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Shopping can be a tricky process even when we want to surprise people who are close to us, such as our own family members. It can be even trickier if we are not close with our potential gift receiver.

Some of those “not so close, but close” people in all of our lives are definitely our teachers. Even though most of us were not too fond of them when we were children, later in life most of us realize how meaningful and important their influence was.

If you were or still are studying cosmetology, and have that one teacher who is not only a great teacher but also a wonderful person, surprising them with a lovely little gift is an amazing idea!

Cosmetology is a big field that covers multiple categories related to the art and science of beautifying. A professional cosmetologist is an expert in implementing cosmetic treatments to people’s hair, skin, and nails to beautify one’s outer appearance. If you feel like they already have everything and aren’t sure what to get for them, here’s a list of useful gift options every cosmetology teacher would be happy to receive:

  1. Hairstylist Necklace
    If your cosmetology teacher focused on the art of hairdressing during your studies or in their private work, then focusing on hair-related things when choosing a gift for them is definitely a good idea. Regardless of the occasion or the receiver, jewellery is usually always a smart gift option. It lasts for many years as a wonderful memory for people and can be very meaningful and beautiful if you choose the right piece that will suit their personal style and interests, such as this one. It is a simple yet elegant necklace with a comb and scissors charm pendant, depicting what they know best and love the most - the art of hairdressing.
  2. 4 Pack Q-tip Holder Dispenser
    Even if they are a teacher of their art, cosmetologists usually also have their own salons where they use their talents and skills to make other people feel better in their skin. That is why getting some professional tools or equipment for their salon is going to be a great and useful way of showing them how much you appreciate their knowledge and skills. Don’t worry, you don’t need to set aside a large budget for this, there are many budget-friendly yet useful accessories all cosmetologists need, such as this pack of 4 q-tip holders that will instantly add that clean and chic aesthetics to their salon.
  3. Ergonomic Saddle Chair
    Cosmetologists spend most of their working time sitting, especially if they don’t focus on hairdressing as much as they do on the skin, nails or lashes. While hairdressers have to stand most of their working hours, those cosmetologists who take care of people’s nails, lashes and skin always have to sit in order to do that job correctly. They are not like other regular teachers who stand in front of a board and teach their students theory about a subject, cosmetology teachers have to sit down and actually show their students what they do and how they do it. Prolonged sitting isn’t too healthy, and you will give them a big favor with this ergonomic chair.
  4. LED Light Wireless Color Therapy Face & Neck Mask
    Cosmetologists spend most of their life helping others achieve the beauty and the confidence they deserve. By doing so, they don’t only make people’s appearances better, but the quality of their whole lives as well. What might seem like a superficial practice can actually influence a person’s life tremendously, and because of that, cosmeticians should receive a lot of recognition and respect. As they spend so much time beautifying others, why not surprise them with a lovely gift that will inspire them to care of themselves for a change? They will be absolutely thrilled to get this LED light wireless color therapy face & neck mask, they can use it after long days of work to relax and improve the condition of their own skin.
  5. Disinfectant Jar
    One of the most important things every cosmetology teacher teaches their students is the importance of disinfecting their working tools immediately after every single client. You probably already know that, as cosmetology teachers can be very strict about their students learning and actually implementing this practice. Not doing so can affect clients’ health very badly, which can end up being life-threatening. If your cosmetology teacher has always been very strict about this part, you might want to consider getting this disinfectant jar for them. It will be very useful for them while also being a funny way of showing them that you’ve learned your lessons well.
  6. Cosmetology Lanyard ID Badge Holder
    Even if you are a cosmetology student yourself, you have probably visited other beauty salons many times. It is always better when you let another professional take care of your beauty because you can relax and feel like a real queen while they beautify you. While on those salon trips, you have probably seen all cosmetology professionals wear one of those lanyard ID Badge holders so that you can easily see their names. In fact, even your teacher might be wearing one during their work or even during their classes. That’s why you can surprise them with this lovely badge holder with cosmetology symbols on its design.
  7. Hairdresser Travel Tumbler
    You can never go wrong with a gift that is both useful and in tune with the person’s interests or talents. That is exactly what this travel tumbler is - it is something we can all find very useful in our everyday lives. It has a lovely design and a funny message printed on it that reads: “Keep calm and let me fix your hair”, which fits perfectly with your cosmetology teacher’s talent. They can take this tumbler to work, it is an insulated stainless-steel mug with a premium lid that prevents the liquid inside from leaking in the car or in the bag.
