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Film producers gift ideas

There are many different ways people love spending their free time, but watching a good movie is one of the most common ways of rewinding after a long day. People love to enjoy 2-hour long stories that take their minds away from their daily life and all the responsibilities that come with it.

While we peacefully watch those movies from the comfort of our own homes, we often forget that behind those 2 to 3 hours of an engaging storyline that keeps us interested and focused, there’s a lot of hard work and sometimes even years of talented individuals who decided to do filmmaking job for a living dedicating themselves to such a project.

Jobs in the film industry include many different career opportunities so a person interested in filmmaking can choose to be anything from a film director, director of photography, film producer, film editor, lighting technician, set designer, ​​costume designer, prop master, makeup artist, movie editor, location manager, and many other interesting job positions.

However, the one person who does most of the important work is the film producer. Film producers do everything from scriptwriting, quality control, fundraising and budget management, recruitment and making decisions in casting, overseeing and guiding teams and other producers, overseeing the creative process and performing many other tasks. In a nutshell, film producers manage everything between departments when the project grows from an idea to a film or show.

If you personally know a film producer who works hard to deliver good quality creative projects that we can all enjoy watching, then surprising them with a nice gift is a lovely way of showing appreciation. If you don’t have an idea what would be the perfect choice that would put a smile on their face, we’ve created a list of the best gift options that any film producer will be happy to receive:

