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Are you looking for a gift for an economics major’s friend? We both know they expect nothing but practicality and excellence, especially if you are family or the best friend. Although it takes a treasure to keep up with their ambition and perspective, having one for a friend is worth a billion. Let us make that extra effort for a gift that will leave a mark!

  1. Can You Outsmart an Economist?: 100+ Puzzles to Train Your Brain
    Having a true economics connoisseur for a friend or family member is to have a walking encyclopedia on world economics by continent, state, era, or type of business. However interesting it is to know that much; it is even more interesting to outsmart them from time to time. Although this is a little something that might aid you to outsmart your friend, “Can You Outsmart An Economist?: 100+ Puzzles to Train Your Brain” by Steven Landsburgh can be a challenging gift for your friend. It throws some extraordinary light on economics and links it to philosophy, math, law, and science. Smart and smarter - how about that?
  2. Majored in Economics Mug
    Now, this is a one-of-a-kind present for your one-of-a-kind economics friend! Every other mug would be only a mug. But “I majored in economics. To save time, let’s assume that I’m always right.” is more than that. It is a designer’s piece for your friend’s home/business office desk and a statement piece. Your friend will love this one!
  3. Capital in the Twenty First Century, by Thomas Piketty
    Your economics-major friend must have heard about Thomas Piketty and his “Capital in the Twenty-First Century.” This chubby beauty of a book is a perfect gift for those who believe that economy can have a human face and are not afraid to imagine this world better and keep learning how to achieve it. There is an audible and Kindle version of the book for the ones a bit busy to read. But there should not be excuses for someone of economics background to read it.
  4. Money Counter Machine
    It is a costly gift, but it is worth every penny: it blends a good sense of humor with high hopes and expectations! With this gift, you are telling your friend two things. First, money will come around, and they should prepare to deal with it. Second, if nothing extraordinary happens, at least a fine designer's piece will draw attention to their office desk. Either way, the gift will be the subject of comments and a conversation point in a room. Go for it!
  5. Gift Mug for an Economics Freshman
    Some messages need no explanations, although they have many meanings. Your freshman economics-major friend will carry this mug around just about everywhere: to freshmen parties, library studying sessions, and the first breakfast date the morning after. No face will meet this mug and leave without a smile. Make sure you have a matching T-shirt for standing ovations. What a choice!
  6. Money Safe Cash Box
    This gift may sound presumptuous, even for your friend from economics studies, but does it? Fill this money safe with notes of best wishes and a few dollars, put it in a glam gift box, and it will make a perfect graduation gift! After all, everyone needs a safe or a piggy to safe-keep money for paying a student loan. Why not start with this one?
  7. Money Tree for Good Luck
    After leaving studies, one needs all good fortune to enter the labor market. To be honest, one needs it maybe even more while studying. Your friend from economics studies may have all the skills for a good prospect, but a little bit of luck here and there hurt none. Gifting a Money Tree is to send a little wind in the back for a prosperous future. Your friend will appreciate it!
  8. Kakebo: The Japanese Art of Mindful Spending
    Economics Major students learn just about every theory on moneymaking out there. But learning to make money and to spend it responsibly is something else. We always turn to the far East for more profound words of wisdom. And here is a little book of Japanese wisdom on reaching that peace of mind that comes after learning to spend and manage your income. We usually do mathematics but never think outside the numbers. But numbers cost us nerves. Let’s try to keep it together with this jewel of a book.
  9. Tracksuit Set
    It is not a simple tracksuit set. This tracksuit set is a perfect graduation gift for your economics-major friend! Add one of that smartass mugs to it, and it will be a true hit for the graduation season. Starting one's day with morning jogging just before going to the office may bring an active workout experience. (Although someone might mistake your friend for a local dealer, don't let it stop you.)
  10. Money Gift Envelopes
    If you want to be practical, and gift your economics-major friend with something rather useful than quirky and fun, maybe you can think about placing some cash into an envelope and hand it over. To start a new life after graduation is challenging enough. Hey, make it a trend and advocate for all of your friend's friends to do the same! This set of fancy envelopes will come in handy!
  11. Money Clip Pocket Knife
    With economics, everything is circling about money. The gift your economics-major friend will appreciate (if an undergraduate) is a money clip pocket knife. When going out to endless parties while studying, it is useful NOT to carry your wallet with all of your cards and cash. This gift will aid your friend in taking what is necessary: an ID, a little money, and a thing to feel safe when being out alone. Sometimes, less is more. Go for it!
