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Paleontology gift ideas

Amongst many fascinating professions that humans engage themselves in, some of the most compelling ones are those which investigate the history of life on the planet Earth. The study of primitive life forms that existed even before humans provides evidence and information of great importance to the life we are living today, as it contributes to the comprehension of how things were before that directly influences how they are now.

One of those impressive and engaging occupations is the science of paleontology – the study of all ancient life. The two that often get mixed up, paleontology and archeology, differ from each other. While archeology is the study of human artifacts and remains solely, paleontology discovers and studies fossils, from dinosaurs to prehistoric plants, mammals, fish, insects, fungi, and even microbes, and it that way, reveals how organisms changed over time and what our planet was like long ago. If you’re planning on gifting a paleontologist – we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of useful gift ideas for these amazing human beings that contribute to our knowledge about life:

  1. Outdoor Gear Backpack
    Paleontologists spend most of their time outside. Their workplace is on terrain, as they are the ones who not only study fossils but also locate them and dig them out carefully. That requires a lot of equipment that needs to be carried with them every workday, and for that equipment to be kept safe and together in one place without losing anything, they need a spacious backpack. This will be a great gift choice to help keep all their tools in one secure place.
  2. Outdoor Work Vest
    Another great gift would be an outdoor work vest with multiple pockets and enough space for those tools they use most frequently, as well as their phone, keys, or camera, so they don’t have to take those out of the backpack every time. It will keep their hands free, but also keep them safe from all the weather conditions they might face while working outside, as well as be of great protection for their tools against rain. They are durable, ventilated, and quick to dry.
  3. DSLR Camera Bundle
    A very valuable and useful skill any paleontologist should master is the ability to take high-quality photos of the specimens they dig out. After they find them, these fossils need to be furthermore explored and kept as evidence, so a great camera will always be a useful addition to their equipment. Surprise them with this Canon bundle that covers everything a paleontologist needs to capture a good specimen photograph for publishing.
  4. Rock Hammer
    One of those must-have tools every paleontologist has to have in their gear bag is a good old rock hammer! Digging out fossils is a very complex process, as it often involves very strong rocks around them that need to be carefully removed. A paleontologist can never have enough of their tools as they can easily wear out from lots of usage, so an additional tool for their work gear is always an amazing gift idea.
  5. Paleontology Brushes
    Another tool every paleontologist's field kit consists of is a set of brushes. As they dig up the specimens of high value, hammer away the rocks around it and chip up the surplus, what's left on it is tons of dust. Brushes are the magical tool that shows what's underneath all that debris, without damaging the fossil, and are a great alternative for cleaning with their own fingers. Surprise them with some additional brushes to have in reserve.
  6. Walkie-Talkie
    As they work on terrain and often spend their workdays in places that might not even have phone service, when they get focused on work and hunting down those fossils, it’s easy to get lost and not know what their exact location is. That’s why it is important to stay in touch with their coworkers continuously and be able to contact them quickly when needed, whether to announce their location or a new discovery. This set of walkie-talkies will be of great use and safety for them and their teammates.
  7. Distance Measuring Rangefinder
    Not an official must-have in their kit, but definitely an addition all paleontologists would make great usage of. Suitable for any weather conditions, this rangefinder is an amazing tool for anybody working outside, whether it’s hunting or geology, it will help measure the distance between one place and another and assist paleontologists in precisely calculating the place where the fossils are located, which they also count as valuable and important information for later research.
  8. Waterproof Sun Hat
    Whoever works outside for long periods of time, needs a good quality waterproof sun hat for UV protection. Whether to protect them from rainwater seeping into their head, or from those harmful sun rays, this sun hat will be a handy little gift that will be useful in their everyday life and protect them from any weather conditions while working.
  9. Fossil Stone Natural Marble Bookends
    A luxurious decorative piece ideal for any paleontologist - fossil stone natural marble bookends, to hold their books in place. Paleontology professionals usually have a large number of professional books covering paleontology science topics, so this décor will be of great use while resembling ancient times that paleontologists investigate, with their mysterious fossil stone color and polished marble.
  10. Dinosaur Skeleton Model
    If dinosaurs are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of paleontology, you’re not wrong! Dinosaurs are a huge point of interest for all paleontologists, as they provide a lot of valuable information about prehistoric times. There’s no paleontologist anywhere in the world who doesn’t like and admire those long-lost creatures that once roamed the Earth. This decorative piece of a dinosaur skeleton model is so detailed that it will impress even those who’ve seen the real ones! Great gift choice to decorate the home of any dedicated paleontologist who loves their job.
  11. Pocket Microscope
    An amazing piece of equipment for all paleontologists would be this small lighted pocket microscope with a built-in UV and LED flashlight and a keychain attachment. Great for fieldwork, as they work with often small and valuable pieces of specimens and need a constant source of clear light when excavating and gathering important information about fossils. A handy tool for quickly inspecting little details on the field, before they get to their regular microscope.