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  2. How to Crowdfund Your Film: Tips and Strategies for Filmmakers Book
    There are many film producers out there making a great living out of their job, especially in Hollywood, but not everybody gets a chance to achieve such success fast and easy and getting started in the field of film producing can be pretty tough. When film producers decide to work independently and do their own projects they need to start from scratch and finance most of them. That’s when this book will come in handy. It is about tips and strategies for crowdfunding films and will be specifically useful for all independent film producers. Professional’s love receiving a useful book as a gift.
  3. Filmmaker Necktie
    Those who work in the film industry appear to be very proud of their careers and creative projects they can call their own. Totally understandable considering how much talent, creativity and effort they put into making great artwork. That’s why they will gladly show off their life path and the job they are so passionate about, so this necktie with an elegant charcoal grey background and film clapper board design embroidered onto fabric will be a fantastic gift choice for them to show the whole world what they’re most talented for. It’s 100% handmade and has a high-end look and feel.
  4. Movie Industry Themed Face Mask
    Just like everybody else, even film producers nowadays need to wear those protective face masks to protect themselves and others from catching viruses. However, all those filmmakers are actually artists and you know how all kinds of artists love being stylish at whatever it is that they are doing on a daily basis. They just always look so chic and interesting, so most film producers will eventually find the regular masks boring. How about surprising them with this movie industry-themed face mask that will keep their time on the set chic and safe at the same time? They’ll love this little gift!
  5. Future Oscar Winner Mug
    If the film producer you’re trying to surprise with a gift is an Oscar winner, that’s impressive. Even though the chances for that are slim but never zero, let’s assume your film producer friend or colleague doesn’t hold the title of an Oscar winner, at least not yet! So that means that this funny and cute black coffee mug with a ‘’Future Oscar Winner’’ message printed on it will be a cool little gift for any film producer working hard to succeed in the complicated film industry. Such a gift would definitely be very motivating and put a smile on their face.
  6. The Business of Film: A Practical Introduction (American Film Market Presents)
    Regardless of where your film producer friend or colleague is located, chances are they are interested in the American film market as well. It seems like most filmmakers are thriving to end up in the American film market and Hollywood, and who’s to blame them! It’s probably the most profitable option for them. That’s why this book about the business of film in the American market is going to be a useful and informative gift for them, even if they already have years of experience. This book covers the business of film at every stage of the filmmaking lifecycle, from planning and production to distribution.
  7. Vintage Cinema Tripod Floor Lamp
    You can be totally sure that every film producer will be absolutely thrilled to receive this gift! It’s not just a regular floor lamp, this one has the style of a vintage cinema tripod that looks like those studio lights from Hollywood’s golden era. A cinematic style that every film producer will love and cherish in their homes for many years to come. It’s such an iconic art piece that will illuminate their place and instantly create that wonderful classic retro feel while providing light that’s pleasant for the eyes. Perfect piece for their reading corner.
  8. Vintage Metal Film Reels Wall Decor
    You can never go wrong with those film industry-themed decor pieces for a film producer’s house! They are not the ones who like to separate private and professional life and it’s basically impossible for them to do so. Those two intertwine and intersect and they don’t mind at all, because to be able to do such a job you need to have a lot of passion and love for it. That’s why this vintage metal film reels wall decor piece will be a lovely gift for them to hang on their wall and make their room artsy and chic, just like their work is!
  9. Movie Night Table Runner
    Even though people often associate film producers with those super successful Hollywood professionals producing the most famous movies of all time, they are all still regular people with normal private lives. They have their homes, families and friends and they, just like everybody else, probably love to host home parties with them. This movie-night table runner with the ‘’It’s Showing’’ message on the front side of it will be an amazing table decor addition for their family gatherings and meals. It will be such a lovely gift for all film producers who will proudly place this on their tables.
  10. Cinephile: A Card Game
    Who knows more about movies than filmmakers? To be able to do such a job well, one needs to be interested in the history of the movie-making field as much as the present trends and techniques, and they learn a lot about it during their studies. That’s why they often know so much about movies and are such film nerds that it would be very brave of anyone to compete with them when it comes to film industry knowledge. This Cinephine card game will be a wonderful and funny gift for any film producer to play with their family and friends.
  11. Digital Film Scanner Converter
    Chances are high that your film producer friend loves old films as they had to learn about them during their studies and could actually gather a lot of useful information about the art of producing from them. That’s why this digital film scanner converter will be a beautiful and symbolic gift for them to convert any old footage like vintage films from the 70s and bring them to life again or keep some of their old memories alive. With this they will be able to scan 3” and 5” film reels quickly and easily at 1080 P / 30 fps.
  12. Film Producer Keychain
    If you’re on a budget, this film industry-themed keychain will be a wonderful little gift that will put a smile on every film producer’s face, especially if they are just beginning their career journey or they still have many goals to accomplish. This keychain has 3 movie-themed pendants and one of them has a ‘’Believe in Yourself You Will Be Unstoppable’’ message engraved on it, which makes it a motivating and inspirational little gift that will show them how much you believe in their talent and hard work. The keychain is made of stainless steel so you can be sure it won’t rust or change color once you give it to them.
  13. ‘’I'd Rather Be Filming’’ Movie Camera Socks
    Let’s be real - most film producers are totally obsessed with their jobs! Since you know one personally you probably know how they often cancel plans due to their busy schedules, and even though their friends might not be too happy about that, they have to accept it because working on a big project such as a movie is time-consuming and can create pretty hectic schedules. However, sometimes it’s not about those busy schedules but simply about the fact that they would rather be filming than going anywhere else, so these socks will be a cool and funny gift idea for them.
  14. Pitchstorm: Card Game
    This Pitchstorm card game is going to be such a fun gift for all film producers as the whole idea behind it is pitching horrible or, in their case amazing movie ideas while having fun with their friends. For them, this might even spark a new project idea as brainstorming about new ideas without any pressure of having to do so can often result in amazing new ideas. This party game puts you in the position of an unprepared writer pitching movies to the world's worst executives. Writers have to pitch their movie idea and figure out a way to incorporate the random notes given by the executives.
  15. Film Producer Coffee Mug
    Everybody needs a nice coffee mug, it’s one of the most used little things we all own. Working as a film producer can result in many hours spent on the set, with little to no room for breaks. It is not a 9 - 5 job and it doesn’t have a regular 8-hour shift, but that means it can definitely turn into a 12+ hours shift more often than not. That’s why getting this funny film producer-themed coffee mug for your producer friend is a good idea as they will be able to drink their coffee from a cool, set-approved mug even while they are working.
  16. Drama Mask Bracelet