  12. Ceramic Elephant Bank
    There is an old saying about when to start saving. The best choice would be yesterday. The second best is right away. And another one - when you have money. This elephant bank is a symbolic gift to anyone, but your economics-major friend will appreciate it more than the most. To add some good fortune to it, let your friend know it is always considered lucky to turn elephant figures heading toward the window. You know, just in case.
  13. Too Big to Fail, Audiobook
    There are not many things about the movie industry you cannot find online, but some things are so worth having! “Too Big to Fail” is both a documentary movie and a book. The story covers the world financial crisis of 2008. It tells the story inside out and from the perspectives of many interesting stakeholders. Every economics-major student will enjoy these perspectives, and “Too Big to Fail” is also available as an audiobook to save some time for the busiest ones.
  14. Zippo Currency Lighters
    There are very few things nowadays one can buy and have for a lifetime. If Zippo lighter’s distinctive click was good enough to start that Sting song, it should be perfect as a graduation gift for your economics-major friend. The additional reason is this engraved design work your friend will love! To have something useful and pretty is a challenge. Consider it done!
  15. Economist Mug Cup
    It is not just another mug for an economics student in a row. This one is carrying an ultimately hilarious message! Arguing with an economist is like wrestling a pig in the mud: you’re not going to win, and after a while, you realize the pig likes it. If your friend has any sense of humor, a matching T-shirt should be an accessory to this gift!
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  17. Wall Street Bear Bull Cufflinks
    If your friend is an economics student and a true fan of Wall Street, eager to make the first steps to the world’s biggest stock market - look no further. These cufflinks are classy presents for a birthday, graduation, or first day at work. They are a fashion statement and a sort of welcome to the club. May all bear and bull spirits be with your friend!
  18. Financial Jokes for Financial Folks
    Accounting and finances are areas where your economics-major friend swims like a fish in the sea. Not everything about them is deadly serious (some of the gifts from this list are clear proof). Everyone needs a laugh now and then, especially when dealing with final exams or financial reports. It may come in handy to have this booklet on the top of one’s drawer or a living-room table. You know, just for the sake of laughs and relaxation.
  19. Neck Shoulder Back Massager
    It is little something your friend will be so thankful for, and you can tag along and borrow it sometimes. Studying economics is to befriend loads of stress, sleepless nights (for one reason or another), and strained muscles. The neck, shoulder, back, legs, and waist need pain and stress relief. To bring relaxation to someone deserves a high-five. Well done!
  20. Laptop Backpack
    What we have here is a solid, multi-functional backpack. It is adjustable to carry all of one’s electronic equipment. This way, your economics friend can bring studying and preparing for exams to more comfortable surroundings. It is also suitable for business and travel. Your friend will have a long-term relationship with this one!
  21. A Dictionary of Economics
    Once your friend completes economics studies, learning doesn’t stop. One needs to be involved in an ever-changing and evolving economics profession. A gift such as Oxford’s Dictionary of Economics may help ease remembering various professional terms. Explanations are clear and supported by numerous examples. Your friend will keep this one close, always.
  22. Sports Watch
    One shouldn’t wait to have ten years of experience working for a company to earn a watch. Graduation seems like a well-enough opportunity to your economics friend, and this fine sports watch with GPS is a fine choice. With this gift, you want to tell your friend: no matter how much work you have and how difficult it may be to find time, don’t forget to go to the great outdoors. And don’t forget to call me to tag along.
  23. Economics Teacher Hoodie
    Hoodies are always a great choice for a gift! This particular hoodie says that not every economics student necessarily has to go to Wall Street. Some stay in science and others teach. Keep calm and love a home economics teacher is a message of warmth and care. The right words come from a great friend.
  24. Unique Bowtie
    From the freshmen year, public appearances opportunities for economics students only grow. One needs to think about their image, and that’s why a gift like this goes far and beyond. It is principal to have a professional appearance, but it is rather important to wear youthfulness at its best. It is an ideal present for a freshmen student. I can imagine one wearing it on numerous unexpected occasions.
  25. Great Jobs for Economics Majors
    Everything seems to come to you easily when you’re young. At least that’s what an old song says. There will come times when thinking about where to go out this evening is shifted to where should I go from this point of my life. And one needs all the help there is to answer this question. “Great Jobs for Economics Majors” by “Blythe Camenson” will help you dive for the right opportunity. It will also help you with drafting your résumé and cover letter. The opportunities are many, but candidates are many more. Gift this to your economics-major friend and show that you care for their prospects and future. Many thanks will follow for sure.