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Banjo players gift ideas

Are you looking for a gift for your friend, a banjo player? You hit the right spot! It has been a long time since the first banjos came from Africa to the western world and the shiny lights of concert stages from slave cabins. One thing remained the same – songs sang with a banjo coverage still tell stories about people. So, let us gift something to the people who sing stories about us.

  1. Banjo Player Notebook
    Every guitar player needs a hero, and it may as well be a banjo player! Thus - here comes an appropriate gift for those special people. This notebook is perfect for writing down music and lyrics of what are about to become new songs and hits. The message on the front cover will make your banjo friend laugh every time he glances at it.
  2. Banjo Player Birthday Mug
    To choose this gift for your friend, you need to know if he has a specific sense of humor. And this gift is full of humor, whereas your friend, a banjo player, will be laughed upon and laugh themselves. Having a statement mug for one’s birthday is to enjoy double attention. Your friend, a banjo player, will carry this one for work, camping, or for pure, single enjoyment!
  3. Soundtrack from the movie: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Every banjo player enjoys the attention his instrument receives on a worldly level. O Brother, Where Art Thou? - is a terrific movie with even better music. The lead singer has become famous worldwide, and you do not have to be a banjo player to feel the contagious rhythm and dive into it. Gift this soundtrack to your banjo friend, and add a movie for a perfect evening of banjo and American traditional feel!
  4. Banjo Gig Bag
    There are instruments’ bags, suitcases that do the work and keepsake the valuable possessions within. But the banjo is an instrument that deserves more than the ordinary. This thick padded country-style banjo case is a unique addition to banjo players’ choice of both - music and style. Want your friend, a banjo player, head over feet with joy? Gift them this banjo gig bag! They will carry it at all times and think of you even more!
  5. Soggy Bottom Boys T-Shirt
    Although Soggy Bottom Boys is a fictional band, banjo players love it since it brought a whole new worldwide attention to their favorite instrument, and stories sang when playing it. Let’s face it - everyone loves the O Brother, Where Art Thou movie! Gift this t-Shirt to your banjo friend, and they will wear it proudly!
  6. Tony Trischka Master Collection of Fiddle Tunes
    There is that old song by Charley Pride that says: 'I didn’t think too much about books and schoolin' cause there are more important things to do I’d just sit out in the yard and pick my ol’ banjo. Trying to do what the big hillbillies do.' Although the words say that learning and reading are not for a typical banjo player, gift this book to your banjo friend, and they will - not only love this book but will - keep it in their banjo case and bring it along to every gig. The collection of fiddle tunes is adjusted for banjo instruments and is a unique book gift for banjo players!
  7. Dunlop Thumbpicks
    Some use them, and some don’t. But the others use them and say that they bring great relief on longer gigs! Amongst so many offerings, Amazon recognized the Dunlop thumbpicks as ones of the best quality! Your banjo-playing friend will play the favorite instrument longer if you gift their fingers with this little helper! Good thinking!
  8. Guitar Holder for Banjo
    Owning a fine banjo also means taking care of it. Part of the care is to keep it safe and out of reach for possible misuse and crashes. The best way to do this is to have a banjo out of the way, and this is possible if they install a wall holder. Gift your banjo-playing friend a wall holder for his instrument, and you will be gifting both - a holder and a designer’s piece of furniture. They will love it!
  9. Banjo Tuner
    They say that the best tuner is the invisible tuner! If your friend plays banjo on gigs, gift them this banjo tuner. It is precise, discrete, three-color easy to read, blending-type, and small enough to fit the banjo bag along with your friend's favorite instrument.
  10. Banjo Music Pair of Cufflinks
    When they come all packed and wrapped in a fine gift box, this pair of cufflinks is nothing less than the best gift ever for both - a true banjo player and fan! One can wear them or keep them displayed. You may gift it to your banjo-playing friend for a birthday, best man at a wedding, graduation, or just a simple appreciation gift.
  11. Guitar/Banjo Seat
    When a person plays banjo intensively, they need to keep up their physical shape since gigs often last long. Good thing that there is a banjo seat that aids musicians: they can sit comfortably and rest their feet while playing. This seat is ergonomic with a padded cushion seat. It also has banjo stands for those moments of break or communication with the audience. Talking about both handy and fancy gifts for your banjo-playing friend - your friend will love it!
  12. Portable Sheet Music Stand
    Especially when we talk about banjo beginners, these sheet stands are more than just handy! One may invest time in practice with all notes and lyrics in one place, have it in a room or carry it to a gig or concert. The stand is portable and easy to disassemble and assemble. A durable and handy gift for your banjo-playing friend!
