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Debaters are the most cunning people by default! From an early age, they learn about argumentative thinking and are more than often opinionated on every tiny issue that comes across their path.

Having this in mind, sometimes it doesn’t come easy to find a gift for debaters that would radiate the wow effect. So, trust us with this list of gifts for debaters that has a reason behind every proposed item. (Because it matters.)

  1. Party Game: Make Your Case!
    In this game, there are judges, lawyers, and hopeless cases. But - with good instructions - no lawyer (debater) will lift the white flag and hold their hands high up. It is a rather unusual social game. It will bring some very awkward cases to debaters keen on winning. Little gray cells will be rather busy while the case is still open. Your debater friend will need merely a split of time to adjust to new rules, and they will enjoy it!
  2. Funny Coffee Mug
    Sometimes, to be a debater means to have no mercy toward your opponents. Some hard-core debaters will argue that the sky is blue only to debate that it is white instead - JUST BECAUSE THEY CAN. People like this can make everyone cry, which makes this mug a great idea to gift to your debater friend. You never know when one might need to tear off their opponents.
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  4. I May Be Wrong - But It’s Highly Unlikely T-Shirt
    All-star debater will love this T-Shirt! Being the kind of person that can never admit to being wrong is not enough. Wearing a T-Shirt that says it loudly will have to do it. Gift it to your debater friend, and rest assured that there are a few gifts that nail it. And you got to get one of them! This gift to your debater friend will make them grow an inch!
  5. Funny Board Game for Adults: Freedom of Speech
    This game is an exciting warming-up activity for a teenage debate club or an adult evening at home. It requires at least four people and tons of good, healthy, and competitive spirit. It is a guessing card game that comes with a buzzer. Guessing the mysterious word might be just the thing to have fun and relax or to warm up for the debate. A perfect gift for your debater friend!
  6. Smart Reusable Notebook
    Very few things annoy a fine debater. One of them is when they come to the end of their favorite, lucky notebook. Since debaters love all smart things, make sure your friend will enjoy this AI-smart reusable notebook. How does it work? After completing the writing, the content is transferred to a cloud, Google Drive, or other content-sharing service providers. The owner of this Rocketbook can use a special damp cloth to erase the content of the notebook pages. Sounds fantastic? Gift it to your debater friend and see what happens! The best gift ever!
  7. If I Agreed We’d Both Be Wrong T-Shirt
    Let’s face it - the debaters LOVE T-Shirts that make them look good AND prove they are smart! Besides building skills to lead argumentative discussions, debating builds up confidence. On very rare occasions will you find a debater who is not confident about themselves. As a matter a fact, you will discover only an excess of confidence present. If you find your debater friend somewhere between these lines, make sure to gift them this T-Shirt. It is one of those gifts that make impression on the one who is wearing it and those in their company.
  8. Debater Travel Mug
    When people compete at some level, whether practicing sports or debating, they are prone to develop certain routines. With Rafael Nadal, it is a core body workout followed by water bottles and inevitably biting the trophy. With a top debater, it is a good night’s sleep and the presence of the favorite pen, notebook, or coffee mug. Not to mention that it is always handy for a debater to have a prop that will save them a word or two. Talk to the mug. Enough said! Perfect gift for your debater friend.
  9. How Debate Teaches Us to Listen and Be Heard, by Bo Seo
    To listen and be heard is maybe what every debater strives for the best, and when these lessons come from a two-time world champion debater, who also used to train the debate team of Harvard, then you know that the words of wisdom don’t come from theory. Quite the contrary! Every hard-core debater will appreciate this gift greatly. It tells them that the one gifting it has some insight into what is so important to them, and lessons from this read will reveal some real-life tips and tricks for good communication and debate. Gift this book to your debater friend and watch them be amazed!
  10. The Great Debaters Movie
    One may argue that there are a few movies that truly promote debating skills. The Great Debaters is one of the best among them. It is all about building a debate team in a small, black Texas college and preparing them for a national debate with the Harvard debate team. As if it doesn’t sound appealing enough, add Forest Whitaker and Denzel Washington to it and every debater in the house will grab their popcorn and seat. Great gift for one’s debater friend full of motivational words!
