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If you’ve ever been to a theater performance you might know that mesmerizing moment when the play ends and actors get a standing ovation. It is truly a feeling that makes everybody get those shivers and feel proud and happy for the actors who did such an amazing job, even if they don’t know them personally. When you actually know a person who’s on that stage, whether you’re someone close to them like a family member or even just a friend, that feeling is a hundred times better!

What they do might seem easy when watching from the audience, but the path to doing it so effortlessly is a long and tough one. Actors need a lot of practice, talent, and focus to be able to do a good job. If you feel like surprising them with a nice gift after the performance to celebrate their talent and success, you came to the right place.

Here’s a list of 26 perfect gift choices to buy for actors after their performance that could definitely cause another standing ovation, put an instant smile on their face, and make their night even more special:

  1. Flowers Box
    Flowers are definitely one of the classics when it comes to showing appreciation with a gift to an actor after his performance is done. You don’t need to think about it too much, all sorts of flowers can serve a purpose for such an occasion. This gift choice is especially good for when you’re not too close with that actor but still know them outside of the theater and want to show your admiration for their work and talent. This handmade flower box full of beautiful preserved purple roses is going to be a wonderful option because they can last for a really long time and they look very luxurious.
  2. Ferrero Rocher Assorted Candy Collection
    Another really common gift choice for surprising actors after their performances is a candy or chocolate collection. You can never go wrong with a delicious gift anyway, so no matter what the occasion is or who it is you’re trying to surprise, this kind of gift is going to be a success. Especially good for those who have a sweet tooth and for actors to sweeten their successfully completed play and make the whole day even better. If you’re looking for good quality chocolate, this Ferrero Rocher assorted candy collection is going to be the greatest choice as it suits most people’s tastes.
  3. Theater Life Cosmetics Bag
    Moving on to some more specific gifts that will immediately put a smile on any actor’s face. We all have to wear some stuff with us on a daily basis no matter where we go. It is often those small important things such as keys, mobile phones, tissues, bank cards, chargers, and other small pieces that can easily get lost in big purses or pockets. That’s why everybody needs one of those small but spacious cosmetics bags that can be used for storing and carrying such things. This is especially important for actors who have to leave their stuff in the dressing rooms and what’s a better design for them than this one?
  4. Theater Cotton Socks
    Socks are something we all need in our everyday lives and we go through at least one pair a day. That’s why it is always a good idea to buy another pair of socks as a gift for a friend or a family member, no matter what the occasion is, as one can never have enough of them. And what’s better than a pair of cotton socks with a funny design?! Everybody gets excited about them and the design of these theater-themed socks will put an instant smile on the actor’s face. The words: 'Theater is my sport', perfectly describe every actor’s lifestyle.
  5. Tragedy and Comedy Mask Necklace
    Jewelry is always a nice idea when it comes to gifting people who are dear to us. You might not know everybody’s style, but you can be sure this necklace with the famous tragedy and comedy mask pendant is going to be one of the most appropriate gifts for any actor out there who does their job passionately and lives for the theater stage. The tragedy and comedy mask is one of the most famous symbols for the theater so anything with it will pleasantly surprise every actor regardless of their personal style. This necklace is made of 100% hypoallergenic stainless steel so it will never change color.
  6. Drama Queen Sign
    Those who truly enjoy the work they do and have great passion and talent for it will be happy to display it everywhere, especially throughout their living space. All actors who work in theaters are no strangers to drama, so this cute door sign with the message ‘’Drama Queen’’ written on it will be a funny gift that will instantly bring some laughter and good times with it. The term ‘’drama queen’’ is often used for describing people who are overly dramatic in daily life situations, but in this case, it will perfectly describe the talent actors need to have in order to do that job. It will be a lovely home decor piece.
  7. Ultimate Musical Theatre Broadway Card Game
    Since you’re looking for the perfect after-performance gift, you should mostly be looking for an acting-related thing. That way your gift will be suitable for the situation and be adequate for it. Card games are always such a fun way to spend time with friends or family, whether there’s a special occasion or just a regular Sunday evening. Rarely anybody says no to playing an interesting card game with their loved ones as it results in quality time spent together with lots of laughter and positive, light energy. This ultimate musical Broadway card game will obviously be the perfect choice for any actor.
  8. Theater Keychain
    If you’re on a tighter budget or just don’t want to go over the top with the gift because you’re not too close with the actor, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for this scenario too. Sometimes a small gift is all you need to truly make someone happy and this lovely theater-inspired keychain will definitely do exactly that. It is simple and elegant and it will fit anybody’s style and preferences while also carrying a meaningful message with it. Alongside the tragedy and comedy masks pendant, it also has this big round one with an engraved message that every actor will identify with and appreciate.