    You’ve probably seen those 2 masks with different facial expressions together. The tragedy and comedy masks are usually called “Thalia and Melpomene” and those two drama masks are a famous symbol for the theater. Even though your friend is a film producer, they will be very happy to receive this drama mask bracelet as it’s related to their field of work too. The laughing mask symbolizes comedy, while the crying mask represents tragedy, and they have quite a long and interesting history behind them. They originated in ancient Greek theaters when actors wore a different mask for every type of character.
  17. Cinema Lapper Board Coasters For Drinks
    Probably the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think of filmmakers is a good old clapper board. It's a device originally used in filmmaking and video production to assist in the synchronization of picture and sound, and can still be used up to this day, although there are plenty of other ways filmmakers could assist themselves in synchronizing them. It's also one of those iconic filmmaking symbols that most people heard of. Your film producer friend will be absolutely thrilled to get these lovely clapper board-inspired coasters for drinks and will probably use them on a daily basis.
  18. Professional Movie Clapboard
    Yes, you might actually consider getting them a real professional movie clapboard. Even though a professional film producer might already have one, surprising them with another one is totally cool because they can never have enough of them. They can actually use those for work and it will be useful to have a couple of them if they’re working on multiple projects at the same time. And if they’re not, they might use it as a decor piece for their home because it's such an iconic and cool piece when it comes to the filmmaking industry - every shot starts with one.
  19. Movie Clapboard Black Throw Blanket
    Imagine being on the set for 10+ hours and working hard on turning your idea into reality. Even though working in the film industry sounds interesting and glamorous, it can be pretty hard and it can take many years of hard work before the producers achieve some of their goals. That’s why you’d probably want to go home after such a long day of work and get cozy with your favorite throw blanket, snacks and a warm drink. The same goes for real film producers, and this specific throw blanket with a movie clapboard design will be the perfect choice for them.
  20. Vintage Brown Leather Portfolio Binder
    Filmmaking is art and film producers are artists with great organizational skills. You know that all artists need a great and long portfolio to be considered experienced professionals. Not that long ago, artists used to have those beautiful portfolio folders and keep some of their work examples in them to show to potential employers, and even though that’s mostly done in the digital format nowadays, getting this vintage brown leather portfolio binder for a film producer will be a good idea as they can keep some of their story ideas in there along with pens, cards and other important notes.
  21. Film Projector Model
    If you’re not too close with the film producer who you’d like to surprise with a gift and are not sure what style or what kind of gifts they prefer, then going with a decor piece for their home will be a safe option that you can’t go wrong with. No matter how young or modern they are, every film producer would love this vintage old-school film projection model for their bedstand or bookcase decoration to display the love they have for their job so that everybody who comes to visit them can see it. It is a wonderful retro decoration ornament.
  22. Set of 4 Cinema Cushion Pillowcases
    Coming home after a long day of work is one of the best feelings ever, especially if you actually like where you live. No matter how much time people spend outside of their homes due to work, they should still dedicate their time to making it a cozy place that fits their needs and aesthetics. Home should be really cozy, welcoming, cheerful and have a homey vibe and a safe feel to it. Sometimes details play a big role in making it so nice and this set of 4 cinema-themed cushion pillowcases will do so for a film producer's home.
  23. American Cinema Metal Wall Sign
    Another one of those details that will make the film producer’s house homier and more suitable for their interests, this metal wall sign will definitely do the job. It doesn’t get much more retro than this fun vintage décor piece that any filmmaker will adore. It has 'Movie Tickets', 'Fresh Buttered Popcorn' and '25' printed on it and will create an old-fashioned vibe of the famous old American cinema in any room, which makes it a wonderful gift for any dedicated film producer. It is easy to hang and looks very nice as a statement decor piece.
  24. All About Me!: My Remarkable Life in Show Business
    Every filmmaker should have this book in their living room bookcase. The New York Times bestseller - ‘’All About Me!’’ by the legendary Mel Brooks who continues to set the standard for comedy across television, film, and the stage. A very important person in the filmmaking industry now shares the story about his remarkable life in show business for the first time, and every film producer will be eager to read it as soon as possible. You will seriously impress them with this gift and leave a good impression. If they love American comedy, they will be thrilled to read about anecdotes from this master storyteller and filmmaker.
  25. Movie Clock - Vinyl Record Wall Art
    Even though we all use our phones and other digital devices to check the time and date nowadays, it is still very useful to have a wall clock in our homes so that we can quickly see what the time is without having to look at any screens. Although we’re experiencing the digitalization of everything, we should still keep certain things the way they were. When it comes to film producers, why would they have a boring wall clock when you can get this amazing movie production-themed one to match their career and interests? They will love this simple gift!
  26. ‘’Now Showing’’ Chalkboard
    If the film producer you’re buying a gift for is at the beginning of their career, they will be very proud of every little accomplishment they achieve. For them, it is all about turning those cant’s into cans and those dreams into plans, so that their ideas can actually become real projects and movies. This movie-themed chalkboard with the ‘’Now Showing’’ note written on it will be a great little decor piece for their home to write the name of their newest project on. That will totally inspire them to continue working hard and show them that their dreams are not that far from realization.
  27. Film Producer Funny Shirt
    For a more experienced film producer who already knows how things in this business work, this funny t-shirt will be a nice gift that will definitely put a smile on their face and make their day. The shirt says: ‘’We’ll fix it in post’’ which is a famous filmmaker’s term that is usually used by filmmakers and producers who are short on time to postpone a certain part of the shot that could be fixed in post-production. Everybody makes mistakes, but producers sometimes don't want to undertake the time-consuming process of shooting a scene again, so they leave it for the editor to remove.
  28. ‘’Quiet Please Filming in Progress’’ Double-Sided Collapsible Reflective Sign
    Filming isn’t easy, especially when certain shots need to be done outside in public. People around will be interested to see what is going on and even try to interrupt the filming. That’s something that can drive any film producer crazy as it disrupts the process. That’s when this gift can come in handy and will absolutely delight them - a double-sided collapsible reflective sign with a ‘’Quiet Please, Filming in Progress’’ message printed on it. They can hang this wherever and make it obvious that filming is happening in that area and that no one should interrupt it in any way.
  29. Film Producer Notebook
    Film producers are the ones doing most work when it comes to their projects, especially when it comes to organization and budget. That’s why their schedules can become really stressful and they need a place to write all the information down, so this notebook will be a nice and useful gift for them. It has a ‘’Producer’’ sign on the top of its cover along with a director’s chair and another message under that reads: ‘’we’ll do it the way I want’’ which describes in a funny way how everything usually ends up the way producers want it.
  30. Filmmaker Bag
    Every film producer loves to come to the set looking stylish and cool. This cute filmmaker-inspired bag will be a great gift for them to carry all their stuff on a daily basis, especially for work. The bag has a simple design with ‘’Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat’’ printed on it alongside the filmmaking symbols so it is a very suitable gift for all film producers. Why would they carry a simple and regular bag to work when they can show off how cool they are with this one specifically designed for their job?! They will remember you every time they carry this bag with them!