  11. Discussion Prompts That Encourage Dialogue, Debate, and Critical Thinking
    It is never too early to start with argumentative thinking or debating one’s choices. These prompts are here for a bit younger debate candidates. It contains the playing cards, and every card has a specific situation. The debaters pick one of 180 cards and find fighting arguments for or against the assigned argument. It is a perfect gift for fine young debaters who start their journey into the big world of debating.
  12. White Wood Debate Stand
    If your debater friend lacks confidence at public performances or they are all-time professional debaters, this white wood debate stand is a perfect gift for them! On one side, it may help one less confident get used to the stand. It can also help them transfer their nervousness away from the stand at the official competition. On the other side, it may be the right boost to the already strong ego of the one fully confident and aware of their debating skills. One way or the other, this stand will take a special place in your friend’s house and life. Gift it to your debater friend and wait to see how long it takes to reach new highs.
  13. Digital Timer
    Debating is not only about how to make an argument or defend your opinions. More often, it is also about how to organize your standing in a specific amount of time. In a debating event, it doesn’t matter if you have a perfect argument if you fail to present it within the time you have at your disposal. Timing is everything, and one will hear this often while preparing for your debates. Here is a digital timer that can help you practice keeping time and organizing the performance. You will learn to go straight to the point before the buzzer starts ringing. It is both a fine and handy gift for your debater friend! Good choice!
  14. Decorative Hourglass
    Maybe you have a debater friend who loves to collect debating memorabilia? A long time ago, when the debaters used to speak at city squares or other public places, they didn’t have modern timers or buzzers. They had hourglasses. The time they had to present the arguments was limited to the last grain of sand falling to the bottom glass. The decorative hourglass is a reminder of those times when debating was an everyday content of people’s lives. Gift it to your debater friend and be both a designer touch to their home and a memory of the days when debating originally started to take place. A perfect gift for your debater friend!
  15. Tabletote Portable Stand
    Debaters are allowed to use technologies while participating in the debates. There are strict rules they must follow if they don’t want to be expelled, though. It may sound like a good idea to gift a Tabletote portable stand to your debater friend. They certainly have their laptop, and a portable stand may be the thing they need to practice their performance with real-time props. This stand can be handy even beyond that - for projection events and other IT-involved occasions. It is both practical and adjustable to the event. Great gift for your debater friend!
  16. Answer Buzzes for the Youngest
    If you want to gift something to the youngsters just about to enter the world of debates, the answer buzzer may be just the gift they might need! They will surely learn how to make and defend their stand, but the buzzer will teach them to organize their thoughts within a specific time. Being straightforward and to the point is all they need, but keeping their arguments within the time shows a responsible attitude toward the debate. Gift it to your young debater friends, and they will be able to practice at home. And we all know that practice makes perfect!
  17. Kasper Little Black Dress
    Going for a debate competition is not only about the debate itself, but also a little bit about the appearance. If you have a female debater friend, the idea to buy them a little black dress may be something that will keep their mind less anxious or nervous about the event. They need to wear something anyway, why not go for a classic? Any stylist will tell you that a little black dress is a classy choice for any official event. After all, it is all about the proper posture and attitude. A little black dress is a perfect gift for your friend to boost or match their natural confidence. Great choice!
  18. Gold Barrel Black Ink Pen
    This pen is a classy-looking gift for almost any person or occasion! Debaters are equally competitive to any other sportsperson and are keen to have habits and objects that bring them luck. This pen is an amazing token of appreciation that will match perfectly the favorite notebook. It comes in a gift box and is ready to go even for the last-minute delivery. An appropriate gift for your debater friend!
  19. Futuristic Luxury Pen
    Now, rarely do you meet the product with lifetime durability. Often, we ask ourselves what places technology will take us to, and the answer changes with every passing day. This futuristic pen is free-standing at the perfect writing angle and comes with an equally futuristic stand. It is inspired by space and endless possibilities. It is one of a kind gift for someone who is absolutely the best at what they do! Your debater friend will love this gift and enjoy it to the fullest!
  20. Anne Klein Earring
    Here is one gift that is a treat for your female debater friend and a fine pair of accessories for multiple occasions. Gold and pearls are classic - they are never out of the fashion, and your debater friend can wear them with a little black dress or any other simple and elegant dress choice they choose for their debating competition. No need to have one’s ears pierced - Anne Klein 1’ earrings come with a clip-on each. They will bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to your debater friend’s appearance at their important events. She will love it and wear it more than often!