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Gifts for Water Polo Players

Water polo is oftentimes referred to as being one of the most difficult sports to participate in. Teams of seven players compete in a game that can be thought of as “playing rugby in the deep end,” where they strategize among teammates to score goals, and block the opposing team from scoring. The sport is full-contact, and athletes sometimes have to tread water for entire quarters of the game at a time, on top of swimming back and forth numerous times across the competition pool as the game progresses.

If you have someone in your life that is passionate about water polo, or just enjoys playing the game, here are some gift ideas for you to choose from to help find something that they will appreciate.

Best Gifts for Water Polo Players

  1. Water Polo Ball HydroGrip Size 4 (NCAA and NFHS Official)
    The centerpiece of water polo is the competition ball; this is a regulation ball that can be given as a gift, and used in the event that community-access playing balls aren’t available. Kap7 is a commonly known brand in the sport of water polo, and this ball is the official NCAA Women’s water polo game ball. It meets regulations for competition play both locally and nationally.
  2. Swim Parka – Unisex Adult & Youth, Extra Long Cotton Parka
    For anyone that has to compete in a sport year-round, and especially a sport where competitors are required to get wet, having a warm parka is one of the best investments an athlete can make for their own comfort. This parka has a front zipper closure, an outer shell that will not let water seep through, a cotton towel inner lining that catches moisture, and two zippered pockets to keep belongings safe. The outside of the parka is a solid navy-blue color, but the inner fleece is available in multiple colors: lime, pink, orange, and light blue.
  3. Water Polo Retro Vintage 80s Style T-Shirt
    Following in the trend of vintage-inspired T-shirts, this retro design features the silhouette of a water polo player preparing to throw the ball, against a Tron-like background and vintage sunset design. This shirt is available in your choice of 10 different colors, and comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizing. T-shirts are machine washable and feature a classic cut and fit. Easy to care for and easy to wear, it is a great way to show water polo pride!
  4. Jesus the Water Polo Goalie Saves Mug
    This is a hilarious gift idea for a Christian water polo goalkeeper or player to have a fun time while drinking their morning coffee. Who would win in a game between if Jesus were the goalkeeper of the opposing team? I think we know the answer to that!
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    Big Mesh Backpack
    Keeping a soggy pool gear separate from the dry clothes shouldn’t be a hassle, but for water polo players that don’t have a well-built swim gear backpack, this is an unfortunate fact of life. The Big Mesh Mummy has extra capacity with a large main compartment and smaller pocket for storing gear, and a mesh ventilation design to let the moisture out. Gear is kept secure with a barrel-lock top closure and zippered pockets. This backpack comes in 11 different colors, making it easy to find one that matches water polo team colors.
  6. Wide Mouth Water Bottle
    Choose from 24 different color options to customize this gift. Water bottles are underrated when it comes to aquatic sports; it’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re literally swimming in it, after all. This 32oz water bottle is BPA free and made from recycled plastic, and has a wide-mouth opening with a screw top, making it easy to stow away without leaking and then clean out when the game is over.
  7. Flow Hydro Sport Quick Dry Towel for Swim and Water Polo
    This towel was designed with water sports in mind, and won’t become stiff like chamois tend to do after getting wet. Flow Hydro towels are great performing quick-dry suede-like beach towel, invented in Australia and designed for swim, pool, triathlon, water polo and anything water. Giving this gift will solve the problem of slow drying to your favorite water polo player next time after a swimming practice or water polo match at the pool.
  8. Speedo Sandal Deck Slide
    These sandals are constructed with a hydrophobic comfort EVA material with the famous Speedo brand logo across the top of the sandal. There are five different colors and patterns to choose from. If you know a swimmer or water polo player, you know that the ground around pools, in showers, and in locker rooms can become pretty gross over time. These sandals can help keep your favorite water polo players from stepping on rocks or debris.
  9. No-Number Water Polo Practice Cap
    Save the game-day water polo cap for the real deal. The practice cap does not have any numbers displayed as normally seen in water polo matches, but the cap is made of a chlorine-resistant and durable PBT material, and comes in three different colors.
  10. Dominate or Drown Hoodie
    Does the water polo player in your life have an extra-competitive personality? They might love this sweatshirt, which features a spoof of the Starbucks mermaid logo. These unisex hoodies come in a cotton/polyester blend, and are machine washable. There are three colors to choose from: black, navy, and dark heather (gray).
  11. Swimmers Shampoo Extra Boost + Pre & Post Swim Conditioner
    Chlorine water can wreak havoc on skin and hair, leaving it dried out and brittle. These swim-specific hair products remove the pool chemicals and smells from hair, help to relieve symptoms of dry scalp, and also conditions and hydrates the hair. They feature a dead sea mineral and botanical formula, which are SLS/paraben/alcohol/GMO/cruelty free.
  12. Gatorade Endurance Formula Powder
    Dehydration, or an electrolyte imbalance, can sideline even the best water polo player. The formula in Gatorade Endurance contains sodium and other electrolytes to help water polo players (and other athletes alike) to sustain their energy and hydration over long periods of time. This mix has no artificial flavors or sweeteners, and is available in four flavors: cherry, lemon lime, watermelon, and orange.
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    Mouth Guard
    With water polo being a full-contact sport, using a mouth guard is a necessity. The Shock Doctor Gel mouth guard comes in over a dozen different colors, and each is made with a gel-fit liner to mold specifically to a person’s teeth and gums. An exoskeletal frame ensures protection of the entire mouth against impacts. The Shock Doctor mouth guard also features breathing channels built in to make it easier for athletes to breathe while wearing it.
  14. Training Ergo Ear Plugs
    Water polo is a fun game, but spending hours at a time in a swimming pool can cause a variety of ear issues and infections over time. These ergonomic ear plugs were created to provide the best, most watertight fit possible to the anatomy of the ear canal. They are made of a high-quality TPR plastic, making it easy to place and remove them. Each set of plugs come with a storage case to help safely store and secure them when not in use.
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    Nail Clippers Set
    Playing a contact sport means that if you’re not keeping up on hygiene, you could inadvertently scratch someone with a long nail or hangnail. Since nail clippers are small and tend to disappear, this nail clipper kit makes an excellent replacement gift, and comes with a bright yellow storage pouch for safekeeping. The nail clippers are ergonomic, and will work on all nail types, including thicker nails.
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    Swim-EAR Drying Aid
    Sometimes, you have that little bit of water that’s gotten into your ear, and you just can’t shake it out. Water polo players experience this too, and using an alcohol-based ear-drying aid helps to evaporate and clear up any lingering water that’s stubbornly stuck in the ear canal after being in the pool for hours.