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Drama teacher gifts

Teachers are truly a special kind of people. You don’t like them at first. In fact, they’re probably some of the least popular people in life during your teenage years when all you want is to be free of any responsibility and just out there living your best young life. In those years, teachers seem to be the ones who are taking that freedom from you, but as time passes, they really start to grow on all of us. When youngsters become more mature and studying becomes less of a burden and more of a challenge, they realize that teachers are some of the best people who are going to influence their lives in so many important ways.

Let’s be real – compared to math, physics, chemistry or similar subjects, drama classes are truly enjoyable and fun, at least for the majority of people. It’s almost always interactive and if they are conducted by great teachers – they bring the best out of everyone’s creativity and talent.

If you happen to have such a fantastic drama teacher, props to you for wanting to surprise them with a nice little gift! It’s one of the best ways to show your respect and appreciation for their devotion and the good influence they have on your life.

Here’s a list of 28 best gift options for drama teachers for you to quickly and easily choose from so that you don’t need to spend so much time researching:

  1. Drama Teacher Journal
    Teachers always want you to write down important things you hear from them during every class and have a tidy notebook for that purpose. But you’re not the only one who needs to note things down - being a teacher isn’t easy and requires great organizational skills! Teachers need to prepare for each class thoroughly, therefore they can make great use of any kind of a notebook, whether a journal or a planner, to keep their ideas, plans and responsibilities organized. You won’t find a better journal for drama teachers than this one, it’s design perfectly describes their role - a true superpower!
  2. 'Best Teacher Ever' Plant Pots
    During each class, both teachers and students get to know each other a little bit. You might have learned about some of your teacher’s interests or habits, and if you think they might be into cute little plants, then those three adorable desk plant pots with a lovely “Best Teacher Ever” message printed on each of them will be a wonderful appreciation gift. This set will show them that you truly value and cherish their devotion to teaching you important life lessons, because at the end of the day - life is drama and drama is life. They will look beautiful on your teacher’s work desk or kitchen counters, and remind them of you every time they pass by it.
  3. Playbill Broadway Cover - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
    Everybody loves a good old family-friendly coffee table game, especially when it is a puzzle. Puzzles are just so satisfying and calming, they require a lot of focus so they make people fully present in the moment, which is hard for all of us nowadays. That’s why almost every teacher likes puzzles, and this Playbill Broadway Cover 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle will be the perfect one for your drama teacher because it features some of the biggest Broadway hits such as Cats, Kinky Boots and more. It is challenging, good quality, thick, large and easy to handle, and it will keep them occupied for hours!
  4. Funny Teacher Socks
    Maybe you are used to your teacher always being serious and you’re being serious with them too, which is the only right way to behave during classes. But for a light little appreciation gift, you can really be fun and witty and add some humor to it - your teacher will love that! Everyone needs socks, so you can be sure you won’t make a mistake with socks as a gift for any occasion. This pair has to be the most perfect one for all teachers out there! Even though teachers always look so serious and professional, they love their time off just like everybody else! This pair will be a perfect choice for their off-duty time.
  5. Comedy and Tragedy Masks Bracelet
    When you think of drama and theatre, one of the first things that might come to your mind are the famous Tragedy and Comedy masks. They’re famous since the ancient Greek theater and continue to be one of the classic symbols of drama to this day, but your drama teacher has probably already taught you that. Because they are such a classical symbol, you can be sure that you can’t go wrong with anything related to Tragedy and Comedy masks, and this bracelet is going to be the perfect pick for any drama teacher out there. A really simple and casual yet elegant and interesting jewelry piece that can work for both men and women and can look good with any clothing style.
  6. Personalized Photo Frame
    If you really want to prepare a surprise gift for your teacher that they will remember for many more years to come, a collection of your class photos together will be a beautiful choice. But you can’t just collect a couple of photos and give them, you need to frame them in some lovely photo frames. This one will be the perfect option for this occasion because its design allows you to hang not just one but multiple photos on it, as well as personalize it for your teacher by having their name or something else written on this wooden part of the photo frame.
