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Gifts For FedEx Drivers

We all know and benefit from a special delivery driver that brings us all of our goodies without us having to go through the hassle of putting pants on to go to the store. These drivers put in tons of work to ensure that we all get our packages on time and in good condition and often while taking on other burdens too. Why not show your favorite FedEx driver how grateful you are for them by giving them one of the gifts from this list?

Whether you’re looking for a little something to show your appreciation to the FedEx drivers or you have a special FedEx driver in your life, whether it’s a big or small holiday, these gifts for FedEx drivers will delight anyone who gets behind the wheel.

Best Gifts for FedEx Drivers:

  1. Slip-On Traction Cleats
    FedEx drivers deliver our mail and packages in all sorts of weather. It’s rare for their services to stop due to snow or ice which can be dangerous! Make it a little less treacherous for them to make it to your door after a storm with these cleats. They slip right over their shoes and help them keep their traction as they trek across snow and ice. Useful and thoughtful.
  2. Carhartt Flip Gloves
    FedEx drivers are constantly exposed to the elements but also need the use of their fingers that can be lost with regular gloves. These flip gloves are a great gift, especially in the winter, because they allow for the warmth to get through long drives in the cold but can be flipped up so that the fingers can be used easily.
  3. Wireless Bluetooth Beanie
    This gift is a no-brainer for any delivery driver. The beanie is bluetooth compatible so not only does it provide comfort and warmth when needed, it can play music from any handheld device. Much safer for driving than earbuds and much warmer when the wind is blowing through those open van doors!
  4. Seat Warmer
    This seat warmer is the ultimate gift for your favorite FedEx driver. The controls are easy to use, it’s easy to install, and it is powered by the vehicle itself. This seat warmer is a great gift to keep your driver warm and comfortable on those long drives. Who doesn’t love sitting on a warm seat while driving? Your driver certainly will!
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  6. Deluxe Lunch Bag
    This lunch bag is large enough for a long shift driving and very well made. Hot lunches stay hot and cold lunches stay cold. Not to mention there’s room for multiple meals and snacks in the handy container! Let your FedEx driver know how much you appreciate all they do for you and your family with this thoughtful gift.
  7. Delivery Driver Mug
    When you spend your day delivering packages, you probably need to start your day with a steaming cup of joe. Driving all day is bound to make you tired, after all! Boost your FedEx driver’s mood with this gift that will leave them smiling after every sip of that precious morning coffee.
  8. Delivery Driver Adult Coloring Book
    Give your favorite FedEx driver a laugh with this funny coloring book for adults. The illustrations in the delivery driver coloring book are fun and witty, featuring several phrases and reflections that any delivery driver can identify with and enjoy. Bring a little more relaxation to your favorite driver’s down time with this gift.
  9. Touch Screen Gloves
    Gloves are great for keeping your hands warm when you have to drive in a truck without doors all day, but you lose the ability to use any of your devices easily without taking the gloves off. These touch screen gloves take away that problem! With this great all day work gloves your FedEx driver will be able to easily update their GPS or check their phone (not while driving) without taking off their gloves.
  10. Front Seat Car Organizer
    We all have things we bring with us when we’re on the job. FedEx drivers are no different. Except their workplace is a van! Imagine keeping all of your work essentials organized in a car instead of on a desk. Help your favorite FedEx driver keep their things organized with this handy front seat car organizer.
  11. Orthopedic Seat Cushion
    Give your FedEx driver the gift of comfort with this orthopedic seat cushion. The cushion fits well into any seat, even that of a FedEx van. The high quality materials work to offer support that makes a full day sitting in a vehicle much more comfortable than it would have been otherwise.
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  13. Sauce Dip Clip
    Make lunch time much more enjoyable for your favorite FedEx driver with this creative gift. The dip clips snap right into the air vent and are the perfect size for the dipping sauce containers from most fast food restaurants. They make it easy to free up one’s hands while eating, still keeping the dip within good dipping distance.
  14. Electric Hand Warmers
    Have we already mentioned how cold it can get when you’re working in a van without doors? Yes? Well, we’ll mention it again because it’s true! These electric hand warmers are the perfect solution to that cold that you can give to your FedEx driver. The best part is, they’re reusable!
  15. Travel First Aid Kit
    We’ve all experienced our fair share of bumps and bruises while on the job. It just happens. FedEx drivers deal with their fair share in the forms of paper cuts (ouch) and cardboard cuts (even worse). Make their life easier with the gift of this travel first aid kit. Now they’ll have everything they need on hand to deal with those pesky scrapes while on the job!
  16. Insulated Drink Carrier
    What’s worse than running out of coffee? Cold coffee that wasn’t supposed to be cold. This insulated drink carrier can fit up to six regular sized drinks safely. The container keeps the drinks from spilling and keeps them at that perfect temperature for a good long while, whether that be hot or cold. The perfect gift to keep your FedEx driver suitably caffeinated throughout the day.
  17. Waterproof Blanket
    A good car blanket is an essential for anyone, but especially so for a FedEx driver who works all day in a truck without doors. This blanket is a great gift because not only will it keep your driver warm, it is also waterproof so they can use it while driving in any type of weather without worrying about the blanket getting damaged!
  18. Polarized Sunglasses
    Comfortable, stylish, and useful. These three words best describe this gift that your favorite FedEx driver will certainly appreciate. These glasses are great to protect their eyes on those hot sunny days and feature a neck strap to keep them safely in place while delivering some of those heavier packages.
  19. Half Gallon Water Bottle
    Hydration is important! However it’s difficult to maintain when your job requires so much constant action. In this case the constant action is driving and delivering packages. This half gallon water bottle carries enough water to last the whole work day and comes with a handy straw that makes staying hydrated while working easier than ever.
  20. Insulated Travel Tumbler
    This high quality tumbler is a great gift for keeping anything your FedEx driver might want to enjoy on their drive nice and warm. Soup? Warm. Tea? Warm. Coffee? Warm! The size is perfect for most cup holders and the insulation is high quality so whatever is put in the tumbler will stay hot (or cold) for long periods of time.
  21. Portable Food Warmer
    Have you ever tried to have lunch in a car? Your options are cold sandwiches or whatever has stayed warm in your best lunch box but sometimes you just want to easily heat up your food. This is a great gift for your FedEx driver because the portable food warmer is safe and easy to use, quickly heating up last night’s leftovers for a quick lunch on the go.
  22. Electric Car Blanket
    This gift is another great option if you want to go the blanket route for your FedEx driver. This option, however, is electric! This is the perfect thing to give in the winter when your driver is working in the bitter cold conditions. Simply plug the blanket into the car and enjoy the warmth!
  23. Beanie Scarf Glove Set
    If you are wanting to give the gift of warmth to your favorite FedEx driver, this set is a great option. The set comes with a beanie, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. These gender neutral items are stylish as well as warm, so your driver is sure to get tons of use out of them!
  24. Toe Warmers
    These warmers aren’t reusable but there are tons of options for how many you can purchase and then gift at a time. These warmers are a great item that can be slipped into your driver’s shoes to keep their toes warm and comfortable while they drive in the cold. A great idea to fight through that annoying cold that you can never seem to save your feet from.
  25. Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier
    Even with the best of water bottles, your FedEx driver could forget to drink water enough. To make sure they’re getting the most out of the water that they do drink, help them boost their hydration with this useful gift. This hydration multiplier is a flavored powder that can be added to water to increase the amount of hydration you get from smaller amounts of water. Tasty and helpful!