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Gifts for optometry students

Most people consider eyesight to be the most important human sense, as the eyes are the windows to the world we are living in and 80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight. Optometrists are those special people who keep our eyes healthy, fix any existing problems and protect them from potential issues that might arise due to genetics or unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Just like all other medical specialties, optometry is a hard and demanding field of study that requires countless hours of studying and preparing for challenging exams.

If you happen to know an optometry student and want to surprise them with a gift that will motivate them and show your honest appreciation for their hard work, we’ve created a list of greatest gift ideas for all optometry students that will help you find the right choice easily. After all, they might be that special person who will take care of your eye health in the near future!

  1. Eye Model 7 Parts
    The human eye is the main focus of all optometrists and understanding it fully is a crucial requirement for becoming a professional in this medical field. Anatomically accurate models that portray different body parts are a great tool for studying and seeing all the details in reality. This accurate eye model made of 7 parts is going to be an amazing addition to optometry student’s studying space and help them understand the anatomy of the human eye better while they are preparing for exams at home. It will also be a nice décor piece for their desk.
  2. Multifunctional Digital Eye Chart
    Even though the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of an optometry check-up is a wall eye chart that we’ve all been asked to read letters and numbers from at some point in our lives, things are rapidly changing as we are living in the digitalization era and everything is being upgraded to a digital format. The same applies to medical instruments and equipment, so a multifunctional digital eye chart is now a thing. Although students still don’t have their own offices, surprising them with some professional equipment now is a good idea for investing in their future.
  3. Wall Eye Chart
    Young people prefer digital versions of everything, but no doctor’s office is fully equipped without the good old regular wall eye chart as they are still a necessity in every optometry clinic. Even though the optometry student you are trying to surprise with a useful gift already has plenty of those in their school, getting their very own eye chart is going to be motivating for them to study even harder and it can also work as a nice wall decor piece for their room. This one is designed with a hole at the top so it will be easy to hang.
  4. Laminated Eye Anatomy Poster
    The number of scientific and medical facts optometry students have to learn on a daily basis is huge so having concise summary versions of important lessons is going to make their studying time much easier and help them memorize important information faster. This laminated eye anatomy poster is a detailed chart depiction of all human eye parts and is going to be an extremely useful addition to any optometry student’s room. Having it hung on the wall will make them memorize all the little parts without much effort because they will be seeing them while passing by the poster often.
  5. Book ‘’Optometry: Science, Techniques and Clinical Management’’
    A good book is never a wrong gift choice, especially when a person receiving it is a student. Even though students already own plenty of books and have access to them in their university libraries, expanding their own library with professional books specializing in their field of study is very important for professional development and the quality of their future work. Being exposed to additional information and knowledge is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to future doctors who carry such a big responsibility. This book provides a comprehensive overview of the entire spectrum of the field of optometry.
  6. Ishihara Color Vision Test Book
    You’ve probably heard about those color vision tests where you have to read the correct number or symbol on each page. They are meant for checking color blindness and are often an integral part of any optometry check-up. People who can’t see the numbers or see the wrong ones are thought to have problems with color blindness as it’s hard for them to tell the difference between certain colors. Getting this as a gift for an optometry student is a great idea as they will probably use it in their future work, but might also have fun with it now and practice with their friends.
  7. Eyeglass Lens Wipes
    Anybody who has to wear some kind of glasses on a daily basis knows how easy it is for them to quickly get dirty and cloudy. Even when you clean them regularly and try not to touch them with your fingers, they seem to mysteriously get dirty seconds later. We all know how annoying that can be, especially when you’re working or reading something, but optometry students probably notice it the most since they are constantly thinking about the eyes which makes them very aware of their vision. That’s why these gentle lens wipes will be a great little gift for them.
  8. Ruler Pupil Distance Meter
    Even though students still don’t need professional equipment as they can’t officially work or have their own doctor’s office yet, surprising them with a professional tool as a gift is actually a great idea. Not only will they be able to practice at home on their family and friends, but they will also be able to equip everything for their future office in advance, so they don’t have to spend a lot of money on it later if they want to open their own private business as freshly graduated young people usually don’t have a lot of financial resources yet.
  9. Eye Model For Retinoscopy Practice
    All medical schools require students to learn a lot of theory which consists of a large number of facts and important information. Even though that is considered to be crucial for preparing a young individual to become a professional doctor of any specialty, practicing on different anatomical models is as important as studying the theory about it. Real knowledge happens when they start gaining real-life experience, so this eye model for retinoscopy practice is going to be an amazing gift that will provide great practice, help them understand certain lessons better, and prepare them for their future exams while being easy to use.
  10. Funny Planter & Glasses Holder
    If you don’t want your gift to be too serious and want to surprise the student with an interesting gift that has a funny side to it, you might want to consider buying this funny planter in the shape of a face that doesn’t only hold the cute plant but also works as a glasses holder. The optometry student will be able to place their eyeglasses on the nose part of this planter, have fun with drawing a cute face on it and enjoy a nice and humorous decor piece on their desk while studying. It’s going to be such a cool little gift for them.
