20 Excellent Gifts That Civil Engineering Students Will Love

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Gifts for Civil Engineering Students

Civil engineering students are problem solvers who use math and science to address challenges that impact our lives daily. Civil engineers help create a world that works for us, by designing and building the projects we all use. Whether it’s underground water systems, bridges that allow you to drive across the country, or home construction, civil engineers are responsible for designing and constructing them.

Do you have a civil engineering student in your life? Stuck on what to get that special civil engineering student in your life? If your college student is studying civil engineering, we have a great selection of products whether it’s for Christmas or their birthday, or any other occasion! Whether they are just starting out in college or going to graduate college, we have ideas your soon to be civil engineer will love!

Best Gifts for Civil Engineering Students

  1. Travel Backpack
    One of the first things a civil engineering student will realize when starting their college life, is that they need to fit a lot of things inside their backpacks. With this very comfortable backpack they’ll have space to easily fit their books as well as their laptops, water bottles, and other accessories! What’s more, this backpack is water resistant and counts with the convenience of having holes for USB charging and having earphones kept plugged!
  2. Scientific Calculator
    The thing a civil engineering student for sure is to use a lot, be it during college or even during their professional life, is a scientific calculator. This scientific calculator is everything a civil engineering student could need, it has access to all the different functions needed, is robust, and not only that, it can also be solar powered!
  3. Civil Engineering Themed Notebook
    Civil engineering undergraduates will love this themed notebook! The cover theme totally fits with their identity and it’s something they’ll carry with them all the time. With 120 pages you might as well grab a few for them, as civil engineering students for sure use a lot of pages!
  4. Engineer Aluminum Scale Ruler
    This high quality scale ruler will be something that accompanies the student for a long time during their drafts of blueprints, as it is very durable. Made from high quality anodized aluminum, laser etched scales that don’t wear off with use or time, a new civil engineering student will really appreciate this gift.
  5. Engineer Water Bottle
    “Engineer Nutritional Facts – Caffeine: 110%” – that is something I’d wage most civil engineering students would agree with. By gifting this themed water bottle, not only are they getting an easy-to-carry aluminum water bottle so they keep themselves hydrated during classes (or even in the field if they’re an engineer-in-training), but the painting is also pretty cool, I must say!
  6. Themed Keychain
    If there’s one thing college students love doing is personalizing their things, be it their rooms or their backpacks. An engineering themed keychain is something that they’d love to put on their backpack, or even just to organize their keys to carry around in their pocket.
  7. Future Civil Engineer T-Shirt
    A T-shirt like that is a great gift for a student to use on their day-to-day around campus! This lightweight, comfortable T-shirt comes in various colors and its design is directly made for civil engineering students.
  8. Insulated Travel Mug
    Well, as we have already mentioned in this list, and as you may already know, civil engineering students definitely do drink a lot of coffee. This stainless steel travel mug is vacuum insulated, in its 28oz size it keeps drinks cold for up to 20 hours, and keeps drinks hot for up to 5 hours! It also comes with a built-in straw to ensure no spilling on their laptop!
  9. Ray-Ban Rb4194 Square Sunglasses
    A good pair of sunglasses is something that a civil engineering student will love to have, especially if they’re in-training! It’s great if they’re working outside during summer months or if they’re not yet in-training, it’s still a great accessory to use when walking around campus on sunny days.
  10. Wrist Rest Pad
    Civil engineering students do spend a lot of their time in front of their computer. Gift them this wrist rest pad kit to keep their wrists healthy and safe! It comes with a pad for their mouse wrist as well as a pad for the keyboard wrist, made with comfortable memory foam it improves hand and wrist posture, releasing stress from the wrist, elbows, and shoulders!
  11. Waterproof Folder with Magnetic Closure
    Class notes, assignments, blueprints, drafts, a folder is something that is definitely very helpful in a civil engineering student’s life. This leather folder is waterproof and comes with a magnetic closure, coupled along with a slick design makes it a great gift for a civil engineer aspirant!
  12. Mechanical Pencil Kit
    This high-quality mechanical pencil set comes with five different pencil sizes, as well as lead refills and eraser refills – its metallic finish makes it comfortable for long writing or drawing sessions, making it perfect for a civil engineering student!
  13. Dr. Martens Boot
    It’s often that civil engineers have to get their hands (and feet!) dirty. If the student you’re going to gift is already in-training, or even when doing technical research, these leather boots, with its stylish unisex design, will be very appreciated when they have to do on-field work!
  14. Truss Me I'm a Civil Engineer Coffee Mug
    “Truss me, I’m a civil engineer”, well, that’s a word play joke a civil engineer student would make. Gifting this themed mug would make that student remember you all the time (think of all the times during the day they’d drink coffee), it being themed after their degree would probably instantly make it one of their favorite mugs!
  15. Laser Distance Measure
    As a civil engineering student myself, I can’t count the amount of times I wanted to measure some walls and it was very inconvenient due to objects in the way or difficulty approaching the wall itself. This accurate laser distance measure is a great tool for civil engineering students, especially if they’re in-training!
  16. Oil-Free Face Sunscreen
    Civil engineering students and engineers alike have to work outside, below the sun, from time to time. This oil-free sunscreen leaves a light texture, making it ideal for acne-prone skin, not only that but it has a high sun protection factor – the person you’re gifting it to (and their skin) will thank you for that!
  17. Rechargeable Hand Warmer
    As we already mentioned, civil engineers (and students) have to work outside during sunny days – guess what, they also have to work outside during winter months. Lasting for up to 15 hours, this hand warmer makes a great gift for in-training engineers that have to be outside during cold days.
  18. Coffee Machine
    A coffee machine is one thing that would be welcome in any college student’s dorm room, a civil engineering student is no exception to that, even more so considering how taxing their studies can be at times. This coffee machine in particular is great for that purpose as it has a compact design that will make it able to fit even the most cramped dorm rooms!
  19. Magnetic Pocket Level Tool
    A magnetic level tool is a gift especially useful for engineers-in-training, this one is small enough to fit in your pocket or backpack if you prefer, which means they’ll be able to carry it wherever they want – the receiver of this gift surely won’t raise an uneven wall.
  20. Digital Tape Measure
    What makes a digital tape measure desirable is its accuracy and simplicity. Able to take precise measurements, it is not prone to human error, along with its memory functions, the person you’re gifting it to won’t need to waste time writing down measurements all the time – it also has the function to change between imperial and metric systems, any civil engineering student would adore this gift!