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Gifts For Special Education Teachers

Who says all superheroes can fly? Some are just at the corner, sitting on the table, penning lesson plans or IEP. Special Education(SPED) Teachers have got to have superpowers to make an impact on the lives of their students. Send these gifts and helpful items to our SPED teachers, and cheer them on as they make our world a better place!

The best gifts for special education teachers are meaningful and practical. And that’s what you’ll find here. No more ugly Christmas sweaters or an iTunes gift card (special education teachers deserve better).

Best Gifts for Special Education (SPED) Teachers

  1. Key Education Sentence Building for Kids
    Feel like you got stuck making DIY learning materials for your students?
    This Key Education Sentence Building designed for diverse learners saves the day! Students construct simple sentences by interlocking puzzle pieces to create sentence strips. Learning can never be this fun and engaging!
  2. Sensory Toys Set
    Classroom management has never been easy. Let alone a classroom that struggles with focus, and is susceptible to distractions. Use these sensory toys to help lessen the anxiety and stress of the students and make them more at ease in the classroom. Plus, if you’re resourceful enough, you can also use this Sensory Toys Set as positive reinforcement. Just like hitting two birds!
  3. Cactus SPED Teacher T-Shirt
    Special Education Teachers are so dedicated to helping the children that they work with, and deserve the very best from us. That’s why we created this list of great gifts for Special Education Teachers. These products have been carefully selected based on our great experience providing education solutions for challenging students. We single out this Cactus SPED Teacher T-Shirt as one of the great gifts for SPED Teacher
  4. Reading Comprehension Cubes
    It’s storytime! Roll the cubes to spark a conversation about reading assignments. These reading comprehension cubes are ideal for students age 6+. They come in different colors; before reading (red cubes) during reading (blue cubes) and after reading (green cubes).
    Encourage all students to participate in the conversation and make sure ‘’No Child Is Left Behind.’’
  5. My Behaviour Cards for Visual aid Special Ed
    One of the teachers' greatest achievements is to see the students cope in a society where they struggle to know which behavior is acceptable. These flashcards show different types of actions that will help the teacher easily communicate to the students what behavior is expected of them. They also come with a ring that keeps the cards together, with a Bungee to clip on the belt to prevent from losing. How neat!
  6. 10 Critical Components for Success in the Special Education Classroom (1st Edition)
    Who doesn’t need a refresher? This 10 Critical Components for Success in the Special Education Classroom (1st Edition) book will keep our SPED teachers prompt to the key things in their classroom. This book features information about supporting all students with special needs, including those with more severe disabilities, classroom organization and materials, planning and assessing standard-based lessons, annual IEP, behavioral interventions, and many more!
  7. Special Education Teacher Coffee Cup
    Need to fuel up and stay awake to finish your IEP and lesson plans? Brew some coffee in this inspirational Special Education Teacher coffee cup to keep you on the go! Perfect for times when you have to meet deadlines for some reports or records. It’ll definitely reduce your stress by looking at the hilarious nutrition facts in vivid and highly readable text.
  8. Special Education Teacher Survival Kit
    It is said that the teacher is the best visual aid. Well, it surely is hard to look your best when you’ve got a lot of running and chasing to do. This cute cosmetic make-up bag will definitely come in handy! It's made of high-quality canvas and comes with a zipper that has an anti-sliding structure to ensure all your go-to make-ups are secured.
  9. Special Education Teacher IEP Planner
    Make the planning less hassle! This IEP planner has a format that will take away the stress and help you figure out when your IEP meetings are. It organizes your goals and keeps track of records on important notes for your IEP. The cover is in cute floral design with a minimalistic appeal which is an absolute delight!
  10. IEP ‘I Encourage Progress’ T-Shirt
    What's more comfortable to wear than this lovely tee! ‘’I Encourage Progress'’ T-shirt is the best gift for your favorite Special Education teacher. It’s a classic fit and is super comfortable especially during adaptive physical education classes.
  11. ‘You Make A Difference’ Keychain
    This keychain will definitely melt the heart of your special education teacher. With a touching message hand stamped on it, it’s a constant reminder of how they make so much difference to the lives of their students.
    It also comes with a velvet pouch, so you don’t need to lift a finger gift wrapping it.
  12. Laptop Backpack
    A disorganized bag is the least that your Special Education teacher needs.
    This laptop backpack can keep anything in one place. From your 15.6 inch laptop down to your smallest items like your IDs or keys. It has main pockets for iPad, chargers, binders, books, and clothes. There’s also a slanted pocket at the front for quick finds. You’re confident to put any of your important belongings as it comes with an anti-theft lock. This bag is technically your portable safe!
  13. Speducator
    There is no perfect shirt for Special Education Teacher. But this one is pretty darn good. Speducators are the unsung heroes of the special education system. They can wear this shirt with pride while helping students with special needs.
  14. Color Mood Expressions Teacher Stamp
    Students treasure stamps and take so much pride in them. Use these colorful stamps on their art projects, scrapbooking pages, cards, and other works. These smiley stamps come in 4 distinct emotions and can be used for the succeeding years since they can be easily reinked. Guess it’s still a long way from putting a smile on a hundred students' faces!
  15. Line Readers for Dyslexia
    These line readers consist of 24-piece reading strips that come in different gentle colors. They make the eye relax and focus while reading.
    Work wonders as these cool line readers highlight individual words or sentences thus reducing the student’s visual stress!
  16. Pretty Succulent Pots
    Your teacher's going to love these pretty succulent pots. They’d make a good table decoration display in their classroom or by the windowsill. They’d look elegant on the bedside table as well, and wouldn’t it be lovely sleeping and waking up with these inspiring words— ’’For the Best Teacher Ever’’. They’ve already been beautifully gift-wrapped and gift-boxed which is ideal for holidays or birthdays.
  17. Bostitch Executive Stapler
    This Bostitch Executive Stapler is an indispensable tool for your Special Education teacher. May it be for bulletin board tacking or crafting, it makes life easier by effortlessly stapling 20 sheets by one finger in one touch! An embodiment of convenience, it also provides comfort during use with its soft rubber grip.
  18. Teacher Helper Tote Bag
    Stationeries, books, papers, all over the place?
    This tote bag helps you organize your small items in a way that makes them easy to find. The 5 small pockets outside this tote bag provide accessibility to your day-to-day teaching tools or even personal items. You can grab your chalk, eyeglasses, phone, markers, pens instantly right when you need them!