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Gifts for Oilfield Workers

Oilfield workers are people who work for the oil drilling industry. They perform a variety of jobs related to drilling, extracting, and producing oil from the ground or from the water. Here’s some great gift ideas for that special oilfield worker in your life. If you’re shopping around for a gift for an oilfield worker, remember this list of things that you know they’ll love and need!

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  2. Oilfield Key chain Men’s Drill Bit
    This is a unique gift for a unique oilfield worker. This key chain will for sure turn heads and your co-workers will be interested where they can get one for themselves. Every time you look at your keys you will see the pride of your job always being with you. This key chain would even be wonderful for fathers day or a birthday present.
  3. Original Oil Rig Art Prints
    I would love to see these types of gifts in my home when I come home from work. These are works of art and show a great passion. These are amazing works of art for anyone in oil businesses. Being proud of your work makes you have a better moral during work. These are the perfect gift for someone that loves to show pride in his or her work. They bring me back to old times. This cool gift is perfect for the man who dabbles in the oil field.
  4. Oilfield Oil Pump Jack Rig Die Cast Pencil Sharpener
    This gift has a few different functions and is great at your desk at home. It has a pencil sharpener and a functional scale. This gift works well for an oil field worker or just to add to someone's pencil collections. This is a work of art and is just gorgeous to observe. These are great antique gifts for everyone too. The overall pride when I get you to look at this work of art is amazing. I would love to have a gift that I can display for everyone to see.
  5. Oilfield Rig PopSockets
    This is a perfect gift for anyone with dirty jobs because the Pop Socket allows you to hold your phone without getting dirty. It has a great oil rig as the background and you can't find these in stores. You will stand out and be one of a kind when your co-workers look at your phone. Being unique and one of a kind is a great feeling to have because you are different and have pride in being who you are. I would love to be unique because everyone is unique in their small ways. You can use the Pop Socket to even hold up for your phone while on break or just watching a video.
  6. Oil Man Pump Outfit
    This t-shirt is funny and a good laugh at work. If you like being the laugh of the party then this is the perfect gift for you. It shows your profession and a funny meme. Never knowing the weather from today. They have the shirt in sweatshirts for the colder days. An eye turner and just a funny t-shirt all around. I would be proud to wear a shirt like this because I love being different and unique. This shirt says it all about being unique.
  7. Oil Field Trash Sign
    This is an eye-turning sign. It's a unique piece of art and most people display them in a way unique to them. Hanging them in your garage or inside your home. It's a funny wordplay with the oil field profession. Not many streets would be named this and I definitely would be proud to own this and stand out from everyone else.
  8. Funny Hard Hat decals
    All oil field workers need to wear a hard hat and what a better way to stand out from your other co-workers. These decals are funny and just overall different. This profession is hard and demanding so this is a way to have some fun with your job. I would wear these decals on my hard hat at work because I'm unique and standing out is my way to rebel. You can wear your decals on your clothing too. You can even use the decals on other items. If standing out and being different is what you're looking for then look no further and buy these decals.
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  10. Carhartt Socks
    These socks will keep your feet warm during cold and wet weather. They are even insulated and definitely will keep your feet nice and dry. They work perfectly for boots too because then you don't get the rash from wearing your boots. I know I like working with warm and dry feet so I would buy this product. It is a good choice for your son, husband or a friend who works in the oil and gas industry in a cold environment.
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  12. SWEN Oil Christmas Tree Ornament
    If your dad is retired oilfield worker we have something great for him. This beautiful Christmas tree ornament is one of a kind for your Christmas tree this year. How many jobs can say they have Christmas tree ornaments for your profession? This is an amazing thing to give during the holidays to a retired oilfield work and it looks elegant. It is easy to say it will be their favorite Christmas ornament on their Christmas tree.
  13. Electric Lunch Box Warmer
    This electric lunch box warmer is great for anyone on the job that doesn't get the opportunity to stop working on the job. This will warm up your food and keep it warm for hours to come. The abilities are endless and will make your life easier when you are on the go. They are easy and small to carry. They don't take up much room and allow you to work on the go and still have a nice hot lunch. Working as a roughneck can be tough on the hands, especially when working in cold climates and environments. But everything is easier with warm lunch.
  14. New Copper Oilfield Oil Well Derrick Drill Rig Gold Color Model
    Treat a loved one to this spectacular new high-quality replica of an oil well derrick. This model is constructed of solid copper. The product itself is of excellent quality, making it indispensable for any drilling rigs collections! This is a wonderful Christmas present for your son who works in oilfield.
  15. Magnetic Pickup Tool
    Have you ever had those hard-to-reach areas where you drop a tool or a bolt? If so, this is the best tool for you because it has a flexible head and allows you to get into hard-to-reach areas. This tool has a flashlight on the end too. This tool will make your life easier and allow you to get to those stubborn places. Being on the job you always need a tool just in case for those odd jobs. This is the best tool for a multi-purposeful job because you never know when you're going to need the extra light or just the ability to pick up a bolt that has been dropped. This is the perfect gift for just safety precautions because you can never have enough light to see what you're working on and it's magnetic too.
  16. Whiskey Globe Decanter
    This gift is amazing to look at and admire. It keeps your whiskey, or any type of alcohol, nice and cold. It is hand-crafted glass with an oil rig design on it. Inside the glass contains a sunken ship and is just an amazing art piece for a collection. If you like an antique or even a collector item this is perfect for you because this item screams being one of a kind. This is a great gift for anyone that wants a unique alcohol holder.