaster set out there for someone moving to Texas than this one - a set of coasters with the most famous symbols of Texas - a Star and a Longhorn. It will be a nice little easily portable gift for them to carry to their new home. Interesting, appropriate for the occasion, fun, and useful at the same time!
  27. State of Texas Bangle Bracelet
    If your friend is into jewelry, you might want to consider surprising them with this simple yet elegant bracelet in the shape of the state of Texas. It will be a meaningful detail that they can carry with them wherever they go and it will always remind them of you and of the big life change they made when they moved to Texas. It will also show off their state pride to all their future Texan friends and neighbors. A beautiful piece of jewelry for every future cowboy or cowgirl!
  28. Texas Flag Boots Salt and Pepper Shakers Set
    Even though people who freshly moved into their new home tend to keep it very tidy and clean in the first few months, it’s very easy for rooms like the kitchen and bathroom to get messy. That mostly happens because of the fact that they’re usually used the most, not to mention cooking is the best way to make any area messy. That’s why it’s important to have useful tools that help in keeping the kitchen organized. Therefore, this set of salt and pepper shakers in the shape of cowboy boots will be a perfect gift for someone who is moving to Texas.