  8. Embroidered Cosmetologists Apron
    One thing all cosmetology professionals need on a daily basis, regardless of whether their specialty is hair, nails or skin is a professional cosmetology apron. It is mostly used by hairdressers, to keep their clothes underneath clean and spotless, prevent the hairs from sticking on them and the hair dyes from staining their clothes. However, cosmetologists who focus on the skin and nails also use them, so you can’t go wrong with this lovely embroidered cosmetologist’s apron. It is lightweight, water-resistant, made with lightweight nylon and a high-quality decal which makes it very easy for washing and maintaining. It will add some fun and flair to their workdays!
  9. Breathable Cosmetology-Themed Face Mask
    Another little gift that can serve as a very useful tool for any cosmetology teacher’s future work, whether in a salon or in school is a breathable and reusable face mask. We live in times when wearing a face mask is a new normal reality, but for professional cosmetologist’s face masks have always been a necessary thing. Those cosmetologists who often work with nails and even hair should always protect themselves from inhaling the materials used for these kinds of treatments, so having a reusable face mask with them at all times is very useful and protects their health. This one has a cute cosmetology-themed design and will be a perfect choice for your cosmetology teacher.
  10. Cosmetology Supplies Professional Travel Bag
    Not all cosmetologists work in salons, some choose to have a more active lifestyle and travel often. Traveling from a client to a client is not something that the majority of cosmetology professionals like, but it is still a possible career road that many of them decide to take. For those who do, professional cosmetology travel bags are an absolute must-have. In this case, it will be very useful for your teacher to be able to carry their tools with them when they go to classes. This cosmetology supplies travel bag will be a great option for them because it is easily portable yet very spacious and can carry a lot of things while keeping them organized.
  11. Manicure Set
    You might think it is unnecessary to buy tools for your cosmetology teacher because chances are high, they already have everything they need. But the fact is, you can never go wrong with cosmetology tools because one can never get enough of them. Those tools easily wear out and need to be replaced often, so having some in the back of the salon can be very beneficial for their business. If you get this complete stainless-steel manicure set for your teacher, there is a high chance they might decide to keep it for themselves instead of taking it to work. Self-care time!
  12. Set of 40 Alligator Hair Clips
    If the occasion for surprising your cosmetology teacher with a lovely gift isn’t too special and you just want to show your appreciation without any specific reason, then you don’t need to be too va-va-voom with your gift. Anything that will be useful for them will show your appreciation effectively, such as this pack of 40 alligator hair clips. What might seem like a small gift is actually something cosmetologists, especially hairdressers need and use very frequently on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for those hair clips to get lost, broken, or simply damaged from excessive use. That’s why every cosmetologist will be happy to receive a big pack of those!
  13. Professional Pedicure Tools Set
    If you are into cosmetology, you probably already know how much women of all ages love to have their nails look clean, healthy, nurtured and beautiful. If you’ve been studying cosmetology, you also know that what might seem like an easy job to others can actually be a very hard and complicated one, which especially applies to pedicures. While manicures are fairly common and easy to do, pedicures can be much more complicated with some clients even requesting medical pedicures that only very skilled and educated cosmetologists can do. Pedicures require a lot of different tools, and your teacher will be very happy to receive this professional pedicure tool set that has everything they need.
  14. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Kit
    Those who spend most of their time beautifying others deserve to have enough time to focus on themselves as well and do their own skincare every day. Cosmetologists are often so busy with clients, especially those who also teach cosmetology, so they can easily neglect themselves and skip their own beautifying routines. That’s why you can motivate your teacher to always manage to find time for themselves with this wonderful Gua Sha kit that has a jade roller in it. Jade has been used for its beauty & healing properties for centuries and will be a wonderful gift for your cosmetology teacher.
  15. Spa Bath & Body Gift Set
    If the occasion is just pure appreciation for how your cosmetology teacher has influenced you so far, then a spa gift set will be a great gift option. Those bath & body spa gift sets are actually very common gift choices for all different kinds of occasions. They can be a beautiful way of showing people how much you appreciate them as well as showing them that it is perfectly fine and necessary to take some time for themselves. The set contains a lovely apothecary candle, one organic rose oil soap, 2 lavender scented bath bombs and 2 lavender scented shower streamers, perfect for a relaxing “me time” after work.
  16. Cosmetology-themed Bracelet
    This might be the greatest gift option when it comes to jewelry. You will absolutely impress your cosmetology teacher with this gorgeous and very meaningful bracelet. It has a very elegant and delicate design so they can wear it every day, both for special occasions and for daily activities. In fact, it might be their new favorite piece of jewelry, especially when going to work as a cosmetology teacher. This bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel and with its elegant silver color, it will look good on any outfit. It has 4 cosmetology-themed pendants one of which has a very meaningful message engraved on it that reads: “She Left Beauty Wherever She Went”.
