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Illustration of veterinary with a dog

Veterinary nurses are working hard every day to keep our pets healthy. They deserve just as much love as our furry friends.  Browse below for some great gift ideas for these amazing people that they’re all certain to treasure.

  1. ‘I Save Animals’ Insulated Tumbler
    Some of the most treasured gifts are the most useful ones. Items that can be used every day, potentially save money and have some sort of reduced effect on one’s impact on the globe. This is something that ticks every box whilst also having a little humor attached too! keeping hot drinks hot for up to 5 hours, it’s more than enough to have it topped up at the local coffee shop before heading into work.
  2. Engraved Stylus Pen with Flashlight
    Handy multifunctional gifts are great, and while this may look like just a pen it has numerous other great uses. With a stylus nib on the end, it readily doubles as a stylus for using on touchscreens, really handy for those who hate fingerprints smudging their screens or if they have to operate another public device. In addition to all this it also has a flashlight built into the end! Engraved with animal symbols it’d look perfect sitting on the desk or inside a pocket of any veterinary nurse.
  3. Veterinary Wall Slogan
    ‘Good veterinarians talk to animals, great veterinarians hear them talk back’. This brilliant piece of wall art is American made and is sure to bring a smile to any recipient who is passionate about their job, and let’s face it – most people in this tough industry must be.
  4. ‘Veterinary Medicine: Because People Are Gross’ Cup
    Well it must surely have been a factor in any decision to spend a career mostly dealing with animals rather than their fellow Homo sapiens. In any work place there’s a sporting competition for the best cup and this one could well be the winner on most kitchen shelves.
  5. Mother: A Tribute to Mother Earth
    Featuring a collection of incredible images by the only photographer in the world to be named ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’, ‘International Nature Photographer of the Year’, and ‘Travel Photographer of the Year’. This will be a treasured gift for anybody with a love of nature photography, while in addition the author Marsel van Oosten will also donate part of the proceeds of the sale of every book to the Canopy Project, which has the aim of planting trees all around the world.
  6. ‘Don’t Argue With Me, I Neuter For A Living’ T Shirt
    This is a great T shirt and something that would be appreciated by any veterinary nurse! It’s hard to think of a better way to avoid conflict entirely than to let people know this most specific of professional skills. Available for male and female, in various sizes and 7 different colors, there’s certainly a version of this for any veterinary nurse.
  7. ‘Happy Howlidays’ ASPCA Pillow
    Both animals and humans alike love a good pillow, and the ASPCA store has many of them available, with this being one of our favorites. In addition to purchasing a grrr-eat gift you’ll also be supporting the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) with your purchase and supporting their great work to protect animals around the country.
  8. ‘Cat’s Are People Too’ Hoodie
    Another a-meow-sing item we found in the ASPCA store is this hoodie. Featuring a brilliant 60’s inspired colour scheme for the main image, this unisex hoodie is also available in 5 different colours and is sure to bring out the playful side of anybody who pulls it on. Once again by purchasing from this store you’re helping a worthwhile charity so it’s another total win win, securing a gift and an additional act of goodwill at the same time.
  9. Lucky Elephant Pandora Charm
    If you know a vet who already owns a Pandora bracelet, then this lucky elephant charm would be a wonderful addition to a veterinary nurse’s collection. Everybody loves elephants, so to be able to carry a little lucky elephant with you everywhere you go would remind you of those wonderful creatures while just maybe bringing some good luck along the way too.
  10. Splatypus Kitchen Spatula
    Having just climbed back on to the chair for the third time, it’s safe to say that this is a hilarious piece of equipment that will guarantee a laugh every time you need to spread some love! Use your Splatypus on your crepes / toast / cakes / just about anything, and ensure it’s given a prominent position in the kitchen to bait visitors into asking, ‘hey is that a platypus?’ Buy this, buy this right now.
  11. Red Crab Spoon Holder
    Ok ok, it’s unlikely veterinary nurses spend a lot of time working on crabs but they’re animals nonetheless and, like our previous entry, are sure to add some fun to food presentation. This is super useful too, spoons touching bare surfaces create mess so anything that means less cleaning up is always a plus. It’s likely to encourage a giggle or two as well!
  12. Guoer Scrub Cap
    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is important in medical scenarios to minimize the spread of bacteria and keep an area clean. When veterinary nurses have to do some serious work inside the surgery, they’re always going to be wearing one of these. There are many different options here, all coming in different colors and designs. You’ll be able to match your favorite colors to the best design to give something that will be used time and time again.
  13. Animal Shaped Paperclips
    In today’s world many of even the most mundane items have been redesigned or styled in ways to make them more fun, relevant, cute, desirable and colorful. We’re now able to add paperclips to this list! There are 6 different designs included within the 80 pieces inside the container. From horses to dogs to penguins, many of your everyday animals are covered and they will certainly be a light hearted addition to the stationary supplies of your veterinary nurse.
  14. Glass Cat Tea Cup
    This is a really unique product that is hand made using glass blowing techniques. Its double walled feature means that your hand is protected from the heat of a hot drink while the drink itself is also insulated meaning it stays hot for longer than it would in a standard cup. With a cute design of a cat reaching its head down into the glass it will definitely be a memorable gift for any cat lover or animal lover in general.
  15. Veterinary Wine Glass ‘How Was Your Day?’ Scale
    Not every day in the life of a veterinary nurse will have a happy ending, and while it’s irresponsible to encourage drinking it’s certain that some people will enjoy a glass of wine to soothe themselves after good and bad days. But, how do you know how the day has been? Well one side of this wine glass will tell you, as the presumption is if there’s a larger measure poured in the glass then it may not have been so great. Available as tumblers as well as large or small wine glasses, they’re a really subtle gift and a nice touch.
  16. Cartoon Character USB Drive
    USB drives are really useful and it’s one of those things you don’t seem to have enough of. They’re so small they’re easy to misplace, and just the simple need of wanting to transfer data between devices can be more complicated without one. These have a chain that can attach to a bag or a set of keys, and the cute cartoon animal design also serves as protection for the end of the drive.