  13. The Nomad Tool Set
    To have your banjo instrument’s safety, durability and longevity, one needs to deal with its dust and grime. One should make sure that there aren’t any of them! Several products aim to keep our instruments clean, but this toolset is something else. And a funny thing - this set requires no solution. The material alone is enough to keep strings durable and tone unchanged. Elementary, my dear Watson, as the famous writer would say.
  14. Banjo Book for Beginners
    Even the great Earl Scruggs had to start somewhere! This book, DVD, and 2 Jam CDs sum up everything: from what banjo 5-strings is and what are some easy to play songs - to classic bluegrass songs. It is a perfect gift for someone dreaming of becoming a banjo player or a banjo player who just started to explore the world behind this instrument.
  15. Five-String Banjo
    Here is another gift suggestion for a beginner banjo player: a brand-new banjo instrument! You may combine it with a previous gift suggestion - a banjo book for beginners. Whatever you decide, you need to know that this banjo instrument is all for beginners; your friend will appreciate it dearly and remember it forever!
  16. Banjo Cat Hat
    Not one person said that playing the banjo is a male instrument. Look at the Abigail Washburn and Alison Brown! If you have a girlfriend who is crazy about playing banjo and follows the history and movement behind the instrument, there is nothing much left for you to give her. But do consider gifting her a banjo cat hat, and your girl will be the man!
  17. Banjo Keychain
    Sometimes, the smallest token of appreciation is what counts the most. The keychain is double-sided, and you can insert a photo of your choice. Gift your banjo-playing friend this keyring with a banjo butterfly fantasy image, and they will feel more confident about not losing their keys again. Banjo image is simply a bonus.
  18. Banjo Neck Ties
    When someone is the top banjo player and a fan, there are very few things one can gift them. But there are always small pieces like this necktie that one may add to their outfit and draw attention. One may add a card to wish their banjo-player friend happy graduation, birthday, or no occasion whatsoever. You think it is perfect for your friend and couldn’t wait for it!
  19. Fun Novelty Socks
    It is a fun gift, and if your banjo-playing friend has a little humor, they will love it! Gift this pair of vintage socks to your banjo-playing friend and do it by making a point that there is nothing in this world that would match their latest fancy suit better - than this!
  20. Silvertone Banjo Player
    This figurine will become an instant conversation point wherever your friend places it: at home, office desk, and even in a car. Just possessing it shows how much your banjo-playing friend appreciates the banjo instrument, the music, and the status it brings. Gift it, and feel free that you give some more material to someone's passion!
  21. Wooden Rocking Horse
    This rodeo rocker is a banjo wooden rocking horse. You are not buying it for your friend, but for your friend’s special someone. This time, that special someone is not their banjo. Some passions do not stop with new life roles. This gift is perfect for your banjo-playing friend’s offspring. They say that no good hobby should be wasted but transferred from a father to a son.
  22. Banjo Gift Coaster
    Gifting things happen on many occasions or on no occasion at all. These coasters will match almost every drink they carry, whether one is celebrating engagements, marriage, the start of joint life together, or just another fine day spent together over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. If you feel that your host is hearing you and appreciates you being there - read the message at the coaster! Cheers!
  23. Wooden Guitar Flash USB
    It is a fine example of how traditional and modern can join together! What may seem like a plain keyholder - turns out to be a fancy flash USB. Gift it to your friend, and they will keep it close to them. Moreover, your banjo-playing friend will keep some of their dearest memories in this gift. With this, its value only gets bigger! Nice work!
  24. Banjo Strap
    Banjo and guitar straps usually represent small, individual pieces of art! There is always something embossed on them, a symbol for the one wearing it. In this case, the embossed rose may represent something that equally matters to the one who is gifting it and the one who receives it. Gift this to your banjo-playing friend and enjoy sharing a little secret.
  25. Color Changing Mug
    At first, this may be a plain, black mug. But as you pour your favorite liquid into it, it starts to change its color, and as the color changes, an important message appears. What would life be without a banjo? If your banjo-playing friend is patient and loves to grab some tea or coffee - this is the right gift! Order two - and both of you will enjoy the drink and share some thoughts and time being together.
  26. Slate Sign
    How do you know when you came to the hoe of a true banjo fan? The answer is: when your eyes meet the “Home is Where My Banjo is” sign. And if you can’t remember the last time it happened, then you know that is the perfect time to gift this plaque to your friend! How do you reckon when you came to the hoe of a true banjo fan? The answer is: when your eyes meet the “Home is Where My Banjo is” sign. And if you can’t remember the last time it happened, then you know that is the perfect time to gift this plaque to your friend!