  17. Digital Scale
    If you are a cosmetology student, you won’t be surprised to see this digital scale here. People who are not into cosmetology might wonder why would a digital scale be useful to a cosmetologist, but you probably know that it is one of the most important parts of equipment used by professionals in this field. Especially useful for cosmetologists whose specialty is hairdressing, a scale is used for measuring color and other ingredients used for dying the hair. This modern digital one will be a great option with its LCD screen and easy-to-use functions. Your cosmetology teacher might even take it home and use it in their kitchen - useful both ways!
  18. Salon Tray on Wheels
    Another useful part of equipment every professional cosmetologist uses on a daily basis, especially if part of their job is teaching students - a salon tray on wheels. Professional cosmetologists need to use a variety of different tools on a daily basis for each treatment they do, whether it is in the field of hairdressing, manicures & pedicures or skin care. Having all these tools in your hands or pockets is not the most practical thing, so trays on wheels are always used in salons to keep their stuff organized and easily reachable at all times. This will especially be useful to your cosmetology teacher for when they’re showing their students how to do certain treatments.
  19. Cosmetology Teacher Funny Mug
    If you want to bring some humor and positive energy with your gift, this might just be the best option for you! Gifts that are humorous and funny are almost always a good idea as they put an instant smile on the face of the receiver. You don’t always need to be all too serious, not even when you’re buying a gift for your teacher! Seriousness is for the classrooms; gifts can be funny! This cool cosmetology teacher mug with the words “Tears of my cosmetology students” printed on it will be such a great gift for any cosmetology teacher! We guarantee that it will be their new favorite mug!
  20. Cosmetologist Notebook
    Even though students have always been the ones to do most of the writing during classes, teachers also need to write down quite a lot of things, believe it or not! Teaching might seem like an easy job where teachers just teach what they already know best, but it is far from easy! Teaching requires an amazing organizational and communicational skills, and to be able to remember all their materials, classes and plans, teachers need their own notebooks to write it all down and prepare for each class. This notebook is going to be the best one for your cosmetology teacher because it has funny words printed on it that read: ‘It’s A Cosmetology Thing You Wouldn’t Understand’.
  21. ‘Beauty is My Business’ Cosmetic Bag
    Who needs cosmetic bags more than professional cosmetologists? Let’s be real, every girl uses those cosmetic bags on a daily basis, even if they are not into cosmetology professionally. Girls like to take their makeup and cosmetics with them everywhere, but cosmetology teachers especially! They do not only have to wear their own beautifying products, but also tools they use for their clients! This little cosmetic bag in black and white is going to be the best choice for your cosmetology teacher because of the words printed on it that read: ‘Beauty is my business’.
  22. Teacher Appreciation Bracelet
    Your gift for this occasion doesn’t necessarily need to be cosmetology-related. As long as you choose something that will effectively express your gratitude and appreciation to your cosmetology teacher for all their hard work, such as this wonderful teacher appreciation bracelet with an inspiring message engraved on it, it will be a wonderful surprise. Cosmetology teachers spend their time teaching their students how to make others feel better in their own skin, which makes them very special and important, especially for the female part of the world. This lovely bracelet has a beautiful message engraved on it that reads: 'The Influence of a Good Teacher Can Never Be Erased', which makes it perfect for this occasion.
  23. Cosmetic Makeup Rolling Trolley
    You have probably already seen of of those glamorous looking trolleys that cosmetologists frequently use, especially those who focus on the makeup section of the cosmetology profession. It is indeed used very often in this industry, frequently by cosmetologists who are always on the go and travel a lot for work. That traveling might be from one country to another, from one client to another, or simply from home to school to teach their students all they know about this wonderful occupation. These trolleys are the best option for carrying all their work tools which can often get heavy when carried around.
  24. Funny Teacher Socks
    Another one of those funny gifts that will put a huge smile on the face of every teacher out there! One of those things all people need on a daily basis are socks, but they can easily get lost or worn out which is why getting a new pair as a gift from someone is always welcomed. This pair of socks comes in a cute gift box and has the best design for teachers who work hard every day to teach their students well. When your teacher comes back from work and puts their feet up, everybody else will be able to see the funny words written on the soles of their feet: ‘Teacher off duty, do not disturb’.
  25. Personalized Teacher Appreciation Night Light
    Suppose you’re at the end of your studies and you really want to show your appreciation to that one teacher who has done so much for you and who has taught you so many useful things. This night light lamp is going to be a beautiful gift that will effectively send a message to them. They will be able to cherish this gift for many more years to come and remember you whenever they pass by it. This lamp is ideal for a bedstand to create that lovely atmosphere in the evenings, but what truly makes it special are those wonderful words engraved on it.