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Gifts for Video Editors

Looking for the best gifts for video editors? I know that finding the best gifts for your video editor friends can be difficult. Video editors are not easy to shop for. They need specific and unique gifts; they need things that they will appreciate and make their video editing work easier, more efficient, better. This is a list of gift suggestions for professional video editors, beginners and people who are passionate about video editing. With this guide you can find unique gifts that will be very useful for them.

  1. Comfortable Mouse
    Having a comfortable mouse can completely change the way you work with your PC, while the standard PC wired mouse is serviceable, there are definite hang-ups, unlike the Wireless mouse from E-YOOSO. I can personally attest to the irritation of having a shoddy mouse, having your fingers fall onto the desk creating friction, friction pads collecting unspeakable amounts of dust or simply just having a mouse chord that just doesn’t sit right on your desk.
  2. Portable Keyboard
    Another Product for the on-the-go video editor, a good portable keyboard with a wide variety of connectable devices is a great addition to any editor's arsenal. Whether you are working from a laptop or using a variety of devices on the go to get your work done, a good portable keyboard makes the process much easier to bear, with the Logitech K380 you get an amazing tactile response, an impressive 2-year battery life, yep, 2 years! you will rarely need to worry about running out of battery life and concentrate more on the project that matter.
  3. Back Supports
    Not everyone likes giving backrubs and a massage can be expensive, so why not cut out the middle man and get quality back support to prevent the need for any stress or back pain. Who would have thought that spending vast quantities of time sitting on a chair isn't good for your posture and back health?
  4. Backlights
    And now for something a little less appreciated but still worthwhile for video editors...backlighting. Having a nice backlight on your monitor or TV while you work is not only useful but can also help reduce eyestrain when you are working late at night on that crunch project. The addition of having the LED strip powered by USP also makes it easier to move around if feel like a change of scenery.
  5. Backup Drives
    Having a portable hard drive around is always a Godsend, especially for the on-the-go editor. However choosing the right one can make the experience a whole lot better, simply decide what you need and you can narrow down your choices quite quickly, I as video editor can recommend the Maxone 500GB HDD for a few reasons, for one its low profile makes it a tantalizing choice for those who don’t have much desk space and like to keep things compact, secondly is the USB 3.0 port it uses, this is essential as this boasts much higher connection speeds than USB 2.0, and with a read speed of 625 Mbps you can even run your projects off of this drive in a pinch.
  6. Headsets
    Not much needs to be said about this one, a professional set of headphones that provide good sound quality can help take the editors sound design to the next level to create a clean and crisp soundscape, and these SENNHEISER HD599’s are perfect for this, the open back allows for a more natural sound experience. SENNHEISER are known for their excellent sound quality and studio-grade equipment, with their latest product becoming more affordable to the public market, there has never been a better time to pick up a set.
  7. Cable Adapters
    Always having the correct cable for your device in these times can be an entire mission all on its own in the modern age of chargeable devices. But having your own cable adapter reduces this strain somewhat with its multiple different types of ports, even better is the ability for this little hub is the ability to mount your SD cards and also supports 4k monitor display ports, you truly can't go wrong with this little bundle.
  8. Micro USB
    Many modern devices are capable of using micro SD cards, most prominently in phones, so whether it's just more storage space for pictures or saving important documents, a 256BG microSDXC card will be able to store any of your mobile data without needing to remember to bring an external drive or if you just want to leave those devices at home, without skimping on important factors such as read speeds.
  9. Tripods
    Many video editors either have interests in videography or like to get their own footage, and for these people there are flexible tripods, the UBeesize Tripod has all the features you could want in a small, handheld, flexible leg tripod, with some accessories such as the wireless remote, allowing you to use the tripod in a more traditional setup with a hands-free approach you can take video and pictures of yourself even when moving on alone, and with the universal phone holder with adapter screw head you can even mount a digital camera to this stand.
  10. Air Pods
    Where would we be without Air pods, probably still listening to random people on the street when you could be jamming out to your favorite music or finalizing the new composition you’ve been working on. With the 2nd Generation of Air pods hitting store shelves, this would make a great gift for any video editor who needs to stay connected.
