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Gifts For Forensic Anthropologists

We have all seen these crime scene investigation movies and documentaries where some really smart people work in the labs and resolve all crime mysteries nobody else would be able to. If you happen to personally know someone who works in the field of forensics, you can imagine how movie-like their life must be. However, in all reality, it is an extremely complex occupation that requires skillful and qualified scientists.

Forensic anthropology is a special sub-field of physical anthropology, the study of human remains, that involves applying skeletal analysis and techniques in archaeology to solving criminal cases, and they specialize in analyzing hard tissues such as bones.

If you are searching for a gift for a forensic anthropologist, this list can help you find what you’re looking for! This list of 18 best gifts for forensic anthropologists is a gift guide that combines their love of anthropology with your love of giving.

  1. Bone Shaped Ballpoint Pens
    As forensic anthropology is a field of science that focuses mainly on human bones and skeleton, this set of 30 bone shaped ballpoint black ink pens will be a creative, funny and actually useful gift for any forensic anthropologist! As they spend most of their time working in labs, analyzing bones and solving criminal cases along with their other forensic colleagues, they probably go through a lot of pens weekly, maybe even lose them along the way easily. This pack will provide them with their own ones, and everybody else in the lab will know whose pens are those!
  2. 3D Skull Silicone Ice Cube Molds
    Nobody really likes taking their work back home, especially forensic anthropologists who do such a tough job of solving criminal cases through science, but a fun and handy gift related to their profession might only put a smile on their face. As their whole career is based on human bones, these super flexible, BPA free and non-toxic 3D skull silicone ice cube molds will be a great little surprise for them! Ideal for beverages, iced tea and coffee, cocktails or whiskey lovers, for a relaxing cold drink after work.
  3. Caliper Measuring Tool
    Discover the perfect gift for your favorite forensic anthropologists with the Starrett Dial Caliper. This series is built entirely of hardened stainless steel bar and offers sharp-clear dial graduations. This quality caliper provides precise measurement of outside dimensions (OD) inside dimensions (ID), and depth. Whether it's his birthday, an anniversary, or just because you want to treat him right, he'll love get this spreading calipers to measure head length and breadth.
  4. Unicorn Skeleton Earrings
    Hardly anybody knows the skeleton and bones as well as a forensic anthropologist! Maybe they’ve had enough of human bones after examining them every single day at work, but what about unicorn skeletons?! These earrings are not just regular horse skeleton earrings - they have a unicorn horn, which makes them a special and fun gift. Maybe forensic anthropologists have had experience with all types of skeletons, but they’ve probably never dug up and examined a unicorn one… Yet! As far as we know, there’s no record ever in history showing a unicorn causing any crime, but maybe that anthropologist knows some secrets we don’t!
  5. Hand Print Mug
    Even though they work mostly with bones, forensic anthropologists still spend most of their time in the laboratory, just like all other forensic scientists. Their work is all about examining direct crime evidence and remains through observation and lab work, and we all know that fingerprints are the beginning and sometimes even the end of every crime solving case. Even cool people such as forensic anthropologists have their coffee breaks, so this fun and creative coffee or tea mug with a hand print on it will be a perfect gift choice for anybody working on solving crimes in a laboratory!
  6. Forensic Science Bones Investigation Long Sleeve T-Shirt
    Anybody who does such a complicated job for a living, should proudly show it off! This long sleeve t-shirt in black, white, grey or blue, with a skull and a message printed on it that reads: ‘’Forensic Science - Because Bones Are Awesome’’, shows that not only intelligence and knowledge are needed for such a career, but also passion for what they are doing. That might seem weird to people with ‘regular’ jobs, but forensic anthropologists are indeed passionate about their science and find beauty where others would find fear or disgust.
  7. I Found That Humerus 20 OZ Tumbler
    Maybe you’d freak out if you saw a dead person’s bone from a crime scene, but a forensic anthropologist will definitely stay calm! The word play is always a great form of wit and can bring laughter even to the most serious individuals, and on this funny tumbler that has a bone and a message ‘’I found that humerus’’ on it, the word humorous is replaced with humerus, which is a bone of the upper arm or forelimb, but we’re sure your anthropologist friend already knows that!
  8. Large Bone Anthropometer with Case
    All-metal construction and dual-scale readings make this large bone anthropometer an ideal equipment for forensic anthropologists to use in their research and laboratory works. The large sliding caliper is especially helpful in measuring the chest depth and shoulder width.
  9. Funny Anthropology Observational Research Data Recording Journal