  7. Cards Against Humanity: Theatre Pack
    Another great way to surprise your teacher is to gift them a cool and interesting party game that they will be able to play at every family gathering or with their friends on a free day. For a drama teacher, there isn’t a better one than the Theatre pack of Cards Against Humanity, a very popular fill-in-the-blank party game that has so many positive reviews! Everyone who has them says they’re so interesting to play and turn all awkward moments into hours of fun! Your teacher might even use them during your class if they like an eccentric and humorous atmosphere with their students because each one of this pack’s cards is related to the theater.
  8. Bracelet with a quote
    Who doesn’t appreciate getting a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry for a gift? In fact, jewelry is one of the most common gift choices all over the world when it comes to gifting teachers as a form of showing appreciation and gratitude for their work and service. So if you happen to find a beautiful piece that is elegant yet simple enough to match anybody’s style preferences, go grab it! We’ve actually found one for you, so no need to look further! This gorgeous bracelet has a super meaningful secret message hidden on the inside and your drama teacher will simply adore it.
  9. House / Car Decor Ornament
    In all honesty - everybody loves receiving gifts. Whether it’s a gift from a dear family member, a friend, partner, colleague, or even just an acquaintance, gifts are a form of showing appreciation and respect to someone. It almost always makes someone’s day. Some people love material things, they love expensive, good quality, high-end gifts and there’s nothing wrong with that. Others simply enjoy the little things that have a meaning to them. This little ornament with a meaningful “Thank You” message printed on it can be used as a house or car decor piece and will be an amazing option for showing your teacher how thankful you are for them.
  10. 7 Pieces Vintage Metal Feather Bookmarks
    If your teacher is more on the serious and professional side, you might want to consider getting this set of 7 different metal feather bookmarks for them. The tassels hanging on them and ceramic beads add to the gorgeous vintage design that looks absolutely beautiful and professional, which makes it an ideal gift for all teachers out there. We’ve never heard of a teacher who doesn’t like to read, so what’s a better gift option for them than a set of bookmarks! A drama teacher in all probability loves to read, so they will definitely be pleasantly surprised by this gift.
  11. Comedy and Tragedy Masks Drop Earrings
    Another lovely jewelry piece that every drama teacher will love! If you have ever seen them wear drop & dangle style earrings, then that is your sign to get this pair for them! One of those has a comedy mask and the other has a tragedy mask as a pendant, which together make the most famous symbol of drama & theater, and what’s a better gift for drama teachers than something with drama masks on it! They are made of silver and they arrive in an elegant velvet pouch which makes them a wonderful gift for this occasion. Bet they will be your drama teacher’s new favorite jewelry piece to wear, especially during classes!
  12. William Shakespeare Luxury Gift Pen
    Another very professional gift that will be very suitable for this occasion. Teachers of all kinds have to use pens on a daily basis so they go through them quickly. That’s why surprising them with a luxury gift pen will be a wonderful way to show your appreciation for their professional and kind work that had a positive influence on you. You can be sure that this gift choice will be something they will actually use, although some people choose not to use this kind of luxury pens but keep them on their work desk or home library as decor. This one has a famous William Shakespeare quote printed on it that reads: “To Thine Own Self Be True”.
  13. Drama Themed Keychain
    If your budget is not too high for this occasion, which is perfectly understandable if you are still a student, you should know that it is absolutely ok to go for something less pricey and simpler. In fact, for some occasions, it is not even appropriate to go for over-the-top gifts, and sometimes little things are a perfect choice for expressing gratitude to someone. The main idea is to show your appreciation, and this keychain with a meaningful message printed on it will do exactly that! It’s drama-themed and your drama teacher will absolutely love the “All the world’s a stage’’ message that is printed on it.