  12. Field Surveying Notebook
    As paleontologists use fossil remains to understand different aspects of extinct and living organisms, their field work requires not only locating and excavating fossils but also gathering as much valuable information as possible, such as type, age, precise location, coordinates, and much more important data later used for further research about the specimens they have discovered. All that information needs to be written out on the spot, or else it can get forgotten or unintentionally ignored due to the number of new details. This professionally designed field notebook will be a great gift choice for any paleontologist.
  13. Handheld GPS Navigator
    Another extremely useful gift would be a handheld GPS navigator. These little devices are of great importance for paleontologists as they guide them through and help them reach their sites and explore more confidently, as well as help them not get lost. Paleontologists also document every site they find with GPS coordinates in their field notebooks, which is another reason why these devices come in handy and make their fieldwork easier, safer, and more productive while being small enough to fit in their vest or backpack pocket.
  14. Chisel Set
    The right tools are the key component of a successfully completed job. Paleontology is a profession that requires a lot of different tools. Even though not all of them can fit in their field kits, the smallest ones that do are often of most importance to their fieldwork. There’s no such thing as too many chisels for a paleontologist! Since the fossils that they research are embedded in stone that can be as hard as concrete, alongside the hammer, chisels are a must-have for breaking that and revealing the specimen underneath. Hammering and tapping are the roads to paleontologists’ success!
  15. Dinosaur Fossil Model
    An amazing gift choice for all paleontologists who are passionate enough about their work to actually bring it home! Paleontologists are fascinated with those prehistoric creatures for a reason and dedicate their lives to uncovering the long-lost secrets about them. Although real fossils they dig out usually have to be taken to museums or other paleontology centers, this decor figurine looks like a real one and will be a great eye-catching bookshelf piece to celebrate their career in a meaningful way.
  16. The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of Their Lost World
    You can never go wrong with a good book! The book The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of Their Lost World will be a perfect gift choice for a paleontologist who is in love with their job. It is described as a masterpiece of science writing and as an ultimate dinosaur biography with a captivating narrative, which makes it a great piece of literature for paleontology professionals who spend most of their lives investigating those interesting creatures that long ago lived right here where we do now.
  17. Foldable Multitool Shovel
    There can never be enough of those handy tools for their field kits! Surprise your friend with this portable multitool shovel that is foldable and easy to carry, it will be a great addition to their field equipment bag and will definitely find its use in their daily work outside. Excavating fossils means digging up a lot, so you can never go wrong with a shovel. This one can also be used as a saw, pickaxe, bottle opener, nail puller, and more, while being easy to put away and storage in their vest pockets or field kits.
  18. Utensils with Case 4-in-1
    Sometimes those paleontologists get hungry! In the midst of excavating and researching the fossils, there has to be a time for some lunch break! Even though their field kits usually consist of tools needed for work, a needed addition to that would be a tool for eating. While working outside, they don’t have the luxury of having a lunch break at a fancy restaurant nearby as most office workers do, they eat in the rush of their fossil digging out in the sun or rain, so a portable 4 in 1 utensil case will be of great use for that!
  19. Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record
    If the person you’re gifting is a paleontology student or is in their first years of working, Introduction to Paleobiology and the Fossil Record is another great book recommendation to choose as a gift for them and contribute to their professional library and overall knowledge. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the science of the history of life and features numerous case studies from current research that lead students or beginners on the right path for their career years. Although beneficial for students, this book can also be of great value to professionals and instructors as well.
  20. Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil Sticker
    If you happen to know a paleontologist who is so obsessed with their job that it is one of the main things they always talk about, you can consider getting this dinosaur skeleton fossil sticker for them. It can be used as a décor sticker for laptops, helmets, cars, trucks, motorcycles, windows, or walls and will be a great gift for them to be able to showcase the passion and love they have for their job to the whole world!
  21. Funny Dinosaur Skeleton Socks
    If these funny dinosaur skeleton socks end up being your gift of choice for a paleontologist, we guarantee that they will be their new favorite socks ever! Their design is a perfect fit for any paleontologist as they show exactly what they do in their everyday work life. This gift choice will make them smile and will definitely be their go-to sock choice for doing fieldwork.
  22. SPF Sunscreen for Body and Face
    As paleontologists spend hours doing fieldwork no matter what the weather conditions are, sun damage can easily happen to them. Being out in the direct sunlight every day, as they are, can be a huge health threat for the skin and may cause serious problems or early aging signs. To show that you care about their health, you can choose to gift them this high-quality, water-resistant SPF sunscreen for the body and face, which will protect their skin and make their workdays safe.