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Gifts for theater students

Are you looking for the best gifts for theater students and performers? If so, look no further than this gift list. Our selection of theater gifts will please your favorite student and performer in your life. What follows are some of the most unique gift ideas for the drama student in your life. Gifts that will inspire your budding thespian to be the most incredible actor ever!

We’ve searched the Internet for you and have found some great gifts for theater students. Check out these different gift ideas and think about who might enjoy a little extra drama to their theater-filled surroundings.

Best Gifts for Theater Students

  1. Broadway Puzzle
    Our first gift idea is ideal for the oxymoronic theater student. After all, who would’ve guessed that someone in such an extroverted field would enjoy such an introverted activity. However, many theater students are apt to be drawn towards situations that won’t take away too much energy from them, especially because they give so much energy during acting. This thousand-piece Playbill Broadway cover puzzle is just what a theater student will need to wind down from a long day of acting.
  2. Wooden Clapboard
    Take two! Every scene that we see in a movie has gone through multiple takes. It takes practice to get a scene to come out just right. This wooden clapboard is great for the typical theater student who wants to practice going over their scenes. The information for the scene can be easily written on the clapboard with chalk and it can be just as easily wiped off. Whether this gift is for an adult or for kids, it’s a great idea for those who like to rehearse their lines.
  3. Voice Isolation Microphone
    Do you know a theater student that likes to hear the sound of their own voice through a microphone? While not too many people actually enjoy hearing their own voice on recording, theater students have to get used to it. They might even crave the process. This fancy microphone will allow whoever is using it to be heard without the added sound of whoever is in the background. This is a wise gift idea for someone who has a gift for acting.
  4. The Longman Anthology of Drama and Theater: A Global Perspective
    There are some theater students who not only love to participate in the art of acting, but they also enjoy learning about the history of drama as well. Those students will appreciate this anthology of drama and theater, which contains two main parts. Through this anthology, theater students can learn about where and how theater started. They can also enjoy reading the plays themselves, which are also contained in this book.
  5. Trophy Award
    This fancy trophy award is a great gift idea for those who are obsessed with everything relating to dramas. This can be given to someone after they have acted in a play, which will let them know that you think well of their skills. This can also be given just as a sign that you recognize that someone has the love of theater in their life.
  6. Ticket Shadow Box
    Do you know someone who likes to hold on to their tickets after they come back from a play? Instead of allowing those tickets to clutter the house, they would be much more enthralled to have a nice place to hold their keepsakes. This gift is a good fit for those who love theater and who are naturally sentimental.
  7. GoPro Hero10 Action Camera
    There’s nothing like going to see a good ole’ play. However, there’s also nothing like changing along with the times. It’s no secret that there has been tremendous advancements in technology lately. This waterproof action camera is a great gift idea for those theater students who enjoy the newfound technology that can accompany acting.
  8. Exploring Theatre, Student Edition
    This book is great for the theater student that wants to become more well-rounded. As most of us are aware, life can become a bit chaotic when we go from one extreme to the next. Balance in any arena of life can pose a challenge that needs to be overcome. In this book, the typical middle/high school theater student will learn how to develop characteristics that relate to acting as well as personal characteristics such as how to be self-confident.
  9. The Acting Bible
    Do you know a theater student that is intent on learning the logistics behind acting? This acting “bible” can serve as the perfect guide for those type of students. This book offers lessons on how to become a successful actor through focusing on details such as different techniques that surround acting. It also provides helpful tips on how to memorize, which is a useful tool that should be emphasized in the acting world. Also unique to this book is the fact that it acknowledges that acting involves a business aspect. This will serve as a great gift for the well-rounded theater student in your life.
  10. LED Cinema Light Box
    This message box is a sure way to light up any theatre student’s day! You can either buy it and create a message on their for your student to see or you can send it straight to them to let them decide which message should come across on the box. There’s no doubt that this gift idea is unique. After all, who else do you know that has their own personalized message board?
  11. Cards Against Humanity Theatre
    Surely most of us have heard of the card game “Cards Against Humanity.” But how many of us knew that there was a theater pack? Give a theater student the gift of being able to use their creativity in this fun game. If your theater friend already has the original game, these cards will make a sweet addition to it and will let them know that you were thinking of them.
  12. Selfie Ring Light
    Do you know a theater student that is less concerned with a support role and more fascinated with being front and center? This selfie ring light is ideal for someone who has a story to tell and who loves telling it. It even has a phone holder that accommodates for all phones so that your theater student can record their videos without the hassle of having to hold their phone while doing it.
  13. Projector
    This is no ordinary projector, like we used to have in our school classrooms. This one is much more versatile. It can be used inside as well as outdoors. Also, you can easily connect your laptop to it, which can give your house a special movie-theater feel. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re at a movie theater while comfortable staying home in their pajamas?
  14. Theater Puzzle
    Even those with the utmost amount of energy need time to wind down. A puzzle is a great avenue to take when you want a challenge but you also want down time. This thousand-piece puzzle is bound to create that happy medium for the theater student who is looking for a little bit of both.
  15. Umbrella Flask
    Nobody would ever suspect a theater student carrying an umbrella! However, they might start to talk if they see that student start to drink from one. These umbrella flasks hide what’s inside, which is a reason for celebration. Make sure that you give these to theater students after they are done acting so that it doesn’t affect their performance.
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  17. Tragedy Mask
    Looking for a unique gift idea for your favorite drama student? Look no further! This affordable tragedy mask is ideal for the drama student who has a birthday soon. The ancient Greeks invented comedy and tragedy masks. A tragedy mask is a mask worn by actors in tragedy plays, which were the earliest form of theater.
  18. Guesstures Game
    Here is a great gift that can be enjoyed with family and friends. Charades alone can be a challenging and hilarious game. Add in the fact that the time is limited and now you have a recipe for a night that will create memorable, hilarious moments. This is a great gift to give to someone who already has a love for charades, but wants to add a little more fun to it.
  19. Cinephile
    Every theater student is bound to take pride in the movie facts that they know, and they should. If they eat, sleep, and breathe theater chances are they are going to know quite a bit more than the regular movie-goer. The great news is that this card game can be a hit for both!
  20. Movie Clapboard Blanket
    What does just about everyone want to have around while watching their favorite movie? Besides some popcorn, they will want a warm, soft blanket. A theater student won’t want just any type of blanket though. They’ll desire this movie clapboard blanket, which is well-suited for the student who is obsessed with everything theater.
  21. Magnetic Poetry Theater Lover
    This magnetic poetry kit will send the message to your theater student that you care. There are so many different messages to come up with that this kit will create play scenarios for days. This is perfect for a theater lover who is also a lover of words. Not only will this serve as a fun gift but it can also be used as a learning tool for those need to take in more complex words, and less drama.