  14. Theater Life Tote Bag
    Although always popular, tote bags have been a big trend for the past couple of years now. They seem very casual and just give off that cool vibe, whatever outfit they are combined with. They can be amazing for shopping, as many things can fit inside. It’s a burden to go shopping and have to carry more than one bag with you, so having a tote bag can be really useful and it’s durable enough to carry many things. Even just as a daily bag it looks amazing - relaxed, easy-going, and unpretentious, but still cool and chic. This one is of course theater-themed and will be a great choice for your drama teacher.
  15. Funny Theater-Themed Mug
    No matter who it is that you’re trying to find the perfect gift for, or what the exact occasion is, you can never go wrong with a mug as a gift choice. Mugs are something all of us need and use on a daily basis, and while the most important thing is that they are good quality, everybody loves having mugs with cute designs in their kitchen cabinets. There is something inspiring and motivating about drinking your morning cup of coffee from a cute-looking mug, and this one will definitely be the perfect fit for your drama teacher to drink coffee from right before having a rehearsal with students.
  16. Retro Clapper Board Wall Clock
    Regardless of how much someone loves and enjoys doing their job on a daily basis, coming home after a long day at work is truly a wonderful feeling, especially when a nice atmosphere awaits, and nice decor can always create a great ambiance and overall feel of the home. Drama teachers usually have a good personal style and love to look chic at all times. That also means they might love their interior decor to be as cool as they are, and this clapper board wall clock in a retro style will be a lovely decor piece for them.
  17. CAST Party the Broadway Musical Trivia Game
    Never enough of those fun trivia games! Even though you don’t need to surprise your teacher exclusively with drama-related stuff, it’s always a bonus if your gift somehow is drama or theater-related. There are many great trivia games out there that are very suitable for a drama teacher, for example, this CAST Party the Broadway Musical one! Who’s a bigger nerd when it comes to drama and theater than drama teachers themselves?! They know everything, but can still have some fun while playing such a game with their friends, family, or even students during classes! That can definitely be a fun yet informative class activity.
  18. Theater-themed Decorative Wooden Clipboard
    Wise people often say it’s always the little things in life that matter. That also applies to home decor! For a nice atmosphere in the house, it’s important to fill it with some cozy details that make a house look and feel like home. Drama teachers are usually big drama and theater lovers outside of the classroom too, so most of them will gladly decorate their homes with nice little drama-related decor pieces, such as this one. This theater-themed decorative wooden clipboard is small and simple yet has a meaningful text engraved on it. It’s a detail so even those teachers who like to keep their decor simple and clean will like it!
  19. Vintage Leather-Bound Luxury Journal Gift Set
    Another beautiful and luxurious yet really professional and elegant gift for any drama teacher. If you’re not too close with your teacher and would like to keep things serious and professional, yet still want to show real appreciation to them, we recommend you go for something like this. A vintage leather-bound luxury journal gift set is, in fact, a wonderful option for any teacher out there. All teachers love to write things down and their job usually requires them to do so on a daily basis, so a journal is always useful. The set comes with a pen in a very elegant box.
  20. Show-Bill / Playbill Binder
    There’s no chance that any drama teacher out there isn’t into theater in their private life as well. In order to choose such a profession, you simply need to have love and passion for it. That’s why most drama teachers have probably visited too many plays and shows in their lives so far, and considering the fact that they are teachers, they probably still remember all of them and love to pass that knowledge to their students. That’s one of the reasons why they absolutely need this show bill or playbill binder, to keep their collection organized and their precious memories protected and safe for many more years to come.
  21. Bullets on Broadway Murder Mystery Party Game
    The number of people who enjoy watching or listening to horror, mystery, or true crime videos, video games, or podcasts is increasing. If you somehow know that your drama teacher also enjoys these topics, you might want to consider getting this “Bullets on Broadway” murder mystery party game for them! This amazing game can be played both virtually and in person, it’s intended for 3-20 players for ages 13+ and can be played multiple times because the murderer is secretly chosen at the start of each game and it could be anyone, which makes it never boring! It comes with a USB loaded with printable game files.