  11. Face Mask With Optometry Design
    We are living in a time when wearing a protective face mask is a necessity. That especially applies to medical workers who are exposed to many different patients on a daily basis and have to protect themselves and those patients as well as colleagues from any potential viruses or bacteria spreading between them. That’s why surprising them with a cute face mask that has an optometry eye chart print on it is a nice idea, it will make them look cool but also keep them safe and protected in a stylish way. They might even use it now during their university years.
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  13. Blue Light Blocking Glasses
    Optometry students are going to spend their whole lives taking care of other people’s eye health but they shouldn’t neglect their own vision. Because of their specialty and wide knowledge about this field of medicine, they should be the ones with the best vision out there. A good way to protect your eyes on a daily basis is by having those blue light blocking glasses whenever you’re looking at a digital screen, but the optometry student you want to get a gift for already knows that. That’s why you’ll pleasantly surprise them with this pack of 3 pairs of blue light glasses that will help keep their eyes healthy.
  14. Retinal Mouse Pad
    This is that funny thing every optometry student should own. A funny mouse pad with a detailed design of the inside of an eyeball. All students spend a lot of time in front of their computers while studying hard for the upcoming exams, so a mouse pad is a useful little addition to their studying space. It makes the mouse work smoothly, therefore making the students more productive when they study. This one is made of the newest tech microfiber fabric and has a non-slip rubber base. If the optometry student also happens to be into gaming, they will definitely find this gift very useful.
  15. Eyeball Wall Clock
    Every student’s focus in life is their field of study, especially if they are studying to become a doctor. That’s why surprising them with a decor piece that’s designed in such a way that shows off their field of study is always a good idea. They will proudly display it because it will show their future specialty while also being a cool addition to their room decor. This wall clock designed as an eyeball is going to be a funny yet useful gift that any optometry student will gladly hang in their room, to help them keep track of time while they are studying for exams.
  16. Optometry Themed Throw Blanket
    Even the most diligent students have those days when they just can’t force themselves to sit down and study or they choose to hang out with their friends instead, or just relax at home with their favorite Netflix series. While that is perfectly normal and happens to each and every student, it leads to sleepless nights spent studying for exams at the last minute. It is not the healthiest practice and makes the students less focused the next morning while also causing a lot of stress. This cute optometry-themed throw blanket will help create a better atmosphere and make studying at night cozier.
  17. ‘’Loading Optometry Degree’’ Notebook
    All students need plenty of notebooks to write down and keep track of all important lecture notes. Medical students are required to memorize a large number of facts and important information on a daily basis and they need the space to write them all down quickly while listening to the lecturer. While many young people nowadays prefer the method of taking notes on their laptops or tablets, which is easier and faster in comparison to writing them by hand, having notebooks is still a necessity. This one has a ‘’Loading Optometry Degree’’ print on its cover which makes it a perfect gift for an optometry student!
  18. Optometry Themed Cosmetic Bag
    Another cute little optometry-themed gift that everybody needs in their everyday life. Students tend to easily lose their bits and pieces especially when they are carrying them to their lectures. Their busy schedules can become pretty hectic so they need to make sure they are staying organized and keeping their stuff in order. This cosmetic bag has a fun print on it that goes: ‘’Eat, Sleep, Fix Eyes, Repeat’’ which perfectly describes what optometry students do if you replace ‘’Fix eyes’’ with ‘’Study to fix eyes’’, but they will also be able to use it after they graduate and become a specialist. It will keep their stuff tidy.
  19. Doctor’s Coat Wine Bottle Cover
    Given the fact that the optometry student you’d like to surprise with a gift is probably a younger individual, in all likelihood they love to celebrate their achievements with a couple of drinks with their friends. Although graduation is one of the biggest reasons to throw a party and celebrate, even smaller achievements such as successfully passing hard exams should be celebrated. That’s why this pack of 3 wine bottle covers that look like white doctor’s coats is going to be a cool gift for every optometry student, even if their graduation isn’t in the near future. Dress up a bottle of their favorite drink and surprise them!
  20. Optometry Themed Keychain
    One of those little things that don’t cost much but make the day of anyone who receives them as a gift. If you are on a budget or just want to randomly surprise an optometry student without a special occasion for it, then this optometry-themed keychain is going to be a great choice. It is indeed a small gift but the one they will definitely use in their everyday life. This one is specifically designed for optometry professionals, with a cute eye chart, medical symbol, and eyeglasses pendants as well as a ‘’Better Vision Better Life’’ message engraved on one of them.
  21. Optometry Themed Socks
    Everybody loves a cute pair of socks and gladly receives them as a gift for any occasion. Students are young people who have very busy schedules every day and go through many pairs of socks weekly, which sometimes puts them in a situation of not having that one extra clean pair to wear for that day. That’s why getting one more new pair for them is always a good idea and they will truly appreciate it, especially if it happens to have a cool design like these ones do. Every future eye doctor will happily wear those, especially for important exams.