    Every anthropologist is amazing, but we have to admit that forensic anthropologists are a tiny bit cooler than the rest! As they work with crime investigation, they’re not just any average anthropologist, they are kind of special. As their work requires a lot of analysis, observation and research, they probably need to write out a lot of things on a daily basis. This observational research data recording journal notebook isn’t an average notebook, just like your friend isn’t an average anthropologist! It has a witty cover: ‘’Nacho Average Anthropologist’’, and will be a funny and useful gift.
  10. Funny Anthropologist Coffee Mug
    Even though there are many amazing occupations that contribute to the betterment of society and require lots of knowledge, intelligence and bravery, people whose job is to solve crimes definitely deserve to be called a badass! It is probably never easy to just go home and peacefully sleep after all the true-life horrors they see everyday, so it takes a lot of courage, strength and a balanced mind to do forensics as a regular job. You can express your admiration for that by choosing this funny mug with a message: ‘’Forensic Anthropologist Because Badass Isn't An Official Title’’.
  11. Skull Heads Giant DIY Wall Clock With Mirror Effect
    How do forensic anthropologists tell time? This skull heads giant wall clock with a cool mirror effect describes it best! People who work in crime investigation can’t have a nine-to-five mentality, they need to be willing to work whenever it is needed, so clocks and time don’t have a lot of meaning in their careers. Maybe they count time by the number of bones they’ve examined? This fun and stylish wall art clock that is made not of numbers, but of little skulls, will be a cool and unique gift choice for a cool forensic anthropologist.
  12. Black Skull Design Bookend Metal Shelf Book Holder
    Every forensic anthropologist has probably been through numerous books throughout their study years, and even through their work years as well. What’s a more symbolic gift for an anthropologist than skull design shelf book holders, for all their big books about human skeleton? To display all their knowledge, these cool bookends that are specially designed in the shape of the skull to highlight shelf books with their abstract beauty, will be an amazing gift choice that will decorate any room in a unique way.
  13. Anthropology Keyring
    Sometimes even a simple little gift choice such as a keyring can be a nice surprise if it is meaningful and relatable. This cute keyring will be a great choice for any anthropologist, whether it is a student, a teacher or another professional - to display what they are passionate about every time they take their keys out! It consists of a little skeleton, a shovel and a brush - three things no anthropologist can go without!
  14. Hard Evidence: Case Studies in Forensic Anthropology
    Now is the time for a very useful gift, a gift that will be especially useful to students of forensic anthropology. An essential supplement to a forensic anthropology text, this book provides case studies that demonstrate innovative approaches and practical experiences in the field. The book provides both introductory and advanced students with a strong sense of the cases that forensic anthropologists become involved, along with their professional and ethical responsibilities, the scientific rigor required, and the multidisciplinary nature of the science.
  15. Skeleton Design Compression Socks for Women & Men
    Whether they spend a lot of their work time standing in the lab or just sitting all day and analyzing evidence, neither one of those is too healthy for the legs and overall circulation, especially when done for a long period of time. These compression socks will be a great gift for all anthropologists. They prevent cramping, fatigue, and help in muscle recovery, relieve varicose veins, pain and discomfort and prevent injuries. This will benefit their health but will also be a cute gift choice as it is designed with little skulls and leg bones.
  16. Crime Lab Mug
    Forensic anthropologists are all about evidence! They spend most of their time examining direct evidence and solving real crime puzzles just by analyzing human bone remains. If they are sure of one thing, then it’s the fact that clear evidence never lies. One can never have enough of those cool and personalized coffee mugs, and this one is specifically meaningful for an anthropologist as it has a funny but accurate message on it that says: ‘’People lie, evidence doesn’t’’. It will be a cool gift and make for many motivating cups of coffee during those lab hours.
  17. Spinal Cord Bone Decor Candle
    Who else would even accept a gift of a decor candle in the shape of spinal cord bones, if not an anthropologist?! If you want to be extra funny, witty and creative with your gift for a forensic anthropology professional, this candle is a great choice! It’s not easy finding a bone or skull related decor that doesn’t look like it’s specifically made for Halloween and spooky parties, as it often involves black color and horror details, but this candle is a clear, natural bone color and will definitely be an eye-catcher for anybody who sees it!
  18. Crime Scene Inspired Bag
    Even though forensic anthropologists work mostly in the lab, they’ve probably seen that well-known yellow tape that has a ‘’Crime Scene - Do Not Cross’’ message on it many times. Even though it’s a sad thing to witness - these people call this their everyday job and had to get used to it as much as possible. When you do a job that is not easy to handle, a little bit of humor can be very beneficial. This bag for daily necessities, with the yellow tape on it, is a humorous way of saying ‘Don’t touch, those are my personal stuff’, for whenever an anthropologist needs to stay at work extra late at night hours.