  22. Ultimate Musical Theater Card Game - 100 Songs Every Theatre Nerd Should Know
    Another amazing card game that every drama teacher will be absolutely thrilled to get! This ultimate musical theater card game is the perfect gift for any fan of musical theater, which most drama teachers are. Needless to say, that the game probably won’t be fair since they’ll be the ones to win every time, because who’s a bigger nerd for all things theater than a drama teacher, but it will still be a very fun and interesting activity to share with their family and friends. If they happen to be fans of famous songs from legendary musicals such as Hamilton, Beetlejuice, Heathers, Six, and others, they will definitely be pleasantly surprised by this.
  23. 101 Drama Games and Activities
    Drama classes usually consist of many different activities and games through which students can learn and practice their drama knowledge and creative skills. Teachers are the ones who need to come up with all these different activities for each class, which isn’t easy even for most experienced professionals. That’s why this “101 Drama Games and Activities” book will be an amazing gift for them. If they ever run out of ideas for future classes, they can just grab this book and find a cool idea for their next class.
  24. Red Velvet Theater-Style Curtains
    If your drama teacher is also a family friend or you’re just somehow closer to them, you might even consider surprising them with these beautiful theater-style red velvet curtains that will make any room look like a theater. A heavy look and feel gives a very luxurious and elegant vibe and create a sophisticated atmosphere, especially when placed in the living room. Every drama and theater lover will absolutely adore them. They are super soft and look very lavish yet serve the purpose of blocking the window view into the room which is important for safety. They’re great quality darkening drapes that effectively block any light when pulled together.
  25. Clapper Board Coasters for Drinks
    If you think that a lavish gift wouldn’t be too appropriate for this occasion, you can always choose a useful detail such as this set of 6 coasters for drinks with a design of a movie clapper board. Coasters are super handy for protecting the surfaces of desks and other furniture when placing cups with hot or cold drinks on them. Nobody wants their nice table ruined with a cup full of hot coffee! If your drama teacher loves entertaining and welcoming their friends to their home often, this will surely be a lovely little gift for them to use when serving drinks.
  26. Movie Night Decorations Chalkboard Kit
    • Our party decorations kit includes one-of-kind movie night supplies to impress your guests, and let this kit be the staple movie theater decorations for home.
    • Perfect as birthday decorations, Hollywood party decorations or any other party supplies.
    • 1 chalkboard is 14 3/4 in (l) x 10 in (h), and 5mm thick; with pre-printed "Now Showing" and mini neon light dots.
    • 1 metal stand is 9 in (h) x 7 in (l), to support the chalkboard as a table centerpiece. Alternatively, the chalkboard can be hung on the wall with 2 picture hangers pre-installed on the back of the board.
    • Classic color chalk markers are included for your maximum creativity of movie night signs, with dual marker heads for multi-use.
  27. Movie Film Projector Model Vintage Style Decor
    Another great gift choice for a drama teacher who loves to get creative with their interior design and show off their love for drama through it. This old-school film projector model will be a perfect decor piece for their living room or bedroom with its beautiful vintage style to display the dedication and passion they have for their job. What’s really special about this model is that it is handmade and of high quality but still lightweight. It looks very realistic and will definitely add that wonderful artistic touch to their home which is great because drama teachers are usually very artistic themselves.
  28. Movie Clapper Board & Marquee Light Star Set
    Sets are always a great option when it comes to gifts because you get multiple things in one gift so it just feels more special. This set of a real wooden movie clapper board and a Marquee star with LED lights in it is going to be the best choice for drama teachers. They can take them home and place them in their living room, bedroom, or any other room as a wonderful piece of decor or have them in their teacher’s cabinet. The star shines brightly and gives off a glamorous Hollywood vibe, and the clapper board is a classic when it comes to drama lovers.