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Gifts for Marine Biologists

Marine biologists, like those in other branches of science, are not often heard of but spend their lives doing extremely important work. Monitoring fisheries and documenting and recording new species to name but a few things, if you know one of these unsung heroes then they’re surely deserving of a gift or two when the moment is right! After doing some extensive research and consulting with my fellow marine biologists, I came up with a list of the best gifts for marine biologists. Scroll on to the marine event!

Best Gifts for Marine Biologists

  1. Snapper Bookends
    Marine biologists are scientists too and like any scientist they’re likely to own a large number of books. There’s nothing more frustrating than the books on your shelf all leaning over in one direction and generally just looking untidy. I am sure any marine biologist would be thrilled to have this hand crafter snapper bookending their collection in some style.
  2. Sharkasm Sweatshirt
    An appreciation for humorous wearables isn’t only limited to marine biologists, and everybody will be able to see the funny side of this one. Everyone knows sharks are hunter scavengers, right? Of course there’s no salad bars on a coral reef so a shark craving salad – yes it’s sharkastic! Unisex and available in all sizes and various colours, we like it in dark heather.
  3. Synthetic LED Jellyfish Tank
    Jellyfish attract a certain amount of intrigue any mysticism. Maybe it’s because of the fact that they sting and some can be fatal, or just maybe it’s the general disbelief that something that is transparent can actually be alive? Who knows. What we do know is how cool this would look in any room. With 2 synthetic jellyfish inside and 5 color changing effects, this would really attract attention anywhere.
  4. If I Were Stung By a Jellyfish... Socks
    If I were stung by a jellyfish I would totally pee on you! It doesn’t take a marine scientist to see the humor in this. It does take a marine biologist though to tell you that peeing on a jellyfish sting isn’t actually going to help that much due to urine not actually being acidic enough... Still funny though, and a great sciencey point to make over and over again when showing off to visitors. Still funny though, and socks always make a great gift.
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  6. Ocean Opoly Board Game
    Think Monopoly in the sea with fish. This unique and salty take on the feud inducing family favorite is a brilliant gift idea and is sure to be a hit at a dinner party. Make your way around the reef (board) while purchasing blue whales, seahorses and sponges. Your marine biologist host will be thrilled to educate you on fun facts and figures while reciting the scientific names for all their favorite creatures.
  7. Definition of Marine Biologist T-Shirt
    Any marine biologist receiving this gift, while maybe outwardly being a little shy is certain to be quietly thrilled with this. It’s available in various colors and in male and female cuts, so you’re able to find the perfect version for anyone. For sure they’re going to love the definition but the funniest thing has to be the pronunciation.
  8. Bioluminescence Mug
    Bioluminescence has to be one of the coolest phenomena occurring in the seas. What makes it even more awesome and accessible is that you don’t even have to get wet to see it – it’s easily visible at night from beaches all around the world. With this mug, you don’t even have to go to the beach to be reminded of the spectacle, you only need someone to prepare you a drink!
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  10. Women’s Quilted Puffer Vest
    Often working next to or on the sea the conditions aren’t always favorable. Wind chill is by definition chilly so it’s good to have the right clothing to match the weather. For those that feel a chill more than others, or simply for those that really want to feel snug, this quilted puffer vest will do an amazing job at keeping your core warm. Ideally it comes with a detachable hood, helpful for those moments where it can get in the way but also suiting others when you want to keep the warmth on your head!
  11. Just a Ray of Sunshine T-Shirt
    This T-Shirt is an excellent play on words and it’ll certainly be appreciated by any marine biologist who will love the double meaning behind it. It’s available for men, women and children, in every color of the rainbow. There are sleeveless versions, hooded versions, long sleeved versions… You will have no problem in finding a style that will suit any grateful recipient!
  12. Citizens of the Sea National Geographic Hardback
    Books and reference materials serve as amazing collectibles and stand proudly on bookshelves. They wait patiently to be lifted out and serve to stir amazement, wonder and inspiration in their readers regardless of age and job titles. This book blends information and images perfectly and is packed full of information written in such a way to be interesting and informative to all. A wonderful addition to any collection.
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  14. Fisher Space Pen
    What better gift idea for a breed of scientist who spends most of their time outside battling the elements than the best pen on the market for writing in all conditions? The fisher space pen is even exhibited in the New York Museum of Modern Art as an example of outstanding contemporary industrial design. This version is a new modern take, with a stylus nib on the end so it’s even ideal for using on the screen of phones and tablets. Able to write upside down, underwater and even in zero gravity, this is the only pen you’ll ever need.
  15. Dolphin Swarovski Ornament
    This is a beautiful little gift idea that won’t break the bank but will still be a focal point on any desk. Silver plated and adorned with a Swarovski crystal in the middle it’s a wonderful reminder of these majestic mammals that are a favorite of not just marine biologists but people around the world.
  16. Dive Atlas of the World
    Containing 300 pages of detailed dive site descriptions and stunning images from all around the world, this book would look at home in any collection or coffee table. Considering almost all marine biologists are also keen scuba divers this is something they’re likely to reference repeatedly when looking for inspiration or dreaming of their next trip away.
  17. Sea Turtle Metal Wine Stopper
    Who doesn’t like wine? We don’t know either. Next, find a marine biologist who doesn’t like turtles. Combine the two and you’ve got: Yes, a sea turtle wine stopper. An important device in any kitchen / bar / contemporary office – if there’s any wine left in the bottle once you’ve finished then you will certainly want to make sure that the quality is protected until you can come back and finish it off!
  18. The Sea Painter’s World: New Marine Art of Geoff Hunt
    Breaking away slightly from the world of marine biologists, this is still a topic that is sure to remain of great interest. Colonial curiosity in centuries gone by was stirred by searches for spices and mythical birds of paradise. In the process of these searches some of the most important discoveries were made including Australia and the Americas. Geoff Hunt has devoted his career to drawing the most incredible and detailed visualizations of his research of the colonial masterpieces that were constructed to aid these explorations, with many of these detailed in this fine book.
  19. Becoming a Marine Biologist
    There’s a great chance that you’re here looking for gifts for those who wish to be a marine biologist or hold a great interest in the topic. If this is the case then this is a great gift idea for those young budding scientists or simply those who are curious to learn just how a normal day is in the life of a marine biologist studying marine mammals in Hawaii every day. Written by bestselling journalist Virginia Morell and based on the life of Dr Robin Baird, it details how he raised himself from a working-class background to becoming a world-renowned expert in his field.