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Gifts for librarians

Being a librarian often means helping people find something they need. Today we will help you find the perfect retirement gift for a librarian. We have put together a list of some unique retirement gifts for that librarian in your life. The only thing left to do is for you to decide which one to choose!

Best Librarian Retirement Gift Ideas

  1. A Shakespeare Printed Coffee Mug
    Who would not want an intellectual-looking coffee mug? Your retired librarian friend would hopefully be pleased to accept a special Shakespeare printed mug reminding them of their long-past memories from their old workplace. Also, drinking a cold tea while sunbathing by the sea with their loved ones from their finely designed mug would make your friend only merrier.
  2. A Day to Day Calendar
    Have you ever had a day where you simply reminisced about your past, longed even for the scent of leaves? Well, even though you cannot bring those days back for yourself or your loved ones (so long as they do not invent the time machine), you can still have a daily calendar filling you with positive energy through inspirational quotes. They say the positive aura it gives off gets even stronger when you present it as a gift for your retired librarian friends 😊 Such a colorful gift would give animation anywhere it gets placed!
  3. A Metal Leaf Bookmark
    It is most generally the librarians who hand over their bookmarks to people who have lost their own, and now it is time for them to have a set of cute bookmarks. Reading a book with a pretty bookmark while sipping coffee at home as tree leaves fall one by one outside is the description of the word ‘peace’.
  4. Box of Teabags
    I have no hesitation in saying that old librarians cherish drinking hot beverages during any time of the day! Things get even better when the tea bags in question are packaged in tiny & colorful bags with care & making it a great gift to present. However, humble it may be, a box of teabags is always seen as a lovely gift.
  5. Library Book Necklace
    Being a librarian must surely not be an easy profession. After retirement, your acquaintance may very understandably want to show off their style with charming accessories. A book necklace prepared with care and love is here to fulfill that purpose & also make them feel special & cared for. It is undoubtedly an invaluable gift for those who keep their neck upright!
  6. Inspirational Quote Pen
    What is better than having a pen engraved with an inspirational quote? Having a pen engraved with a quote from the father of the English language himself! If you are in search of a special & humble gift to buy for your retired librarian friend, then I may say that there are only a few things that would top it at such a wallet-friendly price.
  7. Authentic Pencil Cup
    I am not very inclined to believe that there would be many people who would not gladly accept a very finely designed antique-looking authentic pencil cup. It is even more so if the people in question are retired librarians. That said, there is no doubt that they would cherish such a nicely chosen present.
  8. Iron Sculpture
    To begin with, let’s highlight the obvious here: this Iron sculpture looks so adorable! It does not matter where you might possibly place it; office, restroom, or better yet, it will make an elegant stand in any place of your newly retired friend’s house as stylish decor! Such a gift never fails to give off positive vibes & make the receiver of the gift feel special!
  9. Pair of Socks
    A classic! It is safe to say that a pair of lovely socks would make a warm gift for anybody. It is even more so when they have a very charming design like a bookshelf print on them. As your old librarian acquaintance keeps wearing them to special places, the spotlight will shine directly where it belongs, on them.
  10. Garden Gnome
    There are only a very limited number of accessories that would make a lovely home an even warmer place than a little fellow sitting on a chair of books & welcoming guests to the home. It is also believed that garden gnomes with cute little glasses guard both the home and the good vibes surrounding it (:
  11. Scarf
    To their nature, old librarians seem to take a liking towards simple but sincere gifts. If you are thinking of ways to put a gentle smile on such an acquaintance of yours, a chic accessory like a scarf with book prints on it will surely bring a sparkle of happiness to them.
  12. Bookshelf
    I believe it is very fair to assume that the possibility of a retired librarian having tens of books in their house is very high. Let it be that of having a bookworm nature or just liking creating a collection of books, they keep bringing new books to their house. In that sense, presenting them with a good-looking bookshelf would bring them nothing but happiness.
  13. Resin Figure
    It does not matter how hard I try; I never can recollect seeing a person who gets presented with a resin figure and not instantly become the happiest person around there! If I were to create a personal list of sincere and warm gifts, a resin figure would most probably top it. Maybe that is because I go crazy for them, but I think that, being an old librarian or not, any person would appreciate some quality resin figures for sure.
  14. Keychain
    I, personally, think simple but warm gifts are always the best option for a person with a low budget. However simple, a keychain with a little steel book on may make a retired librarian smile sincerely & remind them of you at those times they get their hands on their little & cute keychain.
  15. Antique Looking Journal
    Presenting a journal to a person who was once a librarian may seem to be an effortless-gifting move at first sight but if the journal in question has a quality antique leather design, then the said gift will never fail to amaze them. In my humble opinion, I would get flattered by such a gift. And I am even not a librarian!
  16. Collection of Classic Movies
    I was always a firm believer that enjoying a series of classic movies during hard times would always take all the negative energy away from a person’s heart (telling from personal experience). A selection of old western movies is sure to bring a sparkle of joy to your loved ones.
  17. Record Player
    I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that librarians tend to appreciate & like old-fashioned gifts most. That said, what would make them happier than listening to a song from their favorite band on a record player? They will feel like they are living a dream for sure!
  18. Kit of Healing Stones
    I believe it is fair to assume that retired librarians value one thing above all: positive energy! Here is a kit of healing crystals in a wooden box to serve the said above purpose. It is said that these crystals help balance the chakras in the body. Well, that is a “maybe”, but one thing is for sure: this gift will not fail to make them happy!
  19. Replica Painting
    In my personal view, paintings are important accessories that give inspiration to people. After working many years in a library, a newly retired librarian would happily welcome a beautiful piece of art in their home & rekindle their old library memories each time they turn their gaze upon it.
  20. Bookshelf Tapestry
    It is pretty much undeniable that bookshelves make a good sight. I humbly bring myself to say that, of all, the librarians may miss the beautiful sight of books on the shelves after retirement. That said, a finely made bookshelf tapestry might come in handy to ease the feeling of longing for their old workplace.
  21. Bookworm Bracelet
    Even though a bookworm bracelet is not the most expensive gift out there, it is no doubt that such a gift never fails to convey the warmth of a kind heart. Albeit retired, a librarian would be pleased to accept a gift reminding them of the old days. Besides, the other jingling little & cute steels make it funny to wear it.
  22. Book Scented Candles
    It should not be a far-fetched thought that a retired person may very well miss their old workdays. Well, an awesome gift does exist to make them feel they are still breathing the same air as in their old workplace: the scented candles! I have no hesitation in saying that taking a sniff from the scented candles may bring old memories back, putting a smile on the face along with it.
  23. Pair of Book Stack Earrings
    Looking for a not too expensive & finely chosen gift for a retired librarian you know? I think book stack earrings might be what you are looking for. I do not surmise that a pair of special earrings would ever fail to bring happiness to a warm-hearted old librarian! They will surely get charmed by such a simple yet sincere present.
  24. Rolling Library Ladder Kit
    To be perfectly honest, I do not have the slightest idea as to whether librarians enjoy using the Rolling ladders in their workplace or not, but they will surely be pleased to have it in their house without a shadow of a doubt. Besides, a retired librarian or not, a Rolling ladder in a room looks awesome, huh?