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Finding the perfect gift for the mental health therapist in your life can be tough!  Check out the list below to find a perfectly compiled list for every therapist in your life.  Whether celebrating a new therapist at graduation to providing a birthday/holiday gift this list has something for everyone.

  1. Unicorn Therapy Coffee Mug
    What better way for your favorite therapist to start their day than drinking their morning caffeine from this hilarious unicorn mug. It is the perfect way to ensure they start their first session in the best possible mood and give them a laugh. The bright colors are perfect to brighten any day or tough session!
  2. Before and After Patients – Therapist Mug & Wine Glass
    If your favorite therapist loves to start their day with caffeine but also wants to be able to unwind at the end of the day this combo mug and glass set is perfect! This set provides the perfect start to a therapist’s day or pick me up after a tough session. The wine glass is the greatest addition to the set to allow for a fun way to relax at the end of a long day of sessions. The therapist in your life will be thanking you for this gift!
  3. Mental Health Therapist Coloring Book
    There is nothing greater to give the mental health therapist in your life than ways for them to take care of their own mental health. This coloring book is a great way to relax and clear your mind. Give the therapist in your life an opportunity to decorate their own motivation signs. Add a pack of markers or colored pencils to the gift and you have given your therapist the best way to stay calm and relaxed.
  4. Wheel of Emotions Pillow
    Whether a therapist just starting out or a therapist who has been practicing for years, it’s important to update the counseling space. This pillow is great both as a room accessory and as a great conversation starter to get a session started. This pillow is definitely the must have item for any therapist’s couch!
  5. DBT Mindfulness Practice Cards
    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness are incredibly popular tactics for therapists to use in their sessions. These mindfulness cards would be a great addition to their counseling space by creating easy to use ways to incorporate mindfulness into sessions for clients of all ages. Any therapist would be thrilled to receive these as a gift.
  6. Friends Themed Therapist Notebook
    Mental Health Therapists are notorious for needing to take notes. Whether in session, at home, or on the go it’s important the therapist in your life has safe place to write their notes. This notebook is perfect! Plenty of pages for endless scribbling and a fun cover to make them smile and think of their favorite show.
  7. Therapist Tissue Box Cover
    If there is one thing a therapist is going to use every single day, it’s going to be their tissue box. Sessions can very easily get emotional and what better way to dress up an otherwise boring box than this tissue box cover. It’ a great way to add to the counseling space and hopefully make a client or two smile.
  8. Session in Progress Door Sign
    Every therapist needs to have this for their sessions! Not only does it provide cute décor for an otherwise boring closed door it helps other office mates and patients know to not disturb in a positive and pretty way.
  9. Serotonin Sweatshirt
    There is nothing better after a long day of therapy sessions than going home and getting into comfy clothes. This sweatshirt will be every therapist’s first choice to change into for maximum comfort. Perfect for running errands on a lazy weekend or starting the relaxation process after a busy workday.
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