  9. Cards Against Humanity: Theater Pack
    You’ve probably heard about Cards Against Humanity. It is a very popular series of really cool and funny fill-in-the-blank party games that promise to turn any awkward situation or lack of social skills into hours of fun and good times. It is actually a simple game in which each round one player asks a question from a black card and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. There are different packs for whatever people are into so anybody can find their preferred topic. This pack is a theater-themed one, therefore it will be an amazing gift for any actor who just finished their performance.
  10. Magnetic Poetry Theater Lover
    If you really want to be original and cool with your gift choice try this magnetic poetry kit for theater lovers. It contains over 200 theater-themed magnetic word tiles that come in cool and colorful designs and will be a really unique gift for any actor out there. They can rearrange the words in any way they like to write poems and messages, place them on the fridge like regular fridge magnets or just play around with this fun and limitless toy. They can even use them on a dressing room locker or on their side of the dressing room makeup table and it will be the coolest accessory since all the words in this kit are theater and acting related.
  11. Shakespearean Insult Bandages
    If you’re a close friend or a family member of an actor you’d like to surprise after the performance and you want to be witty and bring some humor with your gift, then this box of bandages with Shakespearean insults will be the perfect gift choice for this occasion. Everybody needs a set of bandages in their life and it’s useful to carry them in a purse all the time just in case. But these bring a whole new level of humor to them, they each have a funny Shakespearean quote that could as well serve as a funny insult. This will definitely not only put a smile on their face but bring loud laughter to the situation.
  12. Acting Journal
    No matter what job we do, we all need some sort of a notebook or journal to write down all the information, to-do lists, or our thoughts just to have our day more organized and productive. It is always even more motivating to do so when you have a journal with a cool design that suits your interests and this one will undoubtedly be the perfect one for actors with its acting-themed design. It will be of great use for them to write down their scripts, lines, or roles because they always have so much to memorize and it’s easier to do so when you have it written down.
  13. Vocal Dampener
    If you want to go for a gift that will actually be useful for every future performance of the actor, you might want to consider getting this vocal dampener for them. It is a great little tool for any performer who uses their voice a lot, whether it is a singer or an actor. Warming up their voice before plays and performances is extremely important, both for safety and for delivering a good act, and actors usually have demanding vocal parts, especially in musicals. Sometimes they have to warm up in the dressing room right before the show, which is when this tool comes in handy.
  14. The Young Actor's Handbook
    If the person you want to surprise with a gift is a young actor who’s just starting their acting career journey, a good book is always an amazing and useful gift idea that can positively contribute to their future success. ‘’The Young Actor’s Handbook’’ is one of those books that they should definitely have in their home library. Rather than incorporating dull and dense paragraphs that are hard to understand and easily bore people, this book ignites the beginner actor's creative soul with inspirational acting exercises, acting theory, writing exercises, and insight into what it truly means to be an actor.
  15. Acting-Themed Coffee Mug
    Another symbolic gift that you can’t go wrong with - a coffee mug. Coffee mugs are something everybody needs in their everyday lives and whether they’re coffee or tea lovers it is always nice to drink them out of a cool mug. We’ve found the absolute winner when it comes to the design that suits this occasion. This one will surely bring some humor with it as it has a funny message printed on it that reads: ‘’Tears of the actors who did not get my part’’, which makes it perfect for this situation and it will most probably be their new favorite mug.
  16. Break A Leg Bracelet
    Chances are high that before their performance you’ve told them to ‘’Break a leg’’. Those who know actors know that this doesn’t have a literal meaning but is a famous sentence to use when you want to wish actors good luck before their shows. In fact, the actors prefer to hear this instead of ‘’Good luck’’ so it is definitely one of the most meaningful phrases in their lives. Regardless of the fact that you’re getting a gift for after the performance, this lovely bracelet with a ‘’Break a leg’’ message engraved on it will be a great gift that will be like a lucky charm for all their future work.
  17. An Actor's Companion: Tools for the Working Actor
    If you think books are only good gifts for beginners - you have to think twice. Regardless of the job people do, there is never an ending point to learning and upgrading oneself. It is an essential part of being a real professional in any career and actors know this very well. Even though a huge part of success for them is their talent, they still need to have wide theoretical knowledge of acting. This book will be a wonderful companion for them to upgrade their knowledge and skills to an even higher level next time they perform, and they will be truly thankful for such a useful gift.