  11. DJI Ronin-SC Camera Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal
    A lot of freelance editors like to do their own shoots as well, so why not help them out by getting them a professional gimble from DJI, with the ability to mount either your phone or your DLSR camera you will now have true freedom in your ability to shoot whatever you desire. Give gift that helps make amateur videographers look as professional as possible with new gimbal.
  12. USB Multi Port
    There is always a need for more USB slots when you are running a variety of devices on one machine, and with 4 additional USB 3.0 slots, this little device is a godsend when you want the convenience to be able to just plug and play with whatever device you want.
  13. Headphone Stand
    For something a little more simple and that wont break the bank we have the headphone stand, this little thing can be more helpful than some might realise, having somewhere to rest your headphones so they don’t take up any real estate on your desk and also preventing chords getting tangled.
  14. TV Wall Mounts
    Now, this may seem a bit strange to those who might be unaccustomed, but many editors like to have a multi-monitor setup, many (including myself) love the freedom this brings, but some like to take it to the next level and use a Tv as part of their setup, which may be quite useful when trying to preview renders to see how they show up on a TV display, that being said, simply having an articulating TV wall mount can afford you the flexibility of mounting your setup anywhere you want and still be able to view the screen.
  15. Power Bank
    And here we have the humble power bank, this particular Miady build sports a nice 10 000mAH battery, more than enough to keep your modern smartphone charged when out and about getting footage for your new projects or, if you want, pair it with the adaptor previously mentioned in the list and you can even charge your camera to ensure you can get all the footage you need without worrying if the extra batteries you packed are fully charged.
  16. VR Headset
    This may seem like a weird one for editors, but them me posture this, where is the future heading. I would say that keeping an open mind and preparing for the future and what better way to learn the techniques is there than experience it yourself, not only that, being able to gain the spark of creativity in a completely new fashion and being able to experience the depth the VR offers is truly something to behold. This isn't to even mention the specs of this specific model, a cordless but still impressively fast processing system allows you to experience the VR without any lag or screen tearing.
  17. USB C Converter
    This can be considered a side-grade to the adapter previously mentioned, as having a USB to USB C converter is almost required in the modern age, with a lot of the modern smartphones moving to USB C it makes things difficult when you are trying to connect your phone or whatever device it may be, to your PC, especially if you are trying to transfer data, with this niche, inexpensive little device, you can adapt one of your USB slots to a USB type C and be able to forget about dealing with these simple connectivity issues.
  18. 1TB SSD
    Here is a big one that is sure to put a smile on any editors face, a 1TB M.2 NVMe compatible SSD drive. With blazing-fast read and write speeds, you will be enabling a whole new level of functionality, no more waiting for boots or for data transfers within drives, this wonderful piece of tech makes those worries a thing of the past.
  19. 64GB RAM
    Continuing with our PC specific tech we have 64GB DDR4 ram set by corsair, these puppies will do either one of two things for your editor, they will either make them reach new heights in efficiency with drastically lower render times or, they will despise you as now they cant take their half-hour coffee breaks anymore. Either way, with the superior build quality that is synonymous with the corsair brand, you will be enabling a much faster system.
  20. UPS
    Here we have the first of two slightly different gifts that might go a little underappreciated due to their less than flashy appearance, this is the UPS. Even if you live in an area that has a stable power connection, there is always a chance that power may be lost due to unforeseen issues, in the event of this we have the 1000VA UPS from APC, this little thing will keep you juiced up and prevent any loss of data in the event of a sudden power outage and even prevent further damage in the form of data corruption and allowing you the precious time to save documents or complete any renders you might be dealing with.
  21. Surge Protector Strip
    Finally, with possibly the most underrated but arguably most important gift one can offer, possibly trumping all others on the list simply because without this, all the others can potentially stop functioning, we have the surge protector strip. While not flashy or immediate in improvements, having a safety net for when the power goes out is highly important, especially if your entire career sits inside of your beloved devices, ensuring their safety is paramount as one simple surge can fry a lot of unprepared systems, and with multiple options for plug sockets, you can always rest knowing that your devices are safe for the almost invisible albeit deadly threat.