  22. Multicolor Ballpoint Pen
    Medical students go through a lot of pens every week. Due to the number of notes they need to write down during lectures, the pens can quickly stop working properly and they have to replace them with new ones. Another reason they go through a large number of pens is that they tend to easily lose them. That’s why getting new ones for them is going to be a great and useful gift. This set of multicolor ballpoint pens will be amazing for taking notes in different colors during lectures, which helps keep the notes organized and clear.
  23. Word Search Book For Eye Care Professionals
    Optometry students have to memorize professional nomenclature which consists of many important terms they need for their exams and future work. The process of memorizing them all can be difficult due to the large number of them and medical students are very familiar with that. That’s why this little word search book is going to be a wonderful and extremely useful gift for every optometry student as it is filled with all the important optometry terms they will encounter at some point, such as anatomy, physiology, ocular disease, systemic disease and the eye, public health, pharmacology, and more.
  24. Eyeglass Frame Lapel Pin
    Who said doctors always have to be boring and scary?! This lapel pin will add such a fun little twist to the future optometrist’s professional uniform, which will make their patients have a pleasant time during their regular eye check-ups. Doctors shouldn’t be wearing lots of bold jewelry as it doesn’t look professional, but this delicate piece will be completely appropriate and look very nice. An optometry student doesn’t have to wait until they graduate and start working to wear those, they can wear them during their lectures too which will make them the coolest student in the room.
  25. Human Eye Coloring Book
    Due to their busy university schedules and frequent exams, optometry students can easily get stressed out which can negatively affect their health and overall productivity. That’s why it is important for them to find some relaxing activities that will make them feel at peace and take away all that stress from studying so much. One of those activities can be coloring, as it is considered to be one of the best ways to relax while doing something creative. This human eye coloring book is going to be a great gift for optometry students, as they will also be able to unintentionally practice eye anatomy while coloring.
  26. Eye Doctor Office Decor
    Maybe it isn’t easy for a student to imagine such a scenario yet but they’re going to become real specialists with their own offices or clinics soon. That’s why it is a good idea to surprise them with a gift they will be able to use for many more years to come and remember you whenever they pass by it. A piece of office decor is going to be the best choice for such a purpose as they will be able to display it in their own workplace after graduation. This lovely figure of an eye doctor examining the patient is going to be their favorite decor piece for years to come.
  27. Warm Compress Eye Mask
    Because they have to study so much, optometry student’s eyes can also suffer from eye strain. While learning how to take care of everyone else’s eye health, they should also take measures to protect their own eyesight and keep their eyes fresh and healthy. This reusable warm compress eye mask is going to be very useful for relaxing after a long sleepless night spent studying for the exams, reading notes and looking at digital screens. This mask also provides natural hydration and moisture for the most sensitive area of the face and relieves puffy eyes which students can often get.
  28. Digital Pupil Distance Meter
    Another great addition to the professional equipment every optometry student will need in their future work. Just like many other medical tools, even a pupil distance meter has its digital version now which is obviously much easier and faster to use compared to the old-school one. This digital pupil distance meter will be a great and useful gift for every optometry student to practice on themselves or others at home. It is also more precise for measuring than the regular ruler and has a memory function as well as an auto-shutdown function when placed on a flat surface.
  29. Optometry Themed Coffee Mug
    We all need coffee mugs, especially students who usually consume large amounts of coffee on a daily basis to keep themselves awake and focused on their studies. Every optometry student will be pleasantly surprised if you get them this coffee mug as a gift because it has an optometry-themed design with glasses and a funny message printed on it that reads: ‘’Eye Am an Optometrist, My Jokes Keep Getting Cornea and Cornea’’. They will love how cool this mug is and they will most likely use it on a daily basis, especially while studying for exams.
  30. Gold Evil Eye Bracelet
    A nice piece of good quality jewelry is always a great gift that everyone cherishes and keeps for many years to come, even saving it for their children or grandchildren. This gold bracelet will be a lovely gift choice for an optometry student as it has an evil eye symbol that will symbolically show the student’s passion for their future job. It’s made of 14K real gold plated in brass material and will never rust or change color, so they will be able to wear it for many years. It might even become their new lucky charm, not only for their university years and exams but also for when they start working on their own in the future.
  31. Funny Doctor Tumbler
    Everybody needs one of those tumblers. They are great for carrying your coffee or another drink without spilling it and making a mess, while also keeping its temperature on desired levels, whether it’s a hot or cold drink. That’s why it will be an amazing gift for any student to carry their morning coffee when going to their university to listen to important lectures. This one is perfect for an optometry student as it has a cute message written on it that reads: ‘’Trust Me, I'm Almost a Doctor’’. It will make them look cool and it will also be very useful for their everyday university life.