  18. 175 Theatre Games: Warm-up exercises for Actors
    What we see actors perform on the stage is a result of months and days of practice and hard work. They need to learn their scripts and lines perfectly, but acting is so much more than just that. They need to learn how to effortlessly showcase all emotions and make the act look as realistic as possible. That is something they do months before their shows, but before every practice and especially a few hours before the actual performance, they need to do a proper warm-up. This book is full of warm-up exercises and theater games for actors to loosen up and get ready for their plays.
  19. Fidget Toy for Focus and Stress Relief
    This is going to be a perfect little gift choice for an actor who still struggles with anxiety before their performances. Even for great professional actors, it is not uncommon to have stage fright. Especially for beginners and young actors, performing in front of a big audience can be a stress trigger no matter how talented they are. Nobody is completely calm in such situations and that just shows that they care and want to deliver the best possible performance. This fidget toy is made to control stress and anxiety as well as to improve focus and will be a great little tool for actors to rotate in their hands before their important performances.
  20. Lavender Scented Candle
    If you want to go for a really neutral but meaningful gift that will show your appreciation, this beautiful lavender-scented candle will be a great yet simple choice. There aren’t a lot of people in this world who don’t like candles as they are one of the most beautiful decor pieces that instantly light up the mood and ambiance of every room. Lighting a candle helps with stress and creates a really relaxing atmosphere which makes it perfect for an actor to use after their big performances. This one has a lovely message on it that reads: “Sending you a big hug” and is going to be a lovely gift for such an occasion.
  21. 14k Gold Beaded Bracelet
    Sometimes, saying “Congratulations” is the best way to make a person feel proud of the job they’ve done and feel happy and confident in themselves. Even though actors usually get big applause and standing ovations after a really good performance, being surprised by a meaningful and symbolic gift by their friends or family right after it is also a lovely feeling that makes their day even better. This lovely 14k gold beaded bracelet with a congratulations message will be the perfect little gift to show them that they’ve done an awesome job and it will forever remind them of that exact performance and their accomplishment.
  22. Jar of Smiles
    Moments after performances are filled with joy, laughter, and positive energy for actors. That’s when they celebrate the amazing job they’ve done together and often gather for a party or drinks. To keep them in such a positive mood and keep that smile on their face, this jar of smiles will be the perfect gift choice. The jar is full of inspirational and encouraging quotes for every day of the month. Getting up every morning and picking up one of those from this jar will be a great way for them to start their days with motivation and a smile. You will spread so much joy with this gift.
  23. Drama: An Actor's Education
    Everybody who’s in the acting world professionally knows who John Lithgow is. A famous American actor known for his extreme versatility, earning acclaim in roles ranging from mild-mannered people to cold-blooded killers. In this book, he shares a backstage view of his struggles, crisis, and discoveries made during his acting career. Many people dream of the spotlight the acting career gives but few know how challenging that job truly is. Hearing such a story straight from such an important person in the acting industry is really valuable and useful. That’s why this book will be a gift every professional actor will truly admire.
  24. Movie Clapboard Blanket
    Why not go for a humorous yet useful gift and buy this soft throw blanket in the design of a movie clapper board for the actor to get all cozy after their future performances? Everybody needs a nice and lightweight blanket that they can use while watching movies on their sofa and you won’t find a better design than this one for actors. Every actor loves movies, even if they’re mainly working in the theater, so a movie clapper board is a meaningful thing for them. This blanket is made of great quality microfiber material and is going to be perfect for relaxing and cozy times at home.
  25. Future Oscar Winner Mug
    One of the greatest achievements an actor can accomplish during their lifetime is getting an Oscar. The Academy Awards popularly known as the Oscars are something every actor dream of, and even though it might not be too realistic, we’re all allowed to dream, aren’t we? You can be witty and buy this mug with the words: “Future Oscar Winner” printed on it for the actor as a gift after the performance and it will truly be a great way to show them what an amazing job they’ve done. Maybe that actor is indeed a future Oscar winner, but this mug will definitely be very motivating for them regardless.
  26. Funny T-Shirt
    Even though actors do get the chance to actually pick and decide what type of roles they want or don’t want to do in their career or at least in the given moment, most of them go through a variety of different characters and stories, some of which involve costumes, fake blood, fake wounds and other interesting things for actors. Most of them actually find this part of their job to be funny and entertaining so if that’s the case with the one you want to surprise, then this funny t-shirt with a fake blood wound design and “I’m fine” message printed on it will be such a humorous gift that perfectly